Zoubir Bouchikhi – Seventy Major Sins In Islam 01B

Zoubir Bouchikhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet saddler's history is discussed, including the importance of burying him in the message and praying for him. The importance of not asking for help from the Prophet and not letting people go too far to avoid becoming a Muslim. The segment also touches on fashion trends and the danger of "monster" and "monster". The importance of fasting during quarantine and avoiding socializing is emphasized, along with caution and the need for social distancing.
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This is the house of Allah.

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The Prophet sizer is buried there. The Prophet is not there in the masjid. Please understand.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was never buried in the masjid he was buried in the rule of law.

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The message was very small compared to what is today if this is the mystery today

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and this is where the prophets lie Selim is valid. This was the question long time ago that's all

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and this is the room of atisha but when they made the expansion when they made the expansion they included this because you cannot remove the cover of

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somebody said you cannot remove his body

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and his body is not touched. The brands don't eat the profits or the profits let alone muscle but they don't eat their body he still they're way over here today. At 11pm

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he's just sleeping a lot isn't okay. If we open his grave we will see him exactly as he was. Okay, so since He is buried there and next to him, so you're going to move across the day or the next day and save now.

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Since we call them the expand that the masjid to become this big

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is this layer.

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So please understand, this is not part of the message. Therefore we cannot bury anyone in the message it is hard, not build the message on again.

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This is very, very clear. I have is also masasa. Make sure no one buries you inside the mistake.

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And make sure

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make sure no one builds a mystery. Don't you say I'm here.

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I'm buried here. Don't build this is as soon as possible. But

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if people do other ones, they are not following him. They are following their desires. Okay. So when you go in you pray here.

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Rhonda is here just here.

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So you walk, you walk. You walk to the masjid you pray to walk us towards but then you can play another track as here in the road and then go to his grave. What do you say you look at him. You look at his gun. You might not see the grave because there is what we call shoot back. And you say a Santa Monica Sula.

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Greetings to you or Mr. jofa. That's all. Then you move next. A Santa Monica? Greetings to you. Oh, Abubakar. Then you go to Omar, and you say greetings to you. Oh, Omar, that's all then you turn you want to make 200 no problem. turn towards the people that give your back to him. Not towards him. The moment you do like this, then you are asking him and this is the question of sister.

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That's what the ship is you see the cables behind you soldier towards it. And Alaska? It is Allah who will give you It is Allah who will join you with him in gentlemen. Nobody else. Why are you asking someone who's there?

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And a lot of Muslims you see them doing that? They may not know we need to teach them.

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Is this live? Okay?

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Ah, good. When you ask for his Sherpa, don't ask him. ask Allah for his Sherpa, for example.

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I say yeah, Allah, give me the shutout of your Prophet sallallahu sallam, but never asked the Prophet for sure. Because he's not there to hear you. He doesn't need you. The only thing he hears is Estella, Monica and Solomon. If you say a salaam aleikum, jasola, he hears you Russell massage himself and he replies to you. He says I will.

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And then if you say Allahu Akbar, somebody will send you more medic, Allah say, you know, Mohammed,

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he said, I hear your Salah works on me. It will be presented to me every day.

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Now don't think the way I'll bring you news because he's in another world. He is in Bursa. So totally different world. Okay.

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But it will since he said, other than that, if you make dua to him, it will even send him because that's not he said when I told you ask Allah to give you my shoulder. So when we say Allahu Allah should fear phenol sooner or Allah, please allow the chef out of your profit to come to us? Am I asking the Prophet? No, I'm asking Allah to allow the shutdown of the prophet to touch me. But I'm not asking the Prophet

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exceeded This is it's a settled, always ask Allah

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That's all. Do not ask anybody else. And that's the meaning of Iraq and

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Afghanistan in

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17 times at least. So today, we never understood it. Because we just repeat. What does it mean only You we worship online, and only from you, we seek help.

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Now I'm seeking help from the prophets,

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or from Prophet Muhammad, Ali, Salah, or Prophet Ibrahim, or wherever grave I go.

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And those people out there, please understand the time

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everything will die except from that. And the time has come.

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That's it.

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They die physically, but they are alive in our hearts in our minds. That's I'm not talking about I'm talking about physically, we cannot ask them. So as the one who never dies, I'll tell you

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a lot who they're in love with one.

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But you are not believing in it. When you go to a good idea.

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You're saying Allah, you are alone, but I don't believe in that. Okay. I'm going to this grave? Because I think I think he hears me.

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There are people who traveled all the way to, to Singapore to us happy by No, no. What is this?

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What is this? What are you doing? Stop doing that.

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I love you for a mistake. That's why I'm telling you that as the one who is near you were either sad

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or independent room. If my slaves ask you about me, I am Here I am here. He said, very near to you. Yo, all you say Yama Allahumma Yara, that's all

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you want to make it nice and more convincing to make will do and pray.

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And in the social title him and you will see.

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So please, share. This is what I said and dedicated 23 years of his life as a prophet to destroy. The ship was so strong in the hearts of the Arabs.

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It took him all those years

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to make some common sense

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that God cannot be put between for four laps in the cabin. God, the Lord of the cabin is bigger than heavens and earth let alone the slot place on the campus. So they were worshipping idols. There are many of us now who are worshipping other idols. They have entertainment

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that's another hidden God. At least the gods that we the Arabs and the kuffaar before were worshipping at physical so you can really understand but today when you see a sister behind her salad for a cooking show,

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yes, her cooking is not that good.

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Then what is she doing? Why do you make a lot of weddings. But this is a cooking show. I cannot you know

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cannot let go.

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I will use soccer and movies and laptops and whatever. When I say hi yada yada, yada, yada go for success.

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You want success? Who doesn't want to be successful Indonesian Whoo.

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But someone's telling you are not listening to.

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Another title is the idol of a fashion. Careful. There are people waiting for the latest

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or the latest. Anything what is the latest?

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So how'd Allah look at today? Today I will use the latest fashion and model is too soon as of October. So as the beard.

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The beard has become a fashion Have you seen in Europe, Europeans now keep beer.

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Well, that's what I told you 1400 years ago

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for men and to a little bit shorter than your cloth

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on top of your anvil. Now what's the latest men fashion show?

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It has to be higher. We used to laugh at people who do that. Are they crossing the river?

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Is his brother going to cross the river but that's what also was I said now.

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Now we see some Palawan very soon the hijab I guarantee you this the hijab will be fashion you will see

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and then you will see so many ladies wearing t shirts, but not for our sake is because Angelina Jolie has

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because Libra is the fitclub

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is the fitrah it's that inner nature of the human, they will go back to Allah, but it will be too late.

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So how much you now love on us?

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So this is the direct ship when you worship someone or when you put someone equal with Allah.

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And Allah says about that in namaha.

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Indeed, Allah will not forgive those who commit ship. And he will forgive anything else other than that, so he said, it's clear, shared, I would not forgive it, meaning you you die with it. And you come to me, don't ask me to forgive you. I will, I will just put you in there.

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So we can

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it's coming. Good. The hidden ship is coming. That's the second. I'm coming to.

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In surah Allah Quran in surah gofman verse 13, amasa, in the sheer caliber of the Indian ship is a very, very big volume,

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big injustice.

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You're doing injustice against who can stop by himself.

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When you worship other than a law, or a partner with a law, or your name, call him a son, or a daughter, or now the law like the Christians and the Jews and do or worship and either like the Hindus and Buddhists you are doing. And that's the biggest injustice against Allah.

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The other area is in salted Merida versus 72. Allah says, in a woman Yoshi, Villa de patata, Rama la vida hingegen Weber,

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Allah says, indeed, he will permit ship, Allah will not has forbidden gender on him. And he has made his abode in hellfire. So these verses and the lives of these verses, make it I mean, no doubt whatsoever, that the people who come in here are going to go to *.

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it is our belief as Muslims, it is part of our belief as Muslims that he he who dies machinic He who commits and dies as such, still believing in those things, he will be in *.

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And he who believed in Allah and died believing in Him, He will be in gentlemen.

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He will be a gentleman,

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even if he is going to be tormented in hellfire.

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Anybody who believes in God didn't commit ship, but committed many sins, Zina killing murder * this person at the end after a while in Hellfire Allah Xhosa will take him back and send him two gentlemen. But why why are these kids sisters and brothers?

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Let me bring the cigarette now and tell you give me just a second to burn you. Would you allow me?

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Let me try system. Harness me at the fire?

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Yes, you will not be like no no, no, no, no, no, please don't don't don't.

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I was telling you look, you're gonna go to effort for centuries ages?

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Because what is

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the date? One day in the Day of Judgment is 50,000 years of work? That's one day.

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50,000 years? Not 50 years. 50,000 years? Yes. So why are these kids? Why? We asked them what to just give us genda with design without any punishment whatsoever. Mm

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hmm. The second type of ship Ah, this is dangerous because most Muslims fall into it.

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It is a real

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hidden ship. Korea showing off?

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Well, when you when you show off when you want to do something so that people say, Wow, what a good person. This person is.

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What do you want candidates from people

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when you want them to know you are doing something

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that is shared, why every bed should be for Allah right. When you want to worship when you want to pray you pray to who

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you are fasting, you're fasting to who? When you give back it gives a good seconds for the sake of when you go for Jihad for

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now, if you want people to know about it, and call you Mujahid call you I'll call you worshipper Donna

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Then that is not for Allah sake. Allah will never accept that

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Excellent. So if I give something with this hand even these hands should not don't actually hands don't know anything. All right, but what is

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teaching you how sincere you should be if I don't if I put my hand in this pocket and I give a certain amount of money for alesi this one shouldn't know let alone My wife or my children or my balance or the homework.

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May Allah save us careful dangerous

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reading them

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another thing if I pray I should pray also the way I should pray in the masjid publicly with the JAMA I should pray sometimes just even between me and no one not even the spouse knows

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not like honey wake up in order to prepare

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if you don't wake up that's fine as long as you know I'm fine

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I score more than

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scoring points now

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is at the same level

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Yes, it is ship is here why I tell you here Look, I'm praying now I'm going to play but because I heard some of you coming now. I mean,

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I was about to finish. I was about to say set up article.

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Again, because someone is walking I want him to see me I want him to see rain

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Have you seen this this evangelist? It happens a lot sisters and brothers carefully. This happens a lot people do that

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that's why there is a federal law. When you go to America to be careful of this there is a federal law you cannot use the phone while in our

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after you finished our fine because towers is like salads. Imagine I'm praying I'm taking selfies

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when you're doing Star Wars whatever you're doing this

00:17:27 --> 00:17:34

is a solid around the house of Allah that say you are allowed to talk but you cannot

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when you finish when you finish your work you can take you for those but not during a lot of people make this mistake that's why they have normal

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Is this clear? Yes. So when you are in the eba you cannot do anything else

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and you cannot expect people to do about it if they come to know that's it, but don't feel like it happened to me that I saw no one will see me praying

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under the someone Oh no, that's wrong. That attitude is very wrong.

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And fasting you should hide it when you're fasting. Let no one know about it.

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Because that is fasting fasting The special thing about fasting no one knows.

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No one knows.

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So, what is what is it? Yeah, Allah says Look, there is an area the last area in selective care is about a year

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all the he fell

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for the hat want to finish the iron.

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Whether you should eat whether you should whether you should tip the other ship when I usually do invalidity of BP Ahava Reba, he didn't he didn't say what I usually he said when I usually do what's the difference?

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Usually it's assumed to be law.

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Look here usually is a shield.

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Shield co

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Villa right? ship

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to do ship with Allah. Here is ushiku very bad. That's

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why you're doing rabada so the first ship is direct.

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Like you say he has a son or the cross or anything. This is ship. The second ship No, no, no, no one you are worshipping Allah. When you are fasting when you are the Jihad when you are giving

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Looking after orphans, you want really people to know about it and you're upset that no media has come to the

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picture having a big, big check.

00:20:12 --> 00:20:14

The check is bigger than the amount

00:20:15 --> 00:20:16


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But if you're here listed if you're Nia to give that to encourage others to donate that's different.

00:20:29 --> 00:20:50

If I give a big check to Mashallah orphanage and my mania is Come on guys. Better on us, what are you shell? What are you may back What are you see if you can give, give to this, if they don't have luggages even if they don't mind me, I was just to encourage them, but not like

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that attitude is.

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So our

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foreign carrier juliaca He who truly wants to meet his law, family, amen, amen. I'm sorry, hi, let him do good. When I usually do a better job, be careful. While you're doing that,

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you don't want people to know about it, you know, you don't care. If people come to know fine, if they don't have to get them you still the same.

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I tell you a story of a cousin, even it may Allah be pleased with him and his father sees my cousin grandson of Russell massagin.

00:21:36 --> 00:21:43

Only the day he died, people came to know who was putting food, dinner for all the poor of Medina.

00:21:44 --> 00:21:48

All the poor of Medina used to find some food at their door.

00:21:51 --> 00:21:54

He knows families. So what he does, he covers his face.

00:21:56 --> 00:22:05

And he comes and puts in case someone's to him we cannot say who's this because he doesn't want to be know, the day he died. That was very no food. So the people knew.

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I mean, till that day he was giving. The day he died, no one stopped giving. Why was he covering his face. And he's the grandson of crossover. Because he truly wanted it for our sake. He didn't want anyone to know that. So hi, my brothers and sisters, the best product you can ever give is between you and the poor.

00:22:31 --> 00:22:43

Even when it's Panama language, because you want, why why I tell you why you should do that. It's for your own good. When we sin, when we sin? Do we want people to know that our sins?

00:22:45 --> 00:22:48

When you do something silly? Do you want people to know about it?

00:22:49 --> 00:22:58

But still, you did it right? You did it in secret, and no one knows about it. Why don't you do something good also, that only Allah knows about

00:22:59 --> 00:23:07

so that he will forgive you, you have done something silly. And you really don't want your parents or your friends or your co one tower to know about it.

00:23:09 --> 00:23:09

But I know

00:23:12 --> 00:23:14

he will look into

00:23:15 --> 00:23:21

your good deeds, and he will find one or two good deeds that you have done and you really didn't want anyone he will forgive you.

00:23:23 --> 00:23:24

Because you are sincere.

00:23:27 --> 00:23:33

It's true. When we say we don't want anyone to know when we do good. We want everybody to know what type of customs are we?

00:23:37 --> 00:23:55

So why did he bother because in the past while you were doing the event that needs to shake out we've come in, when he cannot stop you look when he cannot stop you from Salah or from Russia or from Hajj or from South Africa. He will tell you, okay, let people know about it. He can stop you anymore. So if you want to change your media.

00:23:57 --> 00:24:12

So what do you do in this case, very simple. When you are about to play or donate or aroma or shape and brings this type of thoughts into your mind. Just stay true to what you need. And continue doing what you're supposed to. That's all

00:24:13 --> 00:24:18

is too far. The key is in his success. The solution is in this paper.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:36

You are depressed. You're sick, you're angry, say a stockbroker handsy. So keep that in mind while all your anger, all your sadness, all your depression, whatever goes away. Why? Because you went back to a lot

00:24:37 --> 00:24:42

of stuff while I returned to you. It just threw it at you. That's it.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:51

That's it. You don't have to go to psychology and psychologies and I don't know what

00:24:53 --> 00:24:55

honestly, is just online. That's it.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:57

And that's part of

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59

part of the

00:25:02 --> 00:25:04

Is it sufficient for us just to see us?

00:25:06 --> 00:25:06

Or do we have

00:25:11 --> 00:25:26

all sorts towba Very good, is still far until our Casanova talk as of the first like hour and 30 and 40 years capital, second record and fancy hands Paloma and also got to forgive. That's it

00:25:27 --> 00:25:57

and move on. And don't please keep looking at the same. Don't keep looking back at the same shape on man like yourself. You still you remember what you did in here, so and so. You remember. I don't think God will forgive you. It's weird. You have done this. Yeah. That's what she likes to do. While Allah says polyamory Bella de se Oh my servants. Yeah, Allah I have committed sin and he still called me mice. I am your servant. Yes. You see mine. I didn't desert you

00:26:00 --> 00:26:11

know so many things. Wrong. So many things terribly wrong. I still call you man. Where do you find more merciful than this where

00:26:12 --> 00:26:16

a father or mother once twice, you do something wrong that says, Ah

00:26:19 --> 00:26:43

teacher, you must do three times you're out by your boss, you're not fired. Especially when the economy's doing that going down. Allah says no, no, no, no. You have done their evil. You steal money. All you have to do come back to me fully and then the other thing led to Allah before he says, asked me forgiveness. He said do not despair.

00:26:45 --> 00:26:49

Because that's the weakest moment in your life. When you despair. You are on your own.

This is the continuation of the lectures by Sh Zoubir on Shirk & Murder as one of the 70 major sins in Islam.

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