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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marin Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Inshallah, continuing with our series here titled illuminated where we're taking a look at the mention of a new light in illumination within the Quran, within the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Today we're going to be looking at

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AI in Surah, number 10 students, Yunus is number five. So this is from the beginning of students universe. And up till now, all the examples we've covered about 11 different verses from the Quran 11 places in the book of Allah, wherever we've seen, or we've studied the mention of a node light, it's always been used as a metaphor, right? It's always been a metaphor for either the Quran, guidance from Allah, faith and Iman, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so on and so forth. This is the first place where that we're looking at where Allah subhanaw taala actually uses the word nude in more of its linguistic meaning, but it's still very profound what Allah subhanaw

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taala is pointing out to us here, because ultimately, the point of this light of faith, this illumination of the heart, is to be able to see the world for what it really is. It's so that we can see things as they are as we should be seeing them, right like the famous Do I have the prophets Allah the salam Allahumma Adeney I'll have

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what is the quality of our Adine about Tila bottle and what zucchini actually number? Right? So the prophets a lot exam said, Oh, Allah Show Me The Truth is truth. So that and then grant me the ability to follow it. And allow me to see wrong as wrong falsehood, as falsehood lies as what they for what they are, which which is lies. So that then grant me the ability to be able to stay away from it and abstain from it. So here, so if the point of this illumination is that we can see things as they are, that's what Allah subhanaw taala points out to us here is that then when you look at the world around you, you will see the meaning and the purpose behind everything from Panama,

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halacha batla, then nothing will seen, you'll realize that nothing is in vain. Nothing is without purpose. Nothing is what without a point, right? There's a very beautiful verse in the Quran, in which Allah subhanaw taala says, and you have to pay very close attention to the wording here because otherwise you can miss the point, which is in a sama Asaka fun, Mafalda.

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Which is interesting, right to translate. Allah says, We made the sky, a ceiling. And then he says, What kind of a ceiling by Fula?

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A protected ceiling, meaning the ceiling is protected. What does that mean, though? Really, when you first hear it, you're thinking, Yeah, we made the sky, a protective ceiling. But that's not what Allah says. Allah didn't say suffer fun happy than that the ceiling is protecting you. It's a, it's a ceiling over you and it is protected. Meaning even the wording of the Quran is reminding you that you look up at the sky, and you realize you're under the sky. Well, who is the sky under the care of

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who created the sky?

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And who maintains that sky over you? Right? So that is the objective and the purpose of this faith and this eemaan so that you can understand you can see through the surface, and you can understand the reality and the purpose behind everything. So Allah subhanaw taala says in this verse, when Lady, he Allah is the One jalla shumsa Lyon. He made the sun, a source of radiance, and light. And BI is used for something that has very strong light, you can't look directly into it.

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Right and it pushes light out.

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Well, Amara neuron, and he made the moon, a source of illumination. And the word nude, shares a route with the word nod, which means fire because the concept of noon is it's the kind of illumination the kind of light that is more has more of a glow than a burn to it. It's very comforting is

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very warm, it's very comfortable, you can actually look at it. That's why so much Arabic poetry revolves around staring at the full moon, and observing its beauty.

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So Allah says that he's the one who made the sun, this radiant, like feature of this world that we live in. And the moon is glowing and illuminated. What Daraa humanized him. And then Allah gave the moon different stages. And that's something we're familiar with, because that's a part of our conversation every year right? When is the month of Ramadan? Starting? When is it ending? When is Eid coming? Right? I understand that there's this whole calculation business, but there's a proper way that it was done for a long time anyways, the top level, either see Nina will haisa. And Allah says, so that you can know, you can keep track of the years, and you can keep track of, you know,

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things that are going on. And there's profound wisdom in that. And so again, Allah is saying that, okay, he's created this whole system around you, the sun and the moon, and all the cycles of the moon, so that you can then keep track of the days and the weeks and the months and the years. But it's not just for the sake of keeping a calendar.

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It's not just only to know whose birthday is coming up.

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But think about it again, Allah is the one who made all of this. So the purpose and the objective behind it is, how do we know when it's time to pray, and what prayer it is based on where the sun is?

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Right before the break of at the break of dawn, we pray a lot and budget until the sun starts to rise. When the sun passes, High Noon zenith, its highest point DeLuca shrimps then we pray Thor, when the shade of things hits a certain length, then we pray awesome. When the sunsets fully has scented then we

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pray Salat and Maghrib. And when the Twilight delight is gone from the horizon, then we pray a lot in Asia. And similarly, like we just talked about, how do we fast well the month of Ramadan, so we have to keep track of the months, the season of Hajj, so that we can fulfill this great obligation to Allah subhanaw taala even ping of our gods have another hole, right when a whole year is completed on the assets that we have.

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So Allah created all these things, and the objective and the primary purpose behind all of them is so that we know when our responsibilities and obligations to Allah are so that we can worship Allah as he has mandated upon us and he deserves from us, ma halacha Allah Who Danika Allah will hug. He Allah did not create all of the above, except with the truth. Meaning Allah created everything with a purpose and for a purpose. You first salute IGERT This is how Allah subhanaw taala details out his signs, the signs that surround us that we live amongst the OMYA the moon, but the only people who really will take this message will understand what the purpose behind all of this is the omiana

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moon, people who strive to learn people who strive to know people who strive to understand and realize the truth. And that's why even though Allah subhanaw taala said it generally the homie Allah Moon, the scholars of Tafseer Imam Razi say your own will. Normally it would mean everybody. But then he says very specifically, that this actually is in reference to the people that will try to learn and understand and then we'll sit and reflect and ponder upon the signs of Allah, the greatness of Allah, the purpose behind everything, the message and everything, that they're the ones who will gain the benefit of this and gain perspective from this in nama antimony domain Yaksha.

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Right as Allah subhanaw taala said to the prophets, awesome, you are here to warn those people that actually want to heed that warning.

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So, you know, there's the end and conclude on this, that this is a very, this is a reoccurring message in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala is constantly drawing our attention to the greatness and the Majesty of Allah all around us. Right? And there's that very beautiful narration in the book of Oberon where the prophets Allah sent a Monrovia Arabi and what will you do Rofi Salah de he passed by the Bedouin man and he was making dryness, Allah. He was praying he was making dua to Allah

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and the Prophet of sinful walk off and the visa Salam was semi Leakey, the process stopped and started to listen to him.

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And the man was saying, Yama, lotta Rahula Yun Oh, the one who eyes cannot perceive in this world? Well, to Holly to who don't own minds cannot comprehend he

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His Majesty. Well, I guess if we're going to assume people cannot praise him, as he deserves to be praised, well I have to pay you rule however, these things do not change him. He enacts change what I have shared the way he does not fear the passing of time time has been a creation of his. Yeah, I remember myself Elijah Jeevan. He knows the weight of the mountains of the world. Oh my god, he led behind he knows the volume of the oceans of the world. Well, either the Katrin and Thor he knows the exact number of drops of rain to fall from the sky. While did a worthless job he knows the exact number of leaves on all the trees of the entire world. Well other than my other my lady lady Marcia

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colleague in the heart, He knows everything that the height that the night may hide in its darkness, and the day illuminating it's like

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well actually Minoo summer One summer I want sky cannot shield another sky from Allah. Willa Aragon Allah one layer of the ground cannot protect something under the ground from Allah will not jump alone Matthew it he will add a mountain in its cave cannot hide anything from Allah. The ocean in its depths cannot hide anything from Allah.

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And then he made dua to Allah. Is Allah from Allah al Haider oyakata who will Allah make the best part of my life the best part of my life? Will hate Amelie ha ha Chima who wala make my best action the last action that I ever do in this life? Will Kayla yummy young man Alka coffee and make the best day of my life the day that I come back to meet you.

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And for what Caligula? He radula the processor I'm appointed a man and he said that when he's done bring him to me.

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So the Bedouin was brought to the prophets, Allah the salam. And the prophets are some said women antiga Arabi, where are you from and he said mean bunny I'm even a salsa from one of the tribes and the prophets a lot he Salam had been given a gift in the process of gave him the gift. He goes here, this is where you had the gift.

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And then the prophets has asked him Do you know why give you this gift? It suddenly rang me Bina. Maybe we're related. And the Prophet says comes in Little Rock Me happen. Relationships have their own right. Well, I can. We'll have to laka the host Anita EGAP. Allah Allah will have to look ahead at the hub, the host needs in Africa and Allah Allah, I gave you this gift, it was a very valuable gift. He said, I gave you this gift, because of how beautifully you praise Allah.

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And so the message and the purpose behind it is what we're reading here in the Quran. That this Eman, this is illumination of the heart. This gives us the ability to see and then we have to be able to see the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and everything. May Allah subhanaw taala give us Iman and perspective and may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to practice everything you said and heard Subhanallah who were behind the use of Hanukkah locomobi 100 Now Shalu Allah Illa illa Anta Saphira wanted to relate to unlock it.