Wahaj Tarin – Allah is Kareem

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a character named Jesus who is criticized for his actions and portrayed as a brat. Jesus's brat is described as small and insignificant, and his gifts are discussed as worthless. The transcript also mentions a video where Jesus gives gifts to people, including water and a meal, to entice them to come to the palace.
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So they say, in the olden days, there was a couple living in the desert.

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And life in the desert is difficult enough by itself. But that year, there was a famine or drought.

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And the couple were really struggling.

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So, eventually the wife tells the husband says, Listen, why don't you go to the Capitol, to buckle down

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and go to the court of the halifa.

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And put your case there for him to take

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pity on you and give you from his wealth, to ease and your situation.

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And Holly for was known as a noble, benevolent, generous individual.

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So the husband agreed, and decided he was going to take the long trip, to buckle down

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to the Capitol, to go and put his case to the court of the halifa.

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But an Arab culture and an Arab tradition and in Muslim tradition, do you normally take a gift with you when you go to someone's house?

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So noble man, thought I can't go empty handed, so looks around what's the most precious asset that he has that he could take

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to the halifa.

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So looking around, the most precious thing in the desert is water.

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So he filled the water bag full of water from his local well

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put that on the back of his mount, and decided to make the long trip to Buffalo that

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now when he reached the land of the Capitol,

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he saw

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two rivers Cause you know,

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arap Bhagavad is known as the place of the two rivers.

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And he's brought a bag of water, in comparison to this, which belongs to the holly.

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His gift all of a sudden seems so small and insignificant, and I can just imagine the insecurity,

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smallness that he feels as he walks up

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towards the palace.

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And he's announced, and he comes into the court of the halifa and humbly presents his gift

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which, compared to what already exists in the capital, and

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owned by the halifa Did you know The two rivers Euphrates is there and

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so small and insignificant,

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but the halifa is generous, he has been evident,

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is a Holly for

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so he takes this little gift, insignificant, almost meaningless gift,

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then gives it the honor

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and respect and acceptance befitting the majesty of a holiday

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and then responds and reciprocates by giving him and lavishing upon him gifts that would make him happy and not only make him happy ease and his difficulty back home and support his whole family.

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This notion is caught on generosity, benevolence, nobility.

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And Allah is Karim.

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Allah is Karim.

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So Allah Allah as takes the little that we give

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an expands it multiplies it

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and has an acceptance and acknowledgement

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in novela, hella yo for me more myth Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah is doesn't wrong a person in their minutus we're in taco hasn't it and your blog where you see me lead on who ajira now via email. But if you come with a good day

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he multiplies it.

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increases it in a manner befitting His Majesty

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and gives abundant reward and return

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because he is carried

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