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The transcript describes a group of people on the streets of Brooklyn, where they are praying for their brothers to come to the mosque to do something wrong. They encourage people to not worry about what they do and to not let anyone tell them that they are doing something wrong. They also mention a money payment and a respect for rent.

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Do you run

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from the street?

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I love you.

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Also from the street,

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every now and then somebody can see the street and say you.

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He became like, Jay,

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I apologize for that.

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Because you can take the man out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the book in our domain.

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So if you look real close, you go here a little bit, and you will see a little bit of Brooklyn.

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And, you know, if things heat up, you might feel some of the Brooklyn

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I think

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I never want to become soft.

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I never want the Catholic to think

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that they can walk over my face.

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And I prefer for my sons, if they don't have much knowledge. I pray to a loss upon that they will never allow the Catholics to walk over their faces.

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So you young brothers who love a law, who loves the profits, a lot of them but you have some defect in your heart. You have some defect in your deen, clean up your act.

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You have time in sha Allah.

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Come to the masjid. If you can't pray five times a day. fall into the machine pray once a day

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sneak in the mouse Don't worry about it. Don't worry about what the brothers are thinking about what you do

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know what they do. Nobody knows about

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Don't worry about what you're doing is wrong in the street. The mosque belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and belong to you to

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the mosque is the place to come wash up.

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Clean up clean up that money

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clean up that dirty money

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clean up your association

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don't see your home boys. Like you ought to feel a lot

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because your home boys is waiting for one of you to come to the mosque to do the right thing to say the right thing and to come back to them and say listen brothers we are we still cool Everything is all right. But man look man, we got to come back to a lot.

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We got to come back to

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give the respect to pay the rent. pay the rent paying rent me make this a lot. pay rent on the house to houses me, Peter, are you paying rent, make this a lot.

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Even if you're doing something wrong, don't let anybody tell you that because you're doing something wrong. Don't make it don't make no difference. will tell you that