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smilla salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah Xochimilco head on one, I appreciate everyone for coming out and taking out time from your weekend to come here and learn a little something in shala, about our religion, and shall I have some good beneficial discussions, you just heard of great, fantastic talk about how to love Allah subhanaw taala and why we're supposed to love Allah, my topic for today is laying the foundation and achieving attaining the ultimate goal.

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The ultimate goal, at the end of the day, is the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that sounds really formal, it sounds something that's very formulated something very formal, something very sophisticated. But I want to simplify that today.

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The ultimate goal in our life is to just have a meaningful, fruitful, beneficial, intimate relationship with Allah, we want to know a lot. We want to have a relationship with Allah, we want to be able to talk to a lot about what bothers us, we want to be able to get our problems solved from Allah subhanaw taala. And above everything else when we leave this world and we move on to the afterlife, because that's a reality. That's a reality. He was talking about that for hundreds addressing that. And that's something that as younger people we don't like to hear we don't like to think about. But the reality is, we will move on from this life and there is an afterlife, and the

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most profound event in the afterlife. You know, we haven't we samosa, Sam's gonna talk to you guys about Jenna and paradise and it's gonna be amazing. it's mind blowing stuff inshallah. But while so much focuses on that, the most profound, the most amazing the biggest event in the afterlife will be when you will meet a lot when you come face to face with a live person will tell you more about that inshallah. But what we want to make sure what we want to achieve what we're trying to accomplish in this life, is that when we arrive at that moment, when we arrive at that fixed place in time, where we are supposed to come face to face before with the last panel, which Allah we're supposed to meet

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a lot than at that time, Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with us.

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That's the ultimate goal. But now the bigger question is that I think everybody agrees. I think everybody realizes I don't think anybody has any confusion about that. That's as plain as day. All right. But the real question is, how do you go about achieving that goal? How can I ensure that how can I make sure that when I get there, I'm set.

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When I get there, I'm set, I'll be okay, I'll be taken care of.

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And I'm going to say this, and I'm, again, I'm oversimplifying the language in which it's presented, because the purpose here is not to talk about something in a very fancy, sophisticated fashion. The purpose here is to deliver a message in a way that everybody goes home knowing exactly what was said, what was talked about, that when I show up a lot is, you know, we're all going to be very, very excited and happy to see a lot. We will all be very pleased to meet a lot.

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But what I'm trying to achieve is that when I show up on that day, Allah subhanaw taala is happy to see me.

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And I can't put it any simpler than that. You know, there. forehand was talking about, you know, some amazing, remarkable people like asiyah. And another remarkable, amazing people. There were some people like that at the time of the prophets a lot. He sent him some of his companions, who amazing, remarkable people. People like I might have been Yes, it will be a lot more. I've read a lot more.

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You know, his mother was the first person killed in the history of this Omar for just simply being Muslim. Dad was tortured and eventually died from prolonged torture and the loss of his wife, Omari, both of his parents had literally been murdered and tortured in front of his eyes. He had been tortured for years. Right? So he lived a very difficult life, he sacrificed a lot to be Muslim. You have people like Solomon and Farsi. Right? Who was an outsider who was a foreigner who lived a life of servitude and slavery, all in the pursuit, all in an effort to try to find the truth. He lived a life of just being a stranger and a foreigner. You had people like Bilaal or the loved one who may

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Allah be pleased with him? Who was treated worse than you would even treat when you cannot treat an animal as bad has been out of the 11 minute was treated.

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Like it just it was beyond like, you know, especially how we live. Like we've never been tortured. May Allah protect us all. You know, we've never dealt with difficult circumstances may Allah protect us all? God forbid. So we can't even really comprehend. It's beyond our comprehension, to just even imagine what the law went through. Like

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Imagine you know I always tell people don't if you live in the city wacky you guys live in Detroit, you can do whatever you want. Alright, let's place like a warzone. Alright, so, but but if you live in the countryside like I'm from Texas No, I don't live in the countryside, what's wrong with you people we have cities in Texas. But anyways, if you live in the countryside, what you can do as an experiment is like tie, like a rope with a rope tie like a spare tire to the back of your car and just drive.

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Just drive for like half an hour, and then get out of your car and go look at that tire and see what its condition is or take like a box and tied to the back of your car and just drag it on the street just drive and see what ends up happening to that box. There is no box left when you get out of the car. It just completely was ripped to shreds right

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below nothing along what I knew would be tied to the back of horses and they would make the horses run industry.

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Like that's what he went through. Right. But what's remarkable The reason why I bring this up the reason what's remarkable about that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam addressed Amar and he addressed to him and he addressed Bilal and he addressed salmaan these type of people who have given so much to be in the position that we're in today. With the luxury the blessing that we have, with so much comfort, with so much comfort. They had to make the ultimate sacrifice to enjoy those this blessing that we enjoy and so much luxury, and so much comfort, where you got nice and ready and you got you know, you wore a nice pair of clothes and you drove very comfortably to the masjid today and

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you sat you're sitting in this nice lovely Hall. That's you know, you know it's regular temperature here is adjusted for you. And you ate food over here and like this, this this this blessing that you're enjoying in the lap of luxury. They had to give so much sacrifices for it. The profits, a lot of them told them he said unnaturally a shop owner in general.

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And NASA Yes, takuna people look forward to people desire people are excited about going to paradise. What agenda to testify in a con, but Paradise is excited waiting for you.

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Paradise is looking forward to you Jenna is waiting, people are waiting for paradise. Paradise is waiting for you. So we want to be in that position that when we go there when we were presented before a long day of judgment. Allah is pleased Allah is happy, excited. Allah subhanaw taala is pleased to meet us and to see us because of whatever little effort we were able to do now. So I was talking about how do we go about achieving this ultimate goal, that foundation what is the foundation The foundation is really simple, really basic. And I want you to say hey, I want you to stay with me here. Okay? It's very simple. It's very basic.

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I'm going to present to you a couple of just two very small passages one from spirits medium show number 19 and one from slotzo, author of surah number 43.

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In Santa Maria Montessori there are less pentawards Allah says in lamentable what am Ana wamena Sania that people who repent, which literally means they turn back to a lot, you know, when you're driving down the street in the wrong direction and you look at your phone and you realize you've been going in the wrong direction, what do you do?

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You busted up right, you make a U turn and you start going in the other direction. Allah subhanho wa Taala says make a U turn.

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That's okay. Whatever we've been, you know, brother for how was talking to you about, you know, praying Salah being punctual and regular about your prayers. You haven't been doing it so far. It's okay. No bad, no big deal. It's all good. All you got to do is make a U turn.

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You're gonna have Salento HUD in about 15 minutes. That's it. That's your opportunity. That's your little cut in the median. That's the next signal like that you're hitting just make a U turn, come back around. Start praying. Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna Solihull and they believe in they tried to do the best that they can. Allah says, Allah aka de Luna, Jana, that's it.

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The requirements has been stated. Make a U turn. Make sure that you are connected to Allah with your heart, you constantly believe that Allah will take care of you, Allah will do what's best for you, Allah loves you, and cares for you and love will take care of you. And then just try to do the best that you can. Like he was talking about pray five times a day.

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You know, somehow, like he was talking about all the blessings of Allah that we have in our lives. And then he said prayer, right. You know, what's prayer? You know, what's prayer? Prayer doesn't take and I'm stating the bare minimum. So if somebody must utilize our higher level, understand what I'm talking about, I'm talking to someone who's not praying right now, who doesn't pray punctually. A salon, at the most basic level does not take more than five minutes of your time. How long does it take everybody? Five minutes? Yes, your make will do. Pray your foot, five minutes. If you're not praying right now. Make will do pray your fault. That's it. Five minutes five times a day. That's 25

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You know how long the average sitcom is?

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It's about 23 minutes long, like the little half hour sitcoms and TV shows, right? 30 minutes with commercials you take out commercials, like if you watch it on like Netflix or something, right? It's 23 minutes long. 22 minutes long. It's equal to one sitcom, but not even at one time broken up five times throughout the day. That's it. So just do the minimal effort. What will Allah give you for like a una genda these are the people they will stroll into paradise. They're gonna walk in stroll into paradise, you know, when you're hanging with your friends, and you're just walking around, and you can stroll into the mall casually. And you got all the confidence in the world because you're

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hanging out with your friends and your buddies and you're looking on nice and tight. Right and you just stroll into the mall. You're gonna stroll into paradise. What are you gonna say? no wrong, we'll be done to them.

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Jenna to add in gender identity will be in the gardens of eternity. The gardens of Eden and Latino man are

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those it is those gardens that are lost panatela not just a lot, but a lot of refer to themselves as a rough man. The Abundantly Merciful He has promised them to his slaves behave and you haven't even seen it. You haven't even seen it but Allah guarantees it to you. Allah guarantees it to you while documentary in Ghana

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says I will keep my promise to you Don't you ever dare doubt me. Allah says I will keep my promise to you. Lion smart una v ha love what Illa Solomon. Those people will not hear any nonsense. They will not hear any garbage. They will not have anyone nagging them. Alright, since it's primarily I noticed that there's Mashallah some, you know, older brothers and sisters here as well. But it's supposed to be a youth event. So I'm going to say like it is okay. So if there's any I'm a dad as well. So if there's any mom or dad says, you know, please excuse me, forgive me. But you know, when your parents like nag you and I'm talking about there'll be nobody to nag you in general.

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There'll be no nobody nag you in general, like, you know, get your clothes out of the dryer. Did you make your bed? Pick up your socks? There's no one gonna be there to nag you in paradise. Law is not only for your loved one, nobody's gonna nag you nobody's gonna mess with you. Nobody's going to be talking smack about you. Nobody's going to be putting up like Facebook posts about you. Nobody's gonna be disliking your photo on Facebook. Right? I don't think you can dislike but anyways. Alright on YouTube you can write I always see like this on YouTube. Like breaks my heart I go on YouTube like you know see like a nice video or something or brother socket makes like some baller trailer

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all sudden it's like this. Like, oh, that's not nice. So, right. Nobody's gonna dislike nobody's gonna diss you like your smartphone. If your loved one Illa Solomon, the only thing that you will hear from other people is Solomon Solomon. Solomon says, Hey, what's up, buddy?

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How's it going? player player. That's all you're gonna hear in paradise now is not enough yellow Manila. Salalah.

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There will be feast in paradise morning and evening. every morning and every evening there will not be food, there will be a feast. You know what a feast is like a super duper exclusive luxury VIP backstage party.

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stuff. All right.

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Then Allah says typical gender, that is paradise, and Latino determination a body now that we have reserved that our slaves will inherit, meaning it is guaranteed and is written for them. You know what inheritance is? By law. islamically. And even legally, inheritance means it belongs to you. It's got your name written on it, nobody can take it away from you. Even the government can't touch it.

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Even the government can't touch it. In Islam. inheritance is so serious, a law. You know very few legal issues. There's a lot to talk about in a lot of detail in

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most legal issues. A lot of that just tells you Okay, you got to pray. But when do we pray? How do we pray humbly to God? Do we pray that's not mentioned in the Quran, who taught us how to do that? The Prophet of Allah, Allah taught us how to do that. But inheritance is one of those issues. Allah subhanaw taala in detail talks about inheritance, okay, you're going to get one fourth, and they're going to get one sixth, and they're going to get one third and he's going to get one eighth and she's going to get one six. So I'm only going to philosophy. So though inheritance is one of those things that's been fixed and has been guaranteed, meaning inheritances You're right. It's your God

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given legal right. Allah says we have guaranteed paradise for our slaves for who? Man Ghana. Taki young.

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And it's guaranteed for somebody who just used to think about a lot whenever they were going to make a decision when they were whenever

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Today we're going to do something whenever they were going to go out with their friends, they would just stop for just a second and they would think about

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What I'll be pleased with what I'm about to do right now. It will this please Allah will dis displease Allah. That's all that. That's the simple that's the foundation. Learn to think about Allah. At every step at every moment before every decision, just think about Allah.

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And you will start walking down what we very formally called the straight path. I wanted to share with you just one ayah from the Quran, a couple of is from slotzo for of surah number 43 is number 36. Allah says remain Yahshua and declare Rahmani Nuka. Yet This is that same foundation. Allah says that whosoever turns away, like he blinds himself, you know, when you squint at something and you can't really see it. Right? you squint at something and you really can't make it out. That's what this word means. So somebody who kind of blind himself blurs for himself, the remembrance of Allah what that basically means somebody who turns away from the remembrance of Allah they can rock man or

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rock man, the one who has blessed you the one that's giving you everything that you enjoy in this life, somebody who turns away from the remembrance of Allah from the remembrance of Allah Muhammad Allah says no play Gidleigh who shape honor we appoint we attached to him a shape on what does shade on you know shape on this shade on is a walking talking distraction. He is distraction personified.

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Right, his job is to distract you. So Allah says that when you become distant from the remembrance of Allah, you don't think about it like you don't say your last name. You don't remember a lot from time to time throughout your day. Alhamdulillah Subhan Allah Masha Allah insha Allah, Allahu Akbar, you know, at least remember Allah minimally throughout your day, Shape Up shavon gets a hold of you.

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And you completely become drowned in within his world of distractions for hula hoop party, and then he becomes your partner in crime. But he literally means a partner in crime somebody you roll with, somebody wrote with he becomes your partner in crime in the homeless service. And you know what he does, he distracts you, he blocks you returns you away from the strange, bad way.

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But he's so good at his job, that even though you're distracted, and you're not on the straight path, he makes you think you're going down the straight path. So imagine like you're riding in the car with your friend, and you hand them your phone, they say, bro, you got to navigate for me. So I'm not looking at my phone while I'm driving. And this friend of yours, he thinks it's really really funny. All right, he has a horrible sense of humor, he thinks it would be hilarious to take you to the wrong place to take you in the opposite direction. Because he doesn't want to come to the US conference. So he thinks it would be hilarious to take you in the wrong direction towards them

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all. So now he's saying Take a left here when you should be taking a right there. And he says, Now go down the street when you should be going back the other way. And he keeps giving you wrong directions. And he's so good at lying to you that the whole time you think you're going you're like, bro, this doesn't look right. Are you sure we're gonna? Yeah, man. Just don't worry about a drive. Man. I got you covered on

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Google Maps. Yeah. He's so good at lying that he makes you believe that you're going down the right way. Until you end up at the final destination, you realize you're parked in front of the mall and you're not parked in front of ICD.

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Right? That's what she ends up doing to you. But what's the solution? solution is very simple. remember Allah,

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say your last name. And I'll end with the Hadith of the Prophet Alayhi Salaam, where the Prophet of Allah ceylonese salaam tells us that whenever you commit a sin, you know, that's a big problem in the youth today. We're young people. All right. Yeah, I'm young as well. All right. So we're young people are so. And a big problem is we got distractions, we have temptations, we fall into sin, you know, we mess up, or put it simply, we mess up from time to time, right? But when you mess up, messing up is really not the issue, not the problem. Because Allah tells us, we're gonna mess up.

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Allow me to human, he knows we're going to mess up. He told us we're gonna mess up. The real thing that matters is how you react to messing up what you do after you mess up is the real test. Most of the time with young people, we feel like garbage.

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And if you'll pardon my French, just so again, I want the kids to be comfortable, right? I want to, I want them to know we're here to talk to you guys. You feel like crap.

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Right? You feel like crap afterwards after you've done something wrong. And just feel like what's the point man, I'm just what's the point?

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The Prophet of Allah ceylonese who tells us it's okay, if you messed up, he knows and don't worry, no big deal. If you messed up, all you have to do is follow it up with a good deed.

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Follow with a good deal. Now that again, sounds very formal. So okay, when I mess up, I have to go complete a recitation of the Quran. When I mess up, then I have to go to Hajj. Right followed up with a good deed

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No, no no, the Sahaba Asya rasulillah. Could we just say La Jolla?

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Cuz we just say four words La ilaha illAllah. Because we just say four words. The Prophet of Allah Salafi, some says you're asking if you can say like, I love to be a good deed, there is no better deed than saying everyone say with me La Ilaha Illa la Come on everybody, everybody La ilaha illallah wa, he says, There's no better deal than saying that he lives in LA. So of course, you can say that, and it will completely wipe away the wrong that you did.

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That's our foundation. We're gonna remember a law, we're going to think of a law and if you ever mess up, no big deal. What are you going to say? Everybody say it

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does akmola Hayden. Again, I'm really excited for you guys to know you're having this amazing event. A lot of the volunteers and brothers and sisters have put a lot of hard work into making this possible putting it together, so take full use and full benefit of it. By the way, the real party hasn't even started yet. His name is husam Sharif. We call it the Wisam Sharif experience. It's like an experience that will change your life inshallah. So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna have a break and

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there's going to be lunch and everything inshallah. Don't get distracted. Remember, we just talked about distractions. Make sure you're back here for after lunch to attending brother without having to establish Sam's session. And trust me, you won't be sorry.