Zakir Naik – The Best Time for Qiyaam-ul-Layl

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller asks about the best time to practice during the night. The representative explains that the time depends on the culture and the partner. They also discuss praying during the last month of the night and the importance of praying before the break of dawn. The representative provides information on praying in the last month and mentions that it is the best time to practice.
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The next question is relating to the time that Kiama Lael should be practiced during the night what's the best time during the night, our beloved prophet of Allah from said, it's measured say Hadith off most of them in Word number six, page number seven. The Beloved Prophet has also said that Allah subhanaw taala has added one more prayer that is the victor. So pray with

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between a SHA and Fajr

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that means, the time of Fisher is after sunset when the redness in the sky disappears, there is time officia so after you offer Isha, you can pray any time before the break of dawn before the time of Fajr starts. This is the earliest and the latest way you can pray the camel, and as I mentioned earlier with other than in the name for camel, and a beloved performances from said it's mentioned in Santa Rosa

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Hadid number 4623

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that our beloved partners Wilson said that if someone feels that he will not wake up

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in the night, then he can offer the waiter or the camera level in the early part of the night. But if a person knows that you will get up at night, he should pray at night after he gets up from sleep. Because praying in the later part of the night is much better with angels witness for the person. And as I mentioned earlier that the dimension earlier of say Muslim

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are number one Hadith number 1656. It's a hadith which is also the inside Buhari the different wording of modifica. Like it's also occurs in, say Buhari word number two, in the book of tahajjud had it number 1145. A beloved partner Some said that Allah the Supreme, the glorious, he descends to the lowest part of the heaven during the last 1/3 of the night. And then he asked, is there anyone

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who is supplicating to me, so that I can answer this application? Is there anyone who is begging to me so that I can give him Is there anyone who's asking forgiveness so that I can forgive him?

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It's the perfect like, because in three Muslim was so unstable.

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It further mentioned

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in Hadith of Tirmidhi

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in the book of applications, Hadith number 3579 That the closest a servant

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is to his crate Allah subhanaw taala is during the last 1/3 of the night. And if he prays to him during that time, it's the best.

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So the caramel Lel

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the winter. Immediately after the show is released, you can play up to the break of dawn.

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But the best time is the last 1/3 of the night. And that's what it's for. dimensioning sable hurry. One number three. I did number 2010 Where Mr. manleigh please with him. He said when people were offering the caramel Lel in and immediately after Isha that it is good, but it would have been better if they offered last month of the night. So praying in the last month third is the best. But you can start immediately after Isha and pray just before the break of dawn before the fajr time. But in the mosque generally

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majority of the mass they have immediately after the show that is approximately two hours after the break of fast after sunset, plus minus half an hour most of months. Because it's convenient.

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Because there are people who are young. In the congregation, there are people who are elderly people that are woman, so to make it easier and not to make life difficult for them. Because most of them it's difficult for them to get up in the middle of night. So in mature the moss, they have it immediately after about maybe two hours or two and a half hours after the break of fast which is no problem at all. It's better to pray then not to pray. Read prayer lead not to pray. But the best time is last month night. So some of the masks have during the last one throughout the night. Okay, I'm late in Ramadan. That's the best but the majority the mosque covered earlier which there is no

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problem at all.

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