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If any of you believe that the Israelis are gonna stop and not take masjidul aka you diluted 70 years history has shown us that they literally wiped out the entirety of Palestine.

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Okay Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Caribe while early he was happy woman to be at home via San elijo Medina about respective brothers elders sisters salaam aleikum wa Taala.

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Obviously, we're aware of what is unfolding in the Middle East, in Philistine in Palestine. You know, there was a very famous christian palestinian academic called Edward Saeed who wrote the famous book Orientalism. He said the Palestinians are not allowed to express the narrative, meaning that

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the Palestinians narrative is never heard. It's always focused on the Israeli narrative. They are never allowed to say

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or no is the world ready to hear what the Palestinians want to say this has been going on for now. The last 70 years, we have seen how the Palestinians Pamela have been going through this difficulty for those who have been to Palestine will have experienced a bit of that. When you enter Tel Aviv, how although you have a Western passport, you're kept there for something like four hours, nine hours, you are humiliated. This happens to the Palestinians on a daily basis for the last 70 years.

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And we really need to understand something that the place where the Palestinians are, is upon Allah, the Most holiest place to us. After the haramain this is Machina AXA. This is our first Qibla

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if it wasn't for the resolve of the Palestinians for the last 70 years, there would have been not one Salah in that place.

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This is the place where

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Samana lace loves lamb created machine will AXA how long after the harem in the availability movie. elinoz Linda de Baca alameen Allah says the first machine placed on this earth was the Haram in Makkah, how many years after that the province or last 140 years after that masjidul Aqsa was created. So 40 years after the harem in Mecca, Masjid Al Aqsa was created. It is the place where moose and a slaughter Salam said Allah allow me to be buried by the earth.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when I went on my extra, extra, he's traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem. That is known as a surah and essentially known as the mirage. So he said, when I went to my SLR I saw the grave of Musa la salatu salam, Abdul Nakata, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do not travel to besides three machines

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is a virtue to go to three machines, Mecca, Medina, and masjidul.

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This is the place where Allah panel donde se Subhana Allah The Asahi de Leyland minella Masjid al haram lol masjidul AXA, the most adventurous night in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says pure is he pure is Allah

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who took his, his slave, the Messenger of Allah at one night from masjidul haram to masjidul Aqsa nowhere else he took him to masjidul, Accra, whatever Allah does, there's hikma behind it.

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And then the Messenger of Allah reach there. This was the beginning of the journey where the Messenger of Allah went to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah didn't take him straight up. A lot took him to Mashallah AXA so the oma knows the importance of Mashallah AXA

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Allah did not gather the mbls lotta Islam in the Haram in Makkah, he gathered them in mass Gen X and this is why even their boss or the Allah and who he says that Mashallah AXA,

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is a Masjid which is created by the Gambia. The Gambia lived in that place.

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All the story you hear about Moosa. He

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Sir Maria where was Maria um she lived in masjidul Accra chambers was a machine

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all the Gambia

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and then he goes on to say that there is not a hand span in masjidul AXA, which a nebby has not prayed.

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So Allah gathered the mbrs lotta Islam, and masjidul AXA and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led the Gambia, in the Most Holy Salah, ever prayed,

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ever prayed?

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Hand 100 and over 100,000 and beer. And this is why a ba ba said no place

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that you pray unless you oxa but a nappy has been touched.

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And so Pamela was we were comfortably praying out loud we hear

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brothers and sisters we're in martial arts, in martial arts, praying the same Sunnah of the mbls standing where the MBR stood.

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And so but they are attacked

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by the Israeli forces. For those who have never been there will never honestly appreciate what these people go through on a daily basis.

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If it was anybody else, honestly I believe they would cut and run and love place them there.

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That the resolve that these individuals have before us. These people are fulfilling the fourth a key fire

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on behalf of the oma the first of defending this place. You saw the next day. What do they have all they have is stones,

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a few small catapults, that's all they have. The next day they in machining AXA lying there defending just in case they attack for three days continuously. The Israeli settlers, backed by the Israeli forces attacked masjidul AXA.

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And this is why we need to understand that we also have an obligation here.

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Because slowly but surely, the support for the Palestinians is dwindling, unfortunately.

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Slowly but surely, Palestine is slipping for the Muslim hands. Slowly but surely, Mashallah AXA, if we don't do anything will slip from the Muslims.

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And this is why we here also have an obligation. Look at this. for 70 years, the Palestinians have been minced. What is the West state versus quiet on the issue? always speaking about human rights.

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Soon as the Palestinians respond and react, that's when the clock starts running.

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So when they were being attacked in the masjid, in Ramadan, in the last 10 nights, nothing, hardly any of the Western country said anything. Soon as Hamas fired a few rockets, you have Dominic Raab coming out all the Israelis have the right to protect themselves. So the clock always starts according to them with the real action of the Palestinians.

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So rely on can be usurped. They can be abused. Their children can be killed as we speak. I'm 13 nine children have died in Gaza. 39 children

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119 individuals are 39 children. Imagine if this happened anywhere else.

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Imagine, imagine if a grew an army had gone into the Vatican and attack the Vatican. The world would have been up in arms.

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Imagine if the world if the world had just attacked some other place. Maybe some synagogue.

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The world would have been up in arms. Charlie Hebdo. The world was up in arms. But a group of people

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who have been defending, you know been whose land has been usurped. Jen, the general principle is this. You side with the oppressed and not the oppressor?

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you side with the occupied and not the occupier. This is one rule. This does not apply to the Israelis. When it comes to the Israelis. You use side with the Israelis

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This is why even the Western world a very muted

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and Israeli lobby, there's no doubt about this a very strong lobby.

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You can speak about Iraq, you could be go Afghanistan. But soon as you touch on the Israeli issue, all of a sudden, you will be attacked. There's no doubt about that. I realize that.

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Because they're very connected, and they're very well organized. You look at the world.

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Europe is criticizing China, and rightly so for what's happening in Xinjiang.

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Because it's China.

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Europe is criticizing Russia, because and I put, and Britain wants to put sanctions and I put sanctions on the Russian good to Crimea, because it's Russia.

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When it exists, anxious, not just a couple of years, a few years ago, Crimea, when did you start just a little while ago, Palestinian 17 years?

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17 years? The nobody says a word. Everybody remains quiet, tacit approval?

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Because there is this belief that they will be no accountability for the Israelis, and they know that. And that's the reality. And this is why with impunity, they will kill maim, attack children.

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39 children, you see those high rise blocks, residential blocks in Gaza, coming down? Honestly, it's most likely most of you have never been to Gaza. Ivy to Gaza.

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is a concentration camp. Nothing goes in, nothing goes out.

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And the Muslim world is complacent. And the Arabs are complacent.

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And that's a reality. Gaza borders with what? God Gaza borders with Egypt, the most populous Arab country, Arab Muslim country in the Middle East.

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It borders with it, but the borders are shut.

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And this is why brothers and sisters Allah has given we need to do the little that we can do.

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Look at look, Biden recently, Biden said that they want their foreign policy to build a bit to be built on human rights. That's the claim. This is why they are saying that we we accept that the Armenians It was a genocide was committed against the Armenians by the Ottomans. That's what they say, because our foreign policy is based on human rights. So it's the first

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president in the history of America who has accepted the Armenian genocide.

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You want to talk about history.

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You want to talk about history, but you can't change the current $4 billion of your money goes to Super every year goes to support Israel in the tyranny

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because Israel, whatever it does, it does it and it knows that there will be no accountability. I know you get confused. You look at the Muslim world. And you look at the leaders and the leaders are normalizing relationships with

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Israel, and you think well it can be that important. One lie I say this and I've said it before, if for the rest of your life. You never ever hear a hotma in the world regarding Palestine Al Aqsa, if never again, a Muslim leader ever mentions Palestine and mochila AXA, the obligation still lives on your shoulders because Allah spoke about it. There was also a lot of lessons spoke about it. The Prophet salallahu alaihe salam gave God died into the Muslims that they would come that you will be Oq you will take Maci laksa the Sham the entirety of Shang will be yours. And this is exactly what happened.

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So if you never ever hear

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you know, you hear these muted responses from the Muslims even you know Subhanallah we've come to a time where celebrities and and superstars and footballers and sports athletes are actually more vocal than the scholars.

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You have these huge scholars with this huge following

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hundreds of 1000s millions and it's a muted response. You know, oh pray for Palestine free power.

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Last time, that's it.

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Oh, these scholars Pamela, who got all the Why? Because they don't want to fall foul because they don't want to lose their following because Facebook or Instagram might come down on them because they visas may be cancelled when they go to a particular country because you are he may not be happy with them.

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Look at this Subhan Allah, you know you are a businessman. believe this or not, you are a business men are buying land

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from the Palestinians and giving it to the settlers around the masjid.

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And you may be shocked at how is that possible? This is history repeating itself.

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This is a history repeating itself. You know Salahuddin and I want to re emphasize this again, this is not an Arab issue.

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This is a humanitarian issue as a whole, and this is an Islamic issue. So nothing to do with Arabs. This is

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our first Qibla This is our third holiest Masjid.

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This is the place where Salah did a good,

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a good

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he was an Arab he was Kurdish

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he slept more in a tent than his palace to liberate mushy luxa.

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They said one day to Salahuddin this slrd Why is it that we never see smiling? He said how can I smile when Mashallah AXA, is in hands of the Crusaders?

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His main teacher?

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No Rudy, no rodina they had besieged a particular area.

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And when they had received this particular area, what he did is that the cruciatus procedure then nurudeen came with his army, and they settled behind the Crusaders, and they beseech them and the Muslims are in this place for Damietta. And they've been besieged for a very long time. So no Rhodesia, let's bring the Lamb of Allah. Let's read the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So you call the scholars and the reading Hadees Hadees called Moses also did the Basu well, myself, so the Tabasco means is that when the policy lesson or at this generation, he smiled, he smiled. So the next person when he rated and ration, he smiled to his students, and he smile to his students. And

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he smiled, he stood and that's how it's rated. So when it's rated the return rate because you falling this another person lesson,

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and then when the student hears it, he smiles.

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So the hideous color smiled. And he said to nurudeen smile as well. He said, How can I smile

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when the Muslims are under occupation?

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No, Rudy was the man who created the pulpit is a one day when I conquer one day when I conquer Jerusalem, and we have the hotbar in Mashallah Aqsa, we will bring this pulpit and we will place it and the first Jew Mahatma will be given. This was due to the aspiration, but he passed away.

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But sallahu Dean, who was his student, knew the aspiration of his teacher, what occurred?

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what occurred, the second one,

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what took

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and he bought that pulpit and the first Jew, Mahatma mochila, was given on the pulpit of new Rudy.

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Even today,

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and this is not the case with all but even today, you look at the Muslim countries, one of the those who are most vocal and nothing's ideal. Nothing's ideal. But those who are vocal, a vast majority, vast majority of them are not Arabs.

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Because they understand that this is not an Arab issue. This is an Islamic issue.

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There was one thing

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with all the differences one thing which bought the Arabs together for the last 70 years, and that was the issue of Palestine

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is a group of people speak one language, who have one religion and there was one thing which bought them together and that was Palestine, and even on that they can't agree anymore.

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normalizing relationships, buying properties giving it to the settlers,

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Morocco, normalizing really well what really, you on the other side, you're closer to spend and you are over there.

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It doesn't even impact you. Because you know why brothers and sisters You know why?

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Allah wants to see them when I 15 in the song

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Online, Allah wants to see them after

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70 years after sallahu de took Mashallah imagine Salahuddin

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the happiness 70 to 80 years after Salah howdy his own progeny, the you by dynasty wanted to give back to the Crusaders on the condition that the Crusaders help them fight the Egyptians.

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Because it's always been done after clean and they come in many forms. And when they but then Alhamdulillah you have the true believers who trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala who want to occasionally Ramadan, like the Ramadan attacks, we have the Battle of Buddha, the first battle and the greatest battle in the history of Islam.

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You had the conquest of Spain, in the month of Ramadan.

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You had the defeating of the Mongols. The Muslim world was so devastated by the Mongol they had a saying in Iraq in the totara.

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If anybody ever tells you that the Mongols have been defeated, don't believe that these people are invincible. In the month of Ramadan, Angel loot took place in the month of Ramadan. So Allah, Allah elevate the status of our brothers and our sisters who are defending the land, I just want to quickly

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go through something which should look slightly explained to the brothers. I don't think you can see in the back hole, but you'll be able to see in front, can you see this?

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So this was

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Jew Palestine.

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When the British Mandate in 1917, you see the blue areas there the Jewish, you see the green areas. They are where the Palestinians left, that's in 1917. After the Balfour Declaration, then you had a migration from Europe from 1918 to 1947. And then you see the population has increased of the Jews, it went up to about 35 6%. In 1970, it went up to 33%. Okay, what you see looks the green period, the Palestinian Palestinian live, and the other is with the Jews live.

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Then we have the

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1947, the UN partition participation plan, they wanted to give 65% to the Jews, and 45% to the Palestinians. So you see the green part of the Palestinian, you see the orange in the middle.

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That is Jerusalem, that is Jerusalem, all that. So you see how it looks now.

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Then, in 1948, after the British Mandate finished, Zionist attacked, and they took everything, and they left 22% which was the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank last in 1948.

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And this is pictures of the Palestinian being driven out

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there 100 and 1000 to nearly three quarters of a million Palestinians were driven out of their homes.

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These are pictures of them leaving their homes.

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In 1967,

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you had the Six Day War, which was Israel against Egypt, Jordan and Syria. And they took the Golan Heights if you look at the top Golan Heights, and they also took the Sinai Peninsula from the Egyptians. After that, then they encircled the entirety of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. So all of it now now under the control, and they also got the Golan Heights and the sea nine peninsula.

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Now let's fast forward could be too much time to 2020.

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Now this is what it looks like in 2020.

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So, okay, so here you have

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the palette, all of that blue is the Israelis, Israel, you're the West Bank, and then you have Gaza Strip. And all that red is that everything that which goes in and out is controlled by the Israeli nothing you see. Now here. This was originally remember 22% was Palestine West Bank. This is what it looks like. Now you see the red part. That's all settlements. And when you Allah when you grow there, they will tell you about these settlements. They're massive. They're huge. They're cities. And they were telling me that they were like few houses and they're growing and they're growing and the growing all the time. Slowly but surely. So this is

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All that's left

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the countries that agree with a settlement that disagree that's the world or the green disagree with illegal settlements, America not sure on it the bastion of human rights

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not sure on it

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you got to the wall. Let me come to this checkpoints. These are the checkpoints in the east. Not one line, nothing goes in and out the entire humiliation. You have to get to work permit even to go into your village you got these checkpoints that you have to go through them man you are humiliated, your women are humiliated. Your wife might be pregnant, you might say you can't go through as your wife has to give labor in the car, day to day humiliation.

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They today humiliation.

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All these imagine this is the West Bank. All those checkpoints 140 checkpoints This is what the checkpoints look like

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every day when you will go work and commute that's what you have to go through.

00:26:21--> 00:26:32

And now here you have Jerusalem so you have East Jerusalem West Jerusalem, West Jerusalem the population I do apologize I'm taking a couple of minutes actually but only a few minutes

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so you got the blue is the West Jerusalem 349,000 Israelis for 4500 Palestine that's it. Now you got East Jerusalem which is meant to be the capital of Palestine wear machine etc up to 120,000 Jews Israelis and 345,000 Palestinians see now why I'm telling showing you this

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is here you have the Old Quarter Muslim Quarter the Christian quarter Armenian Quarter Jewish quarter and they were number one there This one here is machinery and that's why I'm showing you this is if any of you believe that the Israelis are gonna stop and not take masjidul AXA you diluted 70 years history has shown us that they've literally wiped out the entirety of Palestine

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and then I'm gonna stop they're gonna carry on.

00:27:35--> 00:27:46

This was the same place where only one time in his Caliphate over 10 years they almost have no hubbub. rhodiola Agnew left Medina to pick up the keys

00:27:47--> 00:28:00

for Mashallah AXA wide with Omar wanting to be martyred and died in Medina, he never want to leave the only time he ever left in over 10 years was to pick up the key for this place.

00:28:02--> 00:28:07

So brothers and sisters, we have a serious obligation here. If you think

00:28:09--> 00:28:34

if you think that this issue is going to go away, then you are deluded. Israeli history has shown us that they will take more and more and more and the world will remain silent and the Muslim world will capitulate. But the obligation still lies on minoo the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said go and pray to the gods and Mashallah Mashallah AXA, was even in the hands of the Muslims who came in the time

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but he knew that they were going to concrete should go and pray to ricotta mochila and if you cannot pray to ricotta musharaka then at least said oil to be burnt in the lanton that Omar said What does it mean all to be burned in the lanton

00:28:51--> 00:28:56

the unelma say what he actually means is that assist virtual axon

00:28:57--> 00:29:00

for those who have ever been to Muslim Spain,

00:29:01--> 00:29:02

Muslim Spain

00:29:03--> 00:29:07

was not pressed 90% Muslims once upon a time

00:29:09--> 00:29:17

at the leading scholars in the world, the second largest machine in the world was the cost Obama's the second largest machine in the world.

00:29:19--> 00:29:21

People like to be

00:29:22--> 00:29:28

all the greatest scholars and men still. I mentioned today lived and prayed in a machine.

00:29:31--> 00:29:33

Where we go there we go every year we take a group

00:29:34--> 00:29:40

when we you know when you walk inside, one lie, you feel the pain especially if you know the history.

00:29:41--> 00:29:42

When we walk outside,

00:29:44--> 00:29:53

you always hear the same comment from the brothers. inshallah, one day we will get mushed up. We will get called Obama back.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

You're worried about going to a machine and your third holiest machine is slipping from your hand.

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

In front of your eyes, one law IE brothers or sisters, if it does slip away 100 years from now.

00:30:09--> 00:30:13

Muslims will remember you and I the 1.6 billion Muslims,

00:30:14--> 00:30:17

who daily saw what was going on

00:30:18--> 00:30:22

and did nothing. So brothers and sisters,

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practically what can we in the West do? I've seen many brothers and sisters writing on social media that we need military intervention from the Muslim countries. If that happens Alhamdulillah but in the West, what can we do? Firstly, we need to get involved in the BDS, the boycott, divestment, and sanctions. This really doesn't hurt Israel, actually, America

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and our own country, our own government have been pushing back with this, because it really does impact the Israeli government and it also creates a mentality that this is a apartheid

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country. So that's one thing. The second thing is that we need to get involved and pressurize those who are elected with our community, the counselors, the MPs, we need to ask our massage to get involved. The our masajid need to motivate and move their audience to preserving the sanctity of the third holy spreadsheet.

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And this is very important you know, sometimes you hear especially you anymore it within the practicing brothers, that well Bravo, there's nothing that we can do. Oh look, 70 years we haven't been able to do nothing Habibi, don't cause despondency within the community. There were some Allah it was seldom said manakala hana cannot afford helical, he will say that the people have been destroyed, he is the one who has destroyed them because he's created despondency, unless you have a better idea, and you've implemented that idea. The last note, if you haven't, then do not stop other people trying to make a change. So get involved

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within the community, this is our obligation.

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And the next thing we need to do

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is that we need to support those voices within our community who defend the Muslim cause. So Alhamdulillah we give an immense amount of charity all over the world, but those organizations within the UK like friends of all AXA like cage like men, they need a portion of our money because we'll end up in the same situation that France is in 5 million Muslims 10% of the entire population and look how they're being treated. So we need these organizations and we need now we need a mentality shift

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that we need these organizations to promote the cause of our community. And finally, rich really the most important thing because we say yeah, can I borrow your canister it Allah you Allah, we worship you alone, we ask for help. We ask Allah for help we make the water last one sincerely with a passion or Allah alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Palestine and bring back Mashallah Aqsa, we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala give us the tofik.

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To do what is pleasing to Him, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to elevate the status of our brothers and sisters who are defending Mashallah AXA, we ask Allah to grant the Shahada the highest status in Jannah. We asked last Mandela to give those who are protecting Mashallah Aqsa, the status of the Morabito last panel data keepers united in dunya. Arry united agenda for those Baraka multichem salam aleikum wa rahmatullah