Interviews at Islamic International School Mumbai

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Masha Allah, the main success that I feel

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of the school is that our interviews are very strict. The interviews we conduct so strict that the rules that we started, the rules are unheard of, we broke most of the conventional pattern. Normally, for the students, there were three interviews, the child and even the parents interviewed the father and the mother, their friend to go to interviews of average of one and a half for each and the final interviews taken by me

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and hamdulillah in the second year, we had 800 applications

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75 seats 800 applications. So, most of the years, we have 10 times more number of application than the number of seats and let me tell you, our school is one of the most expensive schools in Mumbai

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the fee they get to 25,000 rupees a month, which is very expensive average fees in Bombay 100 150 rupees the good convent schools, they charge 1000 rupee one and 1000 rupees, are they 25,000 rupees that is 600 in US dollars. No, no, there are other schools which are much expensive, but Islamic school Mashallah So, not that it is cheap, but yet no poor person can say that I did not get admission because I did not have money, we have 25% scholarship quota,

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the 25% of the seats, if the person does not pay a single rupee a month, you can get admission for 25% of the seats have been reserved for poor children. So in our school, we have Mashallah parents, who are earning more than a CRO per month, they may be millionaires, they were earning a million pounds, then there are some students whose parents earn 3000 rupees.

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But when we get scholarship, we transferred that amount of fees into the current account. When they get the money, they come and pay full fees to the cashier. So even the cashier does not know who the scholarship child it's only the management. Me, My wife was the principal and a few others who know who our scholarship children. So even the teachers don't know the scholarship child. So we maintain that secrecy to return for the money in the account. They come and pay full fees. So even the cashier does not know so that we have a proper system and equality while teaching