Zakir Naik – Was Guru Nanak a Muslim

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Coggan, a job seeker who questions whether Coggan is a Muslim. The conversation then turns to a Bible and the history of the Bible's teachings, including the belief that Jesus Christ is not begotten and that people have started to worship the Bible. The speaker suggests that the Bible is not a Christian or liberal, and that people should not trust it.
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My name is Coggan, CT. Am I'm a job seeker.

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In my religion, as you know that Guru Nanak is the founder of a religion.

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Is he a Muslim?

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That's my question.

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Because the question

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our young brother who's a Sikh comes from India. He says that he the fic, and the founder of his religion is Guru Nana, he asked me the question was Guru Nanak Muslim or not? Brother, Muslim is an Arabic word, which means a person who submits his will to Almighty God. Anyone who submits the will Almighty God, he's a Muslim. Now, since I did not meet Guru Nanak, personally,

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I cannot say definitely with either Muslim or not, but I have read the Guru Granth side.

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That is the sacred scripture of the Sikh and Sikhism is a religion which believes in 10 gurus.

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The first who is the founder, Guru Nanak Sai, and the last is Guru Gobind Singh.

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But after the question, do I consider Guru Nanak to be a Muslim?

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If I read the Guru Granth Sahib, if I read the first verse, first volume, first verse is known as the apogee

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of Guru granzyme. On the ground, the first volume first verse is called as Japji.

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It says that, Almighty God is true.

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He's the Creator.

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He's free from fear and want. He felt existing.

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He's eternal.

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He's great, and he's compassionate. Now based on this, it is somewhat similar to the verse of the Quran or Surah class, chapter 112, verse number one to four which is called who Allah says Allah only.

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Who says that he's not begotten.

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Say the lovin and only Allah has summoned Allah, the absolute and eternal love, love Allah Mulan, He begets not noise begotten Allah media cool local funnel that nothing like him.

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Again, if you read in Sikhism

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Sikhism is a religion, which is a monotheistic religion.

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And it goes Almighty God as a conqueror in unmanifest form and manifest form is called like Ankara, and there are various attributes

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given to Almighty God in the group and said, In Sikhism, Almighty God is also called as a call eternal. He's called us Qatar, the Creator. He's called us, Lord.

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He's called as pervert. Dr. Patricia. He's called as Rahim, the Maleficent. He's called as Kareem, the benevolent he's called as Waheguru, the one true God,

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not based on these readings of Google and

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based on these, I think that Guru Nanak for the Muslim Muslim means a person who submits the will to Almighty God. But what the scholars say that Diffic ism is religion that emerged in the latter part of the 15th century in the land of Punjab, in the land of the fire river. And scholars say it's an amalgamation of Islam and Hinduism, that for scholars say

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that based on these verses, Granada believed in one God.

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He believed that word word begotten, he had no images, he was all powerful.

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I personally have not read about Guru Nanak where they believed in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I don't know personally, personally, I haven't met him.

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But based on these teachings, it seems to be that he is a Muslim seems to be whether he was no not I don't know.

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But unfortunately, as time passes, there is corruption in it. Like if you asked me, was Jesus case, a Muslim? Undoubtedly, Jesus catch me up on what a Muslim why Quran says, politely Bran chapter number three was number 52 That isa salaam was Muslim.

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But there's no verse in the Quran saying Guru Nanak will be a Muslim. So based on the verse, But if I read the Bible, if I read verses of the Bible, what does this guy say? It proves that he's a Muslim, but there are other interpolation in the Bible.

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There are concoction in the Bible, which undoubtedly cannot be the word of God.

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So I cannot attribute this to Jesus Christ be upon him. But if I check what is right,

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whether what the Bible says because Quran says, I believe if Elif alarm was a Muslim, Abraham if the lamp was a Muslim today Imran chapter three verse 67, even not a Jew or a Christian you as a Muslim to because the Quran clarified I've got no doubt as far as Guru Nanak is concerned.

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And because Quran does not clarify, but fIying the verses I consider you may be Muslim but

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what you have to realize later on as I said there was corruption in the Bible. Even here what we find that people have started worshipping the Guru Granth side.

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Guru Nanak Vinci after worship the guru grandson, David even have if you go to the Sikh temple, other things, which are deviations. So based on these deviations, I cannot say that they're Muslim. But go back to your scripture. If you go back to a scripture and believe in Almighty God who's not begotten, who's one who has got no images and worship in Milan, then you will go back to the original faith that is Islam hope that answers the question.

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