A balanced and grounded Ummah

Abdul Nasir Jangda


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The profits are seldom told us that Be very mindful, be very careful about if raw to what the free to

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I'll throw to the fleet if rotten to free refer to two extreme ends of the spectrum.

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The prophets Allah ism said be careful about both extremes.

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The extreme that is very loose lacks

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that removes the entire structure of the religion.

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But he also said be careful about the opposite extreme, the one that is too rigid

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and harsh and extreme and it creates structures where Allah did not give you any structure.

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He said Be careful. The prophets a lot he said he Yakumo Hulu was a dean, be very cautious and careful

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extremism, any extreme ideology, mentality when it comes to the dean when it comes to the religion.

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Be very careful about that he said, and a lesson that we have learned. We see this in the stories of the Quran. And we see this in Islamic history from the time of the Prophet salatu salam until now is that one extreme breeds the other

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one extreme breeds the other.

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Whenever you have one extreme and a manifest

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a breeds the opposite extreme

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and the job of the Ummah particularly Dalai Lama, the scholars of our Ummah, but also good people, good believers

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to not become like a tennis ball,

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just being whacked from one end to the other one extreme to the other.

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But rather to find stability, and restabilized the community in the middle ground. Oh mutton was Allah.

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Allah said waka Delica hola como Martin wasa?

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That we made you a middle

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a grounded a balanced good omega

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and non extreme one