Yasir Qadhi – Where is Our Humanity in Helping Refugees?

Yasir Qadhi
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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam

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as we speak, there is an international crisis going on that we are all painfully familiar with and seeing day by day it is getting worse and worse. And that is the crisis of refugees trying to find their way to safer lands, Better Homes, fleeing on the worst of conditions, on boats that were lucky we would not even put animals onto. And they are being shoved in by the dozens by the hundreds, even though perhaps only it can only take one third of that and yet because of what's happening, so many people are fleeing these lands. And yesterday, there was a tragic case as well of almost 70 people suffocating to death in a van because they didn't have air to breathe. Well, llahi brothers and

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sisters, our hearts tremble when we think of such incidents, innocent women and children pictures are found on the internet of bodies of babies today, I saw one with the diaper on still, that's how young the baby was washed up dead onto the shores of Greece. Well, Lucha brothers and sisters words.

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They I don't know what to say, because it's so painful for any parent to see, to see the father, who is crying, holding on to his little daughter, as they land on the shores to see a dignified man begging on the streets holding on to his son or daughter will lie. These are very painful images. And to realize that these are our brothers and sisters in faith, even in humanity doesn't matter what their religion is, but it makes it even more so that they're Muslim, but will lie even if they were not Muslim, even if they were animals. We're not supposed to treat animals like this. And to see the fact of the matter, and has to be said, to see the arrogance and the greed of other human

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beings not over here, we're not going to let you in to see people so selfish, they're not even going to give water and bread. To see riot police tried to stop these people from simply trying to secure some basic food and water. While Lucha brothers and sisters we live towards the end of times where I would say the collective conscience of humanity seems to have almost died. And the sad reality is these people are fleeing from Muslim lands, from lands that are supposed to be their own bastions, their own ethnicities, their own people. And the dictators of those places. The Civil War has brought about such destruction, such grief, that there is no hope for them, they would rather risk

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dying in the ocean, they would rather risk their families and their children being put on dingus on little rafts and go for weeks in the ocean. And every day, not even every week, every day horror stories emerge of people dying because of a lack of water of boats overflowing of people being deprived entrance. And we wonder what can be done. And unfortunately, brothers and sisters, I don't know what can be done. I do not know why I'm not a politician. I don't have political solutions. But I do know that we need to do something, I do know that we need to organize, we need to help these brothers and sisters out. And I appeal to those of you in this audience that have connections with

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those agencies. Some of you are from the same ethnicity, the same land, tell us in this Masjid tell us what can we do? Where can we donate to at least give some food and water to these people, at least give them some shelter and clothing. I do not know what else can be done. But the point is people need to start taking action. You can use my voice and my platform. This is what I can do. Tell me the ideas. And I have an hamdulillah some platform to spread them. Show me the agencies that can help these people out, tell us what needs to be done. Can we in this land somehow adopt these refugees? Can we take these orphans and take them and make them our own? You've come and tell me

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these things. And inshallah Tada, I promise you my platform of advertising of getting this message across to inshallah hundreds of 1000s of people that will be yours. I'm not a politician. But whatever I can do, I will do, but I'm appealing to you. I'm appealing to those of you that know what can be done, that we cannot just sit back and see these images over and over again. What type of Islam is this? Well, like what type of religion that we claim to have, that we go about our daily lives. And we're not thinking about our brothers and sisters. Yesterday on BBC. There was an interview that will I had really moved me. A Syrian elderly man was being interviewed. And the

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interviewer was very sympathetic to him very nice to him. And he said, What is your message to those people that don't want you to come to this land? It was I believe, Mac Macedonia or Greece. I forgot what what is your message to those people who are wanting to stop you from coming in and is trying to prevent you give me a message I can tell to them. He said we are humans just like you

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I pray to God, that you never have to suffer the destruction and humiliation that we have had so that we have to go around begging people for help.

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May Allah protect you from what he's tested us with. This is what the brother was saying. And it was such a moving plea because these people will lie. They never ever thought one day that they would have to flee their countries. There was no great famine or great strife, they grew up similar lives to us. But what typically a young Buddha will have been in us, this is the father of a law, nations come and go, security comes and disappears, and do not feel safe and secure, that what is happening over there will not happen where we are amenable mokara law further yet monaka law e 11. homosassa could never be secure and safe. never feel Oh, that's not going to happen over here. Never. Because

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the places where this has happening. Everyone in this audience could never have predicted that this would happen even five years ago, something impossible to imagine from the bastions of the land of Sham from the blasted land of Syria to see 10s of 1000s of people, millions of people fleeing, why not because there's no food and water in that land. But because the the the tyrannical regime has prevented these people for even accessing food and water from the constant bombing constant killing constant Civil War, what are you going to do? Of course, they have to flee. What else do they have? So my dear brothers and sisters, this second holdover is not a call of action upon me, it is a call

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of action upon you, I want you brothers and sisters, to tell us as a community, and to tell me, what can be done to help these people out. And collectively, whatever we can do, we're not going to solve the problem maybe. But here's the point, Allah is not going to ask us did you save 1 million people. But if we did save one person, maybe that one person will be our ticket to gender, we're not going to be responsible for beyond our control. But every one of us should give what we can. Every one of us should sacrifice whatever we can, every one of us to try to alter our lifestyles and the least that we can do. And I say this over and over again, every time a tragedy, calamity happens, the

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least that we can do, is to be thankful to Allah for all the blessings he has given us. And that thanks is demonstrated through extra prayer, extra rituals, extra worship, extra soda, that thankful and thankfulness isn't just by the tongue. Oh Allah, thank you, oh, a lot. hamdulillah. That's know that thankfulness is demonstrated by living a life of humility, a life of humbleness, a life of appreciation, thank Allah, you can hug your daughter before you go to sleep. And you're not worried about somebody throwing a bomb on it. Well, I mean, it's such a simple blessing. Thank Allah, your son's come home, and you're arguing over the most trivial things. And you don't have to worry about

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where is he going to be fed from? Thank Allah, you have air to breathe rather than the 71 people who died because they didn't have here, think about that. They were literally suffocated in the back of a truck and the drivers, whatever the story, they just left them until they died out of heat. And because they didn't have air to breathe, thank Allah, that should lead us for humility for thankfulness for extra worship, extra religiosity, maybe I can't save all of them. But I can become a better person, I can be more appreciative, I can be a better Muslim, a better human being. And that is at least the minimum that we can do. But I want to do more than the minimum. I don't want

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just the minimum. I want to go beyond this. And that's why I am challenging you all of us. We are Mashallah 500. Here in the city where 5000 in this country were 5 million 10 million. We cannot just sit back and scratch our heads and say, what are we going to do? Let's have a call of action. Let's do what we can. I don't know, you tell me Can we petition our government to increase the refugees? Can we individually sponsor orphans to come and live amongst us? What can we do? But this is a crisis that we cannot just sit back and ignore. because well, like if we did that this would mean we have no heart. This would mean we have no sense of human and humanity. And well that's not even

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religiosity, its humanity, humanity. Even if animals were truly being treated like this, the world would become a guest. But unfortunately, it looks like there is hardly any pulse in the in the rest of the room but at least for us, insha Allah we have to make our excuse in the in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers and sisters, this is not an empty request from all of you. Tell me what needs to be done and we will organize and I will give old buzz about it and I will post on on my Facebook and Twitter and we will try to do something to help these innocent brothers and sisters for how long For how long have they suffered for how long will they continue to suffer? the least we can

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do is to try our best to make their situation better. Perhaps Allah subhana wa tada will have pity on us in those attempts. Aloma in NIDA and for Aminu,

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llama la

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illa for Raja wala Dana illa kobita, Allah Marina, Elijah feta, whether I see it en la assaulter a llama Filipina what is one in the loneliness of akuna when a man wala Tisha Luna Linda Linda Deena Amano robina in Nakuru for him alone is an Islamic Muslim in Alabama is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in a llama Adana our other Islamic Muslim interviews to infidel who've been upset Watch out his miracle feature the BT yaku yards is about the law in the law Mr Lacombe I'm in better be heavy enough see with an IV likelihood to see was a lesser become a u haul movement when I'm in junior here we're in C four called azim COVID in Lima in Allaha Wilma eketahuna soluna

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Allah nebby Yeah, you already know amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik wa ob decoder sudoko Mohammedan while earlier CBH marine by the law in the law how to motivate sunny waiter is a quarterback while he while moon curry while you're at La Quinta de Kuru Kuru la cama Kuru come watch guru Yoshida come What are the crow law Hey Tyler acabado welcome is sada

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi​ implores us to awaken the streaks of humanity within ourselves to address the growing crisis of refugees all across the world and the subsequent ill treatment that they face at the hands of the oppressors.

Information about their state of affairs, their deplorable plight and current situation is analysed for us to fully fathom and comprehend the extent of the atrocities being meted out at them with no sign of respite from the oppression.

Through the video, we are acquainted with numerous ways in which we can reach out to those who need the help and ease their pain and suffering to the best of our means and ability.


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