The Fitnah Of Music And Singing

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Jumu’ah Khutbah at Masjid Al-Humera

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In Alhamdulillah Hina don't wanna start you don't want to stop

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on our own or below him in Cerulean fusino min say Dr. Medina.

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mania de novo alone will deliver or may little further hodja Why should you add

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Sherry Keller Why should you an Mohammedan or solo? Amanda in North Dakota howdy thekey turbo,

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Buddha Buddha Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Lumo Ramos to her wakulla Desert in beta wakulla VEDA in Bala that in wakulla Bala let him feel

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rubbish roughly sorry. While you're sadly Emery will determine the sunny of ugly of the praising applause for Canada Allah sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who came to purify the hearts and minds of mankind. Lots of lots of panda describes him as one being we use a key him. He purifies them, takes them out by permission of a loss of candor, other nuclear to whom we know lumati that

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takes him out from the realms of darkness. To the light of a loss of Canada under the light of a loss of hand there

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is a new era of Eman is a light of a man. The opposite the darkness is the darkness is rumoured of Cofer of disbelief. And that's Allah Subhana. Allah has created the opposite. He knows all things from in Kali Shay in lacunas, oj de la la quinta de charoen everything has been created in opposites, that you may begin to reflect and remember and ponder Allah Subhana Dinah with a wisdom that belongs to him all alone. subhana wa Johanna's placed conferred upon this earth and likewise placed Eamon one will overcome the other.

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Even though in general, a man will always remain dominant and powerful. But at times, Cofer may become apparent on the face of this earth, or may become apparent or hidden inside the mind of the individual person needs to fight off the cuff or within their own self. Inside that vessel that lots of panda has placed inside the human being. whereby the Prophet Allah is mentioned in the field yesterday moto. Indeed, inside the body of the human being is a morsel of flesh is a lump of flesh. If this lump of flesh becomes sound and good, then the whole of the body becomes good and wholesome, and his piece of flesh becomes corrupt. Indeed, the whole body becomes corrupt, the whole life of

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the individual becomes corrupt, and never healed. Indeed, that is the heart and likewise the loss of power that I mentioned your Malayan, feral mountain weather balloon in October Have you been selling on that day your children and your welfare not a value, except for a person who comes with a pure heart. And as we find the rhythm of teskey have mentioned that even external factors of our life we're had cannot mana even the things that we are taught we speak for them after skier mentioned, this is only a reflection of the heart of the individual. When filth, corruption, Vice immorality bad speech, alpha haish disseminates from the mouth of the individual earlier mentioned that this

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becomes habitual and the normal speech of the individual. This is only a reflection of the heart of the individual that our heart is corrupt. When the tongue is full of a number in full of slandering, Riba backbiting cursing a Latin schatten reviling it's only a reflection of the heart of the individual. So does a person has to spend their life

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Trying to polish to purify the heart. But for some individuals that we find kettlebell Ronna khudobin Can we oxy bone on some individual find Ron as early about deviceid have described based upon the Hadith and Sunnah invented MIDI. Every time a person commits a sin, a rust a blackening comes upon the heart of the individual, be American we oxymoron because of the sins that they've earned the actions that carry out to the eventual loss of the heart of the individual. And no guidance penetrates into that individual manager and alone Iran, Albania v jiofi. A loss apparently has not placed two hearts in the chest of the human being. This is an idea that we find the

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beginning of the 33rd Chapter The Quran, which is a sight point, you find numerous areas inside they're talking about, indirectly the state of the heart, the hypocrites of a man of Cofer of a man of devotion, or perseverance. These are all ideas that we find is that in general, the theme is unsuited, then you find the fine role model to find who is the one who refined himself in all ways, is none other than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala rasulillah he was certain Hasina imechanica De La Hoya Yeoman was a court of law Kathy raw for you to emulate him inside your life is the best role model is the best emulation to seek the life in the way of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, how

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he spent these odd 2030 odd years are trying to purify his society that 1000s of years later that we find 1400 years data that we find his effect sustained day, he sadhana is still there. And once again, it's at the beginning of so delighted that we find and maybe you all have been meaning I mean, unfussy him, the prophet Alayhi Salam is more closer to the believers than their own selves. This is the code word example. We live inside our lives, that some of us we shy away from falling his life. He was the best individual when our Sonata ihlara maternidad. I mean, we don't send you except for mercy to mankind. Whatever he commanded us to do, whatever he encouraged us to do inside

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our lives. Whatever he told us to abstain from to stay away from is nothing but revelation from Allah soprano Diana, 1 million dequan. In our in who are in law, who knew her whatever he speaks is nothing but divine intervention is revelation from US and Canada. And whenever you make something Helen is not from his own whims and desires, while I may have him and I heard it oma when he makes her arm upon this Muslim Ummah, is not from his own whims and desires. It's all revelation from Allah Subhana Allah, because the mind and the life of the human being is restricted. Only Allah Subhana Allah knows what is good for the human being, but will make the individual to become

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linguistically an ideal individual, a peaceful individual. People are searching for peace, for tranquility, they fail to understand that the Quran delivers the message of peace and tranquility gives that contentment as the karate mentions, those people who believe and they have become content with a decree of of law, and be the creator he put my envelope indeed a thinker of Allah, do hearts find peace and tranquility, and lots of parallel placed inside this hot, one will overcome the other, either a man or prefer either so to rock man, also to shape on other the voice of Allah Subhana Allah and the opposite of that is going to be the voice of the devil. The overcoming of the

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devil, take the individual away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah that you find there is only his below his bush a party person needs to decide which party they belong to, which actually they want to follow inside their life. They cannot keep as they say the legs inside both boats try to enjoy elements of this dunya a Muslim needs to sacrifice what they claim to be enjoyments of this dunya for higher spiritual level for a level of devotion commitment towards a loss of panagia Anna malphur ratafia maharatna Phil kitabi min che we have not left anything unexplained inside this book. Because sometimes some modern day Muslims begin to think the Quran doesn't discuss the problems that

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we face on a daily basis. The Quran is not left out. any obstacle that we face except for discusses it. Likewise, the Quran mentions tibia and unluckily Shea, this is a cure, a medicine an explanation of every single thing. Whatever inside our lives, in general, which is harmful out there or beneficial has been discussed in South Dakota and either directly or indirectly you could begin to explain of those things that we need to adapt inside of life are those things that we need to stay away from inside our lives, so that we find that these people begin to mention that this is this life is food nourishment for the soul. Then what we're going to discuss is nourishment for the soul

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For the sole, this that we find is false. Because lmft skier mentioned that there may be some partial element of truth about what is Food for the Soul. We find Allinson has been made from two elements from a team, from the clay that we find the mud that we find, and you find the soul, the spiritual soul of the individual. When a person turns to what they claim to be Food for the Soul, it is only the beastly nature of this earth does when a person listens to the sounds, even animals, they begin to respond. They think it's nourishment for the soul, the real nourishment for the soul. It is spirituality is a word of Allah Subhana Allah, these words, drive a person away, drift a

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person away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah, that's a bootleg minimal dimension and this voice This sound is begins to create sprouts hypocrisy inside the heart of the individual, just like water begins to make plants to begin to help them to grow by the permission of Allah spandana that is so so to shape on the voice of shape on his sprouts hypocrisy inside the heart, the individual head that if I even put on it praises talks about assura it talks about them it begins to firstly defame them, these sharara these posts that we find why gnomeo coluna Mela alone in general, people begin to full of excessive praise of poetry. And these lines of prose that we find, in general they make

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this excessive praise. One no mucuna Malaga. No, they say that which you don't carry out inside their lives. That's why it's been blamed in general everyone poetry has been blamed. For this people go beyond the excessive limits, that poetry which is allowed is one which is praiseworthy. That's right meaning that even the prophet Elijah he rebuked people around him who began to give excessive praise. Or say you a messenger who knows what's going to take place tomorrow. He rebuked them, he rebuked the people around and teach them a lesson do not go beyond the limitations, like or define him, as Matt mentioned, about this sort of Shakedown that we find it sprouts hypocrisy in the heart

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as well. It is a people of fiscal well for sure, because this leads to mausi leads to disobedience leads to rebellion, leads to disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah, lewdness and disobedience inside the society. Likewise, don't be surprised that even leads to warfare. We just take your place by the use of the salt of shape on that we find even non Muslims have concluded that by the use of the voice of the devil, okay to discuss what is the voice of the devil, it corrupts the mental capacity of an individual, there are various avenues for a person to be receptive inside their life of Canada has created various faculties for a person to use inside their life. Allah has given the ability of

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a sum of hearing of a buzzer of seeing of hearing feelings inside the hearts a lot harder will ask us all about these faculties. For them I've mentioned previously we just have a medically has been proven today, that channel of sounds which enter into the hearing capacity the human being, it goes quickly into the heart of the individual, the site has a different effect, because they've been close their eyes and visualize that they cannot dream anything is the either shot. But the to medical has been proven that the right ear picks out the sound the melodious tone of the individual who may be using their voice. The left a picks up the rhythms of whatever music may be playing.

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Together they enter into the brain and together to enter into the heart the individual does you find that a lot of counter enter before it is inside the Quran talks about the controlling of one's faculties and specifically controlling of one's hearing what a person hears because it goes directly into the heart, the chest of the individual and begins to corrupt the individual. And as we find that soul to shape on I'm sure most of you understand now. So to shape it is nothing but music and singing. That is the voice of a shape on that we find and we want to go back and look at classical sources of the Quran and the Sunnah because many times Muslims begin to try to find excuses. As we

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began with the Quran and Sunnah does not discuss this topic doesn't go into detail about this topic. People want to look at the modern world where people around them are doing go back to the sources of Quran and the Sunnah. Why not assume that you find it works at the FRC that we find that works of Imam tombery imagery recovery that we find jam urine will occur and what we do how do we find it generally famous on the hero's journey will be an explanation of verses of the Quran, which every single move of sin had Yamuna had every single Mufasa assessor who and your jailer that have serum tabari Cuddy's collection is a profound collection of all realm of diversity to this day. We'll go

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back to his work. How does he explain certain areas inside the Quran like

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For him to be the famous Spanish scholar that we find highlights about certain ideas inside the Quran which talk about music and singing. And even in modern day time that you find Imam Al Lucy, so many famous woofers said another Spanish scholar that we find begins to make compilation verses inside the Quran, proving how music and singing has been described inside the Quran is a corruption of the heart of the individual. And this shows amiya of alumina tafsir. alumina, they put his understanding is science is the Quran, and understanding the verses of the Quran. Going back to classical works of tifosi going back to companions, now more than the individuals who make their own

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explanation, this verse means this, this verse means this, the Quran should be understood in this manner. This Quran is describe everything, which is going to be beneficial for the individual, and that which is going to be harmful for the individual, three general verses in the kuranda, we find some rhythm I've collected a fourth verse, which proved the prohibition of music and singing from the Koran, these three verses are looking from certain a surah. And likewise that we find from Surah Allah command that we find, and likewise the suta najem towards the end and likewise suited for corn. We're going to look at these four IR broadly in detail how I've described these verses of

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Quran and the nature the impact of these verses, the first verse that we find, talking quite clearly about so to shape on the voice of a shape and we find some sort of a surah the 17th chapter of the Quran Allah what is also known as surah berry Israel. What steps is Minnesota Domino Bissau ticker watch labelling behind Liga virginica, a company

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wide home to shape on in the hora insight these individuals, whoever you can from amongst these individuals basaltic by the use of your voice, and muster them up via your cavalry, your troops, the army that you have to take these individuals will surely confirm and rarely will become a partner inside their wealth inside their children and give them false promises. And shaitan give nothing less but false promises to people. Before we enter this verse that we find with Shahrukh Khan family will enter into them amongst a wealth and their children. Look at the entries of shaytaan shaitan entries from every single angle that we find, as mentioned inside so that are off that will come

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from the right, they will come from the left, he'll come from the front he'll come from behind them. He'll come from every single angle to attack the individual. And most people you don't find do to be grateful towards Allah Subhana Allah, He will come in your children. What does it mean inside your children? The Prophet alayhi salatu salam described every single thing, every single thing he described, what we find, matrimonial relationships does when a person enters upon this spouse, he begins in the name of Allah and Allah and he prays to Allah, Allah Aloma gently misshapen will generally be shaped on a maraca. Donna will not prevent us prevent the shape of of entering from

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amongst us and keep shape on away aloof from whatever you bestow upon us does you find that sometimes to children, their behavior that we find is most to shape on is a touching of shape on because some people don't know that even to become intimate with one's partner, one's wife that we find they are etiquettes that we find have been placed in the appropriate arrays have described to us that a person needs to carry out inside their life to protect themselves from the attacks of the shaitaan while returning back to be so thick, going back by the use of his voice, he will use his voice to derail people away from the path of a loss of Hannah Diana.

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Like about Mujahid the famous student of ebony Arbus, Emmanuel JD read the Quran. I

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read every single verse, verse by verse in about three times, three times he read it, not every cycle. I explanation of every single verse, we have been our best, even our best has been described as torture manual or on the one who is the most knowledgeable of the Quran. As the population prayed for him. A lot of people for the wireless router will give him a deed and give him that will that will be monitored serial Quran. This is a bonobos image. I read the Quran f verse by verse three times to him, Mr. mu j. What the heck, they both mentioned this besotted, the use of your voice is nothing less. But using music, and singing any type of letter of law, Allah who music or amusements

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that we find frivolous play that we find is all the work for the handiwork in the shade time to direct people away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah azia explaining this verse as well. He's been classified as Toby will call, who's been classified as the doctor of the heart to purify the hearts of mankind, everything which invites to sin, and disobedience of a loss panda Allah is the voice of Satan. And the top peak point of disobedience is nothing but music and singing that derails the person away from the path of a loss of panel data.

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shaytaan has been using his method for centuries of music and singing and clapping that we've had to take people away from the path of a lot

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longer than the word music in the English language goes back to Muse the Greek words are the Greek gods of inspiring inspirational arts and practices inside their society is the return of music that we find. Well I found that we find the Quran describes the people of Qureshi the people before when Martina Salatu main debate in the mocha and autosteer they sauna, their prayers outside the caliber outside the house of a lot of nothing but whistling and clapping. This is Ybarra on music and singing that we find this is what their practice works for the people of Jackie Leah. This is the seller. This is the practice what if I even in Christianity, great debate takes place amongst

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Orthodox Christians. How did music and singing enter into Christianity is Alicia never practiced that he never encourage people today is become a way of life for them is for them is spiritualities we began with music and singing. Now LogMeIn and a bear don't have to worry about that in the home, it becomes worship for these individuals of singing and dancing and chanting the names of a lot Kinder Anna. And we should be warned about this, because we can see this creeping into our Muslim environment as well, that people are beginning to think that music and singing and chanting is a way of Tocopilla bar is a form of coming close to a loss of hamdallah is a form of a better spiritual

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songs as they begin to call it or alleviation if it contains music, there is no guarantee that no difference of opinion about it is nothing but a deception of the devil derailing these individuals at the time of the prophet Elijah that some that we find looking towards the end of the year to sort of Najam, the 53rd chapter of the Quran that we find, once again this surah if you go back to look at the series sorted by the impact of the surah, they find that the end of the sooner that you find sort of najem the star, the 53rd chapter, the Quran, whoever was there and heard these earlier, they all went down into sangstha. This is more interested in the Quran. This shows ammirato Quran you

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know a lot of these Arab individuals at a moment in time, if a person literally some of that realm of theater written a person can read and recite 10,000 lines of poetry mirliton wahida

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person can recite 10,000 lines of poetry. woman can know how they run whoever was standing in with a memorize all of those 10,000 lines of poetry mcgrattan widened person besides that once whoever was there, these Arabs had the eloquence or skill, the ability to be able to memorize those verses those words. That's when the Quran came. It began to mesmerize their mind, mesmerised their hearts, because they knew that this is this is not poetry. This is not poetry. Women will be calling the shots. He's not a poet. The Prophet is not a poet. He's not known to stand in utter lines of poetry, or sit down and write lines of poetry is not known for that. This is beyond he's an ami. He is

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illiterate. His industry in terms of reading and writing will he know he is the most literate individual step in the face of this earth. But no gotten linguistically. He never knew how to read and write. So it was beyond their comprehension. How can this individual come with such words that you find it courageous to listen to the Quran? And he should repeat one another when he used to come and listen to recite the Quran? FME da da da da da da da boo. What Hakuna Matata cone. One Two stamey Dune for students. Boo. I mean, how detachable Do you marvel at the speed just like today some of us we can extract is we just marvel at the Quran? The Quran doesn't have any impact inside

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our lives, you will find that certain individuals veto Quran doesn't go beyond their throats. What does it mean? Does it go beyond the throat now used to be Kunal Quran, they don't implement no Quran inside their lives. Mmm. Julian mentioned the rights of the book of a loss of Paradise one of his bestseller one of his works. People have Quran over and a people implement the Quran into their lives. Obviously, there's a beautification project so I'm encouraged man limiters and double Quran for a seminary student. Whoever doesn't try to beautify the recycle Quran has got nothing to do with us. But you just put upon this, to think that's all that the Quran is, is a recital of I mean her

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that had et tangible what that Hakuna wallethub code all that you do, you just laugh at it, you marvel at it, when you Don't weep. The real meaning of the Quran is the person who raises the hair of the arms and individually rips open the heart and the mind of the individual. That's what the Quran does. That's the impact of the Quran makes him to begin to reflect upon their life. Whether I'm sticking to a woman, am I staying away from unknown? Am I sticking to the commandments of pandadoc? Am I staying away from the prohibitions? And as you find that when I was asked about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam about these characteristics about Israel.

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havior had it in such a boo boo Korea we find 10 of Hulu Al Quran, he's characteristics were enough, nothing less but the Quran, that was the Prophet alayhi salatu salam wa artificiality, that you find that when he would walk past and he had music and singing, He replaces his, his fingers inside his ears not too far that none of that would contaminate him, or Mr. Siraj mentioned on two occasions that he had, if you can use this word, linguistically, that he had some form of inclination or temptation to see what the Quraysh were doing, to see the kneecap to see they're waiting to see this celebration to go and visualize it. But Allah Subhana Allah, because he protects his MBA, he

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protects his messages. He doesn't want them to see this doesn't want them to visualize certain things. He doesn't want them to hear certain things. And like our society that we think that today that a person has to see Moncure has to be involved in monka, but has to be part of that Mukunda Kenda us to insert a tahara the essence of a human being is to purify themselves. To be a chest person to be a good person inside. There's a goodness, the right stance of a human being a person who guards their chastity lower their gaze, guards, their private parts, speaks well, how the astral Bashar that's a real human being. This what society teaches once again, the real human being is one

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who does these Mohamed is part of their life or into the Ultraman filled with the Luke and Sabina you follow most of the people around UNICEF, they will derail your way from the path of a lots of panel data, one to semi don't put a knock if in the climate semi doing that you are busy quantum semitone a semi do fellow little Germania in the Yemen Yemeni dialect that we find a Sami dude, his music and singing, because remember that pure Arabic language goes to Apple Yemen goes to the dialect of Yemen. And they've described a semi dude is nothing but music and singing according to linguistic meaning that we find even after he mentioned that the mushy raccoon had a habit of

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singing and playing noisily whenever they heard the Quran is what we find is some mood that we find is the singing and chanting that you find these people used to carry out at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam then we find that this samidoun also been described as being token folder speech, but all of these are same meanings that we find. The main bulk of speech to Alexandria describes inside Surah lokman that we find the 31st chapter Quran verse number six wamena nassima karela Well, howdy, Leo, Delia and Sabina. There are some people who are going to purchase vade Volga either speech to derail people away from the path of a lot of behavioral

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economics, marine and they take it as just a play a mockery for these individually being either chastised by these individuals why they're totally on a tuna. Look at the Quran describes why the toddler and a tuna when is recited upon the individual, one Mustafa Kabira person turns away in a state of arrogance of pride. Can he walk as if he's as have been become deaf have become seen. Person A lovely young

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person turns away from the Quran doesn't want to listen to the Quran. There's a fine contentment with the Quran for that individual find that mountain lead and likewise we've been people of the Quran purpose and you love the Quran. Love the Quran that we find because you be worried about their lives about the Quran because the person who learns the Quran doesn't implement a look into it he only saw women around will happen to that individual punishment for a person who sleeps on the verses of a law doesn't implement the verse if there's a practice them inside their life that we find love will Hadith even Massoud mentioned you can renew her Salah son

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month food to feed every mom so you see that we find like what am I losing is ruined my Ernie mentioned. He says Allah will Hadith who in nama who will Athena

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Eben was rude Abdullah was rude. Who is a companion companion mixed up seed Allah will Heidi who will Athena Will you tell us and he repeats it three times. That is network ID is nothing but music. I like what you find even as mentioned who Alina wha hoo what is music and whatever is linked to music, ie singing an insert whatever goal that is what are best described. This is the meaning of Black will Hades Allah Zina Walla, Walla Walla, this is the speech Volker speech that we find that a person could get involved in. And as we find earlimart extracted three lessons from this verse that we find, firstly, singing and listening to songs is that one Hadith, the purchase of musical

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instruments that we find whatever forms of musical instruments there may be, it all comes underneath this verse, And likewise, the purchasing of male and female singers, whereby some Muslims like to pretend and say this

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sakalava this is culture. This is art. This is fun. This is a skill This is ability. This goes back to Jay Hillier, because it received this ayah mmct mentioned that a person by the name of another, even Harris, or not even Harris, he wants you to be a person who takes people away from the path of loss panda Allah. So what did he do? He hired out singing girls. He hired them out. And he said to them, sing for them dance for them play music for their poor wine for them. I'd say to them, this is better for you either. Hi, Maria druker Ella, he Mohammed Mina Salah to say what's what sia is better for you? For you, if you then going out to pray and to foster to do all these actions. The

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modern world today What is it? That drunkenness of music that we find to do raise people away that a massive Muslim you find both incited lewdness, promiscuity. This is classical diversity, hiring of singing girls to sing and to dance and to pour wine so people leave so to answer the law to take people away from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as you find likewise today in the Medina, you're a Buddha and the Shi alpha Asia to fill that in, among others llamada boon element dunya will era person may have their own mistakes, but a person who loves to spread voice in morality lumada element a new era for these people be severe punishment inside this dunya likewise, inside the era,

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and this lesson goes out to Muslims, a kind of weapon for the ear that we find the satellite station that we find all types of Mohamad, of music playing and singing and dancing that we find whoever established this

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will have paid for it. Whoever finances it, fairly similar Jimmy

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Jimmy arenas, every single person who comes I guess enticed with his corruption. I personally corruption is a personal corruption. Person sins is their own sin. But a person comes out in such society and begins to encourage promiscuity. Lewin is wickedness Maha Brahma for that person would be severe punishment inside his dunya. And likewise, these are the era that we find that a person should not fall into the trap as you mentioned at some Muslims, who begin to disguise that music is something permissible it's something spiritually even though it's early murder, they begin to disguise or hide behind whether it be an axiom Abrahamic because earlier I mean as a much more heavy

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that we find, even study the works of explanation in great detail. They don't referring to what exists today amongst us, even though they were they went away from the path. They were misguided in this view, there is no as earlier mentioned fukase mentioned there is no dealer fee musika were rocks, there is no difference of opinion. Don't let people create that image, difference of opinion remains and is allowed in things whereby there is scope of each jihad. There is no each jihad in something which is haram in this manner described in the Quran open the blessing tongue of the prophets, a lot of sudden whereby mentioned lacuna Domino Mati akuamma yesterday Luna Hara will

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hurry while camera well Maharaja How do you feel Buhari? They'll come from my alma yesterday loon yesterday Lumi mana yet Luna and you had a little shake. They want to try to make something hand on the head it is a refutation itself for those people who tried to legalize music yesterday loan the word mentor they tried to legalize it be Manaslu unknown Hara yesterday Luna Hara they tried to legalize sexual relationships. Adultery fornication, girlfriend's boyfriend's tried to justify inside society, while harira lips will hurry live vigil wearing of silk for men harem.

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Allah had you done your Haram. haram for man to a silk on this dunya haram for man to a gold inside the dunya whoever wears gold wear silk inside his dunya done when we made her arm inside the Euro will be forbidden inside the earth here to be a gold and to a silk in South Africa for man and I qualify and then while some of you will know to intoxicants alcholic Hara Walmart as if they try to legalize musical instruments

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from my alma from this Muslim mama this blessing oma there will be people who try to come to try to legalize it. Look at the corruption of the hearts of some individuals. They say music is linked with these things it becomes Haram. Just know what the Hadith is saying that the Hadith is an evidence that most times music is linked with adultery with fornication with alcohol. That's what happens most times, it leads on to other things that really matter. Mm hmm. And for the living area dimensions, Alina cobla Xena music and singing comes before Xena it leads on the climax and leads on televisi person falls into that is what emammal for the library had mentioned about music and Xena

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

the link between these all around things. That person stays away from it feel to be memorable for that and we'll know more about it.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

The hearts the sickness, they try to justify kobato whom may Allah guide him not to say that he's had eaten Buhari feet at least women and another Imam Bukhari desert never had it clearly from his Messiah from his carbon daddy mama de hubby refuted his view that all that had been said Buhari, us, sorry, are all authentic if you didn't mention your name to be teachers he's mentioned in another location. This in essence is corruption inside their hearts. Sickness inside their hearts. They tried to make up and try to take away Hades inside Buhari tried to legalize something which is Hara, made her on by the prophet alayhi salatu salam likewise you find your Shabbat Natsumi no matter

00:35:39--> 00:35:49

where they are come from my own my people got to drink alcohol use a Muna the ladies me her begin to give it a new name. Belay alikum spiritual drinks.

00:35:50--> 00:36:02

Muslim women wearing Hijab and holding bottles of champagne and not champagne but imitating liquor imitating her arm and saying we're having a good life. The Lucha aliko

00:36:03--> 00:36:10

will no fear no shame over lots of metadata. Waterman can scare a person unless he or she will hammer.

00:36:11--> 00:36:22

Now, me personally, drink has some form of bar fukase mentioned a person may be drinking alcohol with their friend and gives a drink to their friends. What did he say to his family?

00:36:25--> 00:36:55

Maybe that person may stop drinking. That's what it is is not encouraging one another but he's alone inside that society that people think that is a part of enjoyment. This is a part of having a good life that we have what's known as buddy Yeah, you will. There is no buddy. There is no substitute for something which is haram haram relationships you can't say there's a substitute for music you can't say to substitute. You can't say to the substitute many these and I see that we find even now Sophia.

00:36:56--> 00:37:35

Sophia, have you read their works for mother Junaid and buzz daddy talking about music had double hammers and you mentioned it Samira is listening to this a while it is music and modern music we find it like this that time. God knew how long run to Allah they refuted it. They refused to say that this is not the way of a Muslim seeking spirituality but it's become the deception of the devil around other people begin to say thing that is the norm of the people around us. Then you find yourself to be ladies mirror yourself for that Lucien will merge if one mahonia on the top of their heads. There will be music which is playing and the female singers singing to them chanting to them,

00:37:35--> 00:37:42

more than a realm of hanifa mentioned that upon their heads will be music will be playing is none other than the headphones.

00:37:43--> 00:38:18

Long that's for people listening to this music, penetrating infiltrating corrupting their hearts. While Mohan Nicola we find the videos and everything that goes through his music and nothing but filth and corruption that goes with it that derails a person away from a loss apparently either. Yes, it will be him when we make the earth to drown to take these individuals into the earth. What are the other minimal Pirata well, Hannah z maintains us individually become like pigs and swains to these individuals. popoola Cody harden was the Fulani wonderboom when he defeated muslimeen of a stokfella we know a lot for Rahim

00:38:30--> 00:38:56

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was a demand and a beginner Mohammed Florida and he was a big woman tomasa to be submitted to meeting a man amongst the other a part of the soul Salalah llamada de la collected to show about the prohibition of music that we find in various wordings that we find in Lahore Rama Rama Rama tea is forbidden upon me upon this Omar, Uber alcova Cooper,

00:38:57--> 00:39:34

Sofia and carpool de la v SR Narita mal Koba what is an Uber color purple is a playing of the drum that we find this is what Uber is, we know the playing of the drum that does that we find is only for women is something which is specific to women or Warfield certain elements, it is allowed for person to carry out these actions. And likewise a side point which is highlighted at some people tried to make instead learn they'll had a surgery attain the heydays of the two slave girls that I had they were singing some mild songs that they were singing and appropriately some he turned away, never paid any attention to them. Our backer came into the house and said What is this the voices

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

shaper this evening is taking place inside the house and he said leave them alone. The only young girls enjoying yourself on the day of aid. So singing is is is for women. Even when I've had even mentioned the progress of he turned away. He turned away nothing is something that did not interest him lifted. For the women focus or for them to play the duck to celebrate. I knew nicaea announced a new character play that for them is something something traits of women for them to do this

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

practices, this enjoyment has been placed for them. And then the Hadees continues that she watched the tribe of the people who have been shot performing the acts of God found in his spear throwing, etc, that we find and she wanted to visualize that she rested her cheek on the cheek of the shoulder the progression she visualized that and he asked Have you had enough you said that is sufficient. And in other words, they find later he mentioned the only reason I've done this that the women who fall inside could know that I rested my blessing, my my cheek on the cheek of the population that they can begin to feel some form of respect towards me will be alleviation for her to the respect

00:40:34--> 00:41:03

they would give to each other that we find. The main thrust of the Hadees that we find is the use of Ababa the use of the duck that we find is something specific to the women faculties Muslim Mama. Likewise when the kidney condition is the the attribute that we find the flute or any forms that we find, in the Hadith, Mr. Mr. Graham Hakeem that we find, well, I can in no hurry to unsalted in the rain, I've been prohibited from two sounds, the sounds of donkeys,

00:41:04--> 00:41:42

wicked rebellious, imbecile sounds a bit forbidden of them. The first time that we find is the sound of play and amusement and singing that we find that person begins to do this excessive singing. And likewise the flute of the shape on the flute of the shaytaan and as early Baptist have extracted every form of wind instrument, stringed instruments, percussion instruments, a combination a God today the piano, whatever it may be, all these combined together is something which is all wrong. Like when people try to justify the various forms of music of classical music and this type of music, all music is haram. Because we find that whatever is haram in small amounts is forbidden

00:41:42--> 00:42:00

inside bigger amounts. Even such a hammer that we find a sub benefit the Quran acknowledges it. Yes, aluna can humbly will mention olfi Hema infom Kabir woman after earliness say there is a benefit inside it for people, but they they sin, what if movement,

00:42:02--> 00:42:41

but they seem far outweighed outweighs the benefit you may try to extract from alcohol and gambling. So the harms of music are much more severe, that people may don't feel to understand as you mentioned, you can go and make studies that non Muslim made the impact of music that we find especially the modern day music that we find impacts on people's lives, of hallucinating their lives, taking control of their lives, leads him towards remaining towards promiscuity, lewdness, wickedness, bad conduct, bad behavior, disobedience towards parents towards society that we find. No Ireland, no scholar would may have to listen to these words to see transcripted word will say this

00:42:41--> 00:43:01

is something which is permissible. This is some form of spirituality with the masses of the youth. At least you're indoctrinated in, and following this as a part of their life. As you mentioned, there's no difference of opinion. Remember, hanifa Rahmatullah Allah said that leave the testimony of such an individual if and reject his testimony. Mr. Malik was when asked about such individuals, he said in the media for a new internet and facade,

00:43:02--> 00:43:41

people seeing and music, they are a facade they are wicked rebellious individuals. Likewise, mmm as you mentioned, said those people who suck, they're hypocrites. They're rebellious individuals. mm chef. He mentioned that he's people like in competent food entertaining, individuals reject their testimony. If you are incompetent, they're not good individually not complete individuals reject the testimony of these individuals. We mentioned that the corruption inside these words, it will Josie in his works tell bees he believes deception the devil he wrote centuries ago he mentioned that singing is a temptation for the soul, whereas fornication is the biggest pleasure of the body. As

00:43:41--> 00:44:25

you mentioned, the mammal for lady mentioned Alina kubla, Xena, does you find that it is some element entity of the soul that it creates a greater temptation of the body of leading an individual towards a sinner? This is not a way of a bad rap man. The song man the voice of a lot bandanna the words of Allah Subhana Allah is what the servants of Allah they search for wherever the rough man and lady named una de hona why the hotel Mujahideen Apollo Salah, the ones when a bullet is vulgar made speeches for the IRA continues we're talking about the father bedrock man. This is the fourth verse when Latina la luna Zhu y de Marbella Maru kerama when levena La Jolla Zoo don't pay witness

00:44:25--> 00:45:00

to false testimony once again you have described that false testimony when man you have zoo is music and singing or whatever is linked to it stays away from it. person wants to follow soccer a man wants to follow the Quran inside the life as we mentioned, that should be the way of the individual and a deep study will lead historically as well. A deep impact between the relationship between music and the life in the history of nations direct proportionality between the decline of a nation and the prevalence of lewd art and music in the society go and study any society when you find that a society begins to follow

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

What a claim is an art.

00:45:02--> 00:45:44

A claim is a skill, new drawings, etc find music they claim this is an art, at least down for those individuals that we find that even the so called founder of the Russian states that we find learning you mentioned, one quick way to destroy a society is through its music. A quick way to control society and destroy people is through his music. And as defined, famous poet. He mentioned the lines of poetry. Let me tell you about the fate of nations. It starts with the swords and the spears and their musical instruments in the hands of the people when the nation is on its decline. So we may come to the beginning, which phase and swords but look at the decline of even Muslim empires. Look

00:45:44--> 00:46:20

at the Spanish Empire, the Spanish Empire, which was under Muslim rule for 800 years, go read historically, what was in the hands of the rulers The Emperor's at a time what was in their hands, was a weapons initiative they entered in was in their hands, what would it debate about read historically, I don't want to name places and countries and cities and places read in great detail you find the Emperor's people who are OMara, people, leaders, people, kings in their positions, were debating inside the courts about who is the best female singer who sings the best. Who plays the Best Musical Instruments? Yeah.

00:46:22--> 00:46:58

It's all based upon this is all based upon these type of discussions to think that this is glory. This is development for his Muslim or this comes amongst the masses and the people who govern us they become the downfall for this Muslim Ummah, of these Muslim or Muslim because duly mentioned it comes back rises once again. This Muslim Ummah will never be destroyed its totality, but as Muslim Ummah will collapse segments will collapse on this Muslim ummah. And what will bring it back once again, apologies that Philistine suffered and again on what were they boasting about a few years ago, boasting because one of the young individuals he won the song contest for is this to boast

00:46:58--> 00:47:08

about able to Allina? What's that to boast about that he won a song contest Do you think this would deliver us from Philistine you think today people singing about philistin while Iraq was

00:47:09--> 00:47:47

wonderful and he started singing about it talking about it, you think this is going to alleviate our people, this can take away the suffering. This is just a deception of the devil that some peace returned back to Al Quran returned back to so to Rama returned back to the Quran. And a person will find that tranquility and find the success of this Muslim Omar once again that we find and as we find either can or have been a bit more even be possible. If the father of the house is busy playing the drum is busy discussing music encouraging music for tolomeo Allah Allah rocks, don't blame your children if they become dancers tomorrow society don't blame them. If that becomes our that becomes

00:47:47--> 00:48:26

alive, that becomes a profession that becomes what we aspire for what average individuals to be. They don't complain about tomorrow's society. And Muslim society a Muslim has high aspirations that we find the control of the messages via the music, the industry the videos will be able to control the message to begin to defend them to make them become dumb and they have a higher aspiration control over the masses. We shouldn't fall prey to that. A Muslim is from amongst belay, where the topic of a look amongst the elite people that's why Muslim is elite inside their life by the permission of Allah and that becomes over the masses of people. That's what this Muslim owner should

00:48:26--> 00:48:27

be going to hire.

00:48:28--> 00:48:30

A nurse tomorrow to be

00:48:31--> 00:48:52

your best Omar ever raised up What is the secret to this best Muslim Omar? You order good and you forbid the evil just gives privilege to this Muslim mama we have lost contact us on the topic and ability to practice his words to the best ability to stay away from this filter this corruption Melba Amina mama butter whoever is a parent whatever is hidden in the law Malaika to soluna Nellie

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Mama allama scileanna Mohammed Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed Obama Bernie cada Muhammad Muhammad

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Ibrahim Ibrahim Anika hamidah Majeed from Burkina Faso India Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina

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one in the DNS acuna v man

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from dynaco Rahim para la no sobre la casa de menos una comida carefully from Canada to the palooka Nevada de tener una mirada dome kurama in the cantilever herb, Roberta hublin, ominous word. You know the retainer for Ratan Tata in an email from Ghana, Dr. Belman nine Dr. Samuel Halim patoka Elena indicando Rahim supernova because

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the phone was Salah mo Selena and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen homoerotic Omaha mucho mucho