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AI: Summary © The process of acquiring light is a two-step process, where the first step is achieving eemaan faith and expanding one's heart. The second step involves submitting and devaling oneself to others, followed by achieving eemaan faith and expanding one's heart. The importance of acceptance and faith in one's actions is emphasized, along with the need to open up one's heart to the light of Islam and hardening one's heart to receive guidance from Allah. The segment also touches on the "monster" and the importance of hardening one's heart to receive guidance from Allah.
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As many of the verses in the Quran in which Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the concept and the idea of a new light in illumination.

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Today, Inshallah, we're going to look at surah number 39 Surah, to Zuma ayah, number 22. And we'll also look at the beginning of ID number 23, as well, but the main is ID number 22. So number 39, is 22, in which Allah subhanaw taala

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talks to us about what is that process of acquiring the light. And as we've talked about, over the course of the these, you know, sessions that we've had, that this nude, this light, this illumination, that Allah speaks about in the Quran, is more often than not being used figuratively to speak about the light of faith, the illumination that a person achieves and acquires through belief in Allah.

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So, today, in this particular IO, what we're going to look at is Allah subhanaw taala telling us, how do you bring that light of faith and Iman and belief into your heart and Allah to transform you, but what is that process? Because a lot of times we take that process for granted, we don't really quite grasp what it is asking of us, what it is demanding of us. So in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala poses a question or rhetorical question, if a man shall Hala who said that a Hooley Islam,

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that the person whom Allah has opened, expanded their chest, for Islam,

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to submit to Him, to be able to devote themselves to him,

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for who are aligned who the mirror be. And then as a consequence of that, opening, and that accepting of submission, and devotion to Allah, once that occurs, then the person finds themselves upon a light from their Lord. So this is telling us that this is, at the very minimum, this is a two step process, that there are two elements here, that the leader element, the one that we've been speaking about, the one that we are familiar with, the one that we are seeking, is that we are able to achieve eemaan faith belief. And we are able to acquire that internal light, that illumination that guides us along our way.

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But Allah subhanaw taala tells us, that's actually the second part of it. There's something that comes before that. And what comes before that is that you have to be willing to humble yourself, you have to be willing to submit yourself, you have to be willing to, at the very least in intention, in theory, in concept in IDEA, be willing to submit yourself, devote yourself, make a commitment.

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That's the very first step. And this is oftentimes expressed, the essence of this is captured by the use of two terms that are used in the Quran. The first term is what we call Islam. Now, yes, the name of the religion is also Islam. But the word Islam means literally to submit.

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And so the term that the Quran uses is Islam, the person humbling submitting and devoting themselves

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accepting the arrangement. And the second term that the Quran uses is Eman, which is faith belief. And that's that illumination, then you can, as they say, see the light,

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then you understand what's going on, then things start to make sense. And things start to delineate to differentiate.

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And now you have confidence that comes with being in that light and having that light inside of you. And now you know what to do. And this step by step process, one comes before the other and the difference between the two. This is laid out very powerfully and beautifully within a verse of the Quran,

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in which Allah subhanaw taala tells us about an incident that occurred in the life of the prophets, Allah the sinner in Surah Gerards

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is number 14, Allah subhanaw taala tells us there was a Bedouin tribe, right and so the Bedouin folk, they were more you know what

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we would consider the equivalent of like country folk, right? Like, well, we would refer to people that live out in the hills or in the mountains or the countryside. Right? They were folks who lived out in the desert and lived in the mountains of the desert. Right? So they were called the Arab, the Bedouins. So a group of the Bedouins and specifically the narrations mentioned that they were from Blue acid, even Hoceima. They came to Medina. This is the year before the passing of the prophets a lot. During AMU food, the year of the delegations were almost every other day a delegation is arriving to meet with the Prophets allowed him to talk to the prophets also, to inquire about Islam.

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And so they arrive. And these folks were not, you know, I know it's as simplistic term even overly simplistic, but just to get the point across, they weren't quote unquote, bad people. These weren't hypocrites. These were not we're not fit Boone, they were not here to make trouble. They were not here to stab anyone in the back. They were not here to betray anyone.

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But they were simple folk, and they didn't quite really understand how this works. So they came to the Prophet salatu salam, and they sat down with him. And they said, Amen, now, we have faith.

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We have Iman, we are believers, we have the light, we see the light.

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And that was

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to say the least a bit presumptuous on their part.

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And so Allah revealed a verse of the Quran here, where Allah subhanaw taala said Carla Tila or Abu Amana

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that these veterans they come and they sit down with you and they say we believe we have believed we have the light we have the faith.

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All say to them, listen to me. No, you do not yet have that light. You do not yet fully believe you have not yet acquired that faith that new would have Iman No, no.

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Well, I can Kulu rather say so. This is because they were not problematic people. They were not troublesome people. They were not there to cause problems. Right. So they're being corrected, but then also being told what is the appropriate thing to do here? Well, I can go over rather say, a slim now.

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We have submitted.

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We are sitting here open to having a conversation. We are willing to stop talking and start listening.

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We are willing to accept we are willing to humble ourselves. We are here to say we don't have all the answers. We don't know everything. And we are here to be told and to be instructed and to be guided.

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What am I good to Hulan Imana ficolo become and this is not to beat up on you. Allah is saying this is not to just, you know, you know, beat you down or humiliate you or embarrass you? No, no, what am I get the holy man of your pillow become? This is the simple fact that that faith that emaan that knew that light has not yet entered into your hearts.

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That takes some work.

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We're into to Allah Allah rasool Allah who like elite come in our Malecon Shia.

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Now what you have to do now is submit, accept, and then commit, devote yourself to obeying Allah and His Messenger salatu salam. And if you do that, your deeds will not go to waste. You'll put in the work now. You'll start to stand up Allahu Akbar. And you'll do your sudo then you'll open the Quran and you'll make dua and you'll make thicker, and you'll give charity and you'll give sadaqa and you'll treat people well and you'll do good deeds.

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And that will cultivate that light within your heart, in Allah foodora And this is not to be held against you because Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. But this is Allah instructing you guiding you. And that's what Allah subhanaw taala is telling us here in this ayah from cherohala, who said that a halal Islam

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that Allah first opens a person's chest,

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to submit, to sit, to accept to make a commitment. For who then subsequently consequently, consequentially, a person then finds themselves upon that light from their Lord. Then that's where that illumination comes from. And Allah subhanaw taala says that that person is that person's situation is very different from the individual who for way you learn that sad, pathetic

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miserable, regrettable is the situation of the person. Little hacia, Tupelo. boomin villa, the heart of a person that has hardened, calcified, it has hardened to the point where it's just not open to the remembrance of Allah.

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Where they just, they don't feel that light. They don't feel the nude. They don't. They're not able to grasp the benefit

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in the name of Allah in the remembrance of Allah in having a relationship with Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala says Allah acre field, Allah Mubin these are the people that are really truly lost.

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There's a beautiful narration in the book of Timothy from Abdullah bin Massoud Radi Allahu taala, and who in which they say to the prophets of Salaam,

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that when they heard this verse, they said yeah rasool Allah hola lucky to either from inshallah who said Rahul in Islam, for who Allah knew the Mirabai gay for inshallah Hassan through,

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right what does that look like? How can a person start to identify that my heart is now opening to this truth. So the prophets Allah they some said either duckula Noodle halvah when Shahar when Fatiha,

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that the light begins to enter into your heart, and things start to make sense things start to open up to you.

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So this happened, rasool Allah Allah Allah metallic, how will we know that that's happening? So the prophets Allah they some said Alina but you Elijah in Hollywood? What Jaffe under the hood? Well, is there a doubt will multi Avila nosily

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he said that you start too long for you start to look forward to the life of the hereafter. Meaning that when you hear about the life after death, the life of the hereafter the eternal life, you're not bothered by it. You're not frightened per se by it.

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But it's something that you aren't you see and understand the beauty of what to Jaffe under the hood. And you have less and less interest

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in the long term investment into the life of delusions, the life of this world that is all temporary.

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Well is there Adeline multicolour no Zuli he and you practically start to prepare for your death before it comes to you.

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Like your salon becomes important to you, your sadaqa becomes important to you. The Dictator dua Quran becomes important to you. Because you understand this is how I'm preparing for that eternal life of the hereafter for this journey of the soul after death. In another narration, I'm delivering Marathi Allahu Taala anima. He says another Algerian colleague rasool Allah, Al Mina Axios, a messenger of Allah, which of the believers is the brightest, the sharpest. And he said a third of whom live multi Decra wa Sinha, whom the who is the data that a person who remembers their death and a person who prepares for the life after death by doing good without duckula neutrophils lb in fossa

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was so sad. And as the light continues to enter into that person's heart, that person keeps on expanding their horizons, spiritually in terms of the life of the hereafter,

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and the prophets, the prophets Halabi Saddam Hussein, who developed the Allahu Taala and who narrates that the prophets Allah He said him said that Allah has said, Allah will Hawa Egypt Minister Maha

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that if you ever need something, of course, obviously returned to Allah but on a practical level on an everyday level if you need some help from someone

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call on the people who are very who are humble,

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who are kind

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of kind souls humbles spirits. Look for such people. They need y'all to feed him Rama t have showered them with my mercy. What are the Wuhan Minella Cassia to Kowloon

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and never really put too much stock in people that seem very harsh and bitter. Why they need y'all to feed him Sahadi

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because my wrath is upon them.

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Because this connection with Allah subhanaw taala creates the kind of humility and a kindness within a person's soul. Malik when dinar Rahim Allah who used to say my duty but I've done via COVID In the moment password.

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He said the worst fate

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that a human being can suffer is that the heart of the person becomes hardened. Oh my god, they've Allahu Allah Fomin Illa nessa Rama, Tim equilibrium. And when Allah

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is displeased with a group of people, that Allah removes mercy from their hearts, so talking about this idea of someone whose chest opens to the truth, and then the light begins to enter, and they start to believe and see things as they are, right Islam and the emaan. And when that doesn't happen, Allah tells us people's hearts become hardened. And they grow more and more distant from Allah to the point where they can even stand listening to the name of Allah.

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And those people are truly lost.

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That's a very scary outlook.

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Now, how do we ensure that we are in that first group of people, and God forbid, but if somebody finds themselves kind of sliding towards that second category? How can they recover? How can they recuperate?

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How can they ensure that they stop this downward spiral?

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The very next day, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about it. That the means to acquiring to recovering and coming back to a place where you are humble and you are submitting and you are open and you are devoting yourself and dedicating yourself and then that light begins to enter into your heart. And now you start to find your way and you can come closer to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the very next is What is the means of that. And I in 23, Allah says, Allah Who Nasrallah Arsenal Hadith,

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Allah has revealed the most beautiful of discussions, the most beautiful of speech. And what is that Kitab in this book, the Quran with a Sharpie.

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And this book, the Quran, it constantly comes back to mythos Ania it keeps returning back to very important conversations. This is a feature of the Quran, it emphasizes what's important by coming back to those discussions over and over again, seven places in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the story of Adam and the bliss.

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Seven different places because there are important lessons there. But with the shotgun

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they're not always the same Allah gives us a nugget here and a gem here and a piece of wisdom there something different to chew on here, some some different reflection there some different wisdom here. And that's why it's important to constantly be in study of the Quran. And when you read the Quran, what will happen Takashi Roman who do the Latina Yashodhara bang, that the people that fear their Lord, they understand the greatness of their Lord, they are trying to grasp the majesty and the magnificence of their Lord.

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You know, as the expression their hair kind of stands on the back of their neck.

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Right? That they shake and they shiver, they feel the power of what Allah is saying. But then what happens

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from Mottolino julu Wakulla bermula dhikala. But then as you continue to build the relationship with the Quran with the book of Allah, then they calm down, they relax and their hearts are softened to the remembrance of Allah, that Allah who the Allah, this is the guidance of Allah. Yeah, Devi Manisha. Allah guides whomsoever He wills will make use Lila. But if Allah misguide someone, from Allah human had, then there is no one that can guide that person. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the Quran our guide, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to soften our hearts for the Quran, and for the remembrance of Allah and we ask Allah subhanaw

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taala to make us amongst those who submit and allow the light in the nude to enter into our hearts Subhanallah who would be humble he Subhanak along become Nick. Naturally Allah ilaha illa into the soft Governator. We like Zack unlocker