Yasir Qadhi – Thoughts On Re-Establishing A Khilafa

Yasir Qadhi
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100 years ago, today 100 years ago, on the third of March 1924, the Khilafah officially came to an end, literally 100 years ago. Today, the Khilafah was officially abolished after 13 and a half centuries of a continuous Khilafah from the time of Abubakar Sadiq rhodiola, one up until Abdullah Abdul Hamid the second, when, on the third of March 1924, the Ottoman sorry the Turkish parliament, under the leadership of Otto officially abolished the institution of the Khilafah and he sent to the royal family he sent the Solon and his family into exile. And I have spoken about their story in other lectures and hotrods that I have given he also abolished to the position of the shithole

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Islam. The final shareholder Islam of the OMA Mustafa Sabri was also sent into exile and he died in Egypt. Now, so much can be said we're now today commemorating 100 years after camera reading in a bitter amount or not a positive manner, the collapse of the Kailasa. So much can be said there's so much history so many anecdotes, and the collapse of the Khilafah led to so many movements and so much interaction. You know, just FYI, after the Khilafah collapsed, at least a dozen attempts were made around the world to revive the Khilafah global conferences took place the first types of conferences the OMA has ever seen in modernity we're talking about 1926 1928 1930 to 1937. Multiple

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conferences taking place around the globe by leaders politicians by Rula ma trying to do something to revive the Khilafah conferences took place in Jerusalem in Makkah, there was a global conference and Maccha in QA here in Cairo. In India, the collapse of the Khilafah sparked a movement called the Hereford movement. Those of you who study there, you know this the halal food movement, which eventually led to the creation of Pakistan. Ironically, incidentally, the collapse of the Khilafah was the direct precursor to the ideas that eventually led to the creation of Pakistan. Conferences took place even in Indonesia in the 1930s, trying to revive the Khilafah and unbelievably Geneva,

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Switzerland in 1932. Or something should keep our salon one of the intellectuals of the Arab of his time. Many exiles were in Europe, they had been exiled from Muslim lands, so they were living in Europe. And so she keep our salon arranged a half a conference in Geneva to try to figure out what to do in reaction to the collapse of the Khilafah at least 12 Muslim rulers tried or wanted to become the next Khalifa, most prominently the Sharif of Mecca you know, the great grandfather guide and Jordan Sharif of Mecca tried his best to become the Khalifa King Pharaoh of Egypt, the rulers of the current kingdom of Arabia and all of these, they all flirted with the idea tried to get the idea

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they will be the new Khalifa. But nothing really happened. And all of these ideas fizzled out, as well. You had intellectuals who because of the collapse of the Khilafah began movements that are now global movements.

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I sent him a banana you all and of course, his teacher that she the Rebbe, Rashid saw, saw the collapse of the Khilafah. And as a result of this, he started thinking of ideas. His student Hassan Al Banna codified these ideas and began the famous Muslim Brotherhood, Eduardo Muslimeen. And in India, Modi, as a young man saw the collapse of the Khilafah. And he has well then began to have ideas a bit later on took the agenda behind me and others. So you have a whole bunch of thinkers who began massive global movements wanting to bring back to the Khilafah. And today, I'm not going to go down that historical route, because that's a very important route. But I don't want to go there

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today. Today, I'm going to go share some personal ideas, take them or leave them, did you just my ideas, they don't have to be controversial unless you make them controversial. So these are my ideas about the potential of the revival of the Khilafah. Right? There's a lot of talk now, especially in light of Gaza. There's a lot of talk about, why don't we have enough? And this is because we don't have a Khilafah. And if we had a Khilafah, then because would not be happening. So I'm going to share my thoughts. What I want to do is to just begin a conversation, because these topics need to be discussed for too long. We are too hesitant to even talk we're scared to even begin a

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conversation. How will the OMA move forward if we're not even going to have frank dialogues? So let's begin a conversation from the outset. I say it's my opinion. I could be right I could be wrong. Let's begin discussion. Let's just see what other people say and move forward. There's no reason to become

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irritated, angry to use labels or harsh adjectives. These are very difficult views, very sensitive views. Allah knows who's right and wrong. So much can be said, I want to summarize my thoughts and five points as usual, I try to be structured and precise. First and foremost, the notion that the Khilafah is an obligation. It is something that I do agree with, technically, that it is followed CalFire I say this, and I believe this, that overall, Islam did also come to have some type of political dominance in some place in the world. I think this is self evident. The fact that Allah wants us to do communal things, right. So some things are individual salah, aka individual, other

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things must be done by a community. And the fact that Allah is telling us to do it indicates he wants us to have some type of society. So I do believe that ideally, the establishment of a Khilafah is a type of foreign key fire. But we also need to be clear about the level of obligation, how foreign key fire, is it? Is it on the top of the list, or is it somewhere lower on the list, and in my humble opinion, it's not on the top 10 or 20 things on the list. And that's why you don't hear me in my rhetoric. And my husband's always bringing up something like a philosopher, I am not opposed to the idea. But in my humble opinion, when the average Muslim is struggling to be a good Muslim,

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when the average Muslim is struggling with Eman with Salah with with with a bada, when the average Muslim is not even living an ethical life according to the Sharia, then what's the point of bringing up enough in a heartbeat where maybe 50% of the people are not even praying five times a day. So when it comes to priority, in my humble opinion, speaking to the large groups of Muslims, we shouldn't always be bringing up the notion of Khilafah bring it up so that they know of the idea, bring it up so that they understand there is something but in my humble opinion, it is not something that is as important as the rebar that and more amulet. And I have no qualms saying those that are

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qualified, they should talk and discuss and plan and envision and have group committees and think tanks and have papers that they produce and speak about it. But I also believe the average preacher and teacher should not constantly be talking about something that the average Muslim can do nothing about. What can you do, and what can I do about establishing power, we're barely establishing power in our own households in our own children. We're barely establishing a properly run masjid. And we're going to think about establishing an entire dole or whatnot. So I think we should be practical and pragmatic that generally speaking, yes, foreign key fire in a broad sense. But at the individual

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level, when I can't establish a healer, for you cannot establish a philosopher, but I can establish the salah, I can be ethical, and I can preach and teach Well, then let's do what we can do, and be generic about the rest of this stuff. Also, to be very clear. In my humble opinion, one of the most obvious indications of this, you don't need a Khilafah to enter Jannah. And having a Khilafah will not guarantee gender. I repeat, you do not need a Khilafah to enter Jannah if you say so then for the last 100 years, everybody is going to join them. We don't say that. And if a Khilafah worked automatically means you're going to Jannah This means every Muslim for the first 13 centuries is

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saved because there is a philosopher No. Okay, the alpha is a tool. Okay, now alpha is a useful tool when it is done properly. When it doesn't exist, the gold is still there, and that's Jana. When it doesn't exist, you can still attain gender, when it does exist, but you don't use it properly, you're not going to attain gender. So in my humble opinion, generically speaking, yes, it is a photo TIFIA and it's important to talk about and I have spoken about it, but it's not something that I'm obsessed about. And it's not something I constantly preach and teach once in a while we remind and we hope Inshallah, that one day it is established. Secondly, my humble reading of the syrup

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indicates to me a very important reality and that is it is permissible and it is allowed to live outside the Khilafah even when there is a Khilafah How do I say this? The incident of the Muslims living in Abyssinia for 15 years. While there is not just a philosopher, there is the Khilafah Tinubu. The Prophet system has established Islam in Medina. When did the Muslims migrate to Habesha in the fifth year of the Dawa? That is seven years before they hit.

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The Muslims migrated to Abyssinia in the fifth year of the Dawa. When did they leave Abyssinia in the seventh year of the Hijra?

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That's a total of 15 years they spent in Abyssinia. Why? Why did the Prophet system wait until the seventh year of the Hijra to call the Muslims from Abyssinia back

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He didn't call them back as soon as he migrated. He didn't call them the back after the Battle of budget after the Battle of after the Battle of hunt up after treatment, or they be up none of these only when he was one step away from the conquest of Makkah. One year before the conquest of Makkah, was when those Sahaba were called back. Much of the laws of Islam had been revealed or would have been revealed, the aka Mushara have been revealed and the Muslims are in Abyssinia. They are not coming back right now. Why? An opinion it is an opinion Take it or leave it an opinion is that the Muslims of Abyssinia were a plan B in clay in case plan a failed in case Quraysh overcame the

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unsought and the Muslims didn't have Medina there was a backup plan. And the backup plan was not political in nature. The Muslims that are Zinio were not sent to overthrow than a Joshi, there was no political aspiration, which indicates to me that when the time and circumstances don't allow for political power, well, then we accept status quo, and we do what we can to do our personal to end to enter agenda. And when the status quo allows us like Medina, then we work for establishment. This is my assessment. And I say loudly and clearly the Muslims of the West take as the role model the Muslims of Abyssinia, it is not our business to be a fifth column to be some type of, you know, coup

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de todos within the system. No, that's not where what what we are here for, and I say loudly and clearly. And this should be our message publicly and privately. We are not here to overthrow the systems. We are here to live Islam and to preach Islam. We are here to embody what it means to be a Muslim, whoever wants to believe them and shuffle your men woman shuffle yoke for this is what we are here for. I'm not saying the same in Muslim lands that's under here in the Western Land. We are following the Muslim the role model of Abyssinia so and that's why Imam Shafi, for example, living under the ambassador Khilafah in his Kitab home, he writes, if a Muslim migrates to a land outside

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the Khilafah, he lives amongst the kuffaar. As long as he's able to pray and maintain an Islamic identity he can do so for the sake of risk and money. Imam Shafi is allowing a Muslim during the time of Elijah, if he wants to go and live outside as long as he's good in his life he can do so to me, all of this indicates, again, alpha is a tool. It's not the end goal. It's not the the actual thing we strive for, if we have it, we utilize it Alhamdulillah if not, well, then, you know, we can try some amongst us. And it is a tool. And if we're not able to do it in our particular circumstances, and in the West, it's not our circumstance, we are happy with what we have, and we

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attain Jannah. That's my second point. My third point, the claim that if we had a philosopher, because that would not be happening.

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I politely say, this broad statement without any caveats without any conditions, I have to say I disagree with and I am a student of history. I'm not an expert. I'm a minor student of history. I read history. I love reading history, especially Andalusi in history, I'm doing a deep dive right now about Islam and under Lucia. I humbly state my opinion and that is whoever says so. I don't think they have really studied Islamic history that well. They seem to have a very romanticized notion of the past.

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Philosophers to claim that if we had a philosopher because that would not be happening. There are at least two conditions that come to mind more than two, but at least two. Number one, if we had a pious and righteous Khalifa

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number two who had military and political strength in the globe, then perhaps Gaza would not be happening. Okay. Okay, now let's deconstruct this sentiment, or the sentence.

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Politics corrupts the soul. Whether you're Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, kapha, atheist, power corrupts the sole and absolute power corrupts absolutely. All you need to do is to look at any book of history about political intrigue. In fact, even the average Muslim is aware of the let's just say problems that happened in early Islam, the civil wars that took place, righteous people went to war over power.

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All people are aware, even in the first generation, Makkah and Medina were attacked, the grandson of the Prophet sister was brutally massacred. And what a lot of people don't know Ibn Taymiyyah says, The injustice is of that person uz than others of that generation. Were no more or less than the injustice is a later Hola.

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But the only thing was, he did it upon the sons of the Sahaba and it may

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It's so much worse now pause here. What does it mean Tamia saying Ibn Taymiyyah, who really is a historian, Ibn Taymiyyah, saying, in reality, the volume of those guys the same as the limb of all the other qualified, it's nothing new. But they did it against a group of people that are extra special. What does that tell us? We have this idealized notion of the past, as if all the whole of our melodica on Earth. And when you read history, you understand that is not the case. Do you understand that people are humans. And when you're in power, you have ultimate authority to do as you please. So the reality is that this notion of a Khilafah itself, bringing about peace, you are

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presuming that the Khalifa is a God fearing person. And the fact of the matter. This is a bit harsh to say but read the books of history. It is the exception rather than the rule to find an unwinnable Abdelaziz that's why he is so famous. It's the exception rather than the rule to have the whole of our rush you don't that's why they're so beloved. These are the exceptions. Once you understand this, and I'm reading and the Lucien history, I will tell you factually, the majority of armies and battles that took place in under Lucien Islam, were between Muslims fighting for power. I will defend this and I challenge anybody to find this issue problematic historically, the majority of

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Hooda and rulers were fighting each other for 700 years. That's one of the main reasons they could be kicked out. When you are in power, the intrigue that occurs, the civil wars that occurred the interactions that occur, brothers fighting brothers go read history, what happened. So this notion that if we had a Khilafah everything would be fine. I politely say I just don't agree with this. Also, there is an assumption that the Khilafah will be superpower know, when the Muslims were being massacred and Underoos they wrote a letter to the Khalifa, Ottoman Khalifa. They begged him were being killed in the 1000s. They begged him we need Islam to be saved. And the Khalifa did nothing.

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Not that he was a coward, but he realized I can't take on the Spanish Empire. 16th century, the Spanish Empire is becoming a superpower. The head office already stretched thin fighting wars in the Balkans wars in the grumblings Greece was here and there, they realized, you know what we can't take on the Spanish Empire. They did nothing militarily and 100,000 plus Muslims were expelled. 10s of 1000s were killed. Children were taken hostage and Christianize. Nothing could be done. So this romanticized notion if we had a Khilafah this would not be happening. I'm sorry. I've said this bluntly before we lost a luxol under a hit alpha, the crusades, and we regained it in spite of the

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Khilafah Salah Idina UB did not operate from the paradigm of the philosopher, he actually operated as a separate state, he broke away, essentially. And he did what he did outside of the realm of the Khilafah. So this simplistic notion if we had then I humbly say, unconditionally, no, add some conditions, and then the awkward reality comes, how are you going to ensure that the Khalifa is going to be pious, so many leaders might themselves be pious, but because they're not powerful, they can do nothing. Look around your there might be some good people in the modern last 10 years, they've come to power and office in various countries. They can't mention them. But they're too

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innocent. They're too they're too pure whatever it might be their own people revolt against them, their own people, put them in jail, kill them, assassinate them, hang them. This is the reality. Do you think if we had enough will be any different people or people just because you call it a Khilafah is not going to change raw power? Also, a Khilafah. Without military military might political might is impotent. So what if you establish a collateral on an island everybody's pure there, you have to become a superpower and you do not become a superpower simply by words we are Khilafah superpowers economic weight, military might strength strategy GDP. So these are words if we

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had a philosopher utmost respect, no, I don't agree with this simplistic notion in this regard. So this is the third point here. The fourth point that I want to mention here is that I say once again, that I am not opposed to the idea of a Khilafah. I say those that are qualified to think those that are qualified to strategize, but what I am opposed to and what crit what really irritates me, this is what I cannot stand. Some people not all some movements, not all they are so obsessed with the notion of the head alpha, that when you try to solve something in a manner other than the Khilafah, they actually oppose you. And they oppose your strategy to help people Case in point because right

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A genocide is taking place the likes of which we haven't seen in a century. Right now 35,000 People have been decimated, 20,000 of them children, right now women or children are starving to death. Now people are trying, I don't have the solution, petitioning, protesting, lobbying, you know, doing whatever. I don't know what I can do. But one thing I will not do is criticize somebody who's trying to do something. And the only thing I'm doing sitting in my chair, criticizing the efforts of somebody who's trying to bring about a change, and this is what irritates me. This is what I cannot stand. Don't be an armchair critic. While you do nothing except criticize the efforts of those who

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are trying to do something Wallahi I'll be the first to say it is humiliating having to protest in the streets. It is humiliating having to even work or try to work around Biden and the candidates. It is humiliating, but at least we're trying to do something. At least it's some tactic. And it is better than your tactic of sitting at home and doing nothing other than criticizing those that are doing something while you're daydreaming enough or bombs are dropping, we are trying to stop the bombs. Even if you think that Trump is going to solve it, you work for it, and you allow others to try to stop the bombs dropping. This is what I'm asking you. I am not against people envisioning the

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Khilafah I'm not against people daydreaming with grandiose daydreams. But when somebody wants to feed the people of Gaza, when somebody wants to bring food

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and medicine to them, Do not stop them and say, Oh, until we establish a que la for your fundraising is of no use. How foolish is that there are children dying, let's feed the children and you talk about a Khilafah for the next generation. No problem. This is my only point do not impede the progress do not be like them, we're not fit when Allah says in the Quran, when the process is called for the people of the book to give some of the Sahaba had very little things. They gave half a date. And the munafo code made fun. They said ha we want to raise an army and these people are giving half a date. What is this? They're winking at one another and they're saying Look at this guy, he's just

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giving half a day, while they themselves gave nothing, right? And Allah says in the Quran, Allah de and Al mizuna motto Marina minimum under the facade of God, the munafo corner those they're winking and nudging, they're making fun of those that are giving whatever they have, whatever they have, they're trying to do it. Oh, people who are interested in the Khilafah do not be like the one off your own, Do not mock the efforts of those who are trying to do something, even if it's not that effective, because it is more effective than your empty and shallow and hollow criticisms. This is my only point. Now the final point that haven't shallow data, it's a little bit ambitious the

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conclusion I have,

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perhaps we need to rethink what a modern Khilafah might look like. Do we have to revive a particular land with a particular soul bond? Doing so? I'm not gonna go too explicit, but you want that type of Khilafah you're talking revolution and blood? That's all I'm gonna say. And that is a whole different agenda. Think about the reality of that. Can we reimagine what a modern institution might look like? And just as an example, just to flirt with the idea?

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What if we had a large conglomeration of Muslim countries cooperate together for Muslim causes while they retain their individual countries?

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It's not that crazy. You want to look at the EU look at the EU, the European Union, who could have imagined 50 years ago that 27 countries would unite together for the same currency 27 countries with 13 languages would come together and say, Hey, we have certain Masada, certain, you know, things we need together, we will drop all the visas drop all the business problems between us drop all the issues of back and forth, we will become one block for each other, even as we retain our individual constitutions, individual leaders, individual laws. Who could have imagined 50 years ago this would happen the EU only came into existence when 1993 1993 Wallah he we have 1000 A million more reasons

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to form an Islamic bloc. We have so much in common much more in common than those 27 European countries. We have our key the Quran Tauheed we have the Qibla we have the Quran, we have belief in the provinces, we have a flock we have Sharia so much in common. If we started thinking differently, and perhaps for global causes, we think of coming together now, by the way, such institutions were attempted, but unfortunately, they fizzled out perhaps most prominently the OYC the organization Islamic conference, right 50 What 756 countries who are that are come together. I mean, unfortunately, it's not very effective now, but do you know the catalyst of the OYC what was it? The

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catalyst of this was actually the attack on Monsieur de la

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saw in 1969 when a crazed fanatic Zionist burned down muster the ox saw he burnt down the Merab of Salahuddin a UB the original. The original Mirabeau saw it in a UB he pretended he's a Muslim, he wore a cloak, who was called whether he put a gallon of gasoline under that cloak, and then after Slaton Fajr he just doused the original of Salahuddin up and he burnt it and he burned down mustard, mustard, mustard lochsa. It raised a huge hue and cry amongst the Ummah over 15 world leaders, King Faisal of Saudi Arabian King, I think Hassan, Hassan, Mohammed, the Morocco forgotten the king of Yemen, all of them came together, even the Shah of Iran came to that. And they decided, literally,

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they decided, let's put our differences aside. And let's form a block for the OMA. The idea sounded good, perhaps some traction happened, it fizzled out, because or fall asleep was the catalyst for the first OYC I say, let us be ambitious. Let us daydream. Let us imagine let this AXA be another catalyst for a bigger and greater unity, will Allah He if the Europeans can do it? So can we if they can come together and understand that they have common needs, and they should form one Union together? Why can't we do the same? And by the way, go study the history of the European Union. The idea came about in the 40s and 50s. Remember, I told you this so many times, victory is not

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overnight. Victory is a long term strategy. The idea came about in the 40s and 50s, the main person who thought of the notion of the European Union, his name is Walter, I forgot I forgot to last name, Walter Hall sign that it is Walter Hallstein. Walter Hallstein, from Germany, Walter Hallstein, was a soldier turned Professor turned diplomat, and his whole life he was calling for unification of Europe. And he died without seeing the unification of Europe. But the idea was planted in the 50s and 60s, the idea was spread by this intellectual diplomat who was rally in different countries and he died in the 70s. At he never saw the fruits of his of his project. But this is what happens when

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we envision and plan so my humble suggestion could be right could be wrong. Stop daydreaming of a salon that's going to come back and rule the land. I don't think that's going to happen if it happens, good, good for you. I'm not opposing, but perhaps let's do something else. Let's start thinking about Muslim unity. Let us start thinking and imagining and wishing for and actively trying to bring about rulers from within their lands. We're not calling for revolution. We're not calling for coup d'etat. We're not calling for * violence, but rulers who put aside their own differences for the sake of the Ummah come together keep your currency for your palace, okay, no big

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deal but when it comes to philosophy and come together, I'm not telling you to cut back your gold and silver and all of your Mercedes and allow K you do with that. I get that you want to do that. But when it comes to Huzar Can we just not come together? Can we not have a united front and say to the world's superpowers, hey, look, we are one block. It's not just one country anymore. We are one bloc maybe the largest 510 20 Muslim countries dropped the visas between the form trade unions between the form Economic Unions between them let the peoples began to grow together like the EU did. By the way. 99 three was the official EU before that, they started bringing together the

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economic trading and dropping the visas until finally 1993 one currency is going to come it takes a while Can't we start imagining in this manner working for something like this. In my humble opinion, this is where we should aspire to this is a realistic vision where we're not challenging authorities and states we're not asking people to give up but we're saying for the sake of the OMA let us think as a group let us think as a bloc in the Javi Oh much Oh, come on man. Why don't we are one OMA let us revitalize that notion for the sake of our brothers and sisters. And perhaps this can be a modern manifestation of a classical and Islamic institution that of the Prophet May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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allow us all to be facilitators for the people that because May Allah subhanho wa Taala was to help the people and not to be those who are blocking others which is Aqua Allah Who Clara was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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was an honor

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for the

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men although I do love a

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fee you want

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to shuffle?

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