Zakir Naik – Why is Islam so Sensitive to Criticism?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A non Muslim brother discusses the sensitivity of criticism and how it keeps on changing. He talks about the importance of love for Islam and the importance of freedom of expression in Islam. He also mentions the use of a four-character word for a man named Margaret Thatcher and how it keeps on changing.
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Salaam Alaikum This is a question on behalf of a non Muslim brother. His name is Swaminathan. He has completed his bachelor's in information technology. And his question is, why is Islamic was so sensitive to criticism? And why does salmaan rusty or a European cartoonists received death threats to the practice of fatwas? To be more precise? Isn't there a better way to react to this? There should be such a good question on behalf of a non Muslim brother, that Why are Muslims so sensitive to criticism

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and in reference to salmonella is the why you're so sensitive to criticism, sr,

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every individual is sensitive, you show me one human mean the world is not sensitive, but their sensitivity keeps on changing.

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The sensitivity keeps on changing. Certain things are sensitive. So things do not sell everything, the levels keep on changing each different individual. As far as the Muslims are concerned.

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We Muslims we love Okay, the last one out Allah and we love our Prophet masala Salaam, and a prophet masala sorem said that no Muslim is a Muslim, until

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he loves Allah and the messenger more than his own self loves Allah and His Messenger more than his own self. Now, when we analyze the human being, come on the human being loved the children the most.

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There was research done that monkeys, they loved the children very much. So the monkey was put in a well

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along with the child, and water was put, water started rising up in the well.

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So the monkey picked up the kid and put in the arms, the water rose, it tried to save

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the child as much as

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once it could not, it loved the challenge of doubt.

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So love the child a lot, but own life is more than the child. So love the child, because the monkey could not jump along with the child just to experiment. Similarly, people like the children, they live their own life, etc. But as far as the Muslims are concerned, we love Allah and the messenger more than ourselves.

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For example,

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if you abuse me,

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I would not like it, but I would not mind it.

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Now not like it, but I would not mind it, TJ no problem. But if you abuse Allah and His Messenger outfit, Mohammed, it is not sensitivities, because they're the closest to me. So to the Muslims, Allah and the messenger are the closest, even closer than our children rather than a vice close in their husband closer than our own life.

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So that there is a mold, you should say. Your question should be reframed that Why do the Muslims love alanda messenger so much. He told me one human being, you get the human being. If you're abusing me and my mother, you get angry.

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If you're abusing the name of the mother, they get angry. So we love our line of messenger more than a mother also. So based on the thing the Muslims don't do clarify the middleman nicely being a so called Muslim minority commerce.

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Man in a Muslim family when he wrote book and criticized falsely does for a few men just for money. So that's the reason the Muslims objected. You say Are they any better? There are many ways of objecting.

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I don't agree that all the ways the Muslims objected right.

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Many a time they destroyed property which is wrong. I don't agree with it. But they are sensitive, because it deals with our Creator last man Oh, that messenger. But we should feel bad. But some of them overreact.

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Some of them to God protest which Toyland we should not be some more peaceful which is good. best is to reply. And if your mind

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talk on is religious fundamentalism, a stumbling block to the freedom of expression. I've given details on the sermon which they do and how do you write the book and the first country that banned the Satanic Verses was this country

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Shri Rajiv Gandhi, at that time was the Prime Minister.

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He banned

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that books ethnic verses in India, the first country to manage and appreciate him, but unknowingly he did not know that in that same technique versus besides speaking bad about prophet of Islam, and Allah subhanaw taala. He even spoke bad about Sita and Rama

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schiedam which people when they read the book, they may not realize this superficially.

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And imagine

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I'm asking the question to the British government. A few years back.

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There was an American author, writer, who uses a four letter word for margaret thatcher's policies. Margaret Thatcher's policy, followed the word father uncle cousin King.

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And they banned him from coming to UK why

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uses a four letter word

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this salamanders D

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he uses the same word and mixes active IMG many times

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for the bridge policy

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for Margaret Thatcher

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and he calls it you know what? In his book, Maggie the bitch

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no fine.

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If you say, maybe the British are bold, they wouldn't mind. But imagine if you meet

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the son of Margaret Thatcher and tell him

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that salmaan dash D called your son of a bitch.

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What do you remember you say everyone is sensitive depending upon

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what the sensitivity is. Imagine the same British government which banned another American author for using a four letter word.

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Allow salmaan does the why. The reason is why

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because he abuses our Prophet masala Salah. So because he abuses a prophet masala salam, they can digest the same four letter word for Margaret Thatcher

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because he abused the prophet of Islam. So this is how the policies keep on changing.

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What we realize that in Islam, there is freedom of expression, the freedom of speech, but it should not go beyond the limit. It should not hurt anyone.

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And it should be proof if it hurts anyone and if it's logical and proven different, but you cannot malign anyone, maligning and backbiting is not allowed in Islam. So based on that, the Muslims because salamanders the Himalayan and the abused or Paternoster Salaam, that the reason the Muslim sell Bad, and the agitated which agree with it.

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And if you analyze it, most of the religions, the punishment for blasphemy is high

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misery the Bible, whether you read the Hindu scriptures, whether you read the Quran, and this we consider as blasphemy, that the reason the Muslims were angry, and we were sensitive, because we spoke against to something which we love much more than our life. Hope them

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