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Islam teaches that Allah created everything and everyone, even those who are non-Muslims. But how is it that non-Muslims will go to Hell if Allah made them non-Muslims? Can they be blamed for not being Muslims? Listen to Yusha Evans’ answer.


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The speaker discusses missed expectations from human beings and how they use their eyes to see everything. They emphasize the importance of knowing the first thing ever created, the creation of the first thing ever created, and the importance of forgiveness. The speaker also talks about a book called "The Line on the hour" by the Prophet Muhammad, which describes the creation of a pin that can talk to the creator, and emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and the need for everyone to be a Muslim to receive rewards.

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You spoke about non Muslims choosing to go to the fire of hell. Is it not true that God knows about everything from beforehand? And why can they be blamed for choosing? Isn't it Allah who chose for them that they will burn in the fire? Oh, how can that be justice? Beautiful question. Beautiful question. We that's actually is a very good question is today?

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Did everyone hear the question? I understand it.

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Raise your hand if you didn't hear the question or understand it. Okay, so I will repeat it. The question was, I said that human beings can willingly choose to go to Hellfire by disobeying God and doing these things, but doesn't allow the creator already know who will and will not go to heaven or hell, and hasn't that already been ordained? Therefore, how is it that we're making that choice when that choice has already been made for us? It's a very good question. And it's an issue that within the religion of Islam, many deviated groups have broken off the mainstream Islam based upon this issue of predestination, predestination, or

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other Okada, predestination. Now, let me explain something to all of you. And this is something that many Muslims Miss comprehend, and I'm not going to get too deep in it, because I will confuse you and probably me and everybody else. You have shared Haitham here and other resident scholars who are going to come on here that will answer these questions for you, beautifully, but I will sum it up for you in a way that you might be able to take it home.

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You see, we as human beings don't really concept, or comprehend

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some things about God because of our limitation of our minds and our faculties. We look at the world through the prism of our eyes. Correct? This is how we see the world through the faculty of our senses, our eyes, our ears, we need them correct? Do we not need our eyes to see? Can you see without your eyes?

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Yes or no? It's a question is actual real questions, not rhetorical. Can you see if I take your eyes out of your head? No. If I break your eardrums, can you hear? If I cut off your hands, can you touch? No. You see, we don't look at God like this. We look at Allah is that he sees without the need of eyes. He's not in need of anything. He hears without the faculty of needing something to hear. He looks at everything in a way that we can't comprehend. He sees the past, the present and the future, all very easily. For us, we have to see the world through the prism of time. Can you watch a movie and see the beginning and the end? At the same time?

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As anyone have the capacity to watch a movie and see the beginning and the end at the same time? And all this in the middle? At the same time? Can you do it? No, you have to watch it from beginning to end as it progresses. God does not see the world like this. He doesn't see his creation like this. He sees all of it comprehensively. And he has the most intimate knowledge about things. And I will tell you about these things. So you will understand this question. The Creator knows everything that has happened. Everything that has ever happened at any place within existence, he knows it perfectly, and knows everything about it. Since the thing of time was created since time itself was

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incepted. He also knows everything that is presently happening everywhere, perfectly within his existence and creation. Everything he knows perfect, sleep intimately, even what you're thinking right now, even what you're feeling, he knows it. Number three, he knows everything that will happen at every time, every place until there is no such thing called time anymore. That means forever and ever and ever infinity. He knows all of it. And then also he knows something else, which makes his knowledge, something we are unable to comprehend. He also knows what will not happen. But if it were to happen, he knows how it would happen. Correct. He knows what will not happen. Meaning if you were

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given three choices in life, to do A, B or C, not only does Allah know which one you will choose, but he also knows which ones you will not choose but if you chose them how everything would be different. That's what's called ultimate knowledge that we as human beings can't comprehend. Therefore, yes, Allah has already written in his book, whether I will go to heaven or hell. He wrote that in his book, before anything existed, that I will be a Muslim and I will go to heaven or hell. That's it. I know that it's a part of my religion. But he did not make that choice for me. He already knew what I was.

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going to do. He knew every choice that would be given in life, and how I would make that choice and how that choice would determine my life and how I ended it. That's ultimate knowledge. Ultimate knowledge. It doesn't take away my freewill. It's just the fact that I already knew everything that I would be doing. And I want to remind all of you of something right now, I want you to leave this place today, with your head a little bit higher than it was because Islam gave us something called dignity and honor. And it was given to you long ago, how many of you, in this room have heard of the first thing that was ever created? And this I'm going to finish? Because we have seven minutes? I

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want to finish like this? Because that was a beautiful question to be asked. Because it's all about what this is about. How many of you in this room know the first thing that was ever created? Raise your hand.

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Sister, I'm gonna get a sister to answer. Yes, sister.

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Yes, yes. What's the first thing that was ever created? Ever? a pin? Beautiful. The first thing ever created was a pin.

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That's just beyond our understanding. And that pin was commanded only to do one thing. What was it commanded to do? Brothers?

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First, it was only given one word.

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booktube rights? That's it. It was told right? And what did that pen say? Right? What do you want me to write? A law created a pin that can talk to us. Many things are beyond our understanding can be created. The pin said What should I write? A lot said write everything that will ever happen from this point on right at all. And then the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said something when he made his ascension into the heavens. They said I wasn't Raj. He said what?

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When he came back, he said, the pin has been lifted, and the ink is dry. In that book that was writing, from the beginning of time, he said the pin has been lifted and the ink is dry, meaning it's what is commanded to be done will be done.

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I want all of you to think about something today, Muslims in this room, and non Muslims, I want you to think about this for them.

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And the first time I ever thought about this, it really overwhelmed me. And it overwhelms me every single time I think about it somewhere in that book. And I'm going to tell you something about me. Somewhere in that book, Allah commanded that pin to write,

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you shall Joshua Evans will become a Muslim.

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Some somewhere in that book, the creator of all that exists saw something in within the creation of me

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that he valued to the point where he decided that I would be guided to the right path.

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Just thinking about that really overwhelms me. Because that was before anything ever existed, called human beings or any of these worlds existed. Allah wrote in that book, you would be a Muslim, or he wrote in that book, that you would come here today and hear these words, that means he valued you enough, the creator favors you enough to place you either as a Muslim or in this gathering. What are you doing with your life to repay him? What are you doing with your life to repay him, that's something I didn't ask for. And I didn't do anything to deserve because I had not been created yet. But for some reason, the creator said, you will be a Muslim, I can't do anything to give that back.

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I can't repay that. If you gave me 100 lifetimes. Upon guidance, I would not even come close to scratching the surface of being able to repay that debt to my Creator. So what do I do? I try every day to do as much as I can. I try today to do as much as I can tomorrow to do as much as I can. But it'll never be enough. And this also gets to your question as well. It will never be enough. When I stand in front of my Creator, on the day of judgment, I will have nothing. Even if I never committed one sin in my life. I wouldn't have anything that I could show to my creator and say, Here you go, I deserve paradise. You tell me what I've done that's valuable enough for eternal paradise. Nothing.

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Nothing. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said this himself. He said, Let none of you think that by doing good you're going to go to Paradise. Don't let your good make you arrogance in thinking that you deserve anything from Allah. Because if you try to repay a lot for your eyesight, you couldn't. If you tried to repay him for your air that you breathe, you couldn't if you tried to repay him for the heart He gave you you couldn't What are you going to do to repay that? What about the guidance that he gave you to the right path or the ability to be here in this conference today? What are you going to repeat him with? You can you just try it to the best of your ability and the

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companions even ask the question

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Peace be upon him in this I finished. They said not even you O Messenger of Allah, not even you, even your goods not gonna take you to paradise. It's not even me. Not even my good will take me to paradise Unless what? Anybody know how this ends?

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unless God the Creator, Allah is merciful to me. Why would if he committed no sin, mercy of the Creator is just the fact that I can breathe, the mercy of the Creator is the fact that my heart beats them, I see that my brain works that I'm alive today is the mercy of the Creator. So unless he has true mercy upon us and forgives us for what we cannot do to make up what he has given us, none of us will ever make it. Think about that today that that name, your name was in that book, for a reason. Try to do everything you can to repay your Creator for it. Because if not, you're a loser, loser, you're a loser in this life. I don't care how much money you make. You're a loser. If you

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miss this point, I don't care how much of a big home you have fancy cars, beautiful wife, beautiful children. If you miss this, you're a loser.

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And this was very clearly stated by the first two human beings that ever existed. They said, Robin Our Lord,

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we have wronged our own souls. Every day we wrong our own soul. Every day we commit sin. They said Our Lord, we have wronged our own soul. If you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, then indeed we will be a loser is the reality of life. This is the reality. This is the point. This is the whole purpose. Allah created you to show who he was. And I want to give you a little small snippet since I got eight minutes. You have no questions. Okay. I will end then with my last statement

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to make it all fit together in a nice little package.