Yasir Qadhi – The Night of The Jinn

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses recent events involving the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam and the lack of family members and movement. The aftermath of a tragic incident caused the death of the Prophet Muhammad and the loss of the entire population, as well as the lack of a known afterlife. The importance of seeking acceptance and value in animal bones is emphasized, as well as the need for acceptance of animal bones and finding value in their experiences. The segment also touches on the history of the Prophet system and its impact on culture.
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today inshallah we'll discuss a very beautiful interesting, very fascinating incident from the Sierra, one that I know a lot of people are always fascinated about. It's a topic that every single person is interested in. It is the incident in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam interacted with the believing jinn. This is the only time that we know of that he had an interaction with a group of believing gin, and it is called the night of the gin Laila to gin. And today Inshallah, let us summarize some of the benefits we can gain from that story from the Syrah reported in the Sahaba Muslim, that I will comma one of the famous deblurring He died 103 hijra, I'll come

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and asked his chef, his teacher even was rude. He said to Ibn was rude that or even was rude. Were you present with the prophets of Allah? Who are they he was selling them on the night of the jinn? Now this question, first and foremost, we are so jealous in a halal manner of people like alcom, who could quiz the Sahaba I witnesses how we wish we could interact with those who interacted with the Prophet sallallahu. Either he would send them ask them more detailed questions. Of course, now we have what we have, we cannot get any more questions, right. So I will come up is asking directly. And this shows us that Subhanallah they knew this euro he knew the light in the night of the gin. So

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he's asking a very specific question. And we learned from the CRR from the sorry, from our books of history, the Sahaba would say and the taboo owner would say we would teach our children the Sierra, they called it Maha z. We will teach our children the Sierra like we would teach them the Quran. So they will teach them about the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So I'll come I was well aware of what happened at the time of the Prophet system. Now he wants more details. So he asks his teacher his teachers been Miss Ruth, even miss Ruth is one of the first converts he is the seventh convert. He's one of the first 10 who converted to Islam. And hamdulillah alchemy was able

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to interact with him, right? So he says to his teacher, even Massoud, this isn't Kufa. He says oh Eben was rude. Did you attend the night of the jinn with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So EBMs route then gives us more details right? I will come a new the basic story now in Mr. O tells us a little bit more. He said no, none of us attended with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam nobody was there when he interacted with the jinn. Now this then leads us to another issue there are some narrations which are in top Iranian other, you know, tertiary sources, in which it seems that some of the Sahaba were present. In fact, this has led to a long discussion. How many times did the

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process went track with the jinn some scholars said it happened two times once in Makkah, once in Medina, some scholars had three some say even six times however Allah knows best, although those other reports are actually very weak. Actually, it's a very bizarre report. So in Bharani, it says that the process of took Ibn mystery This is not an authentic report, and he drew a line in the sand and he said stay within this line. Because if you exit the line, I will not see you until the day of judgment. Then the process of went forward that had been Masaryk has a bizarre description these entities came you know cloudy faces he went last into the so it's you it's a mythologies not actual

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authentic hadith, right? The authentic hadith in Sahih, Muslim Ibn Massoud said none of us were present. So Allah knows best it appears that in the entire Sierra only once did the Prophet system have a live interaction with a group of believing jinn. Now the Quran references this, where does it reference it? Sudha tell cough and also Surah Telegin. So this leads us to another issue. You should be aware the Quran mentions two interactions, two groups of jinn that interact with the Prophet sallallahu idea was uncertain cough what it's Serafina Ilica NEFA Ramona Jeanne istemi Runa Quran we cause the group enough for a group of Jin to go in your direction. And they heard you recite the

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Quran. This is in the Quran, Allah tells us right that a group of jinn happened or we cause them to wander in your direction. In the end of the day, Allah chooses where you know, people are going there. The Jinn didn't know this is going to happen. Allah said we knew is going to happen. We caused it to happen. So one day

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heard you recite all answer to they said be quiet. This is something new. We've never heard this before right Furama when you finished it to wallow in a coma him when they when they return to their larger group warning them having embraced Islam, Fallujah, coalminer in sml, anarchy turban on Zillow. Remember it Musa, they said our people, we have heard a new book that has been revealed after the book of Musa it is guiding to the truth and it is guiding to righteousness. All our people respond to this new message perhaps Allah azza wa jal will forgive you and save you. So the Quran is very clear. Now, when did this happen? Again, we are not 100% Certain, however, it appears that it

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happened on the night of thought if after the Prophet system was returning from thought, if back to Makkah, and we know what happened, and if right, and we know that he was rejected in life in a very brutal, very mocking manner. And before he entered Makkah, he camped outside Makkah for a night and he had to send Bilal to see who would allow him to get back into Makkah. This is a story that is in this era that because a Bhutanese had told him sorry, because a hula hoop had told him I will have had told him that he is not allowed to enter to Makkah, and so he didn't have what we call the visa. He didn't have a permission from the tribe. So he sent to other tribal members because the bundle

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Hashem boycotted him the bundle Hashem after the death of Abu Talib, after the death of Abu Talib, the Prophet of Islam became the heir or not the heir he became the, the person in charge was a Buddha, right Abu Lahab was born Hashem is chieftain, Abu Lahab initially agreed that the process and could remain in Makkah, then an incident happened and he said, Go find your way. You're no longer I'm not going to keep you under brainwashed him. So that's why he went to but if so, see if another tribe can adopt him, or the other tribe rejected as you know, he came back he then sent below the story as long we're not gonna go there. But that was when I Isha herself asked the Prophet

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system. Was there a day that was more difficult for you then the day of awkward? He said, Yes, the day of thought if, in the entire Sierra, perhaps this day was the day that it felt the worst. And He Himself told her eyeshadow, the hola Juana this on that day, Allah azza wa jal sent him a group of gin. Our scholars say there is a symbolism here, ya rasool Allah, even if the people of this earth shall reject you, the people of the jinn shall accept you, you will have an audience that will believe in you don't give up hope. Even if you think there is nobody here, even an animal hide, there are those that are going to accept you. So there's actually a profound symbolism to when this

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incident occurred, that at the lowest of the low when he felt at the time that he has no one other than Allah azza wa jal when his, you know, butadiene had died, Khadija had died the people of Makkah rejected him the people have died have rejected him. Where's he gonna go? On that night? He stood up outside of Maccha praying Salat al Fajr. Right. And he recited Quran out loud where it's sort of like Anna for a minute Jenius that your honor Purana Fela Muslim or Hello? Oh to answer to follow Mahkota yo lo Illa call me humans didn't so Allah azza wa jal told him because the process of did not know this happen. Allah told him that you can embrace Islam because of you on that night now.

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Certain this certain which Surah guys which Surah a cough Surah Telegin

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all a year, and now his stuff stemma Anna follow managing money, say it has been inspired to me that a group of gin have listened to the Quran, right? And then the whole sort of Telegin is about them being astonished. The heavens used to be open. We're in Hakuna Nakata mean hamaca this summer, we used to go up in the sin now the doors are shut. Right? So is this another group of gin? Or is it the same group of gin? This is a question that is called as associate have answered, in the end of the day. This is olive oil like we cannot interview the gin to know which one Allah knows best. But it appears it is the same group. And in the first we hear about their conversion, and they go back

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in the second we hear some of the conversation between them taking place because they're the ones amongst themselves saying now we understand why the doors have been shut. Right. So it appears that Allah knows best it is the same incident. What further adds to this is that both of these sutras are late McKee sutras, okay, so turn off so little gin or late McKee surahs. So they're revealed in a similar timeframe. Therefore, Allah knows best it appears that this was one incident in this era that took place in the late makan stage. It took place after the Battle of thought if which means it took place and not the battle the the incident of life, which means it also took place after the

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death of Khadija which we're going to show you Inshallah, why that also makes

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sense and it took place two years before the Hijra of the process of after Israel and mail Raj and before the Hydra so we move on now I will call myself Debian Mr. Rude were you present on the night of the gin? By the way, the fact that he says the night of the gin shows they understood it was one night. He didn't say the night of the Jinan MCCA versus the one in Medina. No, he asked the night of the jinn. So this is another evidence that and Allah knows best that there was only one night in the entire Sierra, where this happened, even Massoud said, No, I wasn't there. But I know what happened. I know you know the story from a third party's perspective. He said, one night, we couldn't find the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam and we searched the entire city and even we went to the o dia the valleys outside Makkah, and we could not find him. We began to feel the worst had happened in one narration that he had been assassinated that word actually occurs right. So it shows us that the Sahaba were very worried the Prophet system is missing. They cannot find him there is a regular contact and relationship all of a sudden he is missing so they send out search parties discreetly it's still muck up they cannot go public and they're going here and there what's going so he said we spent the worst night of our lives their Iman was so high their love was so high they can't find the

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prophets Assam their imagination their anxiety the worry, we spent the whole night and worry Shalala tin. This also shows us by the way, Allah knows best there's an indication that there is no Khadija in the story. Right? Because if you are married right as we all know, you do not just stand up and leave. They could have gone to Khadija Where is he and Hadiya would have known but at this point the process is now a bachelor there is no wife there is no family and bachelors have a lot more freedom than married people do because that was a joke, okay. Bachelors can do what they want to do, they can go where they want to go, nobody knows where they are, right? So it'd be a mystery. There is no

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family to go to there is no wife to ask. There's nobody that he's going to tell these days. My new details so they cannot find him the whole night they spend and they cannot find the then they said after fajr we saw him coming from who June from the area of June. June is famous street in Makkah is very famous area and mockery but these days we call the district but it was an area in Makkah. So they said yeah rasool Allah Where have you been? We spent the worst night of our lives where where did you go and they're trying to a little bit chastise their little bit. It's understandable they love him out of love. Yeah rasool Allah we were searching for you. So he said, a tiny art in mineral

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gin and another version that even Elgin one of the DA is one of the people of the gym they came to call me

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and therefore I left to go to * June area. And that's why you couldn't find me. That's why you couldn't find me I was with them. You can This is not a place you would have gone in and look to now where is this place? This place in Makkah today it is called Masjid Elgin. It is called Masjid Elgin. And it is on the high June area. And it is outside of the graveyard of Mecca. It's called more Allah. Right? More Allah is the graveyard of Makkah. In which Abdulmutallab is buried and it will polyp is buried and the process that son is buried, and most importantly, Khadija is buried. This is the graveyard of Maccha more Isla graveyard, literally outside in front of in fact, if you

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go there today, the graveyard finishes there's a major road, the Masjid is there literally it is like 10 feet from each other. That place is called Mr. del Jin. It's called Mr. Digital because that's where this incident took place. Right. So he said to me Mr. Whitcomb, I will show you their remnants there I thought. So he took him in Missouri then perhaps other companies we don't know who else was there and had been Miss route said, we saw the remnants of the fire and the camp or the whatever they had loved the authority of the fire that they had built there. The shows us very interesting things of them is that well, why are they in her June? Why are they over there? So

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generally speaking, the jinn do not like the interactions with human beings, generally speaking, contrary to popular opinion and myth and whatnot. Jinns don't want to be around the activities of men. We are too noisy for them, we irritate them, we then want to bid on their own. So they go to places that are abandoned, what is the most abandoned place of any city and society? It is the graveyard. Nobody lives there, nobody goes there. So the jinn actually appreciate the emptiness of the graveyard, which also brings out the why graveyards are so sometimes scary for people as well, because perhaps in reality, there is a circular loop here right? That the graveyards do become a

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place where even a popular society in all cultures graveyards are places where spooky things happen. What not right? In reality, they're my

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have an element of truth that actually the jinn do like to go there. The reason they go there is not because of the dead is because in any city in any place, the most abandoned is always the graveyard. So they like that for their peace and serenity. And the prophecies same came to that area of her June. This also shows us that the Djinn sometimes erect camps and the jinn benefit from the fire of this world, even though they are created from a type of fire. Still, the fire benefits them, so they still lit a fire and the remnants of that fire could be seen by Ibn Massoud. We don't know many details about what happened that night. But the prophet system spent the entire night at least seven

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hours, right. So when he was about to go to sleep, he would go to sleep right after salata, Nisha, so he said before I went to sleep, somebody came to me, and he spent until Salatin Fajr the entire night he spent with them. So this entire night what happened? We do not know there were no eyewitnesses, none of the Sahaba were there. The jinns do not tell us we just have a few tidbits in other a hadith that we discover of them in sunnah Timothy. Once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited Surah to a Rahman from beginning to end. And the Sahaba listened mesmerized quiet. When he finished reciting Surah Rahman. He said, Why didn't you respond?

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Fight for by Allah I recited Surah to Rahman to the jinn on the night of the jinn. And they responded better than your response.

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The Sahaba said O Messenger of Allah, what was their response? The prophecy ism said every time I said for be a la Rob de como Touka Zeba you know, it occurs, you know, 32 times 34 times in the Surah. Every time I said this, the Jin responded Labby che manera Matera Bina Luca zebu robbing our local Hemd we do not reject any blessing from Allah. Oh Allah, we thank you for these blessings. Right? Why didn't you say Alhamdulillah we thank you. This would have been better for you. The Gin did this on the night of the gin. This shows us that the prophets Assam began his Dawa on the night of the gin by reciting the Quran. And he recited Surah Rahman not contrary to popular opinion

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Telegin no Surah Tarahumara was recited, this also shows us frankly, that we understand this as understood the bravery of the Prophet system. An entity comes from the other world and says Come with me. And the process of goes by himself. Of course we expect this, one of us might have had a heart attack. The process then goes and spends the whole night no protection he has Allah azza wa jal, no Ibn maestro, nobody's there he spends the night in the wilderness surrounded by these entities. This also shows us the importance of seeking knowledge. Even the jinn come and want to learn knowledge, how about or should we not want to learn knowledge? This shows us the eagerness of

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the chef and the teacher and the item to go and teach here we have somebody coming and the process and immediately responds this shows us all good o'clock about seeking knowledge and the benefits of knowledge. So what else do we know that happened on that night? Not much, except one or two other details of them is that the prophets ism told us some of the rulings that he taught the jinn. This is very interesting, that obviously the jinn have different outcome than us right? What they are, we have no idea is there there this the gin also have Sahaba because these people interacted with the Prophets awesome. There are Sahaba of the gin the gin also have their a hadith because the process

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of them spent those eight hours whatever he said to them, would it be narrated it is there extra Hadith that they have that we do not have that is specific for them. And of the things we learned that the prophets have said them taught to them once he was in one of the expeditions, and he needed to use the restroom. Realize in those days this is filthy point by the way that the prophets are some and the Sahaba rarely used water for a stranger. Okay, because why? Because it was rare. It was scarce. Even though it is Mr. Hub we all know this, but in their own lifetimes water was scarce and they did not have the luxury of pouring gallons of water like we do. And this is something that most

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people don't know but this is by unanimous consensus that is stingy with dry material is permitted. A lot of Muslims don't know this. In fact, this is Iijima, there is no controversy, all the mud hubs all the scholars say that you don't it's not as if you don't have to have water it is allowed. Even when you have gallons of water it is allowed to do is tinged up with dry material and you are fine. Yes it is better to use water and that's why it is part of our culture but you should know from a filthy perspective that it is not obligatory by any

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A scholar of Islam that you must use water. So our Prophet system wanted to use the restroom, he said to one of the Sahaba go find me something to do is tinged with go find me some material then he said, but do not bring back either a bone or animal dung and droppings. So, the sahabi did as he was commanded. He said, I found some rocks and stones put them in my throat. It was a empty area. So there was no he had to go find rocks and stones, I put them in my throat, I put them in front of the process them and then left him to do what he needed to do. Then I came back I said Yato surah Allah, why did you tell me to not bring animal bones or dung? So he said, On the night of the Jin z, we now

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we know something else now. Now we get to do another tidbit. On the night of the gin. The Jinn asked me, what shall be the food that they can eat. And they're the wild they're beasts can eat, because they are no longer allowed to eat what was given to the idols, before this point in time the non Muslim gins and to this day, the non Muslim gins eat that which Allah's name has not been mentioned, and the Eat that which is offered to the idols. As Allah says in the Quran, that what you give to the idols does not reach Allah, it reaches the shayateen doesn't reach them. So the jinn eat these filthy things the non Muslim Jin, these Muslim gins asked ya rasool Allah Now that this is not

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allowed for us what is allowed for us, you have now made all of this out on what can we get? This shows us another point, by the way, when Allah makes something haram, he gives us substitute that is hella Allah never prohibit something without allowing you something that is pure and halal, everything that is needed food and drink and every urge anything that Allah has made haram, there will always be equivalent that is halal. So the jinn when something was made haram, they understood, okay, now that this is haram, there must be something here that they said, Yeah, Rasulullah, what then what are we going to eat? And what will our animals eat? This shows us another point. And that

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is in the world of the jinn, there are beasts as well, there are beasts that they have, they have their equivalent of camels and horses, that the jinn actually do have beasts that carry their goods and do whatever they have. So this is a whole different topic altogether. So the Prophet system said, From now on, every bone in which a Muslim has eaten with the name of Allah shall have more meat for you, meaning meat on their world, not the actual meat that we have, right? And every animal dung shall become either free and it's like hay for your beasts. Every animal dung is now going to be something that you can use your animals to feed from. So this shows us and that's why our process

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of did not want to make animal bones not just, if you use it for a stranger, it will become that just right. He didn't want to pollute the animal bone. And so he said to this companion, do not choose animal bone, and do not use animal dung. Because animal bone for inner how to ammo in Quantico mineral gin. It is going to be the food of your brethren from the jinn. The amount of Islam is so vast that not only do include every race and ethnicity and civilization, the OMA of the jinn is included in our ummah. And that is why he said one a co managing your brethren of the gin, it will they will eat this animal bones so don't make it not just so these are some of the tidbits that

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we learned from this interesting episode of an alien surgeon. And in the end of the day, much more is there but we do not have any knowledge of this what we have is enough that we need to know May Allah subhana wa Taala allow us to continue to benefit from this era and to find value in it and inshallah we'll continue on other times Zack will love it. Sarah Molly from rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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be me start here, doll seni wanna tell

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Sunday. What

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