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Jumuah Khutbah: A Call to Faith and Action on inauguration day on January 20, 2017.

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The speaker discusses two themes in the Quran: faith eemaan belief and action. They stress the importance of actions in bringing about the end of suffering and loss, and emphasize the need to invest in one's own success and serve people. The Prophet's message is centered around serving people and their values, with action being a fundamental belief.

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da da da sua de la farinata hedorah so Todd, what's up a la fenetre? Camila has an ad, while a commissioner famous una de de de la la la la la la la hora Sula, who Rashida tada what Yakumo albida final burrata de la sia meow sallahu wa rasuluh de la vaca wa Alaykum San Fran Allahu Allah mercy Nene with the Ufa in the Houma. Jeeva Darin, what's up Viru Malinois bunny in the villa humanoid shape on the regime? Where am saska la COVID, Doreen falaqa, Shiva Allahu Allah who

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I wanted to start off by just sharing a few thoughts. Normally, my preference is that the hookah be structured in a way where there is a primary focus upon some puranic guidance, or some instance from the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we will inshallah come back to that particular point. I also, personally am not very inclined towards politicizing the hookah and maintaining the integrity of the Friday address as a last panel, which Allah instructs us, first, illogically law, rush to the remembrance of Allah. And so that needs to always be the primary purpose and focus of our football. However, that being said, at the same time, we see from the life

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of the prophets a lot a cinema as well, that when there are situations and circumstances that are being dealt with that are unfolding, it is very important that there be some discourse, some discussion, some guidance, and some perspective being provided in the community, to the community about exactly how to understand and interpret what is going on at that particular time.

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Everyone is very keenly aware of today's events. And even though it seems like a couple of months ago, we had this conversation, that exactly what do we do in the aftermath of the political climate, the political scene as its unfolding.

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But it seems like, if there was any doubt that remained, or there was any denial that still was there. It's being completely put to rest today, as we see everything unfolding.

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And I wanted to be able to take this opportunity for myself and for everyone in the community, for us to be able to exactly understand not necessarily, from a purely political standpoint, even though those conversations are important, but I'm not the person to have those conversations. I'm not the specialist in that arena. There might be a lot of conversation about policy, and media and what impact this is going to have. And again, I'll leave that to the punditry that specializes or at least claims to in that regard. I wanted to talk about this today. And I wanted to address it today, from a spiritual perspective. And from an Islamic perspective, from a religious perspective. How do

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we exactly not just understand by now, if we haven't understood what's going on, then we are no doubt living in denial. But the bigger question is that how do we react? And how do we respond to the climate that is being created, and to the political scene that is unfolding right now in our country?

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And so there were a couple of things that I wanted to mention here and a couple of things I wanted to lay out. And I believe I mentioned this previously in the aftermath of the election, but if somebody does recall that conversation then this will be a bit of a reiteration. However, I'd like to build on that theme further. There are two things that rest in front of us if you survey the Quran.

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If you survey the book of Allah subhanaw taala, and you study it throughout from cover to cover, there are two particular themes that resonate throughout the Quran.

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When it addresses us when it talks to us, one is a faith eemaan belief. And the second one is of Iman is one of action.

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And the significance of our creed, our theology, our philosophy as Muslims, is that it is a balanced theology. It is a balanced philosophy, between belief between faith between having convictions, believing in something, and then also acting upon that belief. And that, that those two themes run all throughout, so much so that Allah subhanaw taala, in one of the sutras that has been described by many of the scholars of our oma as a summary of the entire Islamic philosophy.

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So to Lhasa where it creates a sense of urgency when it tells you that time is running out in an internal ecosystem.

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And why is it so worrisome? Why is it so concerning that time is running out, because you're losing, we're losing, you know, in Santa Fe, when we are losing. And of course, this sutra is talking about something much bigger than just simply an election, it's talking about, we're losing in the hereafter. Time is running out. Time is fleeting, wasting away, and we keep on suffering loss after loss, we're only going further and further into the red.

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And now it talks about the fact that when time begins to run out, and this is the perspective, this is very important, the correct response is not to just give in resigned, succumb to your fate. It is not to just go ahead and give into the circumstances. Oh, well, I think time is already running out. I'm already so far behind. I'm already suffering and stress, you know, falling behind them so many different areas. What's the point? Why even bother? Why put up a fight? Let me just go ahead and resign myself to the way things are going. Just let the current carry me on.

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But that's not the perspective at all. Allah says Illa Illa in the Arabic language is used to make an exception.

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It's illegal is this Nah, it is to make an exception and exclude someone. It reaches down into that entire pool of all of humanity. And it scoops up a bucket full of people. And it says these people are excluded from the rest, who will not lose out and who will not given to defeat and who will not resign themselves.

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And who are those people? alladhina amanu amilo Solihull, those who have their convictions. They have their beliefs, they know who they are. They believe what they do. And they never doubted that for a second.

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alladhina amanu they have convictions they have belief. They are people of faith. Well, I mean, no solid hearts and they strive they work hard. They struggle and they do good. They never stopped doing good. No good deed is small enough. No good deed is too small. No good deed is too small. Let me know Murphy Shay and the prophets a lot in some tourists. Never, ever underestimate a good deed. Never underestimate a good deed. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us that even email to law

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terminal imagine

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that even removing some trash or something harmful from the path, picking up and removing a piece of wood on the sidewalk or a rock that's in the middle of the road. just kicking it aside, moving it aside is a part of faith and belief is Action. Action that comes from a place of good to bring about some good that is never insignificant. remember the time when musante salam is commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala to go and touch the ocean with this stuff. What significance what impact

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that wouldn't have to strike the ocean with a stick.

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But that's what Allah tells him and imparts the seas.

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remember the time when Allah subhanaw taala commands Madame Salama, and he had the mother of ERISA to go and try to shake a tree while she's expecting giving birth to a child who was a pregnant woman who's about who's in the pains of labor. Going to shake a tree hard enough to make food fruit fall from it.

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It seems like an insignificant action that's not going to have much impact. But Allah provides sustenance. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remembered the time

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our messenger Muhammad Salah he said

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They're digging the trench. All the armies all the people have allied in united together and gathered around the city of Medina to burn Medina to the ground.

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And they've dug the trench around the city of Medina as a last, literally a last ditch effort to try to survive and not perish. And they've been digging and digging and digging for weeks.

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With no no end in sight.

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The army is armed to the teeth,

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thirsty for blood, waiting for them to give in.

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And at that time, the profits a lot a seller hasn't eaten for days or narrations

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that mentioned that the profits allowed him in the Sahaba had stones tied to their stomachs.

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Due to the hunger they were feeling

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and jabbing radi Allahu taala Anwar companion, he goes home and asks his wife Do we have any food? The processor hasn't eaten for days. She says yes, we have a little bit of food she prepares it says maybe it's enough for three four people. Go invite the Prophet says I'm in town to bring a couple of people.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when jabil comes in invites him whispers the invitation into his ear. The prophets a lot he said um says coup de la Jaffa.

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He says everybody, come on, let's go dinner at Jennifer's house. And some of the narrations mentioned that 800 Sahaba went to eat.

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There was a line outside the house, only 1015 people at a time would even fit within the home. So 10 people would come in, they would eat they would go and 10 more would come. And in this way 800 people ate out of a small pot of food that was enough for four people.

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Because it wasn't a good action that was done from a place of good to bring about some good.

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And Allah subhanaw taala gave life to that action.

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And something miraculous happened. And the examples of this go on and on and on and on.

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That is who we are. And that's what we're about.

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Faith belief, our convictions and principled good action. And that doesn't stop today. That didn't stop two months ago that won't stop today. That it stopped when the when the Sahaba the Allahu taala and who buried 70 of their own people are hurt. They didn't stop. It didn't stop at the Treaty of Arabia, where they were rebuffed by the Americans. And they had to end up opting into an agreement that did not feel fair, it didn't stop them either.

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And we will never stop believing and we will never stop doing what needs to be done the good that needs to be realized in this world, no matter what happens at something we have to remember. That's something we have to have convictions for.

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It's something we have to believe.

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And I come back to that point when it comes to doing good.

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We have to stop

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being influenced by this worldly dunya we paradigm, this dunya we mindset we have to get away from this worldly materialistic mindset that the only way to do something good is if you have a national campaign is if you have 10s of millions of dollars for a PR or marketing campaign. is if you have someone in office at a national level or even a state level? Absolutely not.

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Absolutely not.

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We have an entire tradition, entire history. And even in this country, there's a history. And there's a tradition

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of people starting that good making that change from wherever they could.

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Whether it was a small town rules on one singular bus are no matter what it was.

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And they built on that. But everything has a beginning. Everything begins as a seed. Allah subhanaw taala talks about all the good that comes into this world starting with just putting a seed in the ground.

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Be a farmer have that farmers mentality. The farmer doesn't look at a handful of seeds and look at and be like what is this? How am I going to feed my family with this?

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A farmer doesn't do that. He looks in a handful a pond full of seeds, and he sees enough food to feed a village.

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That's the perspective we have to have. That's the mindset we have to get back to. And one of the things that I

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always remind myself and I'd like to emphasize here as well is that we are people of emaan we are people of faith we are people of do we are people of spirituality.

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Never forget this type of rhetoric is very, very detrimental and dangerous and I spoke about this as well earlier.

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That we cannot undermine. When somebody talks about da we cannot underestimate undermine the power of drama. We will work, but never ever talk about just making to our Oh, well, I guess there's nothing to do so now make do absolutely not to do outcomes before the action.

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The dog comes before the action.

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We need to invest into our relationship with Allah, we need to make sure Allah subhanaw taala is on our side, we get the mercy and the help of Allah subhanaw taala on our side, then it goes back to that same thing I talked about earlier, very, very seemingly small actions will have huge impact will have a huge, tremendous impact.

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And I wanted to share one particular moment from the life of the prophets, a lot of them were that do I was so powerful. And in fact, at that moment, the Prophet ceylonese him didn't have any other recourse. He didn't have an army behind him. He didn't have any allies by his side.

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But he made this powerful.

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And it was the beginning of this remarkable change. It ushered in the next era of the likes of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that came with victory after victory. People flowing into Islam one after another. The prophets a lot he somehow abbreviate the story.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam towards the end of the period in Makkah,

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the profits a lot. Acela made a very strategic decision

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to travel to and visit the city of thought if five which was the second biggest city in Arabia at that time after Mecca and home to the second largest tribe operation booth.

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The profits a lot exam traveled there to see if he could garner some support for the message that he was calling to in Mecca for over a decade.

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And we know that how the story unfolds the profits a lot of the same goes there speaks to the leaders, they all refuse to listen and accept the message.

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And ultimately when the prophets allottee some is leading leaving thought if

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some of those same

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leaders what they do is that they sick after the prophets a lot he said them

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some of the troublemakers. And the criminals of the city have thought if

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they basically sent them after the profits allottee salon,

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go and harass him, abuse him attack him.

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And the books of history. The books of Syrah tell us that as the prophets a lot ism is leading leading leaving the city of thought if they gather up together, they're to throw rocks at the prophets a lot. He said them and they throw rocks at the prophets. A lot of the time they say every single time he takes a step somebody should throw rocks at him.

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And they throw rocks at him all the way till he reaches the point of Cardinal minassian.

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Which that distance is about three miles for three miles straight. They throw rocks at the profits a lot while he's walking.

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By the time he reaches a point of color in Manhattan. They been aiming at his feet as to not kill him but injuring him.

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His feet are bleeding.

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He's badly bruised and wounded.

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He sits down their

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feet are bleeding.

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hurting, you know overwhelmed, really upset that people would behave this way.

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And the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. At that time, what he does, he does to remind us, you know, one of one of our teachers was explaining to us that the prophets of autism is Habib Rahman Al Ameen. He's a beloved of God why would allow why would Allah tolerate his beloved to be treated this way? was because the prophets Allah was making the sacrifice, of going through such an extreme situation that many of us can't even imagine, to teach us how to handle those situations. And what does he do he makes that time

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do either is very lovingly and beautifully been remembered as the drama of the oppressed.

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The drama of the week, of those who are struggling

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned some narrations along my school he like a dog at

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all I complained to you of my weakness. What can

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I complain to you of my lack of resources? Well, whiny alumnus, or like complained to you of me not commanding enough respect in the eyes of these people. Yeah.

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Hammer I mean, almost Merciful of all of those capable of showing any mercy and terrible massage. I mean, you weren't the Lord in the master, the caretaker of the week, the downtrodden, the abused the oppressed, wine therapy and you are my Lord and my master, you are my caretaker

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in tequila Looney.

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Who will you hand me over to elaborating you to Germany, to some merciless creature who would abuse me violate me. I'm Eli, I do when my lecture who I'm sorry, or to an enemy and let him have its way with me. In lambda can be Galaga bufala. Barely, even if you hand me over to the enemy or a lot, even if you allow this merciless creature to abuse me. As long as you are not upset with me.

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I don't care about what these people do.

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As long as you are not upset with me, I don't lose my faith. I never compromise my principles. I don't care what these people would do. Later in the outfield soccer here Oh, Sara Lee. However, I asked for your protection and your safety. Always will be nudie What do you got nothing Shaka Zulu match with Salah Holly.

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And oh, ally, I asked you. I asked you by the lights of your face that dispels the darkness. And that can solve all the problems in this life in the next and Yahoo laliga book. Never ever be angry with me. Oh Allah. Oh, and NZ labia Sahaja never sent down your wrath upon me. Luckily, Baja tartaruga I will serve you until you are pleased.

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I will serve you until you are pleased with how La quwata illa big but here's the thing. The ability to serve you only comes from you. Give me the strength, give me the ability. Give me the clarity that is needed to serve you.

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And I will serve you to my last breath till you are pleased with me.

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This was a perspective of the profits a lot.

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And the profits a lot neater may do at that time when presented with the opportunity to destroy these people. Pray against them destroy them. He said rather, I hoped that they would believe in that their offspring will believe. And undoubtedly, a decade later, in the ninth year of his era, a little over a decade later, the people of Fife would embrace and accept Islam

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that would come to fruition.

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This is a hope and the perspective we have to have. We need to turn to a lot this moment. We need to renew and recommit ourselves to our belief, our faith, our principles, our morals, our ethics. And lastly, and finally, now's the time to act.

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Get out there and do good.

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a critique of myself and of my own community is that we have for far too long been too comfortable and too invested in carving out our own little dream, our own little agenda in this world.

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It's time that we get out there and we start working.

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And we remember the example of our messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And we never are defeated by the circumstances that go on around us. In fact those circumstances come to remind us of who we are and what we need to be doing. barakallahu li walakum wa whenever any way I can be like it was hacking a software Allah Holly welcome Melissa in muslimeen for sofiero inner who will offer