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One of the most prominent and significant names and descriptions that are like uses for the Quran in the Quran is Kitab. And of course very famously, sorts of Baccarat starts off and Islam in Valley, Calcutta, that book larae Buffy, there are no doubts in it whatsoever. So what does the word Kitab mean that normally translated as book but what does the word Al Kitab mean? Where does it come from? What's very fascinating is that Al Kitab beeminder Mk tube, it's that which is written, the word Kitab also refers to gathering something together. So gathering words onto a page, that therefore it's called to write, to gather words on a page. And so there's a great significance Not only is the

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Quran called Kitab, because it is written, but another very powerful layer of that is the Quran gathers together so many different thoughts and ideas and

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insights and wisdoms and knowledge of so many different things. And therefore it is Al Kitab. It is the ultimate gathering of ideas. It is the ultimate collection of guidance that is available to humanity. And, of course Allah subhanaw taala time and time again within the Quran calls our attention to the fact that the Quran is a GitHub labor fee. There are no doubts in it whatsoever.