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ISTAC Damansara Jumaa Khutbah on the 11th of October 2019

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa live up in Walla Walla Illa Allah volley mean or shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Wa shadow, Mohammed Abu are solo Bulava. rissalah Emma Manasa Hello oma wa Duffy sebelah hopko jihadi he was rockin Allah mahadji tilba laolu Hakuna Hari ha la Ilaha Alec for salatu wa salam wa alayhi wa early he was such a big man. Yeah, you're Latina. Man otaku LA to party he wanna tamo tuna illa Anta Muslim mon Yeah, you wanna sutopo raba como la de la la comida Hey da minha xojo ha, Baba salmon humare john and Kathy row one is our Hola Hola, de Luna B he will our hub in the LA con la Cooperativa. Yo yo Hello Latina man otaku la kulu Colin de de de la Kuma Kuma fear la comida Nova coma youth a la la Sula, who for the first 1000 are Lima biographer in a circle howdy Chiquita bola

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hit Allah O'Hara Hooda Haji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or charbroil ohmori more data to Hakuna Matata 13 be the akula be dappin Bala wakulla de la Latina, my brothers, my sisters in Islam.

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Today, there is something that has become a Muslim monopoly. It is not success. It is not wisdom. It is something I like to call mediocrity.

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Today for some reason, when we have anything that we want to excel in, it doesn't happen with Islam and Muslims, it tends to happen with non Muslims.

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Unfortunately, today, we are all engrossed or vast majority of us are engrossed in pursuing things that add very little benefit to our own selves, our own families and much less to humanity. At the forefront of things that impact human beings is not a Muslim, it's usually a non Muslim.

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We tend to be at the forefront of things that do not matter much. We tend to talk about checks in the Middle East that tend to have the best cars that are diamond studded of wealth that is beyond measure. We tend to talk about human beings that have phenomenal ability, but very little value at all.

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I am here to tell you that we are meant to be different. Islam does not tell us to pursue mediocrity. Islam tells us to pursue excellence in whatever we do.

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In fact, desert is not meant to be about simply worshipping Allah as if you see him. It is that you worship Allah as if he is in front of you. So you excel in whatever you do.

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Everything in Islam tells us to be that excellent human being. Everything in Islam tells to be tells us to be that one person that one man that matters. Everything in Islam tells us the numbers don't matter. Everything in Islam tells us that when we have greater numbers, we actually have more difficulty more problems. Which battle was it that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nearly lost due to numbers. It was in battle of butter when he was outnumbered, it was in the Battle of our herd. When he was also outnumbered that he was losing due to numbers it was due to something else. It wasn't the Battle of hunger. It was the Battle of her name. When he was larger in numbers while

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yo Mahoney is a job at COVID castrato.

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When on the day of her name when your numbers amazed you so numbers is the wrong thing. And as any leader will tell you, any CEO will tell you the greatest problem with success is success itself. The greatest problem with results is results itself. The greatest problem of money is money itself. The greatest problem with caches cash itself is the false sense of security that you get that I have the numbers I will win the battle I have the cash I will survive. It is

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Excess itself that is the greatest enemy of success. It is numbers that is the greatest enemy of results. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told listen to authentic hadith, an army of 12,000 will never be defeated due to numbers.

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So we will never be defeated do two numbers. On that day, the Sahaba said, Is it because we are so few in numbers? Is that why we will be downtrodden and the earth will eat us up? And the people of the world would try to fight for our resources? No, the prophet said sort of settler. He said you will be large in numbers like the fall and the ocean countless are the numbers of Muslims where we have no value. We have no value at all.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, I want you to ponder on the following thing, and that is that Islam only needs one man.

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Islam. Allah only needs one man. To a nation Allah sent one man

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to all of humanity. One man he never sent armies. One prophet of God. One new Elisa Salah, one Ibrahim, one Lupe Aliso, casilla one man, one man sent to the other to the thermowood one man who'd one man, just one man that's it.

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All we need is one man.

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Can this room that provide that one man?

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Can you not find that one man amongst you? Or do you need a medical examination? You need to find your man what amongst you. All Islam needs says one man to rise up. And we have always risen up when one man has taken the responsibility on his or her shoulders.

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Every single time one person has said I will be that person is the one who won.

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And whenever we say I don't need to be that person. I don't want to excel. I don't want leadership. Like this mentality we have in Malaysia I don't want to excel because I don't want to disappoint myself. I don't want to disappoint others. The more we think like that the more we think that one man is not me.

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But everything in Islam tells us to be that one man the prophets are seldom said no authentic hadith three Hadith I'm gonna share with you today. The first thing the prophet SAW Selim said is that every 100 years Allah will send one man

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right, one man who will change for the people their religion

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will revive for the people imagine in the hearts, the majority of the current majority of the century one person

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and it is the right and the duty of every Muslim man to be that man to desire to be that Majid and Allah Allah Allah I am that person I am that person who should be saying,

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because if we do not do that, the real danger. The real danger is not that we will not be that person. The real danger is that no one will come in that century, that will revive the oma

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and Allah and Allah, every prophet of God. Never ever put down the mantle responsibility.

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when Moosa Alister Salaam was chosen, he did not put it down. He simply asked Allah, fix my tongue, give me my brother as a helper, straight in my way, Oh ALLAH and helped me with this cause never did he say, I don't want this responsibility.

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Every single Muslim must ask Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala to be that one man.

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And when we do so that is the day when Islam will succeed. In another authentic hadith the second one I'm going to share with you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Rahim Allah who embrace arafa Katara. This is authentic hadith in Bukhari, Allah has mercy on a man who knows his

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the word Qatar, in Arabic language is translated by many people to mean limit. God has mercy on the one who knows his limits. And that is a weak translation of this Hadeeth. The correct understanding of the Hadith is Allah has mercy on the man who knows the greatness of his limits. Who knows how wide his limits are, how huge his abilities are, and how huge his capacity is. God has mercy on the one meaning Allah has mercy by helping you to achieve when you know that your limits are huge when your ability is phenomenal when your capacity is unbelief.

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If you know that you can do great things, Allah will help you achieve it. If you try to achieve it, Allah will help you achieve it. And hence you will eventually end up achieving it. How many of us have dreamed and try to do things Allah helped us achieve it. We wanted to buy a house. We did it. We wanted to finish our studies, most of us got our degrees. We wanted to get into a job and like a bit, just wanted to get married. Allah gave us a wife, whatever we aim for we achieve it. What is wrong with us that we only aim for mediocrity? What is wrong with us? What is it that has made us happy with this dunya when it is so mediocre compared to the afra

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my brothers and sisters Islam. There is a third Hadith I want to share with you.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said

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cologne Maria Saroyan, Lima hula Allah. In the authentic hadith in Bukhari, he said every person is helped by Allah when they pursue their purpose.

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Lima Haleakala for what they have been created for. If you pursue what Allah has created you for Allah will help you have you ever found that you started studying engineering?

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And then it's so hard for you just not finding the passion in it. Exams you're failing you can't make yourself go to the class Have you ever thought that perhaps you are never actually meant to be an engineer? You only doing engineering because you saw your dad being an engineer so you wanted to be an engineer? You only doing engineering because someone else's vision and dream was for you to be a ninja not because of yours? Have you ever thought you're living the dream of someone else? Not your own. And that is why you're not finding passion and strength in it. Perhaps that is the reason why you're not finding passion and strength because you're living the dream of someone else not your

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So my jacket has a purpose. This recorder has a purpose my cap has a purpose my shoe has a purpose My car has a purpose. My glasses have a purpose and I don't have a purpose. How is that possible? Which fool things like that? Except someone who has been fooled by this dunya

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cologne Maria Saru Lima Haleakala, if you follow that which you have been created for Allah has helped will come.

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If you do not follow that which you have not been created for Allah's help will not come therefore from this heavy.

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Therefore my brothers, my sisters, Islam, it is high time we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Sal. I'm not in just the way he spoke, the way he ate, the way he married and lived, but also in the fact that he spent six months of his life pondering on the purpose of his life.

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pondering the purpose of why you exist on this earth. Go and take a holiday, take a hike, take your shoes off, walk in the park, look at the sky. Go and see the ocean and ask Allah Why did you create me? Was it to be like our RTB like Khalid Overleaf ought to be like even a bus? Which way do you want me to come to you Allah? What is the purpose of which you created me? With that you will become that one man, that one woman that will change the world.

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And today is not the day where that one person one man has to be an island or a bar or a scholar of Islam.

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Today, that one man might be someone else in the authentic narration, which is reported the prophet SAW Selim, whenever he was asked about what is the best day he changed it. Sometimes he said the best date is jihad. Now the time he said best deed is Salah on time. Now that time you said best thing is to feed a Muslim. Now the time he said best deed is to is to give a Muslim drink of water. Now that time you say the best deed is to put a smile and a Muslim. In fact, one of the LMR Islamic collected what is the best deed had deeds of the best deed, and he found over 70 types of best deeds The Prophet said. So even Tamia explained in his fatawa that the best deed is not necessarily what

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you think is the best deed or just Salah or Zakat or jihad. The best deed changes according to time and place according to the best need of the muslimeen.

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So the most comprehensive Hadith about the best day is the best of you are the ones who are the most beneficial to mankind. That's the best deed. The best deed is finding out what does humanity and mankind need and fulfilling that that could be being an engineer one day, that could be being a doctor that could be money, or being a philanthropist, that could also be

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Be being a scholar as well. It could be whatever humanity needs at that place in that situation.

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And so seek out the best deed that gives an opportunity to every one of us. Some of us are doctors, some of us are lawyers, some of our business people, some of us have passed that age. It doesn't mean we have no relevance anymore that I can't be that one man. It means you simply find out what humanity needs first. What do people really need fulfill that and that's where you will find allies help.

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That is where you will find a lot of help. falcata haberl acaba wama de la cama acaba he asked me for so many things he has yet to do, who is he humanity has met has yet to do the acaba what is acaba? The great deed in the eyes of Allah wa abraca la Cava what will tell you what is the great deed in Allah's eyes? For kusakabe, which is to free a slave, meaning of their slaves would free a slave, if there are no slaves, what are we going to free, so find a slave to free if they are slaves. But karaca is one thing which Allah loves our our movie Yeoman, the massada or feeding on the day of masaba not just feeding. The APA, which is a great day is not just a feeding which is a

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good deed in the eyes of Allah. But on the day of great poverty, great poverty, where there is no food everything is finished. There's no food left, people are dying from hunger on that day, our ramen fee yo min v masaba, or feeding on the day of severe difficulty,

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your theme and the merkabah, our miskeen and gamma traba that you should feel on a day of great distress or your team that is close to you. Or a miskeen that is very wretched. So Allah tells us how to understand acaba acaba, the great deed is not necessarily just the good deed, it is the good deed on the day that that good deed is the most important would be

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so the best few are the ones who are the most beneficial to mankind.

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And it is indeed possible for every one of us to be that one man that Islam needs.

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In one authentic narration was reported that when are familiar with the allowed dollar and who bought the well for the Muslim meaning when he bought the well for the Muslim in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said today or man's face has been removed from the fire 500 years travel or smell at the hotel and who gives up the car all the time? All the time he was giving sadaqa why today was his face removed from the fire 500 years travel and not before. Because today he fulfilled a great need an aka

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I want you to seek out acaba you want to become great people, you want to become that one man. You don't have to have special skills. You don't need excellent amount of money. You don't need to be a phenomenal speaker. You don't need any of that you simply need to find the need. Go and find the acaba of the Muslims. What is the great deed something simple like feeding food can become great if it is on the day of day of Yeoman, the Messiah on the day of severe drought. So seek out where Islam needs help. Seek out where Islam is struggling, seek out where muslimeen are dying, seek out where there's absolute difficulty and tragedy. And with that, solve that small thing, it might be a rock

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in the shoe, it might be a small issue, but you will become a great person in the eyes of Allah because of the acaba that you have done. Because you have done the great deed in the eyes of Allah and you will be that one man, you will be that one man in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters Islam success is not not in our hands, it is simply in putting the effort in.

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If we put the effort in, then our reward is confirmed with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Our chef used to say the state of Illinois genda mirtha b2b bazille s bar lab in Nevada, the ease to the path to Paradise is based upon putting the effort not upon achievement of the result. achievement of the result is up to Allah purely, but upon us is just to put in the effort and that is why abubakr was greater than armour even though the results of armour was higher than Abu Bakar.

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Because of the fact that his effort was more he gave double he was a first to believe

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He was first to be there. And because of this, he came first in the eyes of Allah even though the results were not as great.

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It is for this reason why every one of us has a hope. Every one of us has a hope over here to be that one man. Every one of us can be the one man because it doesn't matter in the eyes of anyone else. You might live a mediocre life in the eyes of others, you might die a mediocre life in the eyes of others, but know this that Allah knows it was reported.

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It was reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said on the day of the death of more as sad as

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it was reported, that sad Morales did not live for more than seven years. As a Muslim, young boy, young boy, he died only seven years in Islam. However, it was reported the authentic hadith which isn't a Bharani the Prophet system said

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the Tsar Shura, Mali Mossad,

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the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala shook on the day of the death of sad when I read this Hadith, I thought it was a means to shake. So therefore as the shaking from what death of sad, which is a sad thing, so therefore, the throne of Allah shock, food sadness, then I came across recently,

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where even when Buddha said the word does is used by the Arabs to only mean shaking with happiness.

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When you win a million dollars in the lottery, you start shaking with happiness. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god, shaking with happiness. That's the shake of happiness. So the throne of Allah shook with happiness on the day of the death of sad Can you believe it?

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Why? Because Allah was about to meet sad.

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Happiness, on the day that Allah was going to meet his beloved friend, sad animal as what made Simon was so great. It was reported that the professor seldom carried the dead body of sad. And when he was carrying the dead body of sad, he was tiptoeing tiptoeing putting a spot here and then looking here so that we're putting another leg there looking were putting another leg there. So our said you're doing he said, Well law your armor. I can't find a single place to put my foot from the number of angels that have come down to prey on the body of sad.

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Yes, the number of Sahaba that preyed on his dead body was only a few. But the unseen world You have no idea the unseen world You have no idea. It is for this reason why morale we have no morale. We are lazy Rahim Allah was reported once a hobby only to Sahaba prayed over his dead body. But the prophets have said in the authentic hadith, he said, I saw no less than 70,000 angels preying on the dead body of more iron. Wow, we have a lady who was this man? Why was he so great? He was a man who love to say Hello, everyone. Remember the one who love to say hello had all the time. His name was while we're in the Mojave alafia Rahim Allah and he was the man who only few Sahaba prayed over his

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dead body when he died. But 70,000 angels came down so it doesn't matter. You may not be recognized on this earth.

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You may not be recognized by people who know you. You could be a simple person in others eyes, even in your own family's eyes, but with Allah you might be great.

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with Allah, you might be great.

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And this is why was reported about a little Herbie, one of the great scholars of Islam. When he passed away,

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he passed away a very simple man. Then a beggar came and said, Hey, where is that man that used to live on this house here that used to work in this shop over here? He said, Oh, that man is passed away. Don't you know? I said, Who's gonna give me lunch?

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I said, What do you mean lunch? He said, Don't you know for the last 40 years? This man has been given me lunch. So his wife said, Oh my God. It was reported in this biography and see relevant double is Oh my god, are you for real? for 40 years? You've been eating lunch rooms? Yes. He said for 40 years.

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This man my husband has been asking me to prepare lunch for him. I thought he's eating lunch. He was actually fasting.

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He his wife didn't even know. His wife didn't even know that he was not eating his lunch. He was giving it to a poor beggar. Allahu Akbar. My brothers and sisters love you might be a simple person. might not be the Prime Minister of Malaysia you might not even get there might not even be a Tan Sri dapto whatever. call yourself whatever dato Sri caught yourself whatever the hell you want.

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As many titles hijjah causes of whatever titles you want doctor share, add more.

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You may be very insignificant people's eyes, but to allow you can be great.

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So to be someone great that the oma needs, it's not about being recognized with others. It is to be recognized with a lot of baloney. This man, sad number odd seven years as a Muslim, he dies. Allah has thrown shakes with happiness. Why? Because of the following thing I'm about to tell you in the Battle of butter

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on the Aqaba, baklava, right acaba, right? They have great distress, they never came out wanting to fight 1000 people army they came with the shovel swords with two horses, few camels to fight this army that is coming, oh my god. What did the Prophet some do? He heard that they are coming. So he got the Sahaba altogether. And then the people said

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the prophets have said oh people tell me what do you think? So Abu Bakr stood up Yeah, Rasul Allah, go and fight. Who will fight with you. Thank you,

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Mr. tsuda. rasulillah go and fight the whole fight. Thank you. One after the other. The Mahajan stood up 78 margerine. Amongst the 316 people there in the Battle of butter. They stood up one after the other. Thank you, thank you. But of course they had a reason to fight. They have been kicked out of their homes. These are the people who did it. To help them Let's fight them. Who did the Prophet really want to hear from the answer?

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And who stood out from the answer only one man? What was his name? Saad, if

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you want to know why his throne shook, because he spoke like that one man.

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On that day, if you can speak like that one man on the day of Aqaba, you can be that one man. You will have a less throne shaking on the day you die. And 70,000 angels will come down and even more will come down to prey on the dead body.

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What did he say? He said your Rasul Allah, it is as if you are looking at us said yes, you are larger in number 220.

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He said your Rasul Allah, we believed in you.

00:27:28--> 00:27:29

And we didn't have to believe in you.

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We believed in you. We chose you as a male as our Prophet. And we're not about to turn our backs on that you're Sol Allah.

00:27:40--> 00:27:42

Wa La Jolla Rasul Allah, we're not going to be

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like the people who said to Musa alayhis salam go and fight you and your Lord will stay here. Rather we are the people who are going to say out of Salalah go and fight and May Allah show you from us that which will please you your Rasul Allah, voila, here Rasul Allah. If you drove us into the ocean, and told us to drown ourselves, not one man will stay behind.

00:28:06--> 00:28:07

You see how he spoke?

00:28:08--> 00:28:58

Do you see how this man spoke? You see why he is so great. falcata Hama, la Cava wama Otto Kamala Baba. He spoke on the day of great distress to a man mahatmas SLM who was worried that he would be driving his own followers to utter destruction. He gave him hope, belief that we are with him even though he thought you know what, what are these people use for when they have swords are blunt, and they have no spheres. He gave this man hope. He gave him this impotence at this, this, this drive to carry on. And because of this, he became great in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He wasn't a master tactician. He wasn't particularly rich. He wasn't particularly smart. But he knew how to

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speak at the day of Aqaba, he came to the aid of Mohammed Salim and Islam on the day of Aqaba, my brothers and sisters Islam.

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Seek out doc so that you can become that one man. Seek out the need of Islam and Muslims so that you can become great in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And remember something and this is very important

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is that we all know Allah Subhana Allah test is late. We know Allah Allah as results or less successes late we have been calling upon Allah Allah help Kashmir. He hasn't helped Kashmir yet. Or Allah help Palestine

00:29:40--> 00:29:44

hasn't helped happened yet or Allah help. Chechnya hasn't happened yet Oh Allah help.

00:29:45--> 00:29:52

whichever country 10 Muslim countries in war right now order 57 he's his help has not come just yet.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

But here is something I want to tell you that I have learned from the story of the prophets and I asked my chef

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A few years back when I was going through business difficulty, so she has some really big difficulty right now some massive difficulty. I feel it's going to destroy me and I don't want to say I don't want to be the person that says I've been calling on Allah but his help is not coming at you know that adage that says Don't ever say that. I don't want to be the person but I'm feeling like it well, I'm just feeling like like I'm calling on him is not coming. Do you know what he said?

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He said when Allah says help is late.

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That means it's going to be big

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akula kolyada was Taka Flora la Hola, como What is it Muslim Columbian festival in the whole world.

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy he will Manuela

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my respected brothers and my sisters Islam.

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What we see amongst us right now is only 1% of Allah's mercy. 99% is waiting for us in the US for

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whatever we see from the goodness and greatness of the numbers of Muslims and the hair that we have in our own Mashallah youth we have in our own mind, we have resources in our own mind. We have land in our oma, we have a lot Subhanallah whatever blessings is only 1%. Remember, 99% awaits us only only us no one else in the Africa.

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We have a Lord that is willing to help us and support us. Always his help comes at the last minute. He has said that in the Quran. And he has told us not to be of those people who despair. And I learned this from a example that happened to me once I went back home back to Bangladesh when I went back home and I was buying some rice, rice. I said 20 kilo rice, I've got a big family I've got to buy 20 kilo rice. So what happened? The rice merchant put a big bag, big brown bag on one side of the scale. On the other scale. He put a 20 kilo weight. Then he put one kilo,

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two kilos 345-678-1213 no movement. The scale has not moved 13 1415 1617 no movement, it's still the 20 kilo here and this 17 kilos still here. 18.

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Something shook their 19 Oh, what the hell's going on. Suddenly a tiny bit of movement but still went back. Still went back.

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As soon as you put in the 20 Oh my god, a little bit more rice on top of the 20 boom.

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Right? We might be at the 19th year.

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We might be at the 20 at the 91st year at the 90th year before the 91st year which is when the Crusaders are going to be kicked out of Jerusalem. We might be just a few years before we cannot give up now.

00:33:29--> 00:33:50

We cannot give up hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala now, Allah subhanho wa Taala his help is always at the last minute. This is so that he can test so that he can increase our agenda on the Day of Judgment. It was reported that Musa alayhis salam could not part the seas had not actually been at the edge of the ocean.

00:33:51--> 00:33:59

And the fire did not become cool for Ibrahim until he was thrown into it before that was so hard that even a bird could not go over it.

00:34:01--> 00:34:18

And of course Allah has helped it not come until Ibrahim was actually putting the sword to the neck of his smile. My friends, Allah loves to test his beloved. Allah loves to test his beloved we are His beloved and he loves to test us.

00:34:19--> 00:34:36

And so a lot of people alameen in the story of use of Alister Salam which was revealed in the 10th year of the Prophet Sessoms. Prophethood in the year of husen, which is the year in which two of his beloved people died, his wife Khadija Rajaratnam died and his uncle passed away Abu Talib.

00:34:37--> 00:34:58

And when Abu Pilate and Khadija died that year was his year of great distress. So Allah revealed a sutra telling him great distress what was it surah Yusuf? Salaam in that surah after the sutra, towards the end, last few verses, Allah says something What does he say? You have read it but I don't know if you pondered on it. He says

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

fala musti Azhar rasuluh was one no homepod coup de boo atta homeless una

00:35:09--> 00:35:57

What does it mean? So for Allah when the following thing happened what happened is stay a solution is stuff Allah have a word in the wasn't it stuff Allah means when they were seeking to be so seeking to do an action so stay as a means when the doer of the action which is also when the messengers was almost giving up hope the messengers were giving up hope you believe you know who I'm not talking about the general people the people had gone like people's hope had gone right? It's not happening guys Allah help is not coming holla us we've been abandoned, we've been fooled. We've been lied to follow mistakes, so rasuluh when the messengers were about to give up hope, oh, my God, the

00:35:57--> 00:36:10

strongest people were about to give up hope was one no and they all thought unhampered coup de boo, they thought that they had been lied to me Allah had lied to them at home. So Runa My help comes to them.

00:36:11--> 00:36:12


00:36:13--> 00:36:53

almost they're about to stay assuming they're about to lose hope. So before the loser Let's help come because Allah doesn't want you to be a disbeliever. So before that happens, a lot of help comes but a lab tests you to the point of what is your level of belief. The scholar said, I am says the reason why Allah does it is because Allah wants to measure how much he wants to allow you to look at himself on the Day of Judgment. And he wants to measure how much of a radical he wants to give you to drink on the Day of Judgment. He wants to measure how much he wants to give you on the day of judgment because your agenda is by your suburb and by your hope in Allah and by your trust in Allah.

00:36:53--> 00:37:37

So if you can keep your positivity honorable Allah mean, seek that out to be that that one man continue to think good about Allah despite the results not coming because results is not in your hands anyway. Continue to try to find how to help Islam and be that one man that helps Islam, then you will be from this person who a lot of people al amin will definitely and his help will come true. If Allah is help is coming too quick. Probably he's not testing you enough. Or he's helping you early. But he's helped will surely come and his success will surely come and you will surely be from those people who become from the best of people Bismillah that have helped Islam on the day of

00:37:37--> 00:38:18

Aqaba? To malema, you have Muslim own Angela Merkel por el Caribe call Elijah La Jolla with a smile in Alabama echo soluna lnav are you learning amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad in early he was so happy yourself Allah mcfeely muslimeen and one Muslim at mini me not Allah here. I mean what am What? Allah monster Deena? kawakita bakasana Terra de casa de la in La Jolla. San Juan de it'll Korba why Unhand in fact she wouldn't curry well belly lucam la la quinta de Coronavirus como la de Madrid Kotaku, one of the crew la Akbar La Jolla la Mata snare on the masala