Are You Practicing Proper Spiritual Hygiene

Yasmin Mogahed


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If I were a doctor, and I only talk to you about breathing, eating, taking your vitamins drinking, but I didn't talk about hygiene. I wouldn't be a very good doctor. Yeah. If you guys said to me, You know what, I'm all breeze. I'll take my vitamins all eat all drink, but I don't need to take a shower. I did that last year. I'm good, right? What would be the problem there? Anyone?

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Come on now. There's this thing called dirt and sweat that builds right? And if you don't clean it, you will become sick and it can kill you. You understand? You understand?

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It's the same thing spiritually. Okay, we have to clean the heart. And that's what is default is. It's the thought is that that bathing of the heart that shower that you regularly take you know, you feel really dirty if you don't take a shower every day. It's the fog is what cleans your heart. And when you're not doing it regularly, this is repentance.

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And when you're not doing it regularly, it's like a person who isn't taking a shower. You can become your heart just becomes dirty because we are naturally sinning. We're human. And just like you get dirt on your body, you get dirt on your