Yasir Qadhi – Whoever Loves to Meet Allah – Allah Loves to Meet Him

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet's teachings, affirmations of one's love, action, and emotions, and issues of visibility and frustration with questions from their own sync are important for addressing issues of visibility and frustration with their own sync. The importance of understanding and challenge the Prophet's teachings to address these issues is emphasized. The speaker discusses the realities of death and the importance of following the Prophet system to prepare for it, highlighting the need to act with deeds and follow the commandments of Jesus to achieve their goal of meeting Jesus. The importance of showing love to Jesus and his reward is emphasized.
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many Mina most Nene SMIL Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a heavy woman who had a hammer and a hadith reported in both Bukhari and Muslim from our mother Haifa the Allahu Allah has famous Hadith. I'm sure we've all heard this hadith before, and today we're going to extract some benefits from additional load to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have been called Allah hub Allahu Akbar, a woman clearly on the court Allah He curry Halawa, who, whoever loves to meet Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah loves to meet him and whoever hates to meet Allah. Allah hates to meet him. Now before we move on. Let's derive some benefits from this one

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phrase. Firstly, we see that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is engaging in some very, very deep conversation with our mother Aisha. This is a very profound Hadith. Whoever loves meeting Allah Allah loves to meet him. Whoever hates meeting Allah Allah does not like to meet him. This is not just you know, chit chat. This is a Hadith that our ulama have spent hours pages and pages and who is our Prophet says I'm talking with his wife Isha. This shows us that a part of our conversations with our intimate families must also be spiritual. It's not just chit chat and just having a conversation know your family deserves most importantly anybody else to have their Eman increased

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that you advise them? Yeah, you will let the number of cool and full circle li Canara protect yourselves and your families. All too often. The husband's put on this show of religiosity and being mashallah in the masjid as soon as they go home. No mention of Allah and His Messenger no Hadith no Quran is just chit chat and what happened and Chai and coffee and food and whatnot who deserves Islamic knowledge more than your own family. We see the conversations of our Prophet system and our mother not that they didn't have regular conversations but make sure that we include Islamic Naziha with our own families. Now, man I have Bella hola habla call another benefit from this. Everything

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begins with an internal thought in mind. Everything begins with a Nia in normal and open yet you begin with an internal frame of mind whoever loves to meet Allah is love and action or is love and emotion what is it? It's an emotion, everything begins in the club. You have to begin everything with the right idea the right concept the right near the right paradigm. Man I have barely called Allah. Another benefit from this is that come to the you know to Dan, as you do, you shall receive and I gave a whole lecture about this, I think a month or two ago before Ramadan. And when we were in the gymnasium, right? I gave many examples from the Quran and Sunnah. The same you do unto others

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who will be done unto you. If you love Allah, Allah will love you. If you love to meet Allah, Allah will love to meet you. If you eager for Allah's reward. Allah is eager to give you His Word. If you give good thoughts about Allah, Allah will treat you in a good manner and are in the one near abitibi I am as my servants think of Me, I deal with my servants the way my servants think of Me. So as you do unto others, it will be given back to you. So everything begins with an internal frame of mind with the knee, yep. And the knee has to be good and positive and the knee it has to be linked with Allah subhanho wa Taala men have been called Allah He or Habibollah, who are who will also

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affirm from this that Allah subhanho wa Taala love certain things and does not like other things, hope and also a quarter or hatred, these are characteristics that Allah has in a way that befits him. And every characteristic that occurs in the Quran and Sunnah every adjective that is affirmed to Allah, we affirm it and we don't think too deeply. Allah loves certain things. And Allah does not love other things. And we let it be we know the meaning of these words. We don't know how they exist when it comes to Allah subhanho wa taala. So whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him in return. Whoever hates to meet Allah, Allah hates to meet them. Now, look at our issues,

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responsibility, Allahu Allah. And we see this over and over again. I have given in this spirit spot here, so many lectures where the Sahaba themselves they question, they challenge, they prodded they didn't understand something, and their Eman and their bravery and their inquisitiveness. And their trust in the mercy of the Prophet system allowed them to ask very blunt questions, very frank questions, and frankly, some of our own scholars if you were to ask them a similar

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their genre of questions they would become irritated. They will say How dare you ask me? How dare you challenge and the Prophet system and never did this? Sometimes he was asked very frank questions, and the spirit of inquisitive inquiry is totally different than the spirit of rejection. Anybody who asks a question with a framework of wanting to learn more with the framework of wanting to increase the amount wanting to understand no problem, we accept that question. Even the angels asked Allah subhana wa Taala Why would you create mankind? Oh Allah, the power to attach. Alfia man used to do favors for Kadima, why would you do that? Oh Allah, even the angels questioned the wisdom

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of Allah, but they're questioning not to challenge that Schofer you never question Allah to challenge your questioning to understand your questioning to increase your iman, so I shut up the Allahu anha. Immediately something doesn't make sense to her. And she says yado suit Allah, all of us, we hate to die. So here she is using her rational knowledge, her lived experience, to try to question this understanding. She's not challenging, she's not rejecting. But she's saying this doesn't add up to my lived experience. What do you mean Oh, Messenger of Allah, that whoever loves to meet Allah, everybody that I know, doesn't like death. Could Luna knock Rahul Mote? How can

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somebody love to meet Allah when no human being embraces death? Now here we have an inquisitiveness that is natural, and there's nothing wrong with a natural inquisitiveness. Unfortunately, all too often we stifle any question. We stifle any debate, especially amongst the next generation. And that's going to backlash. Parents is going to backlash. It might have worked for me and you back in the 80s it's not going to work for this generation. You cannot stifle their inquisitiveness, their questioning, you have to meet them just like the Prophet system to explain understand, and you will be surprised at the level of maturity. But here I was questioning Ya Rasulullah How can this how can

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this understanding be correct? Something you have to explain to me, every one of us hates to meet hates death coluna Quran Mote I will prophesy. Listen, I'm sending one version. They said it could cathodic that's not what I meant. That's not what I'm intending here. That's not you are taking something and I'm not saying that. And this is how he explained. He is not negating it. She has lived experience he affirms that you're right. I agree with you. Nobody likes death. Every one of us why don't we like death, by the way, because death is the end of what we're familiar with. And everybody fears the unfamiliar. Correct? Every if you're gonna move to a new city, you're nervous,

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you're gonna get a new job you walk in, you're nervous. How about leaving this dunya and entering the next of course, you're gonna be nervous and scared. It's human nature. And it is not wrong. It's not an Islamic to be worried about death to be not happy about death, cool Luna and Acropolis? As Aisha said, every one of us we hate to die. Why would we not when this is all that we've known? We've only known life? Why would we not be worried or terrified and leaving our loved ones here and what not? So the fear of death is normal and natural and Islamic in and of itself. It's no sin there. It's what you do with that fear, which is your motivate yourself to be a better person. Now,

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our Prophet system affirmed our issues observed reality. Yes, you're right. I agree with you. Everybody loves death, but everybody hates death. Then he said, That's not what I'm intending, though. That's not what I'm intending. You have taken something that I wasn't saying. Then he explained and he clarified when the Mothman is given glad tidings of the reward of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. He loves to meet Allah. And when he loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him. And when the rejecter is given the bad news of his punishment, he hates to meet Allah. And so Allah hates to meet him. Now, this is a very, very profound reality. The prophets have jumped over the awkward

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stage of death. And he went to the first step of the bizarre, the actual stage of death. We're all worried to enter it every one of us once we pass that initial millisecond of death, once the Angel of Death comes down, at that very sight, every human will be initially little bit worried and terrified except for the Shaheed the one person that is not going to have any fear is the Shaheed Allah azza wa jal give us the death of a shade. Other than that, every human being as soon as they see the Angel of Death, there's going to be a bit of a terror that's why the eyes go wide open or Profit System said this right. When the eye is see the angel of death. They follow the soul as it

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leaves the body. This is the Hadith, right? The soul as it leaves the body

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The eyes are gonna follow it. So seeing the Angel of Death is going to be a shock. You're standing, you're sitting and all of a sudden this NT Of course, you're going to be terrified. That is reflected in our eyes and the raw leaves is reflected in our eyes. But a new world comes we don't see it from the corpse. A new world comes. What is that world? In Alladhina? Collarbone Allahu Tomas Docomo, what happens? Tetanus zu la mala Mala Iike to Allah Taha for that as well. Abby shearable generativity quantum to I don't know how No Oh, Leah, Phil higher to dunya or Phil Akira, our Prophet system said, when the road is about to be taken over the believer, he will find the angels

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as far as the eye can see, but you but who beautiful faces with row Hanrahan with with the fragrances of Jana, and they're welcoming him with salaam, and they're welcoming him with his best names. So you tell me, you see the angel terror, then all of a sudden, beauty, peace, comfort, light, what's going to happen? Calm, and the angels will be calling out, Oh, beautiful soul come. And the angels will be calling you by your names that were the most beloved, your names that your mothers and fathers called you by your names that your best friends used Your most Beloved names. And the angels will say, Don't worry about what you have left behind. Don't worry about what you're

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going to face. And don't be scared about your family and relatives, we will take care of them. And we'll take care of you now. Earlier, okay. So at that stage, is the moment going to be happy or not, of course is going to be happy. And that's what the Profit System said. Once you get over that one millisecond of little bit of fear and trepidation. At that stage, you're happy to meet Allah, Allah is happy to meet you. So he allowed a bit of trepidation and fear for the actual stage of death. And the opposite. The one who the angels of punishment come as the prophets have said, as far as the eye can see the angels of punishment, and they're Stern, they're angry, they're terrifying to look at.

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And they're going to mention him and call him by his worst names, and he will be terrified looking at them, and they tell him what is awaiting him. Does he want to meet Allah? Obviously not. Now? What is the goal or purpose of telling us this hadith? How do we try our best to get the first set of angels and avert ourselves away from the second set of angels? That's the goal of this hadith. The goal of this hadith is to make us prepared to meet the correct set of angels. The goal of this hadith we act our lives so that we want to meet Allah so that the right angels are sent so that Allah azza wa jal wants to meet us. That's the goal of this hadith. And with this, we conclude we

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began with in demand, MR. Lubin yet, but what do we end with a llama ruble, how our team the ending is that those NIA has to be translated into good deeds, and those deeds are what count and especially the deeds that you do at the end of your life. So you begin with Nia you begin with love, and then it must be manifested in your mannerisms in your worship. In your interactions, your Amel has to reflect that muhabba of Allah azza wa jal once your Amel reflects that muhabba once you are eager to meet Allah by doing the deeds that Allah loves, that's the only way you're going to show Allah's love. And how do you do those these pull in contempt to hipbone Allah for Tebbe ruin Europe

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come Allah, you have to follow the one whom Allah loves and that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you truly love Allah, follow the Prophet system, Allah will love you. So if we are eager to meet Allah, loving Allah, we will follow the commandments of Allah and study the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah and follow in accordance with that when we do so then Inshallah, who to Allah when the angel of death comes, he will be accompanied by all those angels of mercy, who will tell us the good news, we will be excited to meet Allah and Allah will be excited to meet us. And when we do the opposite, we're very willing to do Billa the opposite will happen. So we ask Allah subhana wa

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taala, to have a genuine love of Him, and to allow the love to be manifested in our actions. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to love us and to allow those whom He loves to love us. And we ask Allah to love Him and to love his reward and to be rewarded by seeing him and the next arc in the next life where I could have that wanted hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallam about Mohammed and well while he was on the edge of mine

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