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AbdelRahman Murphy
AI: Summary © The history of the Islamist movement is discussed, including its implementation of the Prophet Mohammed Al Qaeda's rule and the attack on buildings by Muslims. The importance of protecting against attacks and stopping the spread of Islamism is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for consistency in living in the dams and the importance of celebrating the birth of Islam, while also stressing the importance of harvesting for Africa region and not celebrating until the end of the month.
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de la,

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la la la de da de da de la la la, la,

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la la, la la la la la mia cuando Hakuna had all hamdulillah

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wanna start a new one I still feel when I was a villa him in a shoe Rory and forcing a woman sejati a marina, Mayor de la la la la la, la, la la,

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la la la la, la sharika lah, y shadow ana Muhammadan, Abu rasuluh solo out to LA he will sell them on la de la follow along with the NFL keytab be hit by the audible let him initiate on the regime. Man can you read to help Hello Sal, Pharaoh de mesilla houfy Harvey, about

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the Prophet Mohammed sallallahu wasallam when he received the delegation from yathrib, from the unsought when they came to him, and they signed the agreement, the pact where they would host the Muslims and they would then allow them to come and live in Medina. There was one condition on that agreement that stuck out. So they agreed they said the Muslims can come and live here. You know, they asked for the Prophet Mohammed Al Salaam, his wisdom and his advice and his counsel in solving the issues between us and closet Raj. But in order to convince them and soften their hearts, and not to cause any fear amongst them, the problem is all sudden, and he gave them a condition that they

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did not have to engage in any sort of conflict, they did not have to defend in any sort of conflict that the mahadji rune would be attacked with, that they were free from involvement. They were not responsible for a certain period of time for a certain number of years. Because any issue that flourish or other tribes, how would the Muslims the problem how muscles themselves will take care of that you guys don't have to sign on to that. You don't have to agree to take care of that. It's not your issue. It's not your problem, because you just accepted us as a community.

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Now, if you fast forward a few months after the Prophet Mohammed asylum, arrived in Medina, he gets word right there's this this pressure that's building up from the outside where the tribe of polish the people of Mecca, are very upset. They're burned, that the Muslims left them, they feel disrespected, dishonored, and so they're planning an attack, they're planning an attack on the city of Medina, they're gonna attack the Muslims, and those who hosted them, because they can't take this humiliation that they've been experiencing. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW them he hears of this attack,

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he hears of this, this, you know, plan, and he decides to cut them off, he decides to send a delegation to cut them off, and to sort of intercept their attack as it's coming.

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And this actually occurred, this battle that happened is known as the Battle of beds. And it happened in the month of Ramadan, the month that we are in today. And what's interesting is that, despite the unsought, not being responsible, not being held accountable for having to defend the community at this time, you find that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he approached them. And he told them, that this is the situation that we find ourselves in. And this is the battle that we are going to engage in. And if you don't want to, you don't have to. He gave them a blank check. If you're if you are not interested, then you're not going to be held accountable.

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But Saad bin was

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the one who when he passed away, when he died, the throne of laws and which

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side been live, one of the first converts to Islam from Medina, one of the first people that accepted the stem from the Medina and one of the leaders of the tribes in Medina, he said he had also a law. If you asked us to follow you to the into the ocean, we would follow you.

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If you requested us to follow you to the end of the earth, we would follow your soul. I know that we signed that agreement with the law but that was just formality that was just pen and paper. If you asked us to follow you anywhere you went your solo We will be right behind you.

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And the beauty of the unsolved at this point, volunteering,

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openly accepting this responsibility despite the fact that they didn't have to was that the unsolved were actually the overwhelming majority of participants in the battle whether there was about 200 plus right 220 230 whereas

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mahadji rune were under 100 people, just around 80. So if the unsired had not gone above their expectations, if the unsought had not pushed past what was expected from them, then the extra mile gone the extra mile, if the unsought had not done that, who knows what the outcome of the battle may have been.

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And you find that this happened, this miracle, both social spiritual, and real miracle happened in the month of Ramadan. And this story of a group of people who decided that they wanted to invest more in their asset other than their dunya. This story is a story of people who saw the priority of the afterlife versus this life. And this is why I love small talks about in sorts of shorter when he says men can

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be healthy, that whoever wants to have a a investment, whoever desires there, and usually literally use the word house, like to harvest something, whoever desires their harvest in the Hereafter, Allah says

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that this person will be receiving much more or less, I will give them much more in their investment.

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And he says women can really do house adonia.

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But at the same time, whoever wants to invest or farm or harvest their actions from the dunya,

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then that person that lost power with all that says,

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we will give them from it will matter who feel

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that that person will find that when they spent all of their time all of their effort in the dunya that they will get what they want. But you know what, when it comes to the, Allah says that there will be no nosleep for them there.

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There will be nothing waiting for them in the after, because they've invested everything into the dunya.

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Brothers and sisters, if there's one characteristic, you know, we call the Sahaba. We call them the greatest generation. This is the title that they've been given. But all the Allahu anhu will do on the last one I thought it says about them in the Quran, that they are pleased with him. Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with him. Allah has given his blanket pleasure to these amazing role models, these companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And on top of that, you have the people of those who participated in the Battle of better, they're given an even loftier status, to the point where the Prophet Muhammad SAW sudden, and he gave them an even further blank

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check of the people who participated in that battle. But if we looked at it from a core perspective, how do they become these people? How do they become so great? When they just human beings like you and I, yes, they were, but they had something rooted in their heart. And this is the discussion of today's short hook was rooted in their heart was an intense desire in order like Allah says in the menu redo in order they had this intense desire that they will be better than their dunya

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you know, I was doing a you've had a call last week.

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And since the month of Ramadan is the month of July, it's the month of supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala that's why we say Roberto cobalamin nadra Anna, which Allah please please accept from us, our our supplications to you. We stand here especially in the last night's and we make when people make art to cast because they just want to be in the presence of the machine making doc to Allah. So I said why don't I talk to these young people, these youth these high schoolers and college kids about what they make draw for because you can tell a lot about the health of your heart by what you make draw for. You can tell a lot about your relationship with Allah by what you make,

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don't ask for so I asked them we went around the room at teenagers. I said what do you make drama for almost every single one of them when they responded? They said academics, grades exams, some of them right so that was like 95% some of them said I make drawing from my grandparents who passed away I make draw for my life struggles I make draw from my family's financial situation. So they talked about this world the dunya

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brothers and sisters almost none of them said that we make draw for gender

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almost none, maybe five said I make draw that Allah give me heaven. Grant me paradise.

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What kind of cultural we establishing in our community? When a person is more concerned about their grades than they are about their remark the rewards with Allah spawn Tada.

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What kind of culture are we built? What kind of personality are we instilling into ourselves?

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Families when we get upset with them when they don't get an A on that final, but when they miss Federer, it's okay there's always tomorrow.

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This is not the characteristic of the companions, you know, we want to be great people complain about the status of the Muslim ummah. And you know, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim one time he was sitting with his companions, and this was in Medina. So they were really really powerful and strong and they were experiencing the benefits of numbers. And the Prophet Mohammed Sosa them said to them, that there will come a time where people will gather around the oma and they will pick up the oma, just like people gather around a plate of food and they pick up that plate of food and they eat it.

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And the companions, they couldn't understand how this would be possible. So they said yes to a lot, because remember, and you know, in the last Hajj, there were over 100,000 people present, right from a group that was only 83. You know, people who migrated. So imagine like how they felt like, man, no one can stop us now. We're 100,000 deep, you know? So they're sitting there and they said the law

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is this because we will be smaller number? Is this the reason why?

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And the prophet SAW Selim said Nah, no, actually, you'll be more in number he compared us to like the foam on the see how many bubbles are in those are in that foam? You can't even count in so many. So they were completely shocked. They said, the only way that this could happen to us this destruction could happen to us. The only way that we could be pulled apart from our relationship with Allah by others, is it for maybe smaller number? So what would be the cause of that you also a lot and he gave an answer where he said, when he said from when

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and listen to their response. They said, What is when

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and when you hear the definition of what will happen is you'll know why they asked what when is the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim said why and they said what is why and he said, it is love of this world and fear of death.

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The Sahaba were people who didn't even know the definition of love of this world and fear of death. It didn't register it didn't process. When the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim said there will come a time where people will be more they will prefer this life to the Act and the next life.

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They didn't understand how that can even be possible.

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So when we look at this ayah brothers, if you could please screwed up inshallah make some space so that the brother doesn't have to come and ask you inshallah, and come make some space for people in the back of shuttler.

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So when the IRS says that many readers or whoever desires a harvest from the Africa,

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we take apart a couple points from this ayah number one is what Allah says men Canada up to he's switching the tenses. Canada means the past tense up to his present in the English language, just like whoever has had their desires set forth. So it kind of is a struggle. But in Arabic, this creates what's known as raw consistency.

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And the important point is that whatever Allah is mentioning here, it has to be done with consistency, it has to be done with continuity, that if a person truly has desire for the alpha, it shouldn't be on and off.

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Maybe their actions might stumble here and there, you and I might make a mistake here and there, we might miss something here and there. But at least the desire in our heart is higher for the better. And it's always there. If we always check ourselves, we can say I want proximity with a lot I want to be in general with all the NBA and the show that in the game. And then he says, but they will at the same time there will be another people who they invest their harvest into this dunya.

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And when you think of harvest this word heif. It's a very poignant word. It's a very succinct word that I was using here. He could have used many other words, but he decided to use an example of farming. And when you think of the farmer, if there's any farmers in here, or previous farmers or you have any experience with farming at all, you know that there are some characteristics that are inherent to farmers. There are some things that are inherent to farmers. And just so that for some of you who may not know, I'll explain very briefly, the the practice of farming or really any business in general, is one that requires immense trust and patience. Because what farmers do, is

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they plant, they nurture, they feed, they tend for months, without any guarantee of the outcome without any guarantee that what they're working on is going to happen.

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And then when it comes for us whenever Allah gives them the risk, they harvest that plant and they live off of it for the next bad season. the off season, the cold season. They sell it and

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They live off of it, it is literally their risk for half of the year. So they work for half of the year really hard, and they get their harvest, and they live off of it for half of the year.

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So when a lot of speaking about our actions in this life, and he's calling it how he's teaching us something about what it means to live in this dunya.

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Just like a farmer sits in plants, their seeds, and just like a farmer doesn't know what the outcome of their actions are, and just like a farmer can't see what their harvest will look like until it comes living in this dunya is similar to that we pray, we fast, we make draw, we give sadaqa. And we don't exactly know, we don't have guarantee of what the outcome will be. But we pray and we hope to Allah after we've done all the work that He grants us a beautiful harvest for our actions.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to harvest an entrance to gender on the Day of Judgment. I mean, so a person will use their entire life 60 7080 years if they're lucky, working, working, working, without any sneak preview, no appetizer, no taste of what gender will be like.

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And that's why the heart yearns for a lost power to Allah because after all that work, we stand here in the night we say y'all love Please accept from us our deeds. Aloha, mata cobalamin, SCM and lpm inna that is what we say to Allah subhanaw taala. We begging him to accept that from us, because we've spent our entire lives planting and nurturing and mending and tending to our crop. We hope that when it comes, it's fruitful for Africa. But the scary thing, brothers and sisters is that the idea continues. woman can at the heart of the dunya whoever invests everything they've got into this dunya

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whoever puts their all into this dunya

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demon, we will give them from it. They'll get what they want Allah smart, Allah is so generous, he's so merciful. He'll give the person what they want.

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Or mad at him who fill athletic window see that in the athlete, although what have they given up, they've given up any reward or appointment in the app. We asked a lot to protect us from that. So we see your brothers and sisters that there is a given take. There's a challenge being presented to us that we either invested for the alpha, we either use this dunya for the alpha, or we let this dunya become our reason why we lose the alpha.

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And this month of Ramadan, brothers and sisters is a month where we finally begin to feel what it feels like to have erotica for the Africa. This Ramadan, Ramadan is the month the days and nights and the fasts and the prayer of Ramadan are the actions where we begin to understand what it's like to plant for the better because you give up food and drink and many other things for the sake of Allah said that when a person fasts,

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they're proving to themselves that they love a lot more than they love this world.

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Fasting is a big deal. If you've fasted if you've completed your fasts don't beat yourself up about not doing as much as you wanted if you completed your fast that's a big deal. Because I am said that a person when they break their fast, they've proven to themselves that I love a lot more than I love this world because I can hold myself back from things that I think I need because I truly need Allah.

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So the Ramadan is a time where we really understand what it's like to be men can you read?

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That's what we develop in this month.

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But one of the signs brothers and sisters that these deeds are accepted of this month is the exact same effect that Allah built into the ayah is continuity, persistence, continuous consistency,

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that we keep things going after the month that we don't just stop coming to the masjid after the month you know, when the worst day for Federer is in terms of massages across America. You know when the lowest attendance for Federer is in terms of massages across America. The day rate

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is the lowest attendance because we've completed the month and we feel like now it's time to celebrate. And so the question is empty the whole time no one is there. Author time no one is there a moment of time, maybe someone's there just stopping by because they forgot something from Ramadan.

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So we have to make a commitment inshallah, that as this month finishes because we are here in the final job this month, which is bittersweet to even say that. And this might be the last one or dawn that you I ever get to experience while while we're alone. We have to make a commitment that we keep up the good actions

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that we've been doing after the month. Some of us who have never ever played them a little before, get up in the middle of the night and we get to rock out to Allah subhanaw taala some of us who don't fast the entire year, we fasted 3029 30 days, we can keep something going. Some of us who miss fedrick consistently, this entire month have prayed Federer every day, I know because breakfast is right before, but we prefetcher every day, look at the Basilica that's entering your life in this month and realize that it's not because of the month alone, but also because of how you change in this month, who do you become and how can you keep that alive?

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To conclude the inshallah tada I want to talk about the

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the celebration of our idols fitzer the breaking of the fast, honorable hotdog radula Juan he said that when a person celebrates, they're celebrating getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala. When a person celebrates or eat, or even alcohol, they're celebrating the completion of the pilgrimage of the season of Hajj or either the fitter is a celebration of change of transformation, that a person is not the same person they were on the first day of Ramadan, as they are on the first day, on the on the day and on the day varied that that person has transformed themselves, their behavior, their characteristics are different, that they've invested in the hardest of an era. So brothers and

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sisters, as we gather for eating, we're doing the tech bit odd and everyone's wearing very nice clothes, and we enjoy each other we hug and smile and we go to people's houses and eat food. don't celebrate nothing.

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don't celebrate the day of just completing your fasts of the Prophet Mohammed Salim said there will be some people in the in Ramadan, that they will complete the month of Ramadan gaining nothing from it but hunger and thirst.

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But they're literally fast the entire month and all they'll gain on our aid is man last month I was really hungry. I was really thirsty.

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The Puppet system is saying this almost condescendingly like what a shame it is that a person can traverse this entire month of spiritual benefit of prayer

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of connecting to a love job, Pam Sam, what an amazing like what a very big instance it is that a person can go through this and this person can only come out of it hungry and thirsty. So this aid We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people who are celebrating change, celebrating coming closer to Allah. No one celebrates failure. Okay, the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't have a party this year. No one does. No one celebrates no one has a graduation party. If they didn't graduate, you'll give someone a dinner if they didn't get the promotion at their job right? Only when you achieve something do we celebrate. So if we're going to celebrate aid, we have to make sure that we earned

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that celebration. We have to make sure that this month is a month of achieving something We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us still feel We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us sincerity. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people who harvest for the Africa and not for the dunya Amira Ballymena Kala Kala Hadassah for Allah Holly welcome Lisa Massimino Muslim at first up through in who will have

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah enamel MBA with mursaleen Cena Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Allah early he was a he will be sending Elijah Medina alojamento lemon home I mean, this month brothers and sisters that we are concluding in the next seven days in sha Allah and the next seven or so days is the month of miracles. It is the month as Allah says with a car and was revealed. It was the month where the Muslims miraculously defeated the correlation the Battle of weather when they were under staffed by at least 67 to 70%. It is the month where the tribe of thought if that rejected the Prophet Mohammed sauce on them, and that made him bleeding from his

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head to his toes. It is the month where they accepted Islam. And it is the month where the city of Mecca that was surrounded by 360 idols were the Kaaba was actually a center for shake. Unfortunately, it is the month where that Kaaba was purify, that city was purified. And it was the conquest was made and the city was opened for the worship of Muslims. It is a month where things happen that people said this will never happen.

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So the action item that we have from today from this hook is in these next seven days. look deep into yourself and ask yourself what things do I think about my email that I think I could never ever change? What habits Do I have that are bad that I think I can never break? What habits do I want that are good habits that I think I could never achieve and realize that you are in the month of miracles. You were in the month where things happen.

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Where people thought they could never happen. So make yourself a list and work hard. These last 10 nights are not easy. These last 10 nights are not for the week. Work hard. Put your foot to the pedal shala pedal to the metal and earn the fitter that we're going to be celebrating inshallah together. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept asked Allah sponsors to forgive our sins. We ask Allah Spano, tala to make us had a theme, minute last year, we asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us people who are going to receive our harvest in the alpha and we ask Allah to save us from being people who only harvest in the dunya with no effort not ever looking up to the Acura, we ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to purify our hearts and souls to give us happy and loving families. We ask Allah tala to accept all rusli M and r three M and R da and our sadaqa We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring our communities closer together. We ask Allah supplements Ana to not allow this to be our last normal bond to allow us to continue seeing Ramadan over and over again we asked Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to have everlasting change in the law. How am Allah eta who you saw Luna Allah neria un levina m n o sallu alayhi wa sallam notice Nina Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad come outside later Allah overall hemara early Ibrahim for the alameen in NECA hamidah Majeed Allahumma

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barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

00:26:18 --> 00:26:27

Ibrahim Ibrahim philomene nica Hamid and Majeed in the La Jolla motovlog he will explain why he died will corba and handle foshay when mockery will

00:26:29 --> 00:26:30

come to the Quran Okay, masala

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