#3 The Best Du’as for Them – For Those Left Behind

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boadilla will be a lot of time on who he narrates that a man after his death would be experiencing elevation in his rank with a loss of habitat and as he is elevating he asks Allah subhana wa tada a it'll be a U shaped and Javi Oh my Lord, what is this? Where is this coming from? Why am I elevating? And Allah subhana wa tada answers and says to him when I do stuff like that your son sought forgiveness for you.

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Can you imagine somehow how beautiful of a connection that is? That that person's soul is ascending through the ranks of agenda because of your because of your supplication and they know that it's because of your supplication. Now, here's the interesting thing. The man did not ask for elevation, he was asking for forgiveness for his father is still fought. And I want this to be a rule that you think about when you are thinking about the drives that are necessary for the debt. Its default starts with everything. Allahu Allah, Allah, O Allah forgive him, Allah forgive her. It is at the beginning of almost every day that the Prophet slicin A makes for the deceased is first and foremost

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is too far. He might be thinking you know well and I've actually heard this you know, that person was like an angel that person didn't do anything Masha Allah He was this Mashallah she was that first and foremost, you don't know all of the shortcomings of a person and while we assume well of a loss of hundreds Allah, we don't presume what that person's ultimate standing with Allah subhana wa tada is, how do we balance that with having Krishna been in love with having a good expectation of Allah? Well, I mean, look at some Abdullah even Kitab Arjuna is the book of Jenna is the funeral prayers. In an email mobile hottie. So here, the first Hadeeth he actually puts is the hadith of Abu

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Dhabi a lot of times that the Prophet slicin um, said, that whoever says that Allah will enter Jannah will enter into paradise and who says even if he committed adultery and stole and the prophets license says even if he committed adultery and stole, that does not be literal, the the sin, the crime of adultery and theft, that is the husband of one and lost parents out of the good expectation of a law, that eventually that person will enter into agenda. And that's the wisdom of the mumble hottie starting off with that Hadith. But still, you don't know what shortcomings the person actually had. On top of that, what's the connection between Estefan and elevation seeking

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forgiveness and a person being elevated in their rank, not all is too far is because of a sin that you recognize even of yourself. What's the first thing we do after we pray, I stuff we have a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff a lot. So every is default, is either a form of expiation, or a form of elevation, it is either a form of wiping out sins are a form of increasing in your good. And so it's default is very prominent and very powerful. And I also want to say something that that I think is really important for us when we buried a person, the most desperate times in our own lives, or when our do as our most sincere, I'm talking about on an individual level, think about how desperate and

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how vulnerable that person is, now that they've gone to the grave. And they're awaiting those angels to come ask them. And this is going to be a very important moment for them. And what happens afterwards is no less important. And they can't make out for themselves. They can't seek forgiveness for themselves. They're depending on you to make those sincere do house for them. So how to love me. So think about that role and that responsibility that you have. It's priority over mentioning the good things, it's priority over, you know, saying that we're going to be okay saying that everything is going to move on its priority to make up for that person particularly to seek forgiveness for

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that person. And so, a few of these jobs the most famous one is from Alvin medical, the law of town hall, where he said that I heard the Prophet slicin say, at the occasion of the death of one of the companions, a llama fella who wore ham while he was one who were actually Newsela Wasserman. Hala Watson, who when you were 30 Well, why don't why not the human and hotwire camera you're not a 30 minute Dennis, this is the drought that you're most likely to hear when you go to the graveyard it is the most famous two out of the profit slice and one that you can make in the janazah after the third tech beat and one that you can make at the graveyard and one that you can continue to make

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afterwards especially in the immediate term after death a llama Hola Hola. Humble Ola forgive him or her and have mercy on him while after he was 100 and grant them safety and forgive them pardon them once again. Well, I couldn't Missoula and honor the place that they are now settling honor the place that they are now

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Suddenly, well let's start with the holla and expand the entrance. Watson who will not he will tell you all about and wash them with water and snow and hail. Why not he you know how by a camera you're not pathetic will mean a dentist and purify that person of sin the way that a white garment is purified of dirt. In some of the other dramas of the prophets lie Selim you'll even see what is prominent in our own drawers that you mentioned the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and invoke the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala which is something that is to be done in our duras to mention the laws, attributes, and so hello, one of the most powerful drivers that I could think about there, and

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one of my favorite ones at the occasion of death is where the prophets lie Selim said Allahumma abacha web pnuematic Oh Allah, this servant of yours, the son of a servant of yours

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is now in need of your mercy is in need of your mercy. Well until honey you and another baby and you are not in need of punishing that person as paler look at the next part of the drought in Canada Marcin fuzz if he has an anti war in Canada, we'll see him but the job was on. If that person was righteous was good as we assume of that person, then increase them in their good and if that person was falling short, then overlook their shortcomings out of the Halloween. This is a beautiful and comprehensive and short and the last one that I'll mention is one that I actually mentioned in the angel series and talking about Abu Salah all the time, when the Prophet sly Salaam closed his eyes

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and said that do not make up for anything except that it will be beneficial because the angels are going to say I mean to what you are going to say so be careful with the words that you are about to say. Abu Salah are the allowed time man who has passed away and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said allama Fridley Abu Salah first and foremost, Allah forgive Abou selama waterfire Adela Jetta who philomathean It starts off with a draft for his hereafter and elevate his ranks waterfire de la Jetta who will Maddie elevate his ranks amongst those who are rightly guided. And then he mentions what San Jose Public he and make his grave spacious when no would allow fee and put light

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in his grave. So it starts off with the hereafter. Then it goes to the barossa and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says well loafie activity he lobbying to take care of his descendants to grant him succession in his descendants who have been left behind. So against hell, if you start to even break down this heavy there's a sequence that is present making your app first and foremost for his ultimate destination is ultimate destination. Remember, what a person is about to experience in the body is only a station of the ultimate destination, right? So first and foremost, waterfire Donal Jetta COVID-19, raised his ranks amongst the rightly guided, then make his grave spacious, and

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light it up a lot, then take care of his descendants. So you know, the last thing that I'll mention here, when you're praying for your loved ones, don't always stick to the script. And what I mean by that is there's a sequence, there are attributes of our doula. There is the Hampton, the Salawat that we have present even in our janazah the praise and the prayers on the Prophet slice alum there's the starting off with forgiveness, but make do out from your heart, in your own language in a way that you would if you were desperate yourself as that person is desperate and in need of your address, especially in those initial moments.