Coronavirus COVID-19: Hope, Not Despair

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Three hadith of the Prophet (S) give us the clear understanding that we need to be hopeful, not despairing in these difficult times.

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In the

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Julian fusina,

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Dr. Medina De La

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Jolla, Chateau de la ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was happy.

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All the locals are left with unzila disease burden

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on the regime. Yeah, even the the the urban de la Hakata party here in Los Angeles de mon bahala un arena, De La Hoya pulu. colon's de de Luciana Kumar welcome. Well

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first of all and alima

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Aloma in Nairobi come in and barasti while Tony was with me on the scene as Aloma in Naruto Vika means the world in the magic, what the How will your physic or future at the pneumatic watch me resulting although we ask your protection from disease, we asked your protection your Allah from disease that is outward and inward. We asked a lot for your protection from evil befalling us all we asked for protection from losing your blessings. We asked for protection from losing your grace. We asked for protection from being suddenly in a in an adverse situation. We ask a lawyer protection from all of your rat, I mean your anatomy. In these difficult times, brothers and sisters, we should

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be connecting with Allah, Allah through the Dora's heartfelt, meaningful, we should be

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reconnecting, if you've lost connection with our Lord,

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and making even stronger connection, if you already have a connection with our master, in these difficult times, there is the, the the sustenance, drop is the fuel that will carry us in shallow data. I want to mention three, a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and I'll tie them all together by the end of the whole talk. These three Hadees give us inshallah Dada some understanding of how to understand what is around us what's happening around us, and the mindset we need to be able to make sense of it, and to proceed forward. The first Hadith of the Prophet Psalm is in our mother in the fighting the man the Colibri in Manoa, a very famous Hadith that many of you might

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already know. Indeed all actions are judged based on intentions. The reward of an action is based upon the intention of the door or is judged by the intention of the person who's doing the action. Second Hadith is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam saying, either medela lava do osafo

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is Mr. Mario galarraga do our Sephora Khattab Allahu Allahu Mina de Maka mithila makani Armando

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mccrimmon Saha Okamoto Rasulullah saw saga, when a person is sick, a believing person is sick, or they are traveling, meaning they cannot do the things that they were able to do. as regular as per their habit. A last part Allah continues to write their reward as they were doing it habitually healthy and at home in the same exact manner. The third honey from the Muslim is when a man came to the prophet and asked him about trusting a lot, the work of Allah, the Prophet Solomon was asked this question by the Sahabi. And he said, should I tie my camel or should I trust Allah. In this mind, it was either one of two choices I tie it. And that means I'm not trusting a lot where I leave

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it and leave it in the hands of a lot and it'll be fine. The profit is lots of sommerset air clean water,

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tie your camel and then put your trust in over.

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This is what the workqueue for us is brothers and sisters. Let me start with the first Hadith.

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The Hadith about intention, the Hadith about how our actions the reward of it is determined by our intention, not necessarily carrying out the action in its entirety.

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In these times right now, as you have noticed around the city and other cities Juma has been canceled in many places. The people who generally come to the masjid are advised to stay away from the Muslim people who come to the method for put on classes for school for just attending the jamara prayer. A lot of these activities will start to shrink or be completely canceled. It's already

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happened and will continue to happen in the near future.

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But the thing is that should not make us sad, that should not make us lose hope. That should not

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create a sense of panic in us. what it should do is, it should assure us that our Azure is with Allah, Allah. And it remains intact. Because our intention is to please Allah. Our intention is to do the acts of worship, as Allah, Allah wants us to do it. If something prevents us from doing those actions,

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the intent will get us the reward in Nevada.

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And more specifically, if there is a disease, not just personal, but now there is a pandemic that's community wide, even though 100 law law has kept us safe here in our community here. But this is

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a matter that could change very fast 100 Allah for Allah blessings for good health, but we take our precautions, if there is now this pandemic that is preventing us from carrying out our habitual acts of worship, carry out the things that we are used to be doing. We should not be disappointed. We should not be saddened because the prophets or someone has told us our reward is intact. mithila Mark and I are Malibu movie man. So he liked it was when everything was healthy, and everything was normal.

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In other words, the counter of our good deeds is continuing to run. Even if our good deeds have been stopped by precautionary measures, our reward continues to grow. As long as we had the habit of doing that good deed, as long as we had the habit of coming to the mosque. As long as we had the habit of bringing our kids our lifestyle was our we bring our kids to them as they become ourselves to the mosque. As long as that was the case before this pandemic. And now we stop. Our Azure does not stop. Or Azure continues to grow with a loss of data, because that's what our problem tells us. And that should give us hope. That should give us optimism. That should give us the understanding

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that if we are doing something to prevent harm, that is not stopping our good deeds.

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Preventing harm is wisdom. taking precautions is wisdom. Doing that should not make us think that I'm losing out on something because we're not the prophets on has told us that in the law, you Leo ajilon mercy like Allah says Allah will not waste the reward of those who do good.

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He says also in nama for sadhana as long as that Allah will give the reward to the patient, without any count. We are patient in this face this calamity, we take our precautions and allies are going to reward us for that patience.

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And whatever we used to do habitually, that continues to be written for us. We should be certain of that 100%

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our deed is a deed of optimism brothers and sisters are not taught to be

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sad or remain perpetually sad. This it's an emotion we get sad, we get happy. But in all times, the Sunnah of the prophet is to be optimistic, awesome. His way is to look at the bright side, he would say either poverty opium or that communism. VAD aha deikun vasila by this totara urisa firle urisa

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if you are standing and about to start in front of you is the day of judgment and you have a seedling in your hand. If you're able to plant the seedling planted,

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there is no fruit that can ever grow from that tree because the Day of Judgment is starting in front of your eyes. That tree will not grow in any way shape or form. nor will it benefit anybody but the deen of Allah the Sunnah of the prophet of Islam is optimism and hope, do the good hope something good will come out of it. And leave the rest of the last part on leave the ledger the accounting of the good deeds to a loss. That is the way of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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That was his life. And it's also the second Hadith or the third Hadees I mentioned is the Hadith of the veteran who came to the prophet and asked him about tying his camel.

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What should I do in the situation? Should I tie my camp or should I trust Allah, The Prophet said, they explained how both things go together. That means trusting in Allah is we take every precaution we can take we

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exercise or utilize every opportunity that is available to us. And then after that, we leave the rest

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In the hands of robot, in other words, what we can control, we try to control or we can't control, we leave in the hands of Allah. Knowing that then you see by not a llama, cuttable la hula, hula Mona, whatever happens to us is by the will of Allah is by the decree of Allah. He is our master, he is our Lord, he'll take care of us. We take the means now we take our precautions. Even if we aren't sick. Even if you don't have pieces actively in the community, we take our precautions. We don't wait for the calamity to strike before taking precautions, we take it beforehand. That means whatever it is that our health officials are advising us we follow.

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That means we're not embracing each other as much shaking each other's hands as much. That is fine. The Love is still in our hearts and charlo. Right, and that is from the signs of a man. But we take our precaution to protect ourselves that is on at that time, the camera, we take our cautions, re protect ourselves, if that means we don't congregate as frequently

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knowing the agent is in the hands of a loss pantalla. So he had no payment, it's their 100%. That's tying the capital. tying the capital is preparing ourselves from perhaps the shortage of food. That doesn't mean that we hoard food by the way, hoarding is an impermissible industry are taking for example, if I need 20 kilos of rice in my house, for example, I shouldn't buy 200 kilos of rice, because that compromises the welfare of the society at large, perhaps I can buy 30 kilos, maybe even 40 kilos, because that will allow me to last for longer. That is a law that's tying the camel.

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That's trusting a law that Allah will provide for me.

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And then after that we leave the rest in the hands of a lost power. Whatever happens that we can't control will leave in the hands of the last Partha, we take all the precautions, all the measures that we can take brothers and sisters in this time. It's a serious time. It's not a normal time. You can see the schools are closed. You can see

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sports leagues are canceled. Events are shut off. Airport is almost empty. These are different, difficult, not normal times. So we take our precautions. That's wisdom. That's not being weak. That's the sooner

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that's hikma. Yeah. And then the rest will leave to us. patola whatever happens after that we trust our Lord our master. He'll take care of us. Whether we get afflicted by the disease or not. Alone, we'll take care of us all mothers Barona Sofitel, la

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala nuada. It was heavy

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as this time that we're living through now, and in at least a short term, it's going to continue to be a a hot item, the the pandemic of the Coronavirus, the effect that it has on our life, the normalcy, the lack of normalcy, all of these things we have to grapple with and deal with in the short term.

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Our religion teaches us that law says ones are not in a can neuron movie, we have sent to you a clear light, our Deen makes things clear for us. It's not going to make things more convoluted convoluted, it will to the contrary, make it clear. And what is clear for us is,

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we trust our Lord, we trust our Lord, that if our habits of worship are broken, because of this, our reward is not broken. We trust our Lord, by taking our means whatever precautions we can take, whatever means are available to us, we take them and after that, whatever happens is a loss decree. Let you see but not in La Casa de la hula, it is a loss decree for us. It's for our good and we accept that we believe that we live that

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we take precautions as a sign of wisdom not as a sign of weakness.

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If we have extra time in these, in these days, we should utilize that time. If we have our health and time we should utilize that because the prophets have said they are mahtani to blessings. Many people are neglectful of them. And that is free time and health. And if you have this now, the urgency to act upon it and to utilize it should be more we should take that time to read to learn

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to do more remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala to ponder, a Buddha was asked about pondering because he was a silent when he would think a lot. And he was asked, What do you Why do you do this? He said our Ahuja cleaner, I think this is going to give me conviction.

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This pondering of mine gives me you're keen to take the time that we have to think and learn and ponder it is an excellent opportunity. Lastly, brothers and sisters, in good times, and in bad times. Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam taught us to smile.

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He would smile.

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Like Anna said, Mara, I too, had an actor

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and never seen anybody smile more than the Messenger of Allah.

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So, even these tough times respond. We were our difficulty with smiles on our faces, because that's the son of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, we are supposed to give us a fig to understand the Quran and Sunnah to implement it in our lives in the love of Southern Allah Maybe, yeah, he will. He will leave us alone. Most of the time with infidelity was totally out of harmony for that he was talking about Mohammed

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Allah Mohammed Nana Mila.