Does Islam Believe in Rebirth- If Suicide is Prohibited, why Muslims Blow Themselves Killing Others

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Good evening, everyone. My name is Sanjay.

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I'm working here in landmark our company as an admin executive.

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I got a few questions, but I lost one or two questions regarding this the Islam. First question is

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dual Islam I believe in rebirth. And the second question is in Islam, it's not allowed to commit suicide. But many people that in Pakistan in Arabic countries, they are blowing themselves up and they are killing many people. So Who are they? Who are the peoples they are motivating them whether they are for really Polonaise Lamarr? Who is motivating them? That is my question, sir. Those are the two questions. The first question, does Islam believe in rebirth? And the second question that is suicide prohibited in Islam? How come people in Pakistan other part of the world, they're blowing up themselves and killing themselves? The two questions as far as the first question is concerned

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that does Islam believe in rebirth?

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If you ask only in rebirth, yes, Islam believes in rebirth.

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What we believe that a human beings come to this world once the Quran says that we give you life and come on this earth, then we cause you to die, and then we resurrect you again in the next life. This is exactly what is mentioned in the Vedas. If you read Rick Wade, book number 10. It speaks about poor gentleman corner. Miss next genom means life. So the way he speaks about poner genom about the next life. But

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unfortunately, most of the Hindus, they misunderstand the meaning of foreigner

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foreigner myth next gentleman's life, we believe in the next life. You say poner genom use a rebirth we have no problem. But

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most of the Hindus, they believe in a philosophy known as samsara is a Sanskrit word samsara which means birth, that birth, that cycle of reincarnation, a cycle of birth, that birth that birth or death, this cycle of birth, that birth that all samsara or reincarnation is nowhere to be found in the Vedas. What the quote is a verse of Bhagavad Gita.

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Chapter number two was number 22, which says that, like a human being, takes off the old clothes and puts on new clothes. Same way the soul throws away the old body and puts on the new body. As far as this is concerned, I've got no objection with Geeta, it further mentioned, even in the Upanishads

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that like a caterpillar walks up a grass of blade, it jumps on to the new grass, I have got no problem. Now as far as the scriptures are concerned, if you take the literal meaning of the way, we does not speak about the cycle of birth, that the word that but only speaks about pruner genom, next life, Islam speak the same, but most of the scholars of Hinduism, they could not understand that how can a human being be born with some congenital defect?

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How can you be born as a handicap? Some are born healthy, some are born handicap, some are born in rich family, some are born in poor family, so they thought this was injustice. So how could God be unjust therefore, they propounded the theory of samsara, which is nowhere to be found in the Vedas. The Vedas are considered as the highest Hindu scriptures and the Hindu scriptures we have this Murthy and you have the Sruthi Smithy means scripture that in by the human beings and Sruthi are the way that the new Punisher it's considered to be the Word of God. Now because they could not justify why some people are born in rich family, some in poor families, some are born healthy, some with

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Kensal defect, they propounded this theory of samsara as far as Islam is concerned, Allah says in the foreign insurable chapter number 67 verse number two lsv Kalika Mata Malhotra its Allah was created that and life to test which of his good deeds, this life you're leading is a test for the hereafter.

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And we believe that every child is born sinless is born Muslim.

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Irrespective whether he's born handicap or healthy, whether rich family poor family, all these things are a test for human beings, as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah chapter number two and Sudan fall chapter number eight was number 28. It says that surely we will test you with fear and hunger with loss of life

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and loss of what you have earned. As mentioned for Anfal, chapter number eight was number 28. That

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your children and your wife are a test for you. Now your V realize, the Quran says the children are a test for you. Now, if a child

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suppose is born, handicapped

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it's a test.

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For the parents, the parents may be very good. They may be pass. Maybe Allah wants to test them move, after giving them a child, which is handicap, yet do their faith in Allah or not. It's a test. So whenever any calamity before then human being, it's either a punishment or a test. Whenever any good thing happens in your life, it's either a reward, or it's a test.

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That does not mean if something bad happens, it has to be a punishment. It can be a punishment, it can be a test, if something good happens in your life, it can be a reward, or it can be a test. So yeah, Almighty God is testing the parents that do they have faith in Almighty God. So if a handicapped child is born, the parent may be an average Muslim. And if he says, oh, why my child only has to be born handicapped. Why my child has to be born with a congenital heart disease, unless testing them, the people who are good Muslims, they will say,

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Allah this time, no problem yet, we thank Allah subhana wa Taala. And more difficult the test.

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More higher as the reward to pass a simple graduation of ba easy, but to pass MBBS is difficult. The moment you pass MBBS in front of any medical doctor, Dr. Forster, higher status, examination is difficult. The honor is more. So Almighty God test different people different way the child that is born, what the Hindu said, then the scholars in his previous janome. In his previous birth, he did a sin, therefore he was more handicapped.

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They didn't have any other justification. If you do good deeds, then you're born healthy. So what Hindu scholars they propounded that every living creature, it keeps on changing according to them, the universal better Hinduism is all living creatures, I have brothers.

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So sometimes you're born as an animal, sometimes as a bird, sometime as a rat, sometimes as a cockroach, some damaged human being. And the human being is the highest level and you're born as a human being seven times. So they came with this philosophy because they could not justify why a child is born rich or poor, handicap or healthy. Similarly, for a person who's born poor is a test for him. For the rich people, he has to give Zakat, every rich person or the saving of more than any sub level edifact grams of gold, he or she should give 2.5% of that saving every lunar year in charity for the poor person.

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For him,

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he gets full marks in soccer. He's poor, so he has to give nosaka 100 100. But we say Gary Barton, the poor man.

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Poor man, he is 100 out of 100

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the rich man if he gives property, he made 100 out of 100 he says okay, fine, I have got so much wealth. This part is exempted from Zakat, he may give 50%

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of Zakat, so you can make it a point he may not give back at all. So imagine, suppose there's a question or there's a question in a question paper which is very easy. Should you be happy or sad.

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So when a person is born poor, actually in soccer, he gets 100 out of 100 therefore, Beloved Prophet said it's easier for a poor man to go to gender than a rich man. But we've got a Gary Vee poor man. How sad.

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not sad, 100 100 and soccer.

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For the rich man, you have to give charity

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donation, he'll be accountable for his wealth.

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So what in Islam? We are born in this world once. And once it's sufficient, once we die, we are resurrected on the Day of Judgment. You want to call it rebirth? I've got no problem you want to call upon Arjuna I've got no problem with a life after death.

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But surely, if I agree with you for sake of argument, for sake of argument, what the Hindu scholars propound that you know,

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sometime you're born an animal sometime bird sometime human being I want to ask you the question whether in this world

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as every year is passing on, is the population of the human beings increasing or decreasing rather

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increasing or decreasing?

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Increasing very good.

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Is the sin in the world increasing or decreasing?

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I can't tell you

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increasing or decreasing.

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Sorry, engraving, human being the increasing and everything is increasing. If I agree with the philosopher Hindu scholars, more than increases the population of human beings should decrease

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So therefore, I believe in going to the highest scriptures VEDA when I talk whether given the talk earlier in Chennai, during the first peace conference, that was in 2004, similarities between Islam and Hinduism. And then I showed and compared that even in weird this piece about one God, no idol worship, and everything, to what is common between the scriptures we follow. So this, the cycle of samsara birth that bird that is nowhere to be found in the Vedas. It's the philosophy of the Hindu scholars to justify because they could not justify why human beings are born poor or healthy, which I've given you the answer in Islam.

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As far as the second question is concerned, that is suicide Haram in Islam is a prohibited If yes, then why do people commit suicide is somebody instigating them suicide bombing? The Quran says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was the 195 that do not make your own hands the cause of a destruction. So according to the Quran, committing suicide is haram, it is prohibited.

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So as far as committing suicide, it is prohibited as far as killing any other innocent human being. The Quran says in Surah majda chapter number five was the mentality

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that if anyone kills any other human being, whether it be Muslim or non Muslim, unless it be for murder, or for spreading corruption in the land, it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity. And if anyone saved than human being, it's as though you are saved all of humanity. So killing any innocent human being, whether it be a Muslim or non Muslim, it is prohibited in Islam. So if anyone

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whether he puts a bomb without killing himself or with killing himself, if he kills innocent human being, it is prohibited.

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So as far as killing innocent human being is concerned, it is permitted if you use it as a strategy of war.

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You know, the Japanese used to do the suicide, you know, initially very good suicide bombing from according to a professor who wrote a book, dying to win America.

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He says that the first people who did suicide bombing were the LTT

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Tamil Tigers, but then the blame is put Muslim nanowire in the media.

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Have you ever heard

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of any Muslim doing suicide bombing? It was first the LTT.

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And then the Americans, and maybe some of the Muslims, blacks it may have picked up. But who were the originators. But yet when Caesar permin comes, the terrorists are labels that Muslims in China a few years back, and also given the talk on terrorism and jihad, an Islamic perspective that I've described in detail about this answer of suicide bombing as far as Islamic perspective is concerned, but killing innocent human being and committing suicide is haram.