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You know, as we said before, the heritage, the legacy of the Messiah, if we will not, we cannot afford to forsake it, we cannot afford to give it in to hijackers who would take the legacy of the Messiah and run away with it and explain it and interpret it in whichever way you like.

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It and moreover Kathy and Janae and I will say Amanda dharani, and even the sort of the different tier, Gilani olara, we

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and above, median and all of the those machines, which are different tier from the first ones that we mentioned,

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but all of them we just can't afford to give him to give them in to hijackers. We need to claim

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basically as an explanation of to solve and preach it and live by it because it is also important for our hearts and it's important for our survival. It will all depend on emphasis on adherence to the Quran and the Sunnah. Emphasis on adherence to the example and role model of the first community emphasis on clarity versus symbolism. That is emphasis on alginates way versus of harass This way, you know, a costume engine a diverse society for us. A lot of we used to like to see the cameras more because he is more, you know, he uses more symbolism than alginate he felt he does too stiff. Because of the history our compliance

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made him careful, like extra careful. Despite that, despite the carefulness of a delay that made it even harder we favor apple cider cartridges over alginate despite that, it was seen by MJ really in a dream after he died. He says that I have seen him tonight after he died in a dream to just tell you about the you know the the side effects of symbolism

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of injuries that resolved tonight after he died and these are they can he said that

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it's a particular genre to fanatically burrata can

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be hard, couldn't pull.

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all of those symbols or all of the symbolism

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was lost. And we're finding a delicate era and all of those expressions vanished. You know, all of the sort of the aphorisms and everything vanished and nothing benefited us except that as we had accepted the color that we used to make it to the cutaway is the time between Federer and sunrise. And that that's kind of subpar. That's busy basically going back to harmony the Elmo Laila of the prophet SAW Selim live in Estonia and NSA and and others have gotten that we just go back to the to what the prophet SAW sort of needs to do. And that would be enough.

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Enough he'll be more than enough Can Can you ever do as much as he did? In terms of armor the armor later? And will we need any our art to compete with our other of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam we don't Abu Salah Amana dharani and this was

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this was quoted by Shireen has resulted in Saudi Arabia.

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And push it says that Abu Salah dharani was also seen in a dream. And he said he was asked what happened What did I do to you? And he said, Lana,

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what can I say about Alena

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nothing was harmful, nothing hurt us more than the symbolism of the people, the masters of the earth.

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The law has given us nothing but nothing hurt us more and nothing was more harmful to us. So I can show you one

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miniature ratico more than the symbolisms of the people the same was reported from I will sell me the Saluki and others.

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So in a clarity, so adherence to the revelation, the role model of the first unity, clarity versus symbolism.

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The third one is done a bouquet Mr. aribo. You know, this happiness is extremely important. Leave out that which causes you down to that which does not cause you out

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If there is something that you that is controversial, is it better is it Sun is, is there enough soon enough the Prophet sallallahu Sallam basically to fill your schedule with a good

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and good scar. Absolutely there there are there the there is more than enough, you just you'll never be able to catch up

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with things that are established to be certain of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and good deeds that come to us from the Prophet also. So, that may

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leave out which causes you to doubt that which does not cause you to doubt and there is so much room in the sun of the profit or loss that you will never need to do anything that is controversial or that you are unsure about or uncomfortable uncomfortable about. So these are just like simple measures, simple measures, simple principles that we hold on to while we basically reclaim the Sufi discourse, the Sunni Sophia discourse