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..wa Rusulal lam naqsushum 'alaik>> [Q,4:164]

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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Alhamdulillah. All praise is due to Allah, The One and The Unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His Aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the Oppressed, and the One who answers the dua of the weak. So today, InsyaAllah, will continue in our series of the names of the names of the Prophets and Messengers and the quantity and their characteristics. And in our last lesson, I had mentioned the famous hadith of Abu Dzar. And, I had mentioned that even though some of our modern scholars make it authentic, actually, it does appear to be not authentic. So we do not know the number of prophets and messengers, even though there's

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nothing wrong with narrating the Hadith and saying, look, this is found in a number of references Muslim Imam Ahmad, and others. And there is some, you know, slight weakness of the chain. So we don't base our theology as I have explained many, many times that the genre of weak Hadith we have a lot of

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different opinions about them. And the position that is the mainstream position is that weak Hadith can never be used to derive theology. And this is a point of theology that we're doing here. And weak Hadith may be used for specific types of blessings and genres and whatnot. And so there's no problem in mentioning the Hadith and pointing out that hey, we cannot really derive theology from it, but it is narrated, it is found in the in the books, so we do not know the number of prophets and the number of messengers that have come. What we do know however, is that there are far more than what have been mentioned in the Quran and in the Sunnah, and this is something that is explicit

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in the Quran. In surah, Nisa, verse 164, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala mentions in the Quran that <> [Q,4:164]: and there are prophets or messengers that we have told you their stories before. And there are others that we have not told you. <>. So the Quran never claims to be a history book of all of the messengers and prophets. It is not a registry of all the prophets and messengers and Surah al-Ghafir verse 78. <> [Q,40:78] the same phrases there, :we have sent many messengers before you, some of

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them, we have told you their stories. And some of them we have not told you. So the Quran is very clear that there are Prophets that are beyond the scope of the knowledge that Allah has revealed to us. And therefore, when it comes to those Prophets and their stories, we are not going to be going over them in this series, because we don't know for sure who wasn't wasn't a Prophet. And of course, the Old Testament is full of names and events and details about so many Prophets that are not mentioned in the Quran, and Sunnah. And we're going to skip over those details because it is not a part of our theology, to believe in things that are outside of our sources. And when either rejected

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either we're going to come to this issue of to what level we should look at the sources and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, go ahead and narrate information from the children of Israel. And there's no sin on you from doing this. But he also said, Don't believe everything. And also don't reject it and say we believe in what Allah has revealed. So we are allowed to mention it's mentioned in the Old Testament, but we don't take it as a point of creed as a point of theology, unless it is mentioned in our own sources. And we're going to come back to this point, most likely in our next lecture, when I go into some detail about what is our stance towards using

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sources that are outside of the Quran and the Sunnah. And the Quran also tells us that Prophets or Messengers were sent to every single nation or every single ummah. In Surah al-Fatr, verse 24, Allah says, <>: And there is not a single ummah, except that a warner has come amongst them. There's not a single ummah, except that there has been a 'nazeer' that has come to them. So, this shows us that it is the Sunnah of Allah that He sends Messengers to

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every single ummah. Now, a lot of people misunderstand this verse, and they take from it that every single generation of people before the coming of the Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam in every single society and civilization they must have had a Prophet sent to them. But Allah did not say to every current every generation we sent a Prophet. Allah said ummah ... wa immin ummatin... it is not an ummah except that a warner has come to them and an ummah is a massive civilization that's what an ummah is, and ummah is a large group of people with its own heritage and its own culture typically its own language and its own history; its own trajectory and the world only has, you know, a few ummahs and they come and they go

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this is the sunnah of Allah as well of course the ummah of our religion is going to stay until The Day of Judgement, because allah has promised to protect it but the point is that the Quran is using a very specific term. Every ummah has had at least one nazeer. This means that every large civilization; every independent group of people that is constituting an ummah at least a Messenger would have come to them. So, for example the Arabs are an ummah and within the Arabs there's so much diversity and so many different tribes and so many different dialects, but the Arabs were an ummah and they had the Prophet Ibrahim and the Prophet Ishaq, and the we can call the judeo christian civilization in reality it

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is one ummah because the even though they have different faith traditions, right? But look to this day and in the past they're always intertwined in their own way even though at times they had a love hate relationship, but in reality, the judeo christian civilization has coexisted with each other and it is one ummah and it has had its own trajectory we can say for example the for eastern people or other people they are an ummah. Now, the point though is that even though an ummah would have had a Messenger sent to them it does not guarantee that the message of that Messenger shall remain until the end of times or until you know a long period of time rather history has shown us and the Quran

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indicates this that the message of every single Prophet has eventually become corrupted, and this is a reality of our history and of verses in the Quran <> [Q,2:213]:so a mankind used to be one and then they differed--as the tafseer says--and because they differed, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala sent Prophets. So, every time a Prophet would come, his message would eventually be corrupted; his message would eventually even be lost amongst his own people. So much so, that it is safe to state that many are the Prophets we now have no way of even knowing their existence or their name from the history books it is gone, so their message and their teachings and even their names

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have been wiped away from the books of from the memories of men, and we learn this even from the stories that we have amongst us for example the famous story of Salman al-Farsi. I mean here the corruption of the previous Prophets Messages the story of Salman al-Farsi and his long journey towards Islam. How he converted from zoroastrian to one version of christianity which was a very very miniscule version it was a very splinter group and they were extinct almost and he managed to Allah's qadr was that he managed to discover one of the last of them and he kept on going until finally that group became extinct and this shows us the true teachings of Jesus by the time of around

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510, 520 CE. Khalas (Enough), they were gone. The true teachings of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ came in an era of civilization of reading and writing, right? The roman civilization could read and write. We have actual (not documents not paper) but we have actual inscriptions and we have writings from pre before Jesus and during the time of Jesus we have them can you imagine the Prophets that came before mankind knew how to read and write because reading and writing is a very very recent phenomenon in human history for most of human history the people did not know the art of of reading and writing this is a gift from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, as we shall come to that Allah bless mankind with that..

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<<'Al lamal insaana ma lam y'alam>>[Q,96:5] <<..rab bukal akram>>[Q,96:3] <>[Q,96:4] Allah taught us with the Qalam (pen/writings). He taught man which we do not know. The gift of recording our conversations; the gift of writing down language it is a divine blessing that not all of mankind was given, and that is why for example

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many of the civilizations that were disconnected from the mainstream of humanity

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For example, the aborigines, for example, the Native Americans here in this part of the world, that they did not have reading and writing the way that we have, yes, they had very rudimentary symbols or whatnot. But they did not write down speech. They did not write down words that gift they did not have it that the rest of mankind had. And so how is it going to be recorded the aborigines and the American Indians will be here, right? They have been pretty much disconnected. The American Indians have been in this land in this region for it is estimated 15,000 years at least. So that was the last ice age, by the way. So they came from, they walked over, they walked over from Russia, from

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Siberia, they literally if you look at a map, right, Alaska, and Siberia, there's a small little, you know, ocean that separates them 15,000 years ago, in the last great Ice Age, so the people from that area they could walk over because they didn't have ships back then they literally walked over. And from that migration, you know, 10s of 1000s of tribes were created civilizations, the Incas, whatnot, all of this happened 15,000 years ago. Now, where are the Prophets of the American Indians, right? Somebody is going to say, a non Muslim is going to say your Quran says what it meant Martin in the halophila. Hannah here, okay. The Aborigines and the native Indians here in America, they

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don't even have the memories of the names of people who we might be able to say, Oh, this might be a prophet, and the responses, how do you expect them to win? There is no reading and writing? How long will people remember a particular notion, even though there is a whiff of and we're going to come to this, there is a whiff of, you know, truth and message in all civilizations, without without exception, all of the major civilizations, there's notions that clearly indicate to us that something remained the notion of a higher being right. Why, and again, this is a deeper talk here, not related to our issue here. But every civilization from the aborigines to the native Indians,

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they believed in a higher being one higher God, where did monotheism come from? Why is it that every civilization on Earth, pretty much every civilization has that there is one Supreme God? Why don't they have none? Why isn't atheism found in a civilization that's ancient? Or why don't they have you know, 50, or 100, all equally powerful, that doesn't exist, there is the great spirit here, and the native Indians and the aborigines as well, they have their version and what not. And so the point being there clearly is an indication that some thing remained from the message of whoever was sent to them. But obviously, the name of that person and the books and the teachings, it is all gone. But

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we believe as a point of theology, we believe that at some point in time, these massive civilizations would have had somebody obviously pre prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in fact, pre Prophet Jesus, because as we're going to come to, we believe as a point of theology that Jesus and Prophet sallallahu, it said that there was no profit between them. So this means any profit that might have come to let's say, the aborigines or the native Indians or whatnot, we're talking about 2000 years, at least before 2500 3000 5000 years ago. How is the memory of such a person going to remain when that civilization is not even recording its history? So we believe as a

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point of theology, and there is no there's there's no

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historical proof for this, but we explained why that would be the case. Now, the the notion as well of profits being sent during intervals and interims and not necessarily overlapping, this is something that is proven in another concept that is found in the Koran and in the Sunnah. And that is the notion of the factor. The people of the factor factor with a Turner with a thought and factor means timeframe, factor means timeframe. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has called the gap between messengers factor, this is a timeframe and the prophets are some called those people at Lu alpha Tron, the people of that interim timeframe. As for the Quran, surah ma Ada verse 19 surah Merida

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verse 19. Yeah, hello kitabi Khadija Kumara su Luna ubu la Kamala fattura tim Minar Rasul. All people have the book, our messenger has come to you clarifying things after a interim between the other prophets. Right. And this is something the early Kitab we're not accustomed to. As we mentioned before, we will mention again, Allah blessed the Jewish people with a blessing that no other civilization has had as far as we are aware, and that is the blessing of having a continuity of profits, right. And so the

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Prophet Mohammed system is coming after a long gap from Jesus to the process some 500 600 550 years, and no prophet. And Allah is saying, I'm sending you now a prophet after an interim they weren't used and they've never had an interim. So he called that interim, Fatah. And

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fatter as the famous professor or Lucy says that the scholars of the year have unanimously understood that the factor is the interim between two profits. So there are people who don't get the message of the first profit. And they don't get the message of the second prophet. They are called the people of the Fatah. And these people by the way, they might have an excuse on the Day of Judgment, they might have an excuse, and they might actually be forgiven on the Day of Judgment. This is based on the famous Hadith in the Muslim Ummah, it is an authentic hadith. And it is a hadith that demonstrates that Allah is merciful, and that Allah will not punish people who were not

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able to understand or receive or even did not receive the message. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on the Day of Judgment, a person will come, who was unable to hear in his whole life, and another will come who was not able to comprehend he was basically, you know, mentally incapacitated, and another would come who was very old and age, and another will come who die during the time of the fattura. Right? Or, oh, Julian martyr Phil ferati. Okay, so that time frame is going to come, then the process assumes that each one is going to give an excuse as for the one who was not able to hear, he will say, oh, Allah, I couldn't hear anything. I didn't understand anything.

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Pause your footnote. The concept of sign language is a relatively recent invention as everybody who studies history should know Helen Keller and those stories of that otherwise before the invention of sign language, it was impossible to communicate complex ideas even though even though they generally speaking, they are people of intelligence, they have their uncle their faculties, but how are you going to communicate and Subhanallah How blessed and fortunate we are, that we can speak and we can listen and we can hear it hamdulillah we thank Allah Jalla Docomo sama will absorb our calida matters Quran We ask Allah to be of the shaqiri. So, he will give an excuse. And the person who is

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very old will say Oh Allah, the message came to me when I was too old to comprehend I had lost become senile, right? And the person or the footer will say that, Oh Allah, no messenger came to me. I didn't know any messenger that came to me. So we have to understand when Allah says in the Quran, that to every oma, we have sent a messenger, it does not mean that every human being in the in the in the history of mankind has access to the teachings of a messenger. It simply means that in every oma a prophet, at least had come and it doesn't mean every generation of that oma had access to the knowledge. In fact, we actually know this very explicitly, from the out of from the out of situation

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and the coming of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, because the coresh themselves right? Did a prophet come to them didn't need to come to them. Well, in one sense, the Prophet Ibrahim and the Prophet, his smile, their teachings were still accessible, and yet, were they really accessible? So Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, literally, it's what is seen, right? Literally, there are Coleman, ma Indira. Oh, FOMO fear, all right, so that you will come as a warner, to a people whose forefathers were not warned mountain that are about home, and yet a smile and Ibrahim alayhis salaam, they are the fathers of the atoms and they are prophets and messengers,

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right? And so Allah is saying, I hope you understand what I'm saying here, right? Allah azza wa jal is saying that Yasuda law, you're going to a comb mount with your Abba, their forefathers have not been warned. And yet, Allah is saying, every oma has an adiz. And we know that the Arabs vaguely were aware of Ibrahim Ismail, in terms of their theology, and we know this because of the hoonah fact the conversion of those groups of people who were not pagans, and they were not Jews and Christians, they rejected everything such as they they've been proven to fail. He is the embodiment of being a Hanif and he would say, I am not a Jew, I'm not a Christian. I am upon the religion of

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our forefather Ibrahim, okay. That's what he would say. So clearly something is there. And yet it is not enough to make a comment to the establishment of the evidence is not enough. And a lot in his mercy is saying, you basically don't have any messenger you don't even though the messenger came, but the memory of it is so corrupted. It is

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All gone, that Zaid is the exception. And the rest of the people literally that are Coleman mountain, they're about home. So I hope this clarifies that the whole point over here is that we need to understand the verse that every oma has a messenger to meet to unto basically, literally, as the verse says, an entire oma must have had at least one messenger, but it doesn't mean every person of the oma will know or have access or appreciate the messenger and everybody will be judged according to his or her own personal circumstance. Now, that is our first section for today. We now move on to the next section for today. And that is, how many prophets and messengers are mentioned

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in the Quran and Sunnah. And who are those that people differ over whether they're prophets and messengers that will be the next part today?

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So the common opinion, which is the majority position is that there are exactly 25 prophets mentioned by name in the Koran, and even Kathir, the famous scholar of tafsir, who wrote also a book about the stories of the prophets, Ibn katheer he has a simple list in his Tafseer and he says, These are the names of the profits that are mentioned by name in the Koran and they are count along with me, Adam Idris, no, good. Solid, Ibrahim. Loot is my email is Yahoo that is 10 use of a YouTube show I Moosa how long, Jonas? That would suit a man ilias Elisa, that is now 20 zekeriya. Yeah, Isa,

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and zoodle kiefel according to most scholars of tafsir. So he added a little kiefel as a maybe, okay, so he lists these 25 and he says, one of them is a maybe, okay, so we're gonna come to these now. Now, the these. These names are, of course, explicit in the Koran. And in a number of verses that Allah subhana wa Taala mentions quite a lot of them. For example, in sort of earlier imraan verse 33 onwards, Allah mentions the primary families that all of these profits came for in the last offer our Dima 101. What are the Ibrahima? What are their embrun? Allah Allah mean, Allah chose Adam and no and the family of Ibrahim and the family of embrun

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and that's going to be reset and bodiam right over all of mankind through re attend Bow Bow Hartman bow descendants one of each other. So these are the prime modulators of all of the other prophets. The longest list of continuous prophets in the Koran is suited an arm verses 83 to 86. We have in this series of verses the longest list of the profits mentioned and we can count along now. So we looked at an arm versus 8386 Allah says what Tikka tuna it now Ibrahim either told me these are the evidences we gave to Abraham over his people. None Fargo gentlemen ashiana Rebecca COVID-19 what will happen Allah who is how caught while jacoba Colden hi Dana, we gave him his how konnyaku we

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guided all of them? Why no one had an amicable before all of them was new, we guided him before when no one had an amicable woman's reality from his progeny is the would and should a man and are you there? Oh, sorry, man, are you but we're used with our musawah how Rouen Waka dodecanese Merci, Nene was there Carrie? Yeah, while you're here, we're Isa we're ilias could luminosa hain all of them from the righteous? What is SMA either? Well, yes, sir. Well, you will lose while Ruta 18 profits are mentioned while coolant for burner and an IRA mean all of them we preferred over the world. So 18 profits is the largest number mentioned in one paragraph continuously. And you can find this

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inserted an arm. However, there are more than these 18 as I said, and you can find at least 24 and then there are some differences as we will come to and by the way, after this long series of verses, Allah says that these were the people that Allah guided February Buddha who moko 30 so you should take guidance from their guidance. That's why we're doing this series here. Allah is telling us to take guidance from their guidance for Buddha homoerotic. Now, another group that is mentioned in the Quran, another prophet that is mentioned in the Quran or series of prophets. is the term a spout or a spout. And Allah explicitly mentions that they are prophets. And these are mentioned a number of

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times, for example, sort of Bukhara verse 136 Well, who am I Nabila he was Zilla Elena was elected Ibrahim or what is smart Ito is hot boy or boba well as

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belty Wilma Oto musawah Isa will not watch the interview number of him. Lando Farah kobina had him in one Hello Muslim would say we believe in Allah and what has been revealed to us. And what has been revealed to Ibrahim and this Malin is how can you orb and the Isbell and what Musa was given and Isa was given and all of the profits before him, so we have a spot where they were going to come to and also sort of bucket as well, um, to hold on and Ebrahim um to hold on to enable him was married. I was halfway over the spotty got one as well. Can who who then Oh, no solder and to my level. Amelia, are you claiming that Ibrahim and esomar he and his heart and Yaakov and they asked

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about are you claiming that they were Jews or Christians? Are you more knowledgeable or Allah? They were not your understanding of theologies they had, of course, the true religion of Islam. So as about are mentioned here as well. And in Surah, Nisa, it is very explicit that the assault or profits, very explicit sudenly servers 163 in a hayner ileka. We have inspired you Yasuda la cama, ohana Illa. No one as we inspired No, and the prophets after him. Well hanaa illa Ibrahima, what is smart Isla? What is how can we October well as it were Isa what a YouTuber will use well how Runa was Suleiman? wakulla

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Buddha Zaboo Rob So this is a series of 11 profits mentioned over here. So the Nisa, verse 163. And in the middle of this name, Ibrahim is made is how they are a spout and then Isa Yunus right so as valte is right there. So what are the belt and who are the belt? Some people have misunderstood the US belt as being 12 profits, and they have this misunderstanding because the number 12 occurs with the belt inserted or off verse 160. Allah says workout partner whom with net Aisha Lata Isbell, twin oh mama walk partner whom was snotty I shorter, we divided them into 12 a spout. Okay. So some have mistakenly thought there are 12 profits of the spout. And in fact this is actually a

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misunderstanding. What, what are the belts? The spout, according to the lexicographers are the same thing as the Cabal of the Arab but the Kaaba is not of the Banu is mareel but the Kaaba illa benu is Huck. Okay, so Ibrahim alayhis salam has a smile and he has his help. The children have a smile, their descendants separated into about a villa. So there were many of the Arabs and the children of his Hawk, you don't call them cover it you call them a spout. So the concept of a spelt is tribes. But the technical term for the tribes of the children of Israel in Arabic is a spout and the technical term for the tribes of the children of Ishmael is Kaaba. So as abelton kabyle are the

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twins of each other except one goes for one son, and the other goes for the other son. And therefore, when Allah says the spout in the Quran, what it implies and this is a shoulder the strongest opinion, what it implies is all of the prophets of the children of Israel beginning with the Prophet Jacobi himself because he is Israeli right? So when you say bundle Israeli Do you mean your coop because your coop is destroyed. So the children of Jacob are the children of Israel, Israel is the nickname of Jacob. So Berto is through email, or through Yahoo, and the profits that came from iacob all the way to reception Imodium were continuous and this is a blessing that no

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other civilization has been given. And that's what Allah says in the Quran, oh children of Israel, I have blessed you and prefer Jew over all of mankind with this blessing. That blessing they were given no other oma was given it. And of course, we have blessings that are no other oma has been given. So each one has been blessed in its own way. And of course, we believe that the blessings of the children of his work were lifted up when they rejected a seven Imodium as we're going to come to and so they no longer have that blessing status. The point being, though, that the term a spell to therefore refers to the profits of the children of Israel. And these are of course, we don't believe

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exactly in those names, but still the concept that are found in the Old Testament, the Old Testament has a series of books called nibi. In the prophets, okay. And so it has the chronology of the history of the children of Israel, you know, beginning from the creation admin would not work according to their perspective, working their way through Moses. And then of course, the period of the judges and then of course, the period of David and Solomon, the establishing of the of the key

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Israel. And then you have all of the splintering of the kingdom which although this we're going to come to each other in our series, and all of the profits come until you get to according to our tradition, you get to john the baptist. Yeah, yeah. And yeah, here, of course, is the cousin of Risa. And so Isa and yeah, they were together at the same time. And by rejecting Isa, by rejecting Risa. That entire lineage was shut of the prophets, no prophets came after them, until the coming of our Prophet sallallahu it he was selling them, and this is a blessing that was given to them. We know this because of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said in an authentic hadith in

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Sahih Muslim candidates Banu is from Isla de su su ambia Kula, Mahalia Kennedy, Yun halifa, who nabee the children of Israel were governed by the prophets, the prophets govern them. Every time one prophet died, another substituted. So this was a blessing given to them a continuity of profits. Can you imagine how blessed they were, and yet they turned their backs, and they did what they did to the Prophet Jesus. And what happened happened. So the profitsystem is saying, Canada, Australia to sue Sunil ambia, called Mr. halleck, and Abu hanifa, who were in the hula and ebrd. As for me, there is not going to be no profit after me. And they're going to be a lot of hula, there's going to be a

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lot of leaders, and some of them will be good. Some of them will Baghdadi 14 karate Heidi says. So the point being that the Profit System is telling the Muslims that, you know, when I am gone, there's not going to be any profit after me. And you will be given leaders as for the previous omas. As for the previous boom of the children of Israel, they had a series of profits for their continuity. So this is what a spelt means. Okay, now, now we get to the issue of Okay, who's Prophethood? So we mentioned a list of 24 Ibn Kathir says 25 is maybe Okay, actually, that list is incomplete. And so, for the remainder of today, if we have time, we have one more topic, otherwise,

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we'll stop here at this issue. For the remainder of today we have to talk about who are some of these maybes. Okay, so 24, without a doubt, that is your kidney, and we're going to go over the stories one by one in sha Allah in the course of this long long series, Allah knows how many lectures is going to be and whether insha Allah will have life or not all of this is in the knowledge of Allah. So the the number 24 is set in stone. Now, how many can we add to that? Even Cassian mentions the first of them. Zulu kiefel. And

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he says that

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they will keep kiefel most likely is a profit, according to the wording is in there, Kathy, the minimum of a city and according to a majority, a lot of the morphus city. So Luke Kiffin. He is mentioned in the Koran twice. Allah says ensuited ambia verse 85. What is smart ILA. What is the ISA was relatively cool. luminor sabihin izmail. And Idris annville kiefel. All the demo from the patient, and it sort of saw the verse 48. What is my ILA? Well, yes, sir. Weather carefully. We're called luminol up here, and mentioned smile, and ltsr and Val Kiffin, and all of them are from the righteous. Now, notice here, though Kiffin the objective nebby or Nazir or Rasool is not used rather

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solvating and so Lil kiefel is granted Prophethood by the Association of his names with other prophets. And so, in both of these verses, two other prophets are mentioned. His smile is always mentioned when turkeyfoot is mentioned. And then one of them Idris and then one of them Elisa. So we have therefore, simply by association, not guilt by association but profited by association right. So dutiful is given Prophethood simply because it is assumed that when Allah is mentioning this list, and he puts little Kiffin clearly he must be a prophet as well. Now, this is not something that is unanimously agreed upon. And one of the causes for confusion is that there is a hadith in

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

sunon, a Timothy in which there's a very, very bizarre and strange story and that kinda sort of throws a spanner in this understanding of zookeeper, according to some scholars, and that Spanner is as follows the story that is mentioned in the Hadith is actually a very bizarre one. It's very atypical, and it mentions someone by the name of kiefel Kiffin, not zol Kiffin that there was a person by the name of Kiffin and then it goes to a lot of detail which we're going to just gloss over. It's not a very like it.

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

It talks about

00:35:02--> 00:35:43

an evil man who visited a prostitute and then repented to Allah. Okay, so this is an atypical narrative in the Hadith literature. Now, the, the issue is that of course, the Quran says that the gift was from the ER and the kifaru from the sabreen. It doesn't fit with this hadith. So one of two things can be said, firstly, the Hadith has been deemed to be weak by many, many people. In fact, even Timothy himself said it is already. So that's one thing, we can just simply get rid of it. And secondly, we say, this is not vole kiefel this is somebody by the name of Kiffin, and that doesn't have to be the same person of the Koran. So in any case, this Hadith, did throw a spanner for some

00:35:43--> 00:36:21

people, and they said, Well, clearly then we'll give it wasn't a prophet. Okay, so that's an interpretation out there. And others have said that dutiful is indeed a prophet, but we don't need to include him and make him 25 because the key Phil is none other than Eunice sahiwal hilt, he is the one of the whale. So they say they'll give by the way carefully by that I forgot to mention two quick different means double or two. And why this person had this name depends on who you think he is, right. And so again, we're going to cover all of these right now as a summary, and shallow we're going to go name by name. When our actual see this all this is all introductory lectures, right?

00:36:21--> 00:37:03

There's going to last a few introductory lectures, and then we're going to jump in and go profit by profit, then we're going to go to each of these names one by one. So the point is that dual kiefel is the subject of some controversy. One group says that he was simply not a prophet, because the Quran doesn't say so. And because of the Hadith in Timothy, and another group says that he was a prophet, but he is a prophet already mentioned by name and there is a description just like Sahaba Ruth is a description is not another prophet. So I borrowed the Companion of the will. That's Yunus. So they say he is Yunus. And some have said that they will. kiefel is the same as Ezekiel in the Old

00:37:03--> 00:37:43

Testament, right? So they're careful, they say is Ezekiel This is an interpretation and we're going to come to all of this. In sha Allah, what appears to be the case and Allah azza wa jal knows best is that a little careful is indeed an independent prophet. And he is a prophet, because the lists that mentioned him are lists that have nothing but the names of the profits before and after not just his mind and interest. But the context of both of these verses, they list a series of profits, and in them is Lou Kiffin. And therefore, we will be in shallow data discussing a little careful in our due time when we get to that story. So this is the first area of controversy, another name. So

00:37:43--> 00:38:30

we're going to do a number of names that are controversial, whether they're profits or not. Another name that is highly controversial, is that the record name, though coordinate, and the concept of little coordinate and who they'll coordinate was, and can we link him to a historic figure is a very, very, very fascinating and juicy topic, to be honest. And it has produced a lot of research both from within and without our faith. And it remains the topic of much discussion in many books. Of course, once upon a time, maybe like a century ago, up until maybe 4030 years ago, the norm was to say that we'll give it is Alexander the Great, frankly, that is really preposterous. There's just

00:38:30--> 00:39:11

not a shred of evidence. And everything goes against this, we have the life and times of Alexander the Great recorded in an immense amount of detail. And there's absolutely nothing whatsoever. Neither historically, nor theologically. Alexander was a pagan, and it was well known he was a pagan. This was during the time of reading and writing so little Carmen cannot be Alexandra that is for sure. I have posited in the passage is just a theory, it is just a theory, that it might be derrius that is one interpretation. And darious is an interesting figure and persona that might be and there is another, you know, possibility and that is that we do not know of a historical

00:39:11--> 00:39:51

precedent, and that Allah is telling us a story that is no longer found in the Chronicles of men, there are many stories that are gone from the histories of mankind. And it is possible that though coronae is of those figures now, the story of the coronation is mentioned suited calf only once right it's all corny is only mentioned once meaning one section of the Quran. And Allah mentions that he was a person who was given pathways, and he went all over the world and he conquered and he did this and that. And so the issue here is not the story of the coordinate. The issue here is was the will coordinate a profit or not right? And the reason for this controversy is because it appears

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

that Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking to Carnegie Hall yado Carnegie, we said to do coordinate in my own two eyes.

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

if we're in manchester either you do this or you do that okay and allah azza wa jal you know basically taught the coordinate how to build a wall and so the notion therefore a volker nine being with direct communication with a law is the kernel of basis for assuming that locker name was a prophet and this is the position of many scholars of tafseer perhaps most famously his father a dean a razzie he said that it is certain colossians you shouldn't even discuss this he said this is a case closed you know open shut case that though coronae is a nebby and even hedger in his foothill body said that this is the voice of the quran this is what the quran clearly seems to suggest and

00:40:47--> 00:41:18

one finds this position ascribed to some of the sahaba such as abdullah bin abdul morales who said that he is a a prophet however some other people and especially other companions as well they said that he was a righteous king and it is also mentioned that i even thought he said that he is a righteous king he is not a prophet and the reason of course is that the word nebby is never used rather what we have is an indirect communication ordinary other coordinating right so how is allah speaking to coordinate

00:41:20--> 00:42:08

either he is speaking like through an angel which is prophecy prophecy or the other group will say that this is something that in ham that comes so in ham is a type of prophecy that doesn't make you a prophet okay ill ham is a type of divine inclination that comes into your heart it is from allah subhanho wa taala but the one who gets it does not become a prophet okay there's a type of this is called ill harm and this is mentioned in the in the hadith of the prophet salallahu it who was sent him that if there were a navy after me then it would be you know honorable hapa but that door is closed instead what is left is ill harm what is left is a basically a vision that a person feels

00:42:08--> 00:42:51

something and that vision by the way that feeling you do not know if it's from allah or not until after you do it like it's there it's a gift that allah gives you and you just decide to act upon it and you do not know and you cannot use that intuition or gift in a court of law if you did something it's your legal laws are still going to apply to in any case the point being that the reason why there's an afterlife or widow cornyn is over the issue of this communication that took place and the famous scholar of deceit ibn zayd al kelby ibn jusy was a great great alum of tafsir from the land of andalus and he has his famous book at this he'll the roman roman lumut and zeal he says that it

00:42:51--> 00:43:45

is possible that allah communicated with little cornyn via il ham and if this is the case then there is no evidence for his noble work okay this is even juicy and the famous philosopher said lucy he said that this idea were called neither coronary this idea is used as an evidence for those who say look coraline was a prophet because some of them said this happened through an angel and others said directly and those who said that he is not a prophet they said that allah subhana wa tada spoke to the carnegie's either through another prophet at the time or through ill harm and not direct inspiration and not direct inspiration so the point being there is no evidence to suggest that do

00:43:45--> 00:44:28

coordinate is a profit there is some hinting but one would say that perhaps many of the scholars i don't i don't want to say the majority somebody should do a survey of you know all of the scholars in this regard but let's just say that there is a highly contested narrative is they will coordinate a profit or not and in reality we cannot be certain and this leads us by the way before i move on to a very simple point which doesn't need to be said but it should still be said we only affirm the prophethood of those that is very clear from the koran or sooner we're prophets the rest of the people we stay silent about and if a person has an opinion no problem but that opinion doesn't

00:44:28--> 00:44:59

become binding you can say if you researched it and you're a chef in ireland and you studied the quran and you're a scholar of al qaeda you can say i feel your name is a prophet fine that's your opinion you cannot say that i am certain to the point that if somebody denies that he's a catholic no that is taking it to a level that you're not allowed to do we only affirm with certainty what allah has given us the knowledge with certainty okay so though caray we leave a question mark and we say and i say that odd

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

I don't know whether he was a prophet or not. And we leave his the reality of his affair to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The next ambiguous figure, so we have Zulu Kiffin. By the way the codename is the one of the two horns. Okay, so we're going to come to his story. Either way, whether he was a prophet or not, we will discuss the coordinates in our series a shallow Tyler. And I'll go over this point again at that point, Allah knows how many years later we're going to come to the coordinate but whenever we get there, insha Allah, Allah gives us life and can allows us to continue, I will mention all of these interesting points and fastest and bordering theories, and arguments and

00:45:39--> 00:45:48

counter arguments, etc, etc. And in the end of the day, it is a position that some have held that it makes sense to me but in the end of the day is just an opinion it doesn't matter yonni

00:45:50--> 00:46:39

people don't have to go anywhere, refutation are going to come anywhere along the stack. So the other profit that or the other nonprofit, sorry, the other person who is ambiguous is to bah bah bah I ain't too bad and too bad is mentioned twice in the Quran to bar is mentioned twice in the Quran. In surah. Doohan verse 37. Oh homayoun Ron, I'm como to bar will lead in and probably him, are they better or the people have took back and those that were before them? We destroyed all of them. They were sinful people. Notice, Allah doesn't say too bad was sinful. Allah says the people have to buy only to buy bad we're sinful. And in Surah cough verse 12 to 14 Ghaziabad COVID a home homeowner hen

00:46:39--> 00:47:24

was harbor Rossi with a mood well done we're fed out to a one who wrote was how will ekati wa como tu ba? Allah lists a whole group of nations who rejected their profits okay. People who rejected their profits as harbor Rossi with a mood were odd with their own way one who wrote right the brotherbrother and rude means the people the route was horrible at work home to buy and the people have to buy all of them rejected the rustle and so they deserve the punishment. Okay, so the people have to bat rejected the Russell Does this mean that top bar was the Russell Does this mean that too bad was the one that they rejected? Now, what complicates the situation of too bad is that we have

00:47:24--> 00:48:18

an entire genre of Hadith about Toba to bar is mentioned in a number of traditions. And these traditions at face value appear to be somewhat difficult to reconcile somewhat difficult to combine together. of them is a hadith in sunon ababu which is the third most authentic book after the Koran Buhari Muslim Abu in Abu Dawood. There is a hadith ma d A to burn lane on amla. I do not know whether to back is a cursed or not wama Aditi Adele cornea B Yun m lab and I don't know whether they will call nine is an OB or not. Now, this hadith mentions do Cornyn as well. And the Prophet system is saying I don't know what's the Bernina prophet or not right? If the obviously as you can imagine,

00:48:18--> 00:48:26

there is as always a controversy but actually this Hadeeth the majority have said that it is authentic and it does appear to be authentic. And

00:48:27--> 00:49:11

Bernie has this longer discussion in his setup, in which he brings the number of other chains and inshallah the least tech name said he hasn't had it right. So in this head, we have an explicit disclaimer, that from the Profit System is saying I don't know whether they'll Cornyn is a profit or not. So if he is telling us he doesn't know we should also say we do not know. But the first part of the idea, which is what we're interested in now, ma d A to burn Laurie known amila. I don't know why the top bar is also a cursed or not. Now, this is the version in a Buddhahood. The same Hadeeth is found in the monster Kovalchuk m, and it reads, I don't know what it took back is a newbie or not.

00:49:11--> 00:49:45

So rather than learning you have nebby. And there's a lot of controversy, but it appears that that is actually a mistake by one of the scribes or whatnot. And this shows a very deeper point that sometimes you get scribal mistakes even in the manuscripts and so you have to compare manuscript with manuscripts. And so, in reality, the correct narration is what is found in a Buddha and the Prophet system said, I do not know what it took back is a cursed or not, and I do not know where the dual coordinate is a prophet or not. And this is the correct version of the Hadith. Now,

00:49:46--> 00:49:59

the fact that the Prophet system is saying I don't know whether he's a cursed or not indicates we don't know his status. There's another Hadith in which to bat is affirmed to be a good man and that is found in the Muslim ummah.

00:50:00--> 00:50:49

and also in other books as well in one of them the prophet system said that don't curse to bat for he was a good man don't you see that allah reprimanded his nation without recommending him while almost too bad allah said was almost too bad not too bad and in the muslim achmad our prophet sal allahu allah who was sent him said to back was a rajul and saw the hand a slammer he was a good man who accepted islam now this hadith is the in the muslim imam muhammad and again you know as usual in these types of narrations there's some controversy but it appears to be on authentic hadith now the fact that the prophet system is saying to bat was our children saw the hen s lemma in reality it

00:50:49--> 00:51:34

seems to indicate that to bat was not a prophet because you don't say kinda rajul on silent s lemma he accepted islam right yeah it's not what you know not that we technically inaccurate to say but rather the quran says that the prophet say we're an award and muslim in right that i am the first to submit to allah subhanho wa taala and i am from the muslims right so it's not technically inaccurate i'm not saying that it is inaccurate but it's not what you would use to describe somebody who's a prophet cannot rajaram sila han islam he was a good man who accepted islam you know that's not something that generally speaking fits with how you would use the objectives for profit now does it

00:51:34--> 00:52:16

mean he's not to profit no it leaves it vague there is a possibility so took that is therefore another figure that we will simply gloss over and in reality we will not cover in detail because we don't know anything about not a width about two but we know nothing about him whatsoever there is nothing to cover so this is the covering of toba and we will say that we do not know and the hadeeth one of them says the prophecy is missing i do not know whether he's cursed or not and the other one saying he was a good man now hate me and others they of course reconcile as the scholars of hadith are obliged to do and they say that one of the two must precede the other and so maybe he didn't

00:52:16--> 00:53:07

know from allah subhanho wa taala and then allah taught him that to bat was a good man and others say that one hadith is weak and the others authentic so point is to bat is an area of controversy let's leave it like that we do not know you know the reality of tibet the other dispute that occurs is that of rosacea rosacea and the name of a resort only occurs once in the koran in surah tober that we'll call it in your hoodoo rosa you to nibbana law under your hood say crusade is the son of allah who is this present and is he the biblical ezra who is this rosetta even kathir says what is the famous position the more well known position is that was a was a nebby so again two opinions was

00:53:07--> 00:53:53

rosetta nebby or not and it seems to be that he was in fact a unabie but again there's nothing definitive so that is that another name that is a question mark and the last name that we have for this series of prophets in the koran that are mentioned so we mentioned as we said 24 plus gifford and then they'll call nine and then to back and then reserved and then now we have the last one so that brings a grand total of 29 four of which sorry five of which we say there are controversies over and 24 of which there is clear cut evidence and each month there are profits the last of them and the most controversial and the one that we will definitely dedicate at least you know one entire

00:53:53--> 00:54:39

lecture to is of course none other than heather fader and interestingly enough fader is not mentioned by name in the quran but he is mentioned by name in the hadith and that is not his name but it is his title and he was called headed because wherever he went the world will become green flowers would you know blossom and the land would become green wherever he would go it would become green so they called him critter and heather is the one that is the longest the most detailed treatise these have been written booklets pamphlets reputations counter refutations was he wasn't he and we will discuss this in a lot of detail but why why why did fidel take on such symbolism rather

00:54:39--> 00:54:53

than these other prophets why did the issue of hadal become so highly contested that so many people wrote treatises about him and not about to bar not about russain the reason being that

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

there is a strand of islam that believes that allah

00:55:00--> 00:55:17

subhanho wa Taala gives definitive knowledge to people outside of profits, okay. And these are some interpretations of the strand of the soul of Sufism, some not all. And this strand of Sufism believes that

00:55:18--> 00:56:06

the Olia of Allah have a divine knowledge from a law that is not based upon why they're not prophets. Right? This No, no, no Sufi would say that they're what he is a prophet. But they would say that their shareholder bazooka there you know, P or whoever they are in the past or whatnot, that there is a divine knowledge gifted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that person knows it is divine knowledge. Now, by the way, we all agree, even, you know, all of us, myself included, we all agree that there's something called El haram and that Allah azza wa jal blesses certain people with call that a strong intuition that they act upon. The key difference is that, I would say and many

00:56:06--> 00:56:12

you know, others would say, not I'm not doing inventing, I'm saying my camp was is basically

00:56:13--> 00:56:35

you cannot know for certain that it is from Allah, but you end up doing it. And you later realize of how Allah Allah azza wa jal gifted me with that, you know, I wouldn't have known otherwise. It's Allah xojo, who gifted me so ill ham is indeed from Allah, but you do not know with certainty that it is from Allah. It's a gift that Allah gives you.

00:56:36--> 00:57:22

The other strand of this strand of the soul wolf would say that there were the nose it is from Allah, in which case, from our perspective, we say, well, then that kinda sorta you're really verging on the notion of prophecy than right, you really saying that? If he knows this is from Allah and Allah is communicate with him directly, then you're kind of sort of like kind of really getting into dangerous territory. Now, where did they get this from? They say that the Koran tells us about the persona of credit. And the persona of Moosa and Haider, according to them was the greatest of Olia. In fact, the famous Sufi went out of business. He is the heart and will Olia and our Prophet

00:57:22--> 00:58:11

system is the heart and when they begin, right, so he is the seal of the Olia Fidel becomes the Wali par excellence, he becomes the body of the highest magnitude for that strand of Islam. And so the story of credit and Mossad takes on an intellectual battle between two strands of Islam right. On the one hand, you have those that want to read in the notion of groups of people humans Olia that Allah communicates with and Allah says in the Koran about Where did he get his knowledge from? What, why lemna who mill they do not really map? This is why lemna who middle they don't know. And we taught him a knowledge from us. And this strand says, This is alerion Allah Dhoni, Allah, Allah

00:58:11--> 00:58:49

Dhoni, this is the term that they use, right? This is the knowledge that comes from whether from their from their earlier Allah Dhoni it is not from this world. And they base this on that chronic phase where I live now who will or do not remember. And so either for them becomes a woody and not an EBI. So they're very adamant. And obviously, you understand now what's at stake here. They're adamant that hey, that cannot be an OB, whether it is a woody, and he's still alive. And he meets with us. And he communicates and he does this and that. So there's an entire, you know, group that, that that feels this way. Now, obviously, you know, I am not, you know, a part of that strand. And

00:58:49--> 00:59:25

so I don't agree with this interpretation. And also, the stories of the Koran are very clear. In this regard. We're going to come to this one the stories of her that I should say, the stories of Heather, and what he did indicate very clearly that Hey, that was a nebby and not awali. It's very clear. And when we get to the stories of Heather, and we get to other the entire episodes that took place, we will ensure a lot of time to discuss this in a lot of detail. That header was a Navy, he had to have been an OB there is no question he was a Navy. And so Heather can actually be added to the list because

00:59:26--> 00:59:59

no one can take the life of another human being based on Ilham Simple as that. Well, there's just simple as that there's many other things but you cannot kill a human being and then say, oh, it doesn't work that way in harm does not work to commit crimes. And it is a crime to kill an innocent child based upon nothing, unless you are divinely inspired by Allah. If Allah tells you and the only way you would know this is if you're a prophet. If you're a prophet, then that changes the stakes because Allah azza wa jal

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

You hear you meet and Allah can tell any angel or tell a prophet to do things that we are not allowed to do. No created servant of Allah that follows a prophet can commit a crime and then say, oh, Allah told me to do it doesn't work that way. So either was a nebby inspired by Allah and Allah azza wa jal told him to do certain things and he did that and that is what he's allowed to do that no one can do what Hitler did unless they were a prophet. So we say that Hitler was indeed a prophet and we will come to this inshallah tada when we come to it. The final point for today inshallah Tada, so we mentioned 29 names in the Quran. Are there any in the Hadith? Are there any extra names

01:00:40--> 01:00:56

in the Hadith? Yes, two. There are two names that are mentioned in the primary books of Hadith I should say there are other as mentioned in the more obscure works, we're going to ignore those because they are not authentic, there are two that are contested, to be authentic. The first of them

01:00:57--> 01:01:41

is definitely without a doubt authentic. It is mentioned in body and Muslim by concept and in Muslim by by name. So the but by by incident he's mentioned in body and Muslim and by name he's mentioned in post Naima Mohammed asked for, by incident. The prophets of Allah who it sent him said Bukhari and Muslim, one of the prophets of old, participated in expedition. And and then the story goes on and on. And he came close to the village. And it was about to, it was a Thursday, basically, the sun is about to set now, Friday, excuse me, it was a Friday, and the sun is about to set. Now this is a prophet for the children of Israel, and they have the concept of the Sabbath. And if the sun were to

01:01:41--> 01:02:25

set, then they cannot fight they have to restaurant that day. And so he's about to conquer the village, and it's close to basically mockery of time. And the Prophet said to the sun, you are under the command of Allah and I'm on I am under the command of Allah, Allah, Allah stopped the sun for a little bit from moving right. And so the sun was paused for a while, and until they conquered the village or the city, now, this is of course, you shot conquering, baited mock this, and we know this, from the Muslim of Ahmed Hadith, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, The sun has never been stopped except for you shot when it was stopped the nights that he conquered, baited mock this

01:02:25--> 01:02:34

so this is huge I've been known. Now you shall be known. We say that he is not mentioned in the Quran by name. But he is mentioned in the Quran

01:02:35--> 01:03:23

is Ali Fatah who right when Moses said to his servant, that Fattah is Yeshua, so you shot is mentioned in the Quran, but not by name. So we say this is another name here. Then the last name for today. It is sheath, the son of Adam sheath, the son of Adam, and the name of sheath occurs in the same Hadeeth that we mentioned in our last episode, and that is the long hadith of Buddha, Elif it, how many prophets how many messengers who is the first of them, etc, etc. and amongst them was the Prophet cism allegedly saying, and she was given 50 scrolls. Now we already mentioned this hadith is in all likelihood, not authentic. So the name sheath is found in the Old Testament, no doubt about

01:03:23--> 01:03:59

that. But whether we affirm it or not depends on whether you accept this hadith or not, for those who followed the position that it is authentic Anisha Kobani made it has no but not actually made it. So hey, for those who follow then then sheath becomes one of the names for those who consider this Hadees to be not authentic, and I'm amongst them, then this name is basically we leave it and we don't put it in that list as well. So these are the two names that are mentioned in the famous books of Hadith, you shall is without a doubt a prophet, and his reference is found in the Koran and as for sheath his name occurs in the Old Testament, but in our sources, the high D dimensions it is

01:03:59--> 01:04:22

in all likelihood a week and Allah subhana wa knows best inshallah we'll continue next week when we will begin our discussion with a very, very scintillating an emotionally charged topic. And that is that are there any profits who were female or were all the profits male that will be inshallah, busy night daga next Wednesday, and with that, Joseph Mo Farah in Santa Monica to lay water catch