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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various ways to consume the notices of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa. They suggest various ways to read the notices, including translation, recording, and reading them with a magnifying glass. The speaker also suggests touching the notices to relax body parts.
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And the third and final thing this is only for the people who really matter because most of you have tuned out the hood but by now, one last point.

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Shout Ramadan and Lady Angela Hill.

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Allah didn't call it shadow slam, shuffle to shuffle. Stay away from your wife and kids.

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Shadow Quran.

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I came back I met a sister from Scotland. Well, like three days ago. She said, What's your Ramadan plan? We sat at a very beautiful wedding. And it was it was beautiful wedding, you know, the all the tricked out and she said, but her only concern What are you doing for Ramadan with Sam? I was like, I'm going to do a, I'm going to do a translation read for Ramadan. 10 to three, I'm going to do this. I'm going to go to thought all we and she goes. That's it. I said, Tell me your schedule. She says well, in the morning, I read to Jews. Then I listened to one just in translation and recording Dr. Ferrara. There are 10 different translations out there. I'm not going to give you one, just

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listen to it. And then she said then we go to Malawi.

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And then in the last 10 nights, we finish at least two more readings and I looked at this lady and said, How many mishaps Do you consume in the month? She goes only four. And then she I said what do you mean only one line? I think she looks she goes No, no the girls in our group they do 10

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I was like, well, you guys teach Quran because I'm teacher and I don't even do that much. So I'm going to give us three points on this. The third point is consumed Quran consuming as much as you can. There are three ways to consume maybe more. Most of us don't know how to read Quran comfortably enough comfortably. If you don't know how to read, make the month of Ramadan, the month where you will learn Python, Iranian. But for all of us, this part of the Hadith, we never realize the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one letter is 10 blessings Allah multiplies it by 550 blessings. Did you know that the Lama then said if the person who can't read and he puts his finger,

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he touches the Quran, she touches the Quran. When you watch Harry Potter movies, and the kids are reading those big magical books, how do they read the book from far away? Are they touching it with a magnifying glass? Oh my god, that letter it has a line on the top a lot. Put it there. A law said these words. consume it, touch it, feel it, write it, calligraphy eyes it, listen to it. And if you have nothing to do help us put it in water and drink it do anything to get it in your body. But there's one other way that you can get it in and I'm still recommending touch it will lie if you can't read even if you can just touch it's 20 pages of juice in one Ramadan. How many parents Can

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you touch? Tell me Oh brother. It's not that important. People take Lucky Charms to football games. So their football player plays better and somehow that works. My nebby brought a gift allows love letter and it ain't gonna work.

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There's one more way though. And it's the only and first thing

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to recite it. And today if you can't read a Quran, why don't you make intention? Allah I want to be the next below. A lot I want to stand up and when I read the Quran, I want light to come off my body. When I read on I want my body parts to relax when I read called on. I want to feel the speech of God in my face.

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