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wa salatu salam, ala,

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mousseline, Shapira,

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Mohammed and so on.

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In the front, that is,

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what is the future, the

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below the

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lazy one

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operate is due to a law with a witness that no one is worthy of watching a loss. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is indeed his final messenger, the best of speeches, the Book of Allah, and the best of guidance is the guidance of Mohammed Ali.

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You have

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your own agenda,

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enjoying different places throughout

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Allah emphasizes, what is the mission of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam by say, and we have sent you all Mohammed Salah, it was a little boy as mercy to mankind, what it was.

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But what is really strange are these verses in all nine places, that they are all they were all revealed during the meccan period, meaning that Muslims are still a minority, meaning that they are still persecuted, they are tortured, they are marginalized, they are discriminated against, and in the midst of all of this, and reveals to

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us, that your mission is that you are a mercy, not to the people of Mecca, not to the people of Arabia, or to the people of Asia, but rather you are going to be a mercy to mind kind of universality of the mission, and also teaches optimism that things were not not so very good at this point. But eventually your mercy

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is going to go through our world.

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is the

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lay of

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the land, many, when

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in the

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over the Prophet peace upon him, in a statement very closely says he said, there will be a time when no house on the face of the earth, whether it be made out of

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wool, or whether it's made out of brick and what but Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to break his slump. The truth

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is that there will be a time when every single house that exists on the surface of the earth is going to bring Islam into it.

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You are probably aware of the recent

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statement that was aired or made by the Vatican, where they said, as of today, there are more Muslims than Catholics in the world.

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There are more Muslims than Catholics in the world. Muslims nowadays they are roughly about 20% of the people of the world. When Catholicism remains to be 70.5% of the people of the world and Catholics. And they say wait a minute, Islam is overtaking now what is the largest one single group in the world? Keep in mind that the number of Christians totally exceeds the number of Muslims. But what we want to reflect on is what is going on?

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Why are there so many Muslims? Some will say there are more Muslims simply because Muslims have more babies. And we say partially That is true. hamdulillah believers are bringing more believers to the world and for this we say Alhamdulillah

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unpardonable also is that Muslims tend to get married at a younger age, which explains why do we have more children? And for this, we also say Alhamdulillah. But what is interesting is why are more people coming back to Islam?

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Why are these people coming to Islam? And a great number of them happen to be from the Catholic or from the Christian background? They are becoming Muslims? And for this, we say, it seems to be there are six different reasons why are people coming into Islam? Number one, people are not satisfied with the old beliefs.

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People will tell you, I grew up in a Christian woman, a Jewish woman in a woman that was not very religious. But you know what, as I was growing up, things did not make sense to me. I have so many questions that were not answered. So some people are not satisfied with their own beliefs. And believe me, if we have any brother or sister here today, that decided to come back to Islam, a lot of

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it takes so much courage on the part of these people to say, this is what I grew up in. This is what I grew up believing. But now that I am older, and I have used the faculty of intellect that Allah has bestowed on me, I say, and I am making a better choice right now. So for this, we say it takes a lot of courage. And what does we have so much respect and admiration for you brothers and sisters out there who decided to make this to make this shift. So number one, people are very not satisfied with their own beliefs.

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especially for the people who come from a Christian background. They love what Islam says about the silence. They love what Islam says about Jesus.

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You grew up believing in Jesus loving Jesus doing everything in the name of Jesus, you become a Muslim, and sometimes you know what you can still love.

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Because part of being a Muslim is in believing in race.

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So I feel and I believe that as a person who's coming back to Islam, I do not need to marginalize these.

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I do not need to reject everything that I know about race.

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But rather, I need to modify my beliefs, our

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brothers and sisters, do you know that this poem speaks more highly of Jesus than the books of the New Testament?

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Do you know that

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there is more said about Maryam Mary, the mother of Jesus than the entire New Testament, all the books of the New Testament more about this

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than the one that is said in the New Testament about this beautiful message of Allah?

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Not only this, but do you know that and speaks more highly of the disciples of Jesus than the New Testament itself

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describes the disciples as being away

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when he was part of

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the story of the journey.

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however, is the plural of what

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is said the person who's described

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is a person who is priceless, their hearts are clean. So in one word, the woman said what the entire books of the New Testament have not said about the disciples have recently, a

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third reason, people say that you know what, the teachings of Islam the beliefs of Islam are very simple. I want to become a must what are the

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same He is the One of the unique, He neither bigots nor was he because he is the self system and there is not on to it. So, and people say, look into this statement of dosage I have a witness that no one is worthy of worship but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is his final messenger, you will see that the teachings of Islam are not complicated. They are very simple. All the people out there can understand according to their degree of intellect, they tend to get as much as they dig into out of it. So people appreciate the simplicity of the teachings of Islam. And that is why the prophets are constantly remind us It's a race to the Haemophilia to somehow I was

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set with an upright simple religion and people see the simplicity of Islam

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for free, some people say, the diversity in Islam. You walk into a Masjid. And you see people from all walks of life. You see the whites and the blacks, the Arabs and the non Arabs, those who are made of those who are immigrants, you see the men and the women, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. And they say that when you come to the wars, or mosque is not segregated, or divided along ethnic backgrounds, or ethnic lines, unfortunately, and I do not intend to make a you know, statement here about Christianity. But it seems like you know, there is a Korean church, and then there is a Chinese church. And then there is, you know, mainly African American church. And then

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there is a Latino church, people say, we come into the White House. And we have just amazed by the level of diversity that we see, one time, a pastor came to visit us down in Mission Viejo.

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She came in and she said, when people come in, are they assigned spaces, meaning that they sit when they sit, because they have been assigned these spaces from long time ago. And I said, No, people just come in, and they sit wherever they find an empty and open space. That's where they said, she said, it's amazing. Because as I was observed, people would come in, and they would want to sit in the front rows, sit in our church, we would not pay people enough to sit in the front church in the front row.

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Our users, it seems like everybody comes in, and they want to walk in the front. I said, it's very, it's very diverse, that is out there.

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And then finally, brothers and sisters, the power of the company.

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Many people will say it was the owner that did it for me. I started researching. And I started reading the Quran, and I was amazed by the power of

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a brother was was given.

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And he calls it and he said, I liked it. This is the book of God. So what have you read?

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They said, that was enough for me what happened? He said, I do not disagree with the introduction of the book. He said, The introduction of the book is so beautiful, is that I do not disagree with any part of it. He said, This must be the book of almost

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a brother who walks in on ships, as the sailor, was once handed upon by someone, he said, you know, we go out in the sea for three months at a time and we don't come back. So we're always looking for material to read. So brother handed him. He said, Why don't you read this? He came back after three months. And he's finished the entire book. And he wants to give you back the book and he said, Man, Muhammad must have been a good sailor. So what are you talking about? Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has never been to the sea before. He said, Are you kidding me? He said, I'm telling you the truth. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has never been on the sea before. He said, I cannot

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believe it. He said then he was being a prophet form of law. So what happened to you? He said, I love the way that he described a stone in the ocean. So what happened is that I was reading. And this is

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the state of the believers, woman vehicle for a man who

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said that, as for the state of those who disbelieve the parable is like a person who's out with thirst, in a sunny desert, and the Mirage makes things appear as if they are water, and he was there thinking it's water and he does not find any water.

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But then the following ayah Allah Subhana Allah says, out of

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the bat,

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he said, old light darkness, in the depth of a sea, wave waves upon waves are overcome, when it is a watch, and then more than one waves upon which without the need to have an over it, there is cloud is

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the evil if you want to extend his hand, he would not be able to see his own hand from how dark it is. No brothers and sisters, when the waves take place, waves take place on the surface of the co2 ocean. You see the waves on the surface, but you do not expect to find waves in the depth of the sea. And Allah subhanaw taala says our Kahuna

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Lucci it said that all it's like the darkness is in the depth of the sea when waves upon waves on their you know when they discovered that they are waves in the depth of the sea.

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December of 2007.

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It was a group of British scientists, they devised this robot that would go in there for 10 days and then come up again with data. And they said, We wish to have that depth of 50 meters, there was going to be way we knew this. But they said that we were amazed that a minute down, there were actually waste that was taking place. And points out this 1400 years ago, and when this man discovered December of 2007, the Panama Canal

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so people see the power of

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and they read the Quran, and they say,

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this must be the book of Allah.

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And we look into this, and we especially for us, nowadays, we Muslims, especially Muslims, you have the US, after 911. We thought that this is it. This is the end of Islam and Muslims. What has happened at mass murder is so terrible. We thought that this is going to be a setback for us Muslims, and it has been like Japan, a lot more people are coming into a slump after 911 than the number of people who are becoming Muslims before 911.

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Remember, the movie that just came out in

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the cold pfitzner trial was a terrible movie that depicted Islamic, very negative way. But some have not something interesting happened in Roman, within three days after they aired that documentary. All the online copies of the Quran were sold out.

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Because people wanted to know more about

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if they keep quiet about the spread, if they speak against Assange even spreading. So what do you do? We remember

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in the

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flew with Elijah

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leonys, along

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me on stage

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said those who believe they spend their money, their effort, their skills, their talents, in speaking, preventing others from the path of Allah. Allah said they will spend it first.

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But afterwards, Allah said that it will only remain to be regrets for them. We wish we never made that documentary. Because people want to know more about this time after our documentary that was supposed to present Islam and Muslims in a negative way. Listen, this is what's going to happen. You spend your money and you spend it good. But guess what, by the end of it, you are only promoting this deal.

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But brothers, please let us not be fooled. The fact that the number is growing may not mean much shift.

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Yakutia to me as a young Muslim

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He said that the number of Muslims exceeds a billion today. But he said a billion is what x one and x two is many zeros, one zero after the next CEO and then another zero and then another reason is that we have a long line of zeros. That's not what we want to be. It's not a lot how many of us are out there, but rather it is what kind of us is our we have emotional people becoming more hungry, we say the water better, more people are guided to the deal. Allah subhanaw taala is beautiful. But remember this, the aim is not just to make more Muslims that should not be in but rather the issue is what kind of Muslims are we becoming? And what kind of Muslims are we making in the process.

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It was said that once a scholar was invited to give a lecture at the locality, and when he got to the place where he was supposed to deliver the lecture, the people who showed up was very few in numbers. And the organizers of the event were very disappointed by

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turnout. Not so many people showed up. And the man knew how disappointed the organizers were. So we made the follow up one, he said people, do not be disappointed by your numbers. We are not looking for numbers amongst our faithful. We are looking for faith amongst our numbers. We are not looking for numbers amongst our faithful, but we are looking for faith amongst our numbers. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and as

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I said there will be a time when people are going to be among the cheap cameras in front of you. But none of them is good enough to take for a jury

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there is nothing good in them. Even though there is 100 of them in front.

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unhampered, we will say that this news is very good news for us. We need to encourage one another, we need to empower one another. And this news is what a testimony for the goodness of this beautiful loss of power.

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So let's appreciate the Parana as it is appreciated or as it ought to be appreciated, appreciated by God's green for the first time. And they are astonished by the beauty, by the authenticity by the clarity and by the simplicity of this being of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Also, let us remember that our mission being here is to bring and convey a better image, a better teaching, other than what is being taught about Muslims, we Muslims must be in charge of what do we want people to know about us? Rather than just complaining what others are saying about us? What do we want to be knowing about us? And as I come to the conclusion of this

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was also remind myself and remind you that 60 years ago was the massacre of there

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were over 250 Palestinians were massacred by a group of Zions folks, it was on April 9 1948 60 years ago. Things like this should not be forgotten.

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Things like these should not be forgotten. Part of seeking justice is to acknowledge the atrocities that were committed against the innocent civilians that were killed not only in the scene, but also in other places. And what is really sad about data scene and the massacres that were committed. While 1940 a few years after the Jewish Holocaust of all people, you the Jewish community, you should not be doing stuff like this because it was done to the ghetto that they have just that they have been in hustle is shameful because at 24 ghettos went from the for the Jews to place the Jewish community in Valencia, Italy. So now these are people who have been to get books. These are people

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who are imprisoned. These are people who were massacred to the point that we call their own massacre a holocaust with a capital H they turn around and they do to somebody else and for that to say that is double shame of all the people you should not be the ones be dubious

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forgive all those with massacre

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and all the other atrocities that took place along Melbourne metaxalone came

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Washington we're gonna focus on what are

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alone now

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alone now the community Believe

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about a lot in a lot of

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