Animal Rights – PT 1/3

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OCIF Jumuah Khutbah
Safar 15, 1429 (2/22/08)
Orange County Islamic Foundation,
Mission Viejo, CA
Khutbah delivered by Sheik Yassir Fazaga
Animal Rights (pt 1/3)

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wa salatu wa salam O Allah

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Mohammed Salah Anwar later

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in the country

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want to start

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when I

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was a

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woman you

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calling yourself

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one had any more than that in some

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ways to to unlock

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peace and blessings be upon our

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center we may witness that no one is worthy of worship or a war, or we may witness that hundreds of a closer look indeed this final lesson to the best of speech in the book of Oman, under best guidance is the guidance for

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brothers and sisters.

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It was with a lot discussed on board. The news that came to us last week about some of the practices that are taking place into slaughterhouses here in Southern California.

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You would think that in Southern California, where Orange County is,

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is with Hollywood is beautiful beaches, you would think that this would be the talk of civilization and stability

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towards humans, as well as most of

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you probably know what happened last week, when the effects equal 143 pounds of meat 143 million pounds of meat, they will be called taken back to the shelves. They were destined to be used in schools, children who come from low income families. They were destined to be given to senior citizens who cannot afford to one week robesonian 143 million pounds of beef with people

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that would not be possible because there was something wrong with them.

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There are more people because they will not clean.

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They will not be fooled because the diseases potentially there that would affect humans. No. They came out and they said that these animals were abused.

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They said these

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videotapes will be shown

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that these workers were kicking Klaus.

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They were jamming. It was great.

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Sometimes the customer would be so sick that they would not move these waters would come was water hoses and they would pressure these hoses into the notice of the house forcing them to get up on board

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and whatnot would not work. They would be poking their eyes. Would some chemicals that would just drive these mouse crazy. You look into this and you say what is going on

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Have we come down to

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11? Do we never talk about animal rights? And our money, we don't talk about them for two reasons. We see the eggs, we see the cheese, we see the milk.

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They beautifully packaged.

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We see commercials on TV. Goat Cheese comes from

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the commercial

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cows of California.

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So we don't see it out of sight, out of mind. So we don't talk.

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Secondly, because there is so much abuse that is taking place. We don't have the time to talk about

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it, do you have the rights? What are you talking about? rights, you must not have them near you are fighting for their rights, I'm speaking about the rights. So because of because of these two reasons, we do not speak about animal rights, what not?

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Listen to

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at the very beginning of surah.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah subhana wa T was unloving to Allah,

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there is a law that was created the heavens and the earth

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are more beautiful, they contribute to him.

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And then after the creation of the heavens of the earth,

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He has created not for spring job and then the same man is an advocate with a dispute about this.

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And then after this

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I practice along with

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simply by the insert.

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he created the habit.

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And then he created

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he created the articles for you. He said of what we do in this role, the best of creation is man after man.

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in order in this way.

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Why? Because we're creating one

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of these capitals this

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way, for the sake so a Muslim does not feel bad when you eat meat. A Muslim does not feel bad by the way. You're not supposed to feel bad because they have been created for us to enjoy. Not to destroy the big reactor for us to use, but not to be abused. Listen to what was said what we are supposed to be doing with these animals.

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He said these are the most

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difficult effect. You may close. Why would you keep yourself warm when it is cold? Well then answer

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it for

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each one of

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us it is

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when you drive in the morning and you want to bring your dog back

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on boxes. What is the beauty