Islamic Solution To Prevent Rapes

Zakir Naik


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Dr Zakir Naik advises us on Islam’s solution to preventing rapes.

Snip it from the lecture “Misconceptions About Islam” – Dubai – Pt. 01

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Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter number 33 was number 59. Oh Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the believing woman that when they go abroad, they should put on the clock they should put on the jilbab

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so that they shall be recognized and it will prevent them from being molested. Quran says he job has been prescribed for the woman so that they shall be recognized and it will prevent them from being molested.

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I'd like to ask you a question that suppose two twin sisters who are very beautiful, who are equally beautiful as they're walking down the streets of Dubai, walking down along the condition.

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And if one twin sister she's wearing the Islamic hijab, the complete body covered except the face and hands up to the wrist and the other twin sister, she is wearing the western clothes, the miniskirts or shorts.

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And both of them are walking down the streets in Dubai along the condition. And if

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on the side, there is a Ruffin who's very far catch rain it is a girl. I'm asking the question, which girl will it is? Will it is the girl wearing the Islamic abilities the girl wearing the western clothes the miniskirts are shot with your abilities.

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Which girl

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but natural, the girl wearing the western clothes, the miniskirt for short. If you are inviting then you'll receive.

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Quran rightly says that he had been prescribed to prevent the woman from being molested. And after this, if anyone rapes any woman, the Islamic Sharia says that penalty.

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Many non Muslims say that penalty in this age of 21st century. Islam is a barbaric religion. It's a ruthless law.

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But when I asked this question, and I've asked this question to 1000s of non Muslims, that suppose God forbid, someone raped your mother, or someone raped her sister. And if you are made the judge, and the rapist is bought in front of you, What punishment will you give him?

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Believe me, all of them said 100% we will put him to death. Some went to the extreme of saying we will torture him to death.

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Or someone rapes your mother, your wife, your sister, you want to put into that someone did somebody else's mother, somebody else's sister say that penalty barbaric law. Why these double standards? Why?

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And do you know, America, USA, which happens to be the most advanced country in the world? Do you know it has one of the highest rates of rape in the world, the country which has one of the highest rate of rape in the world is USA. According to the FBI statistics of 1990 every day, 1756 cases of rape took place. According to the statistical US Department of Justice in 1996. Every day, 2713 cases of rape took place 19 91,000 750-619-9062 1007 and 13. Maybe the Americans got bold, bolder in six years time they were more bold.

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If you calculate every time to second one rep is taking place in America. You know we are here in this auditorium for the past one and a half. Already 150 rapes have taken place in USA during the time we are here.

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I'm asking the question that if you implement the Islamic Sharia, any man looks at a woman he should notice give. The woman should be modestly this complete body covered except the face and hands up the wrist. And after that any man rapes in human capital punishment, that penalty? I'm asking the question, will the rate of rape in America will it increase will remain the same? Or will it decrease?

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It will decrease. It's a practical law. you implement the Sharia you get results.

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That's the reason the least rate of rape in any country in the world. It's in Saudi Arabia.