Yassir Fazaga – Animal Rights – PT 3/3

Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance ofethic practices in modernity and the challenges of modernity. They emphasize the need for people to keep their privacy and avoid being exposed to pornography. The speaker also mentions a program for young people to learn aboutethic practices and receive help from the office.
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About a woman on the sidelines, said that she was a prostitute. And once he came upon a web, and she went down and she drank, and when she came out, there was a dog by the web, and he was hurting, and he was thirsty, and he was about to die. She felt really sorry for that go on. They said that she went down.

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And she came in, she gave it to the dog for her for

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forgiveness, why? Because of the mercy of the compassion and the kindness that she has shown.

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The past 10 years enjoying these animals

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was the processor is walking by what you saw, a butcher. And this is how we butcher the animal right away.

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He had

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run away from the butcher and the butcher drafted by the dead, I was

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unable to do so in a gentle manner. Once

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he saw another man, he's about to slaughter and he had his foot on the neck of the unimog. And he was sharpening his knife.

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And he said, a dream and to me

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is that people wish to go twice because you're doing

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absolutely cool. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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it is not befitting especially for people who claim civility will claim. This is just absolutely not.

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These are just phone numbers. For

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Shiraz, he was walking home with some of his students when they saw a dog. So the students out of respect for the teacher, they started chasing the dog away to get home for the for the teacher

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that we're supposed to be sharing this.

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So there's no chance

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what are our responsibilities towards this? Number one, please remember

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that we as Muslims, we have died.

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And they own for the sake of the goodness of us.

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If you did this in advance, this is not good. But it's also an ethical value to this the other way around

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11 policies or to devalue them

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sooner rather than later.

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Once upon a time, yes, certain things are unlawful for us. We may not eat dead meat, we may not eat

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the flesh of swine, we will not consume blood. We may not have any anything that was slaughtered in any way, shape or form.

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But then there is also an ethical value in what comes next.

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And the only one that died because of strangulation. When the police aren't helpful for me, but

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in such a way

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that was hit by a blow. I have seen it with my own eyes and some of the slaughterhouse I've seen the workers with a baseball bat, they will beat the bull on the head.

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And then we ended up consuming stuff like this, some CCS, it's not free, but basically that is discipline, right?

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We will not do anything that died as a result of going

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from one pipe and then said we're not over anything that night as a result of

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this. But the point is what we have an ethical obligation that are not treated ethically in an ethical manner to Muslims, we cannot do this. We will not consume anything but you notice what goes into

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the consumption of gender. Say the gentleman

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that was fed things that were not natural

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other than grass and what they graze on the pasture. Certainly not supposed to

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Could suit.

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And then there's the most for at least 40 days in order for it to become

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a key

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point is pay attention what is it that we have consumed medically in Islam, but also ethically and then finally,

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we spend money. So when we say that * is not ethical, we cannot be guilty of promoting it, we're not only becoming complacent at that point, when we are also becoming part of this system. So it is not ethical, I am not spending my money

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on * want to hold on to it because amongst

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each other in righteousness and goodness, but not in each other in wicked?

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like I said, brothers and sisters, there is an absolute wealth of information when it comes to human rights in this in this beautiful detail

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about using modules, but the point is to not abuse them

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why did they do

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that topic for

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this video was dying. So

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he said oh my view is a dispute with

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Allah, Allah, what I have always been

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this idea of

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the only about what we do to other humans.

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beings. So the point is,

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is that we do to other to other beings, please inshallah, as always take an active role in the different activities that take place.

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Tonight we'll have a very beautiful program. Dr. Moody, from water from Michigan State University will

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be talking about the challenge of modernity and the slump, not nice insha Allah make sure that you are going to be here, as well as our

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youth group will be meeting at seven tonight in sha Allah as well as the Friday memorization class. And also please make sure that you keep the following people in your job, whether Kion amongst nominee is only 16 years old. Fortunately, he had a back surgery and he became paralyzed. He's

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also the wife of Killarney passed away services were called yesterday say that what you learn these people in your garage as well as well as other providers.

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As you are today, you might probably run into some sisters who look like they are and they'll be back No, we are not against helping people who are in need but we would prefer that when you see the nice new center to the to the office and handling is a crime and we'd like this to be happening around pharmacy so please reach out nicely to know that if you need help domestic would help you and send them to them to the to the office upstairs.

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one of the few

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OCIF Jumuah Khutbah
Safar 15, 1429 (2/22/08)
Orange County Islamic Foundation,
Mission Viejo, CA

Khutbah delivered by
Sheik Yassir Fazaga

Animal Rights (pt 3/3)

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