Friends Will Become Enemies

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On That Day Except For The Pious

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Hola Hola Yo my

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mother whom labels in or do ill mata ki. You know your best friend?

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Your best friend who got your back, bro I'm there for you on that day he wants your back.

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Blood in blood out. He's gonna suck your blood on that day.

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Ill takim besides those who are pious person bacilli, Rahmatullah Allah he says that they will be a person in Jannah.

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And he will remember his friend and if the ways my friend you lost the angels, and the angels will say your friend is in Jahannam, he went the other way.

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And he will go to Allah and He will say, Oh, Allah Jana has no real pleasure for me until my friend is bought out of Johanna.

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I can't really enjoy Genma I need my friend out of Johanna. So because this person will intercede,

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Allah subhanaw taala will accept His intercession. And this person will go into Jana, Jana, to find his friend.

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And he will take his friend out. So the other residents of Johanna will say, Who's that person

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who interceded was his father was a mother, who was a person was it who said no, this was his friend,

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his friend. And then the people of Johanna Mala called Allah they will say Marlon haven't shut up.

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Well, last Sunday, you can Hamid

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we don't have anybody to intercede for us also was a deacon Hamid Sadiq in her mean, means your friend, her main means the one that when something goes wrong regarding you, her mean he gets hot under the collar, he gets upset.

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This person will intercede. He will look for his friend to find him.

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He will look for him.

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And then they will be another group of people that will people are going to Jana. And they will say we so and so we should chill out and ask them together.

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We will so and so. They will say he's not here. So they will say oh he's here. He's here. He's here. But so and so's not here.

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So they will ask

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and Allah called unto matale own you really want to see where he is.

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You really want to see where he is and the window will open into jet from Jana into Johanna for talara

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and they will look for our visa Wi Fi and we will see right in the middle of chapter three so why in the depths of Germany

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and then they will start talking and the one in Jana will turn around to the one in Johanna and he will say it was closed we will for not the name of Allah that you drag me with you into July

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you Deeley Drag Me To Johanna so you know all your boys here. All your friends you think, bro you got my back.

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I'm there for you don't worry. It's blood in blood out.

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You don't have to be there. 24/7 Not 24/7 Wallah. He's if you did not have a pious relationship, if you did not call towards each other, then Allah says on that day you will be enemies of each other besides one group of people and then they will the Mottaki