If Qur’aan is a Book of Knowledge, then Why are Muslims Backward

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Salam Alaikum doctor,

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it's my honor to sitting here. Sorry, standing here asking this question. At the same time I'm very sad to ask this question.

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If the Quran is a book of the guidance, and the Islam is his religion of the, with the knowledge and and all this, then why we are Muslim, as a nation as a majority, we are standing in the back among the nations.

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Why when we compare our nation with other nations, we see a big hole between between us and them.

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With us very good question, very important question. very relevant question.

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That is Koran has so much of information regarding science technology. It's a book of knowledge, book of guidance and my RV Muslims backward. It's a very good question. The reason is, if we look back into the history, from the eighth to the 10th century, we read in the historical books the Europeans, they call it as the Dark Ages, that for whom, not for the Europeans, the Arabs the the advancement they made in science and technology was phenomenal.

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If you had to know about science, if you want to do research of science, you had to learn Arabic.

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Today we learn English

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at that time, the Muslim on top of the world because we were close to Quran and Sunnah.

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Today the reason the Muslims are backward is because we are far away from grandson. So Quran is not to blame, you and I are to blame.

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If you read in the books of SDN books of science,

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I said in my lecture interface, interface extended after the Quran was revealed was the first to describe the blood circulation in a textbook.

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We know about William Harvey, we don't know about him in office. So two reasons. Number one, Muslims have gone away from crime. So number two media. You know, media also plays a big role in it. In our textbook in my school, I never heard about him in office. After he came in my textbook was mentioned William Harvey.

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The first person who do the world map of the world was at least rusi 1154. He was a Muslim.

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Do you know the numbers that we have 123 fourths it called? What's it called? 1234.

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What is called

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Arabic numerals how we have Roman numerals one two Atomy numeral Why? Because zero was first introduced by the Indian the atoms took it up, put a decimal point and we have the Arabic numerals.

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If you look to see, he was the one who discovered the Pythagoras theorem,

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which we learned in school, we learn Pythagoras theorem, we don't know the name of

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the square of the hypotenuse is equal in a triangle. The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the other two sides of the triangle.

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Remember you forgotten you remember Mashallah good students who was a positive discarded

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now you came to the correct Better late than never a leprosy Muslim?

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Did nama tree villandry Dmitri

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who's the main person of techno Mattel biruni

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Milan chemistry, who's the father of chemistry?

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We know Gerber Gerber, it's not glamorous job.

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They want to you know, change the name westernize it giver. So gamma looks like a Westerner sounds like a Westerner? Correct? It is jabber jabber of neon. He is the father of chemistry wrote more than 200 pages 2000 pages. He was the first to distilled

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alcohol. Alcohol comes from the Arabic word alcohol,

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alcohol, meaning even spirit can distill it. How many people know what I can do? at a time in Newton, who's the biggest scientist in the world history. Newton said all laws absolute alkyne. They said no all laws are not absolute the relative later on Albert Einstein came.

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All I heard about Einstein how many of us have heard about al Kindi.

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The two brothers,

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Muhammad Ahmed and Hassan Shakur. They told the area of the Earth from I kneel at the Red Sea

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at the time

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When will individual shows whether the earth was spherical or not? At that time they chose the area of the earth, which was quite accurate.

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If you read about

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Alinea bus, he wrote 2000 pages on medicine.

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If you know about Olive nesina everything I've ever seen there's only a Western unlimited le Messina and it's total of the East. You can keep on giving example Muslim on top of the world

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because we will close to Quran and Sunnah. today. We are far away from the Quran and Sunnah.

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That time, if you wanted to get advanced in science and technology, it was compulsory, you learn Arabic, Arabic was the language on top of the world today. Where is it?

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Who's to blame? We are to blame.

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So my request to all the Muslim brothers and sisters, you go back to the Quran, study the Quran. Quran is the most positive book in the world. It's a proclamation to humanity. It's a fountain of mercy and wisdom. It's a warning to the heedless. It's a guide to the airing. It's an assurance to those in doubt. It's a solution to the suffering and the hope to those in despair. You can get all these benefits only if you read the Quran with understanding. If you don't know Arabic, read the translation of the Quran in the language you understand the best implemented inshallah. It will be a guidance for you for your full life. And you see a life change. Hope that answers the question.