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I got an inspiration from this person for all praises to God, for the world's peace and blessings upon Mr. Hammond and all of the prophets and messengers of God. And before I say anything more than apologize and events this week,

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on the other side of the tunnel at seven o'clock, so I don't want to be rude, and that's your fault. But it is what it is. I think it's very meaningful that we're here to really revive Dr. King's vision of America. And that's not to impart racism and militarism. And poverty is evil tripmines that we live in a country where we can be brothers and sisters, where we can work for the common good. And I think we're seeing something very significant happening in our country. Right now we see people coming together across various lines that formerly had divided us because we realize that is a common good and that common good is being neglected. We see people coming together because we're

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tired of living in a country where we can find hundreds of billions of dollars for bombs and other instruments of war. And we can find your new millions for WIC and food stamps.

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When agents of the state can go to a school of the White House, and wait for so called True grandparents to pick up their citizen children and take them away and leave those children's left to their own devices, devices. We're coming together. Because we're tired of living in a country where it's easier to evict a family that to educate a child.

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We're coming together because I'm tired of living in a country where a child and the rest of us like them based on the content of our character, nor on our human potential, or based on our market battle. We're coming together because we're tired of the tribalism that allows our collective enemy to manipulate us and set us against each other. We're coming together because we realize is time for us to put on subordinate whatever tribe we claim and affirm our membership in the human child.

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Only thing

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need to get rid of militarism and racism and poverty. So then 50 years from now just 50 years out from Dr. King tomorrow talking about he talked about

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will not have to be coming out of this means that they can come together to celebrate these men