Is making money by Preaching Islam

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The next question

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from our scene, Tamil Nadu India Assalamualaikum Sir, this question is from a non Muslim who asked me is Dr. Zakir Naik preaching Islam for money through online social media etc.

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He quoted me a saying from Dr. Zack ignite that Islam is free. You don't need money to run Islam. And he's correct. Then what does he promote his video cassettes, DVDs for money, etc.

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He further said that Dr. has left his medical profession, which gave him earnings. And now he's earning more by preaching for Islam. I was quiet and I had no answer for this request. Please forward my message Dr. Zakir and I'm eagerly waiting for his reply. The basic question is posed by non Muslim that Dr. Larkin Nick said Islam is free. And we see that he's promoting his videos on the social media on YouTube, and he's selling you videos, you're getting money. So if swamishree that How come he is getting money and he's earning more money. He's earning more by preaching Islam than what you're earning before. And I agree with the person 100% I am earning most of up more blessings

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for the akhira by preaching Islam than what I was doing earlier as a medical doctor, I agree with him. But as far as acquiring money is concerned, never in my life Alhamdulillah I have charged for any of my books, or my videos, or any of my work or any of my services of Islam, or Malaysia that I give a free the books that our trust prints is given distributed free. There are other people who are printing my books and they're selling and selling Islamic books is not Hara. I give them permission. You can copy my book, you can print my book, you can sell them you can give them free you can make money. I've got no objection. Anyone prints my book and sells it It's better than

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printing books which are haram printing Islamic book, inshallah we'll get out. But as far as I'm concerned, I never sell any of my books. If we distribute my books, it is absolutely given free. I don't charge for copyrights. Also people are willing to offer large amounts. For copyrights of my book, I said, No, I cannot give you exclusive copyright for my books you want, you can print it, let others also print fame for DVDs. All my social media accounts are absolutely free. Even the PCBs free.

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In the social media account, what happens that other people copy my videos, and they give ads, which I don't object.

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Many people do get more views. They put photographs of actresses. You know, and I've never spoken about that is that and then once I see that luck your next picks on padmavathi said what is the padmavathi when I google I come to know it's the latest movie that had come.

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So they are doing this to attract which I don't agree to correct. So if they're doing something wrong, they will get the money. But as far as the sahab is concerned the millions that are watching will come to me. So none of my activity this nomic activity ever have I charged for the only activity that my trust also has ever charged is for the school that also it is not a profit we have spent crores of rupees millions of dollars running the school. It's not profit making at all. And neither do I take any remuneration from my trust. I don't take any salary. Even when I go for giving lectures, the clauses in the lecture that I will pay my own etiquette, I will take care of my own

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hotel accommodation. Only thing I have to arrange for the visa. That's my condition. But if the host forces me and doesn't allow me to pay for the hotel I cannot afford but the ticket always I mean unless it is from a government. If I'm official guests of the head of state, I cannot argue too much. If I'm being called backing, and by the president or prime minister of a country, that at the time, I don't insist that I pay for my own ticket. Otherwise, always even the awards that I've got for the King Faisal award, I got $200,000 the defendant 50,000 and even for the Holy Quran award from Dubai a million drum that more than 270,000 US dollars, all of that. I don't need it for walks

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but let me tell you, if someone takes salary for dava, it is not haram as long as he does not charge more than his market value. But as far as I am concerned, I don't take because I want to busaba because I left my profession. And I do not charge for any of my activities. In fact, I spent from my own side. Allah subhanaw taala has blessed me. I spent few hours in business maybe a couple of days in a month during holidays and hamdulillah as to make millions of dollars in a year and majority of my earnings is to charity. So Allah subhanaw taala has given me more indictable also Alhamdulillah if I done my medical profession, I wouldn't have earned millions of dollars and you're not at all I

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don't think so. But because I'm doing in the way of Allah subhanaw taala the small businesses that do

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It gives me Alhamdulillah a lot of profit that the reason I could send you know crores of rupees millions of dollars back to India it may have been money

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and majority of it, I give to charity Alhamdulillah and

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all the social media platforms even pitch TV, the pitch TV was started the company was started for our money but it was worth

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if I want to commercialize pitch TV imagine 200 million people watching and if I say let the nominal charges for a monthly subscription for a channel, it's $5 even if I charge a $2 and out of 200 million, even if 2% suppose,

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pay that is 4 million multiply by $2 I get $8 million a month multiply by 12 close to $100 million

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and the cost is just a small portion of that, but what am I willing to do with this money? This money cannot buy me Jenna because the moment I start charging, the viewership will come down to 2%. And now 25% of the viewership or non Muslims on the pitch TV network, if it comes down to 2% on Muslim is watching what will I do with the money

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for the money how Beloved Prophet masala saddam said that you offer to retire sooner before the fudger salah and that is more valuable than the Earth and the West in it. So if you truly love Allah subhanaw taala understand Islam, the value of the Sahaba is multiple time within the money but if you go for Allah subhanaw taala for the Hara, Allah says in the Quran, if you strive for Hara Allah will give our current dooney also, and has given me millions of times much more than what I deserve hundreds of million times. I don't deserve the fame. I don't deserve the wealth, the earning and approval of some Alhamdulillah. Even if I tank a billion times taller for what he has given to me,

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it would not be sufficient. I will not be scratching the surface it will not be a drop in the ocean.