Nouman Ali Khan – Counsel & Healing- An Introduction to the Ramadan 2021 Series

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The host discusses the live production of a TV series and the importance of considering the placement of certain individuals in culture. They also talk about the "monster" in the title of the series and how it relates to the title of the series. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding sickness and healthy lifestyle advice in pursuing Islam's favorites. They also emphasize the importance of personalized counsel and sharing experiences with the Koran. The healing process is not just a matter of practice, but a critical journey.
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rubbish. Aki Sabri? Wessely, MD Dr. Tommy lasagna, Coco Lee and hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, Allahu Allah Allah. He was at age nine and about a Somali Cobra, whatever barakato everybody I haven't done a outside of the demos and my dream classes. I haven't done a live cast for some time after the completion of the sort of use of series, but since Ramadan is around the corner, and as I mentioned in the Facebook post recently, I've been contemplating a lot about what to do this Ramadan, there were lots of different ideas that I was kind of chewing on and contemplating. And I finally, you know, reached Chateaux Southern, I felt like I have now contentment about what I want

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to do this Ramadan. And I thought that it's best that I explained that to you.

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So that's essentially the purpose of this live cast. And this lecture is to explain to you what the plan is for this Ramadan. And what I want to start with is that, you know, given the last year and the kind of isolation that we've all been in, it's, it's been an opportunity to step back from my typical kind of career in in Korean study and Korean education. So, and a lot of that is with a lot of interaction with people, right. But now I'm, you know, a lot of times I'm speaking to a camera, and I'm by myself, or just a handful of people with me that are working with me here. And it also gives you a lot of time to contemplate in isolation, not just think about what people are asking

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about the Quran, or what people have concerns about, or the comments that are received from others, but it's really kind of an isolated approach and introverted approach to engagement with the Quran. And I thought a lot about, you know, really doing something different this time with hon. So what I'm going to be doing is actually based on a single idea of Soviet units, and maybe even by extension, the eye after it. So this entire Roma bond is actually focused on is 57 and 58. of sort of units, we'll be talking about many different places in the Quran, but in shade of these two ions, so select units, for those of you who don't know, and that's okay, that you don't know is silver

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number 10. And these are IOP number 57, and 58 once again, and they are the reason I'm going to be doing the series that I'm doing this Ramadan. So what I wanted to do first is kind of lay the groundwork for this, these two ions and kind of contextualize them where these ions are placed in the Quran, what's going on in sort of units, because there's lots going on and sort of units but I wanted to highlight at least a couple of things that really struck me and then inshallah I'll be able to explain my thought process better to you. So these papers I have with me are a collection of certain layout that I think will help you see the placement of these two, I often want to lysing in

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them. So in the very beginning, this is the second I Allah says a kind of a nasty job and our heyday largely mean home. And then in NASA. Has it been altogether too strange for people that we inspired? We gave inspiration to a single man from among them to go warn people? Well, but she did Latina amanu and give those who have come to faith those who've accepted his call to give them good news. Another home, Kodama said, can endora be him, that they're going to have a first priority, and they're going to have an honorable place with their master. Cordell caffee Runa polygraphy Luna in the huddle, Asahi rubine. disbeliever said certainly this is an obvious magician. This idea is about

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how people thought it was very strange that the God of the universe who's got so much to run, and he must be so busy. Why would he have time to make priority for some people, some specs compared to the rest of the universe that he's running? Why would you make a priority out of them and you would pick one man among all of humanity and of all the people you could pick, it's you in the in this Arabian Desert, he couldn't pick a king or ruler, somebody famous, he picked you. This is all too weird. This is hard to accept and if he is such a grand King, why are you such a big deal to him? Right? These these were the kinds of thoughts that the people who heard the Quran were sharing with the

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prophets life. So if there is a God and He is this magnificent being that runs the entire universe, why are you so important? And forget us when you're so important? Why would just us believing in Him in the middle of nowhere? Why would it be

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Would that make us important to him? Why would he give us other mosaddek? With him like they would have a top priority? And there's lots it's a loaded term top priority, but maybe for another time, maybe even the whole time about that. But why would he give us that? So they found it strange that they were, why would Allah think why would Allah deem us that important? While Why would we be such a big deal, it's actually a commentary on how there's a there was a worldview in existence that we're just, you know, happened to be alive, we happen to be on this earth. But whoever created us if there is someone left us here to our own devices, and we just live whatever life we live, it doesn't

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really have any meaning or purpose. My life has no value to anyone but myself. Nobody cares about me other than myself, maybe some people in my life that love me or something. But other than that, there's no higher power, there's nothing greater, that actually gives any meaning to my existence. So they found it very strange to accept that that's the that's the tragedy Allah mentions in the beginning of sort of universe. He's talking to us. And he's saying, he out of his love and out of his priority for us, he gave us his words, and this is the reaction he gets, that's just too crazy. That's just too weird. And then he adds other limits. So the solar has sporadically. It has comments

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from Allah about how people have been reacting to what, to him giving them his words, in the levina This is the eighth I know in the Latina Lai of June Annika, Anna, what are boo bill hayati dunya, what's my a newbie Ha? When Latina home IRT now half alone, will it come up while home and now it will be Maracana yuxi boon. Certainly those who have no hopes of ever meeting us, that's the idea that they're going to be meeting with Allah. And forget the expectation of meeting with Allah. There's no hope associated with that, even if there is a God and I meet him. So what, what's the big deal? And there's no and in this aisle, there's an embedded lesson that our meeting with Allah is

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supposed to be filled with hope. And this talk is starts by talking about people that have no such hopes. They have no expectation and no real hope of meeting with Allah ever was a little bit higher to dunya. And they're, and they've become content with worldly life. Like, okay, if I'm never going to meet Allah, and I've never, there's never an afterlife, that's such a figment of people's imagination. Then all I have is this life, you only you know, YOLO you only live once. Let me just live this. What's my newbie Ha. And they're completely content with the fact that this is all there is to life? Well, Athena home IR Tina, Rafi loon, and those people that are completely heedless.

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They're oblivious. They ignore it. Like it doesn't even exist. They completely ignore our miraculous science. And he's not just talking about his science and revelation in science all around. They don't want to contemplate it because they're too busy living this life. They're too busy with what what we will eventually learn our petty things in life become the most important things to them. And they get so immersed in it. Right in the in the material and in the visible. And Allah talks about those people and says they're just, they're going to end up in fire. It's a tragedy that they're destroying themselves. Then later on, he says, Yeah, they're, you know, so So far we've learned they

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find it weird that Allah would even speak to them. They find it you know, you know, fantasy that there's another life after this one. And then the same people look at them. What happens when there are moments in their life where they do accept that there is a God and they do accept that there's another life? They do. And when when are those moments where either muscle in Santa Barbara adore Rhoda Anneli Giambi? Oh god and oka even when a human being when harm and difficulty touches the human being it scrapes the human being massage that touches the human being, he starts calling on us lying on his side, or sitting up or standing meaning he's anxious agitated the human the person, a

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man or a woman is anxious, they can't get rest. Sometimes they're lying down. They're tossing and turning to their sides. They sit up, they stand up, and they're like, if there's a God out there, please hear me. I'm in real trouble here. I know I haven't been good to you or they haven't cared that you exist. But if you do exist, I could really use some help right now. And they when they when trouble happens. Then there is this conversation that a person has further maka Schaffner and houbara. Who maraca Alameda una de la Dorian Masako, and when we alleviate him, Allah says when we alleviate him from his harm. Then he starts walking around like he never called us to begin with was

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because of our harm that it scraped him gallica Xena, Lil Boosie, rufina mcenery I'm alone, and that is how we beautified for those who over go overboard. That the things that they've been doing in other words, a lot of saying the reason people forget about God after he helps them after Allah alleviates them is that they key they go in excess into whatever luxury man times are hard. Now times are good. Now I'm really going to party. Now. I'm going to take care of number one me and do whatever I want whatever my appetites telling me to do, and I'm going to go excessive. So this is actually describing the psychology of extremism, extreme partying extreme drinking extreme

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extreme pleasure, extreme extreme extreme. This is most of the theme in the Quran if you want to think about people that go into excess or extremes, the word for that in the Quran is Elise Raff.

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So now Allah then starts talking about how you think you're the first ones that have done this, that you live this like disconnected life that you didn't want to actually pay attention to reality and you thought that you're just left to your own devices and you have all the freedom in the world. There are people that live like you before entire nations. Look at what happened to them. Look at how they destroyed themselves look at how they earned Allah's wrath even but you know what, after all of that for much I'm not gonna holla if I feel guilty then after all of that we left you behind on the earth you me originally the question now you and me We left you behind on remember him much

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after those people that got destroyed linen, Zurich, a fighter balloon to take a look and see how will you do that your turn your Europe? Let's see how you perform. Let's see if you repeat the tragedies of the past. Or you're going to learn from history and learn from what others did not learn from and live a better life for yourself and myself. Well, yeah, we're doing I'm doing it and I'll keep going. This is number 18. No way I will do and I'm in lunula Himalaya Bora Humala and Thoreau home, the tragedy again, they worship Allah, new people that have now come into not the people of the ancient past, but you they keep worshipping other than Allah, what does what can

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possibly harm them? And what can benefit them?

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What can harm them and what can benefit them? Well, I infer from what you're holding, Malaysia for Allah and Allah. And then there's the you know, they have this, the saints or idols or semi gods, demigods, these, these, these mini gods that they think are going to make their case before Allah for them, to not be on Allah, Allah, Allah Azza wa Taala alone, you're gonna tell Allah what he doesn't know about the skies in the earth, or he did, he doesn't know. And you know, you start coming up with alternative realities about religion and the unseen. And you want to inform Allah how that works. So how know what I'm not usually who and how perfect he is, and how far above he is,

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with the above the kind of shift that he makes. And there's a there's a connection here, people that have become obsessed with this life,

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you will notice that religions have Schick, they'll have a common thread and the common thread is they go to someone other than Allah, to make their case to Allah. So they don't want to worship God because God will have expectations. But this other intermediary, somewhere in between, he can he can basically hook us up, he could take care of us, or he or she or whatever that entity is, and then that other that entity, they don't have any expectation. God has expectations. Allah expects you to do right, stay away from wrong, be just be fair, like he has expectations for you to live a good life. These people in the middle are these entities in the middle, they don't have any expectations.

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They're just they were, they met God's expectations, right, they were good to Allah, therefore they're in Allah's good books. Therefore if you can please them, then they'll be they'll make, they'll put in a good word for you with with God, that's that's the that's the logic. And you know what that does, then you can go to them only for worldly things, you don't go to them to become a better person. So you'll go to the idol or your go to that intermediary and say, I could really use a promotion, I could really use this, this this person shouldn't you know, I'm in love with this person, they should love me back. Or I need this or I need that and I need the I need people the

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world to change in my favor. That's what the religion becomes. That's what shift really becomes. So it's actually connected to what he said previously about a little bit higher, the dunya they're, they're content with worldly life, then they create a religion even which makes this life better. Like the whole purpose of religion becomes to make this life better. Until we tell you for you to be happier. That's that's what they they turn the religion into fala angelholm and then Allah says again, he repeats this thing about rescuing you when you were in trouble, even people that were you know, traveling on a on a ship and it was about to sink and they turn to God and they said if you

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just if you just rescue us from this will be grateful from now on. He says fella angelholm in his home Ebola fell out of the building. And when he finally does rescue them, they go back to rebellion going about and in on the earth without any justification without justification. Uranus in them about the eucom Allah unfussy calm. So this is this is where we're getting closer to the idea that I really want to talk to you about. He says humanity people, people, you rebelling hurts only yourselves.

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you acting this way, you acting up is not harming allies harming you. You're hurting yourselves. Matala, hayati dunya This is just utilities This is temporary things to enjoy and worldly life. So my Elena Maria Oh come then you have to come back to us. For noon for new Nabi. Akuma. Quantum Time Alone then we will give you thorough news will inform you in great detail about the things that you used to do. Again, more time

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What you thought La La heemeyer to NaVi nothin Kala Latina lawyer journal Luca Anna when when are clear revelations are recited onto them in a way that makes things abundantly clear and they're absolutely crystal clear those who have no hopes of meeting with us which was said before

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he caught on in hurry haha

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Can you give us some Quran other than this one? like this this is so harsh the reality and it is so harsh. Why are you like giving us this real talk? That's too intense. Can you give us like a feel good Quran?

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Can you give us something from this revelation? Can you come up with words that are just they're supposed to make me feel better about myself? So it can be it can be molded to my preferences? Because I could really use a picker upper right now. So just give me something that will make me feel better. It could be a Koran and it has an overdue or just you know what? Just replace it completely, just completely? Well, Maya cooneelee ANOVA, dilla hoomin tilka enough. See, the profit is told, tell them.

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It's not up to me to replace it from my own self in Adobe Illa. You Hi, Leah. I'm only following I'm following nothing but what was revealed to me. What was inspired to me in me a hustle and I'll say Toby biomin. Arlene, I am Terry. I'm the one who's terrified that if I were to disobey my master, that I fear the punishment of a great day. In other words, me even thinking about another Quran, another revelation, or something else entirely, would be disobedience to my Rob and I know I would face the consequences of that on Resurrection Day. So with this sort of the tragedy of people just not accepting that Allah would speak to them. It seems very clear that so far, we're talking about

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people that don't accept the Quran is the word of Allah. And here I am talking to you about my plans for Ramadan, which is a conversation I'm having with those who believe that the Quran is the word of Allah. Right. But I wanted to tell you that there's this unique Ayah even our shoulder him Allah was reading him today, among others, about this idea, he said something beautiful things. And he said, this entire suit up until now, up until I in number 56, Allah was talking to those who don't believe in Revelation, who don't want to accept there's another life, they've just rejected, rejected all of it. And they don't want to hear anything about the Quran. Even if you bring up the Quran, just give

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us something else instead, that's who they are. And then Allah decided to turn his attention away from them, because they've clearly demonstrated that they're not interested. So they don't want to hear it. But there's a huge chunk of humanity who's neutral? Who would like to know if the Creator of all things their maker, the one who loves them more than anyone else can, if he decided to speak to them, and what they should do about it? What should there be their relationship be with his words? So this idea is actually an invitation to humanity. And it's an introduction by Allah himself to the Quran. I love this idea. It's one of the most beautiful ions in the Quran describing how the

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Quran should be thought about. Like, you know, we obviously Muslims think the Quran is the word of Allah, it's the guidance of Allah, it's the, it's the book of Allah, we have these descriptions for the Quran. But this place it to me It stands in a unique base endocrine, as if all human beings and when he says all human beings, it refers to humanity at large. And I would include the believers in that we should renew our connection to the Quran because of I like these. Right? So he says, Yeah, you are nuts. And this is the idea that I really want to talk to you about today.

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Or the article more ever to become

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a council. A council that is filled with things that touch your heart, the word Mozilla is actually, I'm going to be a fairly high water cache arbitrary cotton fee how to Hawaii for the

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millennial empty fall. There's lots of definitions. And I'm going to read through just a couple of quick things, but I'll actually summarize it for you. It's even better if I summarize it for you. The word moment a lot means when you say something to somebody that sometimes scares them,

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and sometimes gives them hope.

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And the word more if it means that you're trying to change somebody's course towards the better. The word I've chosen for English is counsel. counsel, meaning you're advising somebody about the harms of the direction they're heading in, or the benefits of a direction they should be heading in. And you're doing it in a way that is not condescending, you're doing it in a way that demonstrates that you care for them that touches their heart. So you know sometimes when somebody gives you advice, you get more agitated when you hear the advice, or somebody criticizes the way that you're the direction you're heading in and you become more defensive which is natural. Moment law means the

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advice is given not just Is it beautiful advice meant to turn you towards

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the right course, it's given in a way that keeps your heart soft or softens your heart towards that advice. So it's a very powerful word. And he says before describing the Quran is anything else Listen to these words, again, humanity was certainly a council that touches your heart, that means well for you, all of that in the word moment, a lot has come to you, from your master, from the one who nurtures you from the one who's taking care of you, from the beginning, you could say, somebody could say my parents abandoned me. Somebody could say my spouse abandoned me. Somebody could say my siblings abandoned me, society abandoned me, my friends abandoned me, I feel alone, I feel

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misunderstood. You could say all of those things. But one, one, the one who never abandon you is your hub is your master, he never left you. And now he's decided to speak to you in a way that is meant to be counsel for you. And for me, of the outcome moment I thought to not have become what does that do to I mean, really think about what that does, I really contemplate for myself what that means. What that means truly, is that when I'm reading the Quran, I'm reading the words of someone who wants me to change for the better. And he means well for me, and he's saying this out of love, that's all embedded inside moment a lot on MLB Comm. First, I'm going to give you an overview of the

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site, then we'll dive a little bit deeper, what she found when the map is sold or so council that is supposed to steer you in the in a better direction that comes from your master was she the second description, there's going to be four descriptions. So four things the Quran is for humanity. He says what she found on Lima,

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and a healing for what lies inside the chests.

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healing for an LC, what LC whatever healing for whatever lies inside the chest. That's number two. So counsel, and healing, I'm using one word descriptions now, counsel from your master healing for what's in the chest. Then he says, well, who then what I've met and what I've gotten sorry, and guidance, which is something we've heard a lot, but we, in my mind, when we hear certain terms a lot, they become cliche, so we stop connecting with them the way that we should, because we hear them all the time and guidance is one of those words, we'll try to revisit that word today. What I'm not doing and an act of loving care. And Mercy is a common translation of Rama but those of you that

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are familiar with my lectures, I tried to go to the root essence of the word and its loving care. So what has come the Quran is being described as counsel from your master healing for whatever lies inside the chest guidance. And and on top of that, an act of loving care from our for those who believe for meaning for believers. So that last part is like more personal meaning it's it's exclusive to the believers. So what I want to do now before we dive a little bit deeper, is show you this profound you know, parable really that's being given it's figurative language, this is figurative language and what Allah has done by using the clue that the context clue that this is

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figurative language, is the word shifa. And there's a key idea in it, and there's there's kind of images and both of those things are happening at the same time. There's a there's, he's saying something but saying something, you know, implant implying something more. And he's also using figurative language. So how does that work here on the side? You see, well think of somebody who is,

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you know, who's getting advice about staying healthy, because sci fi means healing, right. So we're talking about health for a moment. So let's not talk about spirituality, we're talking about physical, you know, your physical, bodily, bodily health.

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The first thing is, somebody gives you good advice about stay away from these foods, have the sleeping habits have you know, eat these healthy healthy foods, make sure you get these in these nutrients, etc. Make sure you get enough walks in or get, get the sun in, etc, etc. which vitamins are important for you. All of that is council that is being given to you advice that's being given to you that's meant to keep you away from getting sick. Right, that's, that's step one. So you know, the old saying the apple and apple a day keeps the doctor away the The point being just, you know, have a healthy lifestyle, so you don't become sick. But you can't have a healthy lifestyle. If

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you've never been educated about what you're showing what you should or shouldn't be eating. Right, what you shouldn't shouldn't be consuming. So the first step is, in fact, moreover, but when sometimes people listen to the council or they don't listen to the council, maybe they don't, they fall off a little bit. And because of unhealthy practices, they start becoming sick. Now when they become sick, it's not just the point of just giving them counsel, stay away from this, eat these fruits and whatever that's not going to heal you anymore. You need something more you need to undo the damage that has been done. And now that's the role is this person like that has become sick,

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59

they go to a physio

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They go to somebody who has the expertise and knows what to heal, that they're suffering from. And they're going to give them medication, they're going to give them a prescription. They're going to give them certain prohibitions. Absolutely. You know, for a diabetic, they'll have a certain prescription are not just prescription of medicine, but also a prescription of staying away from certain foods. Absolutely. Because they'll, they'll spike your insulin. Or they'll they'll spike your sugar levels or whatever. On the other side, you could be you know, somebody who's being told, stay away from Salt, because they're being given. So not just medication, but they're being

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absolutely things that are that are going to hurt you. You cannot touch them, just stay away from them. And then someone says, Oh, you just don't want me to have good chicken, you hate me. And they go and eat that anyway. Or you just don't want me to enjoy chocolate cake. That's why you just you just, You're just jealous. And you I just want to live my life. And this person who says I don't want this. This doctor just gives me bad news keeps telling me I can't do this. And I can't do that. And they go and eat their chocolate cakes. And they have their, you know, their their salty chickens or whatever they have. Who are they hurting? Or is the doctor being hurt? Are you being hurt? So

00:26:06 --> 00:26:48

Shiva is actually healing prescription medication advice that is supposed to protect you, and also undo the damage that has been done. That's what chifa is, it's undoing a sickness, undoing the effects of a sickness, that's chifa then comes Okay, fine, you got better. Right. So first, it was counseled to advice that would give you a healthy lifestyle. Now there is healing, now that you've been healed, you don't want to go back to the old ways. You want to follow a different, you know, set of set of principles to stay away from falling into that trap. And by the way, if somebody has become sick, then they have to follow a specific kind of lifestyle after getting better, not only

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because they may fall into the original sickness, but they are susceptible to other sicknesses now, because they're not as strong as they were before. Or now they're their body has changed because of the experiences that they've had. So they need guidance on what to do thereafter. They can't just be left to their own devices. And so the idea of medical guidance or medical help, right, going to the professional is actually made up of mostly law shifa and Hoda, it's actually these three steps, talk to a physician that is worth their salt, pun intended. But talk to anybody who's in this in the medical profession. The first thing is prevention. And that's normally law. And then there's,

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there's the cure, there's the treatment, the surgery, the whatever. And then after that there is instructions, you know, post surgery, post op instructions literally Hold up. That's what that is. But there's one thing that isn't there. In the relationship between a patient and a doctor and something isn't there, you know, what's not there, the doctor may or may not, they may care about your well being. But they're not personally invested in you for the rest of your life. Not necessarily, they don't love you. They're not constantly checking on you. And they didn't give you this advice because of their love for you necessarily. They give you this advice, because it's their

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job to do so. And you may be one of 100 patients, and a lot of times you'll meet physicians that do care about their patients. And a lot of times, most of the time you meet physicians that you're just a number, you're just an insurance bill that's going to be paid. You're just next next next, you know, and they'll just don't even make eye contact. They're looking at the chart and saying Yeah, yeah, prescribe and they'll talk to the nurse they won't even talk to the patient isn't the call it bad bedside better. Right? So who's going to care for the patient is not going to be the doctor, it's going to be the family members that are going to say, hey, do you need some water? Can I press

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your feet? Can I do this? Can I do that? You know they're going to be it's not that the doctor is going to come in, do his three things, or even really just try to do that chef are recommended. And then the rest is up to you. There's no follow up. There's no necessarily intensive kinds of care and concern, just let me know when things are getting really bad, then let me know. So the drama part, the loving care part is left to the loved ones, right? But what did Allah do in the cya? Now let's take that take that that scene that I've painted for you of that relationship between patient and doctor. Now think about what Allah has done. He's basically described us as those who need to follow

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good counsel to remain healthy, emotionally, spiritually, socially, basically in life

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basically in life

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and he's given us advice in the Quran, that you know advice is the kind of thing just like motivation right? You it depletes motivation can go down and you hear something and it motivates you again. You know, you have somebody who mentors you who gives you good advice, who hears you hear something from them and they, they pick you back up, like those of you that are into exercise. If you're

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

Exercising by yourself, you can drop off. But if you have somebody mentoring, you say, Come on, let's get up, we got to do this and they set goals for you, you're gonna stay on top of it. molar Illa means there's a council there's a mentorship that's there to keep you kind of realigned towards the right course, that's more a lot counsel from your master. This shapes for me personally, and this isn't I'm getting to the point why I chose this idea to inshallah cast the shade on the rest of Ramadan for me, or in light of it that I want to spend the rest of Ramadan. I wanted to do this Ramadan, a personal, I do that anyway. But this time, I want to merge the two projects, just my

00:30:38 --> 00:30:51

personal reading of the Quran. Every day, there are IR that I contemplate on I think about as I'm reciting, but then there's some IR that you just your heart just stops it just kind of what

00:30:52 --> 00:31:33

it just, you get paused by what Allah is saying, right, personally, and I will take note on this, I really touched me. And it really affected me in a way that I had never experienced before. And I'd make a small note of why. Why did I do that. And that's my personal connection to the Quran. But this year, what I'm doing in sha Allah is actually going back from the beginning reading the Quran again, of course, as we do, but whenever an ion touches me for it's, it's more ala, its counsel, for me personally not for you, not for Oh, somebody emailed me a question. And I thought about it. And let me see what Allah says about that. Not for you, it's about myself. Because, you know, it's one

00:31:33 --> 00:32:10

thing for me to sit here in a position of telling you, or trying to advise you about how you should connect with the Koran better. But I think the most genuine way to do that is for me to do that myself, and to share with you how I'm doing it myself, because at the end of the day, we should all have a personal, deep, profound connection with the Koran. And we should, we should seek its counsel. And I want to show you that process that I engage in for myself. So every day, I'm going to pick up the lecture, this lecture is long, it's going to be maybe 45 minutes or an hour or something. But the Ramadan sessions are going to be 1015 minutes at the most. I want your attention

00:32:10 --> 00:32:41

span to remain I want you to benefit from something I personally benefited from as I was reciting. So I don't know the plan, I don't know what I am going to share with you on the first day of Ramadan, or the next or the next or the next that's going to depend on where the heart settles and when when I do find a council that really does, like Hit me harder that I'm going to go and contemplate that I discuss it with some colleagues, study it a little bit and then share some of those findings with you inshallah, that's my plan is from Oban. Just to allow the Quran to be counseled for my personal life. It's a completely selfish exercise. So that's what I'm doing. I know

00:32:41 --> 00:32:48

that might sound sound disappointing some of you, but that's okay. There's plenty of other Facebook pages and YouTube channels. So

00:32:49 --> 00:33:24

so this this is more a little bit on the council that comes from your master. So you know what that does for you. But this year when you're reading the Quran, okay, you're reading a story in the Quran? Well, what's Allah? What's, what's the council Allah is giving me when he's talking about telling me what the Pharaoh said, What's the council Allah is giving me? How is he steering my course, when he's talking about this previous nation? Or what's the council was giving me when he's describing this person or that person or he's giving this law or what every time you read an AI everything you read, you read it from this, you put these lower level eyeglasses on and you're

00:33:24 --> 00:33:38

looking at the council that Allah has given you. What is Allah telling me here? What does he want from me? What does he the purpose of lower Eva? Is to touch your heart? How will this ayah touch my heart as a question you ask yourself? How does this make me feel?

00:33:40 --> 00:34:06

And you know what all of us are suffering from something all of us are suffering from a painful experience. All of us are suffering from some kind of loss, some kind of abandonment, some kind of scar from the past, there's no human being free from that. And I'm in Santa Fe cupboard. Some of you are still you know, recovering. Some of you are emotionally scarred some of you are physically scarred, you know, physically sick. So difficulty and trauma, trauma traumatic experiences in this life,

00:34:07 --> 00:34:50

are are part of all of our lives. And so the next thing I'm looking for in the Quran is what she found the MFI sudo for the pain that I have inside my chest, for something that still hurts me for something that lingers inside me that or you know, and it's not just pain, you know, the what is inside the chest are diseases of the heart like greed and selfishness and you know, being self absorbed and arrogance, and you know, this is inside the heart can be heedlessness an addiction to entertainment or to distract yourself, you know, lust these are all sicknesses that can can take hold inside of our heart. But then there are also pains inside the heart. There's also emotions

00:34:50 --> 00:35:00

inside the heart that linger, a feeling of loneliness, of not being heard of not being understood, of not being loved. Those are also things that lie inside the chest or your anxiety.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Fear. Those are real emotions that can lie inside somebody's chest that can keep them turning, tossing and turning like the person in a ship that was about to sink. There's somebody physically sinking on a ship. And then there are people that are emotionally sinking, spiritually sinking, that's a reality. And he says, that He has given me and you personally, healing a medication cure for whatever is going on inside the chest. It's so powerful. I want that. I want to see it. I want to feel it. And I want to explore and I want to dig deeper and deeper in it. And so this this second item is it's so powerful. It's telling you and me that all of us are suffering from something that's

00:35:41 --> 00:36:19

a reality, because there's no need for shifa, there's, if there's no model, right? There's no need for healing, when there's no when there's no sickness. And he didn't just say she felt that she thought only ma this will do healing for what lies inside of the chests. You know, it's so beautiful that he used this, this this wording, because He cares about what's going on inside. There are things that are going inside going on inside your chest that I will never know about, that your mom will never know about that your wife or husband will never know about your siblings will ever know about because they're happening inside your chest. They are your thoughts. They are your they're my

00:36:19 --> 00:36:22

fears. They're my anxieties, they're my sadnesses.

00:36:23 --> 00:37:04

They're my you know, they're my troubles, they're my burden. He knows what's inside. And he knows how to cure that. Like, there will be there will be things about you that you'll feel like your entire life will be spent and nobody will understand. There'll be secrets you'll keep to yourself. Something you keep in a vault inside yourself. It's just you and just you. And here Allah is they talk psychologists talk about the power of vulnerability, of being open, of being able to you know, share with someone, the things that scare you the things that make you weak, your humaneness, your flaws, that you can have a genuine relationship with your spouse if you do that, for example, or any

00:37:04 --> 00:37:40

relationship for that matter. If you have real genuine connection with somebody you you're you let your guard down. Well, this idea is about Allah saying, you don't have to have your guard up with me because I already know before you even say it, I already know what's inside you. Your vulnerability is where you began you are you are nothing but vulnerable before Allah until Woolfolk Allah is Allah. Right? So he already knows and he's going to give us that counsel, it's just that do we accept that we are vulnerable before allowed or not. And once he gives us that healing, then he mentions guidance. And when we talk about guidance, you know, we'll talk about things Allah made

00:37:40 --> 00:38:18

hanada and haraam guidance is about, you know, the rituals of worshiping Allah, that's also part of guidance, what to believe about God, what to believe about the afterlife guidance is what to believe and how to act, those are all acts of guidance, right? And Allah is telling us what to do and what not to do. That's guidance. But there's, it's powerful that Allah mentioned, that is number three here. Because when Allah gives you a counsel that demonstrates that he cares, and he gives you healing that makes you stronger, that makes you that sustains you that nourishes you, now you turn to Allah, his guidance, and you realize that that guidance every time is already the first two

00:38:18 --> 00:38:19


00:38:20 --> 00:38:47

So the guidance of Allah is actually counsel that steers you in a better direction, the guidance of Allah following it is actually healing. Now, your your view of Allah's rules, my view of Allah advices counsel, no matter how difficult it might be, I recognize something just like that patient who says, oh, you're just, you just don't want me to eat chocolate cake. You just want me to have a, you know, sugar less life.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:00

We see things different. Now. We see that what he's saying is for our own good, and we see guidance in a different way we see guidance with the lens of more Eva and Shiva.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:39

So and then then you appreciate the guidance for what it is. And when you start following that guidance. When you start following that guidance, when you start not only have you experienced a change, and I've experienced a change internally, we start feeling like we're healing by the by the beautiful loving Counsel of Allah's words, but we're actually now following the the instructions that he gave us. We're living by that guide, we're trying to at least we're taking one step we didn't take 1000 miles, we took one half step. When we take that one step, then you experience something that is special because now Allah considers you not just a member of humanity. He

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

considers you a true believer now, you came this far, you sought counsel from my words. You sought healing and you experienced it. You tried following my guidance. Now you get something that's special for you because you're not just the I began. Yeah, you have nuts, but look at what he does. He says what I'm meaning and

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

loving care for those who truly believe this I would suggest that Allah has given us in the Quran and through the Quran, his love and care. You start feeling a love from Allah that you never felt before. You know how tragic it is when you find people that hear Allah's word, or the here Allah read Allah Quran and they say, why is Allah so angry? Why is the less giving us these irrational rules? Why is Allah being so harsh? Why is Allah this why is because they have, they never gave him the word of Allah chance of being more enlightened Shiva. So they can't see the whole time they definitely don't experience the Rama. They don't experience the loving care that's injected into

00:40:41 --> 00:41:03

every IRA. They don't see it. They can't even see even when I was talking about how they were still loving care. Because he's telling you about it so you don't go there. He doesn't want that for you. My if I'm alone will be our lobby calm your perspective on Allah. And under Quran completely changes when this becomes the foundation of your relationship with the Quran.

00:41:04 --> 00:41:17

Of course, we all have some relationship with the Quran. But sometimes our relationship is just that read. Sometimes a relationship is just studying to see sometimes sometimes our relationship is just recognizing the Arabic grammar of

00:41:18 --> 00:41:55

you know, or memorizing it. Sometimes our relationship is just listening casually to recitation or a lecture or something that's that's all cron is for us. This year, let's make put on different for ourselves. Let's make it more a lot than men would be now wish she thought Wendy Murphy so do you know what Hoda? warahmatullah Let's make it our mercy. Let's make it our guidance. And then he says at the end little more meaning for those who truly have faith. So by the time you go through this process, you're not just your your nurse, you actually become real believers. It also the shout out in the cya seems to be the indication seems to be that those who accept this journey with Allah's

00:41:55 --> 00:42:04

words, that Allah blesses their life with special Rama that comes because of the Quran.

00:42:05 --> 00:42:19

And so the Prophet slicin and when he Allah gave this idea to him, and Allah has talked about his favorites, and many places in the Quran, not one, lots of places and liquiline, he talked about his favorites, but look at what Allah did, when he talks about this favor, that what has come to us.

00:42:20 --> 00:42:48

He says, Only before mela he will be remedied. By the way. I know that my my introduction seemed like it was completely different from where we are now. Right. But think back about what I was saying. What do people say can you give give us a different kuranda. And there's people that are completely content in this life and they don't want to think about anything else. People that are in complete denial of Allah's word of connecting with Allah, they have no hopes of meeting with Allah, the Quran is going to be a way in which our hearts can meet with a live reading.

00:42:50 --> 00:43:27

It's actually a response. Look, look at the tragedy of humanity who didn't appreciate what they were given. And now you have a chance. Now, do you want to be like that, too? That's the invite here. All this is the 58th. I will tell them the profit is being told. We firstly learn you will be remedied only by the favor of Allah, and only by his loving act of mercy. You know how in the beginning we said, people find it weird. Why would they be made a priority? Remember that second idea? Why would they be such a big deal to God, who's got an entire universe to run? Allah says tell them by the special favor of Allah, and by this unique loving care from him.

00:43:29 --> 00:43:36

That's why that's why you've been given this. You weren't given this to put a burden on you. You were given this because you're being loved. They're given this because you're being favored.

00:43:38 --> 00:43:42

That's why you're given Quran. You're someone special to Allah.

00:43:43 --> 00:44:08

This is, I mean, just internalize that. Just think about what that means to you. What think about what that means to me. Because we didn't earn it. We didn't earn this Koran. It's before Lila, he will be Rama t to be danika folly of Rahu. Then because of that, because of that favor that can never be competed with. They should be filled with joy.

00:44:09 --> 00:44:11

They should be overrun with joy.

00:44:12 --> 00:44:25

I find it remarkable that Allah says for your for who after he said she felt really bad for sudo healing for what is in the heart in the chest means there's pain, there's sadness, there's fear, it's the opposite of joy.

00:44:26 --> 00:44:49

And he says the fact that I gave you a means to overcome your your pains. And I did that in a way that demonstrates my love to you for that alone You should be filled with joy just holding the Quran should fill you with joy. You know there are I tell you share something personal with you. There are times in my life that I felt so low that I feel like I don't even deserve a less book.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:52

So Shetlands was I don't even deserve it.

00:44:53 --> 00:44:59

Well, I would I you know and what people say doesn't matter abusing Mashallah, you have so much knowledge of the Quran.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

Who cares, people won't matter on Judgement Day. And just because I know a little more than you doesn't mean that I, I know where I stand with Allah. I know where I stand with Allah. And you know, we have to experience this joy with the Quran you do and I do. There's, we're on equal footing here because this is not about who knows more and who knows less. It's not at all. This is about where our hearts are in our hearts. They fluctuate. Sometimes my heart is close to Allah. Sometimes my heart is far from Allah. Sometimes I'm in awe of Allah's words, sometimes I'm disconnected from Allah, his words, I'm human, I'm talking about me, you don't want to be on me, I have to experience

00:45:36 --> 00:45:38

this, I need this for myself.

00:45:39 --> 00:45:54

I nobody's in a place where they graduate from the School of eemaan. And now they're human is always high. It's not like that. You know, I'll share something else personal with you. You know, I don't know of anybody else who talks as much as

00:45:56 --> 00:46:02

and I keep, you know, talking about the Quran and lectures on the Koran. I've been doing it for decades, and I can't stop.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:48

I don't care if nobody's watching, I can't stop. Do you know why this is me verbalizing the word of Allah to myself, this is how I connect with the Quran by talking about it is therapeutic for me. It's my father, for me, donica for your crown, I swear by Allah, like, the use of series was going on. And I was like, every day when I would finish a dose I feel good inside, not because of the comments, or I just feel good that I got to spend time with those words, I get to air out the feelings and the thoughts that I have the contemplations that I have, I got to express them for myself. This is about myself, which is why I wanted to say that this Ramadan is something different

00:46:48 --> 00:46:52

it is for myself, it's just me and I'll you can tag along.

00:46:53 --> 00:47:03

Well, how you remember, my own is better than anything, whatever they're gathering, this is the conclusion. Oh, just, I mean, you know how people put like,

00:47:04 --> 00:47:07

weird stickers on their fridges at home.

00:47:08 --> 00:47:15

Like law means and all that you want to put a sticker on your fridge put for be Delica for your for who, because of that Quran, they should be filled in with joy

00:47:17 --> 00:47:58

they should be over for is more than sad. So either in Arabic means happiness. And you know what, for a lot of us, the fact that we won't have drama in our life, the fact that we won't have anxiety in our life, we can just breathe and breathe, a breath of peace and calm would be heaven. But this is not just come this is joy on top of that. For a lot of us, Joy isn't even real. You're just, you know, you think playing video games is joy, or you know, going and playing sports or having fun. You know, a lot of times people are doing these things to escape the tragedy of their life. It's not real joy. It's just temporary fix, really just an escape. You know, they're watching artificial

00:47:58 --> 00:48:31

calm, you know, artificial human and watching comedy to get a laugh. But sadness hasn't gone away. Because real joy hasn't been felt. Look at what Allah is offering you and me. He's offering the healing for our hearts guidance, loving care. And out of his favor. He's given us something that should be should fill us with joy. As if we've been looking for happiness in all the wrong places. You know, what's incredible about this is among the many things that are incredible about this idea, there is no place in the Quran, where Allah really talks about the secret to happiness. How do you become happy?

00:48:33 --> 00:48:38

How many people live their lives? I just want to be happy. Why can I just be happy? Why am I never happy?

00:48:39 --> 00:48:48

This was common, catastrophic questions in your life in my life? Why is it so hard to be some people are like, I can't remember the last time I was happy.

00:48:49 --> 00:48:50

You know how painful that is.

00:48:51 --> 00:48:54

And here Allah says, I can give you joy.

00:48:55 --> 00:48:58

I can make you happy. I can give you true contentment.

00:48:59 --> 00:49:27

true joy inside your heart. This is the offer from Allah. Be danika for your for who and because of that, then because of that fever alone, then they should be filled with joy. It is better than whatever else they're collecting. It's interesting that he used the word collecting. He could have said it is better than everything else. He didn't say that. He said it's better than everything else they're collecting. Because he's commenting on what we do in this life. We just collect.

00:49:29 --> 00:49:56

We collect followers on social media. We collect money. We collect shoes, we collect shopping items, we collect experiences, I want to go to this resort and that resort in that resort. I want to visit this city and that city in that city. We collect degrees. We collect credentials, collect, collect, collect, and every time we're trying to collect something, we're thinking it's going to bring us some kind of joy.

00:49:57 --> 00:49:59

When I collect enough credits, I graduate I'll have joy

00:50:00 --> 00:50:05

When I collect enough experience, I'll have a promotion I'll have joy collection collection collection collection.

00:50:06 --> 00:50:11

restarts time we started collecting Allah's words in our heart. That collection will give us joy.

00:50:12 --> 00:50:13

So be danika for those

00:50:15 --> 00:50:35

who hated me my phone, it doesn't those some of you know way more current than I will ever know. Some of you know almost nothing. That's okay. Because this is an about who knows and who doesn't know. Even the one who's known the Koran recites that every single day, maybe missing out on Monterey la shifa, who then would maybe be missing out on it.

00:50:36 --> 00:51:15

I don't want to miss out on it. I want to capture some of it everyday, what better months to get into the habit of finding healing from Allah's words, than this month? What better word I as as I engage in this series with you guys, I'm going to try to give you advice that I follow on trying to extrapolate guidance and a process by which you can, you can start your own journey, you don't have to become an expert before you start a journey with the crowd. You can start somewhere, there's help available. There's, there's things you can do even now. And so inshallah we're going to start I'm going to start, you know, doing that for you. Because as personal as this is, for me, it would give

00:51:15 --> 00:51:41

me tremendous joy. If each of you had your own connection, your own personal connection, not dependent on anybody else, with a less book, and you were able to explore your own answers, and you were able to ask and get the right answers to your own questions. But those questions are coming from a good place inside of your heart. So I pray that, that Allah really connects our hearts to the Quran, this Ramadan

00:51:42 --> 00:52:13

that allows me to really allows us to live the beautiful spirit of this idea, these two iaat and give us fill our hearts with joy because of his words that He gives us that it gives me that I pray that he gives me that and I pray for you that Allah gives you that each each one of you. And so let's embark on this journey together. I'm excited about it shall Moncada and I hope to see you guys soon. Thanks for tuning in barakallahu li walakum Fuqua, Hakeem, when a faculty what year come with it with the clock in Santa Monica

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