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Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help and aid and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed, whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah chooses to allow to go astray, then none can guide him to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no god other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And every witness and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows. Allah reminds us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says, Yeah, you heard Athena an otaku la halco to

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quality. Walter Mouton, Illa, one to Muslim moon. Oh you who believe be conscious of Allah, the way that it is befitting you are conscious of him, and do not die except in a state of submission. Dear Muslims, today's chutzpah will be about one of the earliest sutras that Allah azza wa jal revealed to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the early Makhan stages, perhaps even the first year of Revelation, Allah azza wa jal revealed a small Surah a surah that we recite every few Salawat it is one of the common sutras and in today's hold about we will elaborate and illustrate and give a tip seed of this surah so that insha Allah Who Tada we can benefit in our daily lives, and we can

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also benefit why do we recite this surah in our Salawat the surah is Surah tilma own and it is small six or seven verses out of a two letter you can see will be Dean for the early Khalidiya door earlier team. What are your Hello I'm in miskeen for ya lil mousseline Alladhina whom Ancelotti himself Hoon, Allah Dino, whom you're our own. Why I'm not on the mountain. Have you seen the auto Sula, la? Have you seen this person who rejects the dean? The dean here the primary meaning of Dean is the Day of Judgment, as in Molly Chioma dean. And Dean also implies a religion Islam is a dean. So belief in a religion and belief in judgment day is actually really the same thing. Because the

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word duniya Dino means to believe in judgment, and means to believe in a system of laws that are the same thing. And the Quraysh denied there was a system of laws, the dean, and they denied there's a Day of Judgment Maliki OMA Dean. So Allah subhanho wa taala, challenged the belief of the Koresh. And this shows us that we are obliged to speak truth to power when Muslims are being persecuted when there was no result of Islam. When Muslims were small and weak. The Quran pointed out the hypocrisy is and the Cofer of the dominant society. Have you seen this person? Now? Who is this person? Our scholars of Tafseer say maybe it was a Buddha, maybe it was an Alcibiades in the Quran does not

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mention who it was. But the point is when Allah says, Have you seen this one? Every quarter, she will think Is it me? Am I the one being referred to so Allah challenges everyone who rejects the deen? Have you seen this person who rejects the judgment date? Have you seen him? In this question? We also learned something from all of us. We are commanded by Allah to benefit from both those who have religion and those who don't have religion, those who don't have religion, we see what happens when you don't have religion. And we take a lesson from that. And frankly, open our eyes to modern society. What happens when you lose concept of God concept of religiosity concept of family concept

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of a HELOC, open your eyes and see the reality and you know what happens when you remove Dean from society? So Allah is asking the promises and and through him all of us are at the UK they will be Dean. Have you not seen this person who rejects the Day of Judgment, who rejects there being a system revealed by Allah subhanho wa taala. What is the result when you reject judgment?

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date for Daddy Khalidiya door only a team that is the person who pushes the orphan away. Now this is a very profound, very deep relationship. The one who rejects Judgment Day, Allah says that is the one who inevitably ends up pushing the orphan, the most violent, the most cruel, the most inhumane act you can imagine, to be uncompassionate to the orphan, to push the orphan away. And Allah says this is linked to him not believing in the hereafter. Now it is true to state that not everybody who rejects the Day of Judgment will push an orphan, but it is also true to say nobody who truly believes in judgment day can be this cruel. Nobody who believes in Koyama and believes in Allah real

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belief can be so cold hearted, in order to be so cold hearted, so callous, there cannot be a heart upon a man. So Allah gives an example that is not to everybody who rejects the deen. But it is an essential quality of everybody who is cruel. Everybody who takes the rights of others, everybody who takes the rights of the most vulnerable, that person cannot believe in the deen. And so Allah gives this example. And this shows us a very, very simple reality that unfortunately, in our society is being denied. And that is this reality of linking one's belief with one's actions. A lot of people in today's society they're like, who cares about theology, who cares about religion, I can be a good

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person without religion. And Allah azza wa jal throughout the Quran says there's no such thing. To have genuine good faith, to have genuine Good luck, to have genuine compassion, to have consistency in being good unto others. There must be a religiosity, there must be a belief in Allah, those who have no such belief, they might be good. Sometimes they might be kind and compassionate sometimes. But if you have no belief in the Hereafter, if you're not believing there's a judgment date, then you cannot remain consistently doing good unto others. It is true, there are many who don't believe in the hereafter. And once in a while, they'll be good, it is true, we cannot deny that. But it is

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only those who truly believe that will fear Allah in public and in secret. It is only those who know that Allah is watching them, and who will know that they have to answer on the day of judgment for their deeds that will always maintain morality, regardless of the circumstances. And this is why our religion has come to affirm both Eman and Amal belief and actions they go hand in hand. Do not trivialize all Muslims belief in Allah. And what happens when you believe in Allah do not trivialize belief in the hereafter and the moral impact of believing in the hereafter. When you believe in the hereafter, it will automatically shaped the way you live in this world. Or at least you can enable

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bidding, fanatical ready adoro your team when you don't believe in the hereafter, you cannot maintain consistent good actions. And again, this is a response to those in our times who say, Oh, look at you religious folks, you're only religious and you're only good because you want reward from the Hereafter. And as for us, they say we are good for the sake of being good. We respond to them. Firstly, no one can maintain consistency in being good unless they believe in a higher power. And secondly, and this is a philosophical point who gets to define good. When you don't believe in a hereafter and God it is Allah who defines good it is Allah who tells us what is good from evil. So

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those who are removed in those who you can, they will be Dean, they will end up in a society and in a civilization where evil becomes good and good becomes evil as we see what is happening. And they will end up in a people and amongst peoples who will not be able to maintain morality at all times. Therefore, our religion has come a Latina, half owner of the home those who shall not be humble, they fear their Lord in secret yellow known unknown moolah corabi him they're certain that they're going to meet their Lord. That is what happens when you believe in Allah when you don't believe in Allah callousness is a natural result selfishness you care about yourself, even the orphan who comes

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to you. I don't care about you. Why should I give you anything? So the one who believes in Allah will be compassionate to all the one who doesn't believe in Allah will end up being cold hearted and narrow minded and very, very selfish until finally Fat Daddy Khalidiya don't earlier team he pushes the orphan away. What are

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Hibou Palo Alto I'm in miskeen and he is never involved in encouraging feeding of the poor. He's not the one who wants Betterment for society. He's only worried about himself or herself enough, see enough seep and ask for the believers. Eman will automatically bring about a sense of compassion, a sense of Rama, a sense of being at the forefront of wanting to help others who are not as privileged as them. So Allah azza wa jal says, The one who rejects the deen will end up being cold hearted, being selfish will end up not caring about anybody else will end up not doing anything that is good. And as I said, the verse is talking about one subset because there are those who don't believe in

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God, but they live semi righteous lives in terms of actions, but they cannot live fully righteous lives. In our belief system. You have to have a man and amble together. When you don't have email Eman. You might have partial ml but you will never have full ml. So Allah says the one who rejects the deen will end up doing these things that Allah says a very strange verse for a lot of people for a noodle mousseline woe to those who pray. This verse has caused many commentators to wonder what is this switch doing here? Because it is as if the first verse is talking about those who reject Allah, the Koresh, then the last half of the surah. It is as if ALLAH is talking about those who pray but

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not properly foiled and Musa lien Alladhina home Ensenada himself one, those that are not vigilant in there sign up, those that are praying to show off and those that are not generous. So the first half seems to talk about those who reject Islam. And the second half seems to talk about those who might not be that good Muslims. How is the linkage between the two? In fact, some of our early scholars were so perplexed that their solution was and I don't agree with this, their solution was the first half of the surah was revealed in Makkah for the people of the Quraysh. And the second half was revealed in Medina for the munafo own. And this is one attempt to make this solution. How

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do we correlate these verses, but there is another way to correlate them. And that does not require to believe that the surah came down in two separate gatherings. And this correlation is very straightforward, because there are those people of Islam, those who are Muslims when they hear or Atalla do caribou biddin fanatically DO IT team. Well, I heard gwala timely miskeen when they hear of this person who rejects the Dean shaitan will come and say, Don't worry, you're a good person, because you offer your prayers and you believe in Allah, your rituals and your Eman is enough to save you. So Allah azza wa jal addresses those people, this is us here now that don't think that

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your half hearted rituals are good enough. Don't think that when you just do the bare minimum and you're not even conscious of Allah, and it does not impact your o'clock, then don't think that you are saved? Just because the kurush have rejected the deen and are so evil. You who are not fully committed to the system of Islam don't think you are safe. So Allah brings about a verse that will shock the listener who is a believer for way you know, little muscle lean, whoa, punishment way this punishment woe to those who are praying. This should cause every one of us who is going to pray in a while our ear should stand up. What does it mean woe to those who are praying, we are praying? Why

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is Allah criticizing those who are praying because Allah then moves on? Because he's not criticizing those who pray? He is criticizing a group amongst those who pray that group whose self imposed version of piety that group who thinks that just because they're hard, half heartedly praying just because they're doing certain things, they're automatically saved. Allah says, whoa to that category, don't think that just because you're not like the Quraysh don't think that you have automatically become good. Look at your own actions and judge yourself in light of your own actions. What are your actions for why you lil mousseline woe to those who pray a levena, whom Ancelotti

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himself when I lead, you know whom you're our own. Why I'm not on my own. Those people who are very lacks very lackadaisical about their salah. Sanghoon means they're not vigilant, they don't care about the Salah. Now, this verse here, it applies to those who they don't make it a regular habit to pray. And when they pray, they don't care about how they're praying, whether that will do or not. And in fact, the primary motivation of Salah is not for the sake of Allah, it is for the sake of the people Alladhina whom you are our own. There were people and there still are people who don't want to be religious for the sake of religion. They don't want to be religious for the sake of Allah.

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They want to be religious for the sake of the PR for the sake of impressing for the sake of the culture or the subculture. They're a part of it.

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And Allah criticizes them that in particular, our scholars say Allah says that a lady in a home on salatu himself home and not a lady in a home fee Salam himself own. And the difference between the two is the difference that saves us from those that destroys fee salatu him would mean those who are not fully vigilant while they pray, their hearts wander, they don't concentrate. If Allah had said fi saw that to him one of the taboo and said, we would have all been destroyed, who amongst us can pray 100% But Allah didn't say that Allah said they are lacs about the prayer not lacks in the prayer. As for being lacks in the prayer, obviously that's not good, but you're not going to get

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punished, you're not going to go to jahannam. If you can't concentrate 100% That's not good. You're not going to get the full reward but you're doing your job. So Allah didn't say those who are not vigilant during the Salah, Allah said those who are not vigilant about the Salah. And this means two things. Number one, they don't pray regularly. They only pray when people are watching. They only pray when others are in the vicinity. When they're at someone's house. Everybody stands to pray, they feel embarrassed to be sitting in the corner, just because of that embarrassment. They go and they pray. And Allah says this is not the prayer I want. I don't want the prayer of the hypocrite. I

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don't want the prayer Alladhina whom you are our own. They're only praying to show off. And Allah describes the hypocrites in the Quran in a very vivid verse way, either calm will either slotty or muku. Salah when they have to pray, they pray and they are so lazy. They don't want to pray how muku Salah Yura owner, nurse, they only want to show off that there are praying, they're showing the people their religious and they don't think of Allah at all, except maybe a little bit while at granola Illa kalila. So Allah criticizes a false sense of religiosity, the sense of piety, oh, I'm a Muslim, I shall be saved. But when you look at this Muslim, you find first and foremost their

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rituals don't really exist. And if they do, the rituals are meant to impress other people, not for the sake of Allah. And secondly, it is also going to be true that the one whose religion is weak, why I'm not ruining my own, they will not be generous. Now my own here are scholars say, my own is the smallest act of charity that people do amongst friends and families and neighbors. So once upon a time when people were all tightly knit together, you would ask your neighbor, can I borrow a pot? Can you send me some flour, I don't have any flour today. This is the word mount rune. And Allah says that once again, there are those people who are believers, but they're so stingy that their

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heart feels a pain when they have to share the necessities of life. And once again, Allah links to things to Eman rituals and good deeds, being punctual in your Salah. And being generous with other people. Just like in the first half of the verse, Allah says these are people who reject religion and they're not good to others. Similarly, in the second half, Allah says when you don't have good Eman, then even your rituals will suffer and even your luck to other people will suffer. And this surah demonstrates the linkage between strong Eman and between rituals and between good luck they all go hand in hand when you are a believer in Allah, your rituals, your Salah, your zecca will be

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done punctually and good. And when you are a believer in Allah, then automatically your luck with other people and your generosity and your sharing will reach high levels. But when your Eman is weak, or when you don't have Eman and this is why both halves of the surah have same thing in common when your Eman is weak is the second half when you don't have Eman is the first half it will demonstrate you will see this How will you see this you will see this in two barometers. Two pressure points. Number one, what is your relationship with Allah? And number two, what is your relationship with the rest of mankind? What this surah teaches us is very straightforward brothers

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and sisters. And that is a man in Allah will be manifested in two fundamental areas of our life. Memorize this point. Eman in Allah will be manifested in two areas. Number one, your rituals and whether you're caring about them or not. Nobody's perfect. We all fall short of not praying 100% attention but we're vigilant. We try we put in the effort. And if we don't, then this is a very dangerous sign. And number two Eman is also demonstrated in how we treat other people in our compassion in our kindness. If Allah criticizes the Quraysh for not being kind to orphans than we in this community of Muslims must be at the forefront of taking care of orphans if Allah criticizes the

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Quraysh for not

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Caring about feeding the hungry, then how can we allow anybody whom we know to go to sleep hungry? What do we have surplus in our house? We have to be very clear that Eman in Allah and Eman in Qiyamah. And Eman in Deen will automatically result in a compassion and caring for the most vulnerable of society. Why did Allah say your team because the team cannot help you back the team is completely vulnerable. It's a one way charity you give, you're not going to get anything back. If you can be generous to the team, then you are truly a generous person. If you can encourage the giving of food to those who have no food, and they cannot give you back in any mechanism of this

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world, then you are showing who you really are. So dear brothers and sisters, this surah despite the fact it was so early in Makkah, Allah azza wa jal is summarizing this entire religion for us. And this religion is about belief in Allah, attempting your best to be good in your rituals and then giving back to your family and society. Islam is that simple. Well, Allah he it is that simple. Everything else is just the details. That's all we need to do simple belief in Allah and judgment date and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our attempts to be good in our rituals, in our salah, in our hedge in our Ramadan in our Zakah and then being kind and compassionate to others.

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Even though the surah is so small, and it is so early, it summarizes all of the teachings and it spoke truth to power and it criticized when the Muslims were minority. It criticized the dominant society and pointed their own hypocrisy. You think you're all so great, you don't even do these basic things. You don't even have this compassion for others. And all of this systemic because your society is a society of God listeners heedlessness and not believing in the hereafter. There is so much to benefit from this small Surah especially in the world and climate we live in. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us of those who hear his speech and follow it to the best of our abilities.

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We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us of those who follow the Quran and who make us of those who are resurrected in its ranks. And we ask Allah still for he was will ask him for his or for Endora him. So for the last

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Alhamdulillah hamdulillah Hilda had a had a summit, a lady limited water mula Waimea Kula who coupon ahead we're about to do their Muslims. As we're all aware there's so much happening around the globe, and will lie every few weeks or every few months we hear of another issue another case and every few harbors. I remind myself and other hold about Hotaka remind you of the reality of and responsibilities that we face over here in this land that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has given us so much privilege, and Allah has given us so much peace and security and Allah has given us a hamdulillah Allah Manuel Aman, Allah, the Atama human zoo and Amana human health. These are the two most

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important blessings, civil six security and the ability to eat and drink and peace. And Allah has given us this. There's so much happening around the globe, I remind myself in all of you that we should not allow our hearts to become hard. We should not allow our hearts to become selfish, give what you can to any cause. I encourage all of you to be attached to multiple causes around the globe. There are so many there's no point listing them as we speak refugees as we speak, there are people that are fleeing from their lands as we speak, countries are being bombed and refugees are being formed, every one of us should be active in trying to give an in trying to make dua and in

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being connected with the peoples around us. If we do not do so, we are we are unfortunately on the path of coming towards the hardness of the heart. As I have said many times our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that one of the cures of the hardness of the heart is to be involved with the poor to be involved with the faqeer and the team. I encourage all of you to sponsor orphans, we recited the surah today for radicality your audio team. Ultimately, ideally, orphan sponsorship should actually be one on one it should be we take an orphan and raise them in our house. Unfortunately, that is not that easy. In our times, the least we can do is to get finances.

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And by the way, that having been said we also need to point out I got a call this week as well, that number of cases in this state of Muslim children who have for whatever reason ended up in foster homes, Muslim children ended up in foster homes and I got a call from a caseworker that we need families. You know, she was a Muslim. We need Muslim families. There are no Muslim families taking care of Muslim children. And because there's this stigma that our society has, there's this stigma that we don't want to be, you know, fostering children, then unfortunately, there are no Muslims on the list.

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So this week, another child was given over to a Christian family SubhanAllah. This is the equivalent of fostering, this is the equivalent of a team, even though maybe the parents might be alive. But as you're aware, sometimes things happen in a household and children's services have to come and take the child for his or her own safety. If the child is coming from a Muslim family, there should be Muslims on that list of the foster so that in case there is a child that that is coming from Muslim background, this is our equivalent of sponsoring the orphan. So whoever amongst you is able to do so I do encourage you to look into this and see if you can get involved in this second best scenario is

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to get involved in sponsoring around the globe. And not just this. But as I said, be involved in something beyond your lives, dear Muslims, we thank Allah Hamdulillah that Allah has given a surplus, we have surplus, wealth, surplus, health and Hamdulillah we are in safety and security in this land. Therefore, we are extra obliged and responsible to help those that don't have this privilege. So when we give unto others, Allah will give back unto us, we are very, very fortunate and blessed. I have visited so many places, refugee camps and whatnot. And there's another point by the way, whoever is able to physically go, whoever is able to go to some of these places, it changes

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your life, you become a different person. When you visit a refugee camp, when you go to an orphanage yourself, and you see how children are living, you see what is going on. You cannot come back home and be the same person. So if you're able to do this and a part of your life as well, later on, please do this. But my reminded to myself and all of you don't just live life for yourself. Don't just live life for your own house and car no family call that the Adonia team the concept of not caring about others. That's not Islam. That's not who we are. We care about other people were concerned about the globe and especially our own faith brothers and sisters, we're especially

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concerned about them. So as we read this, hurrahs, don't think oh, that's not me. Perhaps a partial element might apply to me and you if we have no concern for the orphan and we have no concern for for global poverty and global hunger, do what we can with whatever little we have, and the least that we can do. Our heart should feel connected to the OMA and our heart should feel something about the rest of our brothers and sisters. That's the slowest slight indication of Eman We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive us for that which we cannot do and to bless us to do what we can do Allahumma in NIDA and for me no alarm alerted me how they know me them been in LA for a while a

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Hammond Illa for Raja wala Deignan Illa Kadota wala Maria on Illa Shia feta when I see Ron Illa servita Allah ma fildena What is one in a little Saba una Eman wallet HIV alumina Xena Hill led me to Robin in Nakara oh four Rahim Allah whom is that islam al Muslimeen Allah whom is Al Islam our Muslimeen Allah whom is number one Muslimeen Allah Homam and Aradhana Radha Islam all Muslim Ebisu in February Lubin FC which altered me Ron feeted BT he Jaco Yuya Aziz everybody Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi ambrane Better BBFC within NaVi Malacca the photoessay with a letter become a you know an engineer he will insert for all Azim calling Alima in Allah Muhammad Octo Soluna Nebby you

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Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdullah Costa Rica Muhammad Ali he was a big man in regards Allah in Allah to Allah yeah mobile Adley what exactly what is the ideal Obi Wan Hara fascia? It will Moon curry. Well basically you're either coming to Allah come to the Quran or the Quran Allah and Allah ma the Quran, which guru he has become one of the crew Vitalik Akbar, eponymous Sala

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Gu Lee

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Anjali either Co

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Op Ermis dahil da Tasini will just show

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me what to feed

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at what

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feels cool Ruby mimma journey Jenny tonsa down.

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