Zoubir Bouchikhi – A Benefit In Surah Al-Takathur

Zoubir Bouchikhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding being diverted and focusing on one's work rather than just pursuing fame. They encourage people to have multiple births to avoid confusion and make money. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being smart and smart for one's life.
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So Al Hakim attacker, number one, this area starts with effect.

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Meaning you are being diverted. Allah is telling us or humans, you are being diverted, meaning you are losing your focus. Which work is the focus that Allah created as far what's the reason Allah created as well?

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Anybody that to worship? Why

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you, humans and Jin, instead of worshiping Allah and focusing on that, you are being diverted

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by what by piling

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on forms of pining mainly money,

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positions, your feet, you already have two three positions, you want 10 positions.

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There are people who don't mind if you give them 60 positions that will take them

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they think they are Superman or Superwoman

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is this

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just so that you know, I am CEO of this company and chairman of this company and Oh,

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many positions

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until they cannot do anyone.

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They may fail in all of them. Because no focus. You want to be pilot and surgeon and lawyer at the same time impossible. But to some people, no problem, you can put me Prime Minister and Minister of this and chief of I don't know what and

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so there are many people who are like that, unfortunately, you need to know this. And all of us are competing in one or two aspects of the dunya.

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I give you an example.

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Some people may have more children just because their friends had

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just had a baby.

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So they want more kids. That's not bad at all. By the way, I strongly encourage people to have as many babies but for the sake of Allah or the OMA to have more followers. And Allah will look after the rest. Don't worry about it.

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But if the reason is if my sister has two kids, I need to have three kids then that's not right.

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It should be for Allah sake.

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Money. If somebody bought a new car, I must buy a new car because my neighbor bought new car.

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I cannot have the old car. Allahu Akbar Logan, did you hear the tender

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love. So,

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what I am saying sisters and brothers is that we are all in some kind of competition. We have to be careful.

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Instead of competing, who needs more and more who attends more classes who donates more? Who goes to McCann Medina more frequently?

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who? Who does more go to the parents who will look after them in old age more than his siblings or half siblings. That's what we need to compete in. And for.

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Not if my neighbor has a new car, I have to have a new car piling up. Look at many clothes, whatever clothes we see. We like we want to buy

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and then you will have

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Zara or

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h&m inside your house.

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We are all guilty of this. So that's the truth. And how can a castle

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so we need to be careful of this type of Castle.

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We should have that castle piling up in Pahala

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in good deeds

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if my neighbor feeds that Miskin I will feed 20

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If my neighbor gives

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100 Reindeer I should give 200 And

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then this type of piling up is highly welcomed by Allah because it will serve you after death

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after death, but the piling up of the dunya we made here in this

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So we were not wise.

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We were very annual.

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Okay. I want all my sisters to understand what shave I am not I am Rahim. Allah is trying to say here that there is a huge benefit in the remembrance of soret Takasaki. Why, and How como Takayasu is is number one, what does automata there

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until you reach and enter the grave, this binding app is not good.

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This diversion from shaytan he diverted you

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it's not like you are doing something good. You were doing something good, which is a bad and he took your attention away until you added the grave.

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How many people said I will add only two years of work and I stopped industrials data.

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I don't mean stop completely. It's like

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still dunya

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next year I mixed over

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a sister we say when I reached the age of 60. I will wear hijab

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What is this?

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A brother will say when when I reached my 60s I go to hatch who says that you're going to reach your 60s

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Who has up until the escape? You enter the MCBA toolbar. Okay. All right. So the compete Titian in worldly matters, diverts you.

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And that's the truth.

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So the Quran is saying be careful of that. Be very careful of that. Because once it fills your heart, it's not easy to let go

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and tell you that

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it's not easy to let go. It becomes part of you part of your personality and you will die such so the son of Adam says my money my money.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in Hadith Potsie does he have any money except what he paid in Sadat's, or eight, or destroy, or war and tattle.

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Your real money is not what you are saving is what you used.

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Whether for the sake of Allah like Sadat and Zack had like given to the earthquake of the refugees and to our Turkish brothers and sisters because they were hit hard. So that's your money, whatever you donated, that's your man. Or whatever you use on yourself, you ate you close yourself with you spend some money on your health or whatever, but that is your money.

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Other than that is not your money is your inheritance money. So whatever we say sisters or brothers remember this. It's not our money. It's if it ever goes to our inheritance, our heirs or somebody else will take it

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whatever money we leave behind us is not ours.

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We can pile up as much as we can,

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it will go to somebody else. So wise people use their money in their lifetime. And I use it on two categories. I Hera they give as much as they can for Allah sake. Building a masjid digging wells helping the refugees have been earthquake like now so all opportunity for all of us

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or use it on themselves in this dunya they eat well they drink well they drive nice car they make clothes themselves nice without extravagance of course.

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Or they leave it behind them.

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So be wise.

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Be smart.

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