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In Alhamdulillah number one is that you know Horner still fiddle. Whenever with a biller Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina man yeah Hilah who follow Melinda law woman Yulin who fell ah ha de Allah. Wa shadow Allah. Allah illallah wa Hoon luxury kala wash her do Ana Mohammed and others who are a pseudo yeah you Hello Xena I'm an otaku allah how to call to Walter moto Illa one two Muslim moon yeah Johanna SUTA ora como la the Hala Coco min FC Wahida wahala caminhadas Oh Jaha Weber salmon hamari Jalan Kathy Iran one is what Kula her lady Tessa Aluna behave well or ham. In Allaha Karna li comparativa Amma buried my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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One of the more troubling matters that I find more and more increasing in our times, is the predominance of strange and unorthodox and heretical interpretations of Islam. And it is so common to find our people in the congregation, and especially our youngsters. Here's something online from some random person without any training in Islam. And he plants in their minds a bizarre understanding of the Quran of our tradition, and this person begins to believe it. And it goes against the mainstream beliefs of our faith in our tradition. And what we have seen historically, and I've encouraged encountered this myself, when a person begins to deviate from mainstream Islam.

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This is the stepping stone to deviate from Islam itself. When a person abandons traditional beliefs, and they start tinkering and believing in the fringe types of understandings. Typically, you find this person going away and away until finally when a biller, they leave the faith in his entire team. And there are a number of reasons why these bizarre interpretations are on the rise of them, of course, and let's be honest here, social media, and Facebook and YouTube. What social media has done is unprecedented in the history of mankind, where a person in the privacy of his or her room in the basement of his father's house can put a message that is globally accessible. This is

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unprecedented. And so what happens is that eloquence wins over knowledge. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that some types of speech is like magic. In the middle of the annulus era, some types of speeches almost magical, you lose track of the content, and the person mesmerizes you, the person is able to convince you of something, not because of the content, but because of the style, the rhetoric because of the package, and the content is swallowed down. And we see here the rise of these pseudo preachers across the globe, in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Belgium, across England, everywhere here in America, people without knowledge become authorities in the faith. And by the

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way, this only happens in Islam. Nobody who has no training in engineering becomes an engineer online, nobody who was no training in medicine becomes a famous doctor, but for some reason our religion has the least is amongst the masses. And so a person who has never trained never studied the Quran can't even recite Fatiha properly becomes an authority on the religion because that person can mesmerize the audience. And the reason as well why these types of beliefs are on the rise is because of the lack of real aroma and scholars, fewer and fewer people are becoming scholars of this religion. And even those that are many of them are not qualified to refute these unorthodox

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interpretations. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted that of the signs of judgment day is that Obama will die and ignorant people will be boosted up so that finally those ignorant people will be considered to be orlimar. And our prophets, Allah Larson and predicted that of the signs of the Judgement Day. He said in Arabic that the royal builder are going to be giving this the speeches and the rule and whatnot. And they asked him who are those away build up who are these people and they're way better are those who said they don't have the knowledge they are the Johanne they don't have the knowledge and yet people consider them to have knowledge. So in today's hookah

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and today's football, obviously is an academic one sometimes called buzzer spiritual, sometimes their social sometimes their political. Today's whole debate is an academic one. I need to explain to you tea

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Each to you some of the foundations of this faith so that you understand and today's hold up, I will summarize three fundamental points that I want every one of you to ponder over. And then inshallah The goal is to accept but it is your job to accept it as my job to teach it is your job to think about these and see if you are convinced by them are not three principles that will insha Allah to Allah go a long way to help you counter any preacher, any eloquent person who might be mesmerizing, but then the message doesn't match up to these principles. The first of these, the simple realization that the Quran is the protected and preserved speech of Allah, that is meant as an

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eternal guidance for mankind for all of mankind. Now, this is a very simple point, how can anybody deny this? And yet, even though the point is so basic, you will find that many Muslims forget about this reality. The Quran is the speech of Allah that is meant for all of mankind. Therefore, if somebody comes forth with a belief that contradicts the explicit message of the Quran, that contradicts the basic message that the Quran is coming with, this belief cannot be from the religion of Islam, no matter how pseudo intelligent or scientific or whatever it sounds. And a simple example of this is the notion which again, it's not quite modern, but it is being propagated in modern

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times, that Jesus was not born of a Virgin Mary, that Madame it has said that she had a male partner because they say, how can there be a virgin birth, this is unscientific, and so they go against the Quranic message. They go against the explicit verses in the Quran that affirm chastity, Timonium, and they vigorously reinterpret, and they say, Oh, this goes against modern science, or any other type of under understanding that explicitly rejects the miracles of the Quran. The Quran mentioned so many miracles. And some people they believe in what is called scientism that science is a religion, basically, and it must explain everything. If science does not explain it, then it has to

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be incorrect. So they reject the miracles, Ibrahim did not cut up the birds and then Allah resurrected them that this didn't happen, that didn't happen because their minds do not grasp the reality of what the Quran says. And so they ended up radically reinterpreting the basic message of the Quran. And of course of the greatest of these issues. And I've spoken about this issue in a lot of detail online you can listen to it is attempting to reconcile the theory of evolution with the Quran. The Quran obviously talks about Adam, and it talks about the fact that all of us come from Adam and Hawa our mother, and this is very explicit in the Quran. And of course, the theory of

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evolution does not accept this basic premise. So there are some people who want to believe in the Quran, they want to remain Muslim, were happy at that attitude. But then they tried to force the theory of evolution into the Quran. And they do this by some radical manners. And by the way, this topic is much longer you can listen to it online. But the what I'm criticizing here right now, is the claim that some Muslims have that, oh, we don't have to believe in the story of Adam. Just like the Jews and Christians they pick and choose from their Bible, their Torah, the Old Testament, so too, we can pick and choose, or they say, the story of Adam is allegorical, it's not real. Allah

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gave a fable, a fantasy, a myth, you know, the we teach our children these stories that are not real. So there's a lesson in them. So the story of Adam is not meant to be literal. The story of Adam is a metaphorical story they say, and they by this they attempt to reconcile the theory of evolution with the Quran, how we reconcile it is another topic I have given multiple lectures you will find them online today is what I'm talking about this one point, the claim that the Quran is allegorical fable, it's myth, this claim is blasphemy. And the claim that we Muslims need to pick and choose sections of the Quran to believing is the essence of rejecting the Quran. Allah says in

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the Quran ever taught me knowing I'd be bounded Kitabi what I could only be about, are you going to pick and choose some of the book and reject others? Are you going to be the judge of what you should accept and what you should reject? Allah says in the Quran, are you who believe enter into Islam completely. It's a package deal. You don't get to pick and choose which verse you want, which was you don't, this is not submission to Allah subhanho wa taala. The claim that the Quran is metaphorical, it is allegorical the claim that the Quran is a bunch of stories. This is the exact claim that Abu Lahab said when he heard the Quran in Hatha illa assadullah wilin These are stories

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these are fables. No Muslim ever believed that the Quran is fables. Now, these pseudo intellectuals are coming along and because they

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somehow want to preserve their Iman, and they somehow want to preserve their understanding of science. They say, Oh, we can pick and choose what we want from the Quran. No, you see other faith traditions, including Judaism and Christianity, they do have far, far bigger issues with their texts, the preservation of their texts, the fact that their texts are inconsistent, the fact that they actually contradict one another. So they have to come forth with this interpretation that we'll have to pick and choose. We don't have to believe in the whole Old Testament, the whole New Testament, the bulk of Judaism, and Christianity is comfortable with picking and choosing from its

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book, then they tell us why don't you do the same Get with the program? We do it with our books, why don't you do it with your books? Why don't you as well, something you don't like something that's backward, cut it off, get rid of it, or at least just recited for Baraka, but don't believe in it. But you see, here's the point. Our Quran is not the Old Testament, it is not the New Testament. Our Quran is the only holy book that is preserved from the beginning. It is preserved from the time of the Prophet saw some in the original language, it is the speech of Allah subhanho wa taala. We cannot compare the Quran with the Old Testament that was written maybe 500 years after Moses, we

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cannot compare the Quran with the New Testament that was written by multiple anonymous people. A century and a half after Jesus walked on the face of this earth, all of them are recollecting from their own, you know, from what their grandfathers told them. That's not the Quran. The Quran has been preserved from the beginning, in the original language and Allah subhanho wa Taala spoken to God and who spoken to the prophet Sallallahu either he was setting them the speech of Allah is not allegory, the speech of Allah is not metaphor. It's not symbolism. Allah says in the Quran, woman us document Allah Who Keela woman us document Allah Hadith that who speaks more truth than Allah, no

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one who speaks more truthfully than Allah, no one speaks more truthfully, that Allah Allah does not lie or with a biller, Allah does not deceive what Allah says is real. So if Allah azza wa jal wanted to say that the story of Adam was metaphorical, he would have said it, as he has set up metaphors in the Quran, dollop Allahu method up, Allah has given you a parable, and he gives the parable. If Allah had wanted to make the Adam story, a parable, He would have made it a parable, but he didn't. The story of Adam, amongst many others, the miracles of the Quran are explicit. So anybody who comes along and says, let's pick and choose. This is a rejection of the book. Anybody who comes along and

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radically reinterprets the basic Arabic and thinks that they have come forth with a completely new interpretation. Then this defeats the purpose of revealing the book, Allah revealed the book Billy signing out RBM mobian In simple, clear, clean Arabic, it is crystal clear, Allah revealed the book and said, It is easy for you to think about it, why don't you think about it? What are the yes sir no Quran Allah dhikr we have made the Quran easy to understand. There are no hidden meanings. The Quran is not some type of cryptology book that you're going to unlock the secrets that go against the basic texts. True, we can always derive more benefits from the Quran, and later scholars have to

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see it will give us nuances and does shed some light about interpretations that will increase our emaan. But no interpretation will contradict the basic text of the Quran. No radical, reinterpretation will be able to reject what the clear Arabic says that would go against how the Quran describes itself and therefore brothers and sisters, the first of these three points in today's code above the Quran is the speech of Allah. It is the most eloquent speech it is the clearest speech it is preserved from Fatiha to us and no changes will come about to it. We don't have the luxury to pick and choose to cut and paste what we want to believe it is a package deal. We

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accept the Quran from beginning to end. And this is the only religion that says that does this no other faith does this by and large. And that is because our book is different than their book, the second of the fundamentals that I need all of us to understand and inshallah if you understand this, this will go a long way in rejecting radical reinterpretations, heresies and other strange and bizarre beliefs is that Allah didn't just reveal a book to the side of the mountain. And the book was discovered by random people know, how did the book come to us? He sent a human and that human yes was flesh and blood, but he was also the best human being. He was a role model. He was the saint

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you do whether the Adam lead leader of the children of Adam, he was the hydro Hulk Allah. He was the Mustafa the Mujtaba the Mohamed Mahmoud, he was the most praiseworthy human being. And that person our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been made a role model for

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us. So we must believe that the best role model for us is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we cannot be Muslim and worship Allah without believing in Muhammad Rasul Allah. In fact, the the technical point here, even the phrase La ilaha illa. Allah was taught to us by Mohamed Salah who just sent him so we must believe Muhammad Rasool Allah before we believe that Allah is Allah how else we believe that Allah Hi Lola unless we believe Muhammad Rasool Allah, so believing in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a necessary part of Eman. Now I hear you asking me, why are you quoting something so basic? Is there any Muslim that denies this? And I say sadly, and

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unfortunately, there are those who not in wording but in effect, and up negating the role of the Prophet. And sometimes they call themselves Khurana yuan, or Quran s or they have other names in various countries in Pakistan. They're called purvey Z's and others that they basically say, we're only going to follow the Quran. We don't want to follow the Hadith. And this is nothing new. It goes back to the earliest of times, you find this type of notion even in the first century, but it was never as common as it is now, historically, and my expertise is theology. Yes, there were people from the first century who said, we're not going to accept Hadith, we're not going to accept the

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Prophet system as a role model. They said Allah gave him the Quran, he's like a tape recorder or the villa, he gave the message and that's it. He doesn't have an active role to play or with a biller. So they reduced the role of the processing to a mere or with a biller, a baggage carrier, he took the bags and he gave them to you and that's it. But that is not the role of our profit system in the book that he himself came with. The irony is the book itself tells you in over 100 verses, that you must obey the prophet to be a Muslim. And Wallah, he I could give five or 10 Hood was just on this one aspect. One may UTL Rasul Allah focused on Allah whoever obeys the messenger has obeyed Allah.

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Allah says in the Quran, familia that Olivia you holophone and somebody he led those who disobey His command the process and command let them await an evil torment ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says in the Quran, I swear by your Lord O Muhammad, Allah speaking in the first person which is rare and he's speaking in the first person to emphasize the point I swear by your Lord and the customer is the Lord of Muhammad to elevate the status of the prophets ism. I swear by your Lord O Muhammad says that they will not have Eman fell out because Allah you may known HECTOR You have Kaimuki, Fiamma Shadowbane home until they take you as the final arbiter, the final judge in every affair that they

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have amongst themselves and they listen to what you have to say. And they submit wholeheartedly what you sell them with a slimmer Allah says in the Quran for internetseiten fish a in photo do who in Allahu rasool if you differ about anything, take it back to Allah and his messenger Ibn Abbas said take it back to Allah and his messenger means you take it back to the Quran and the Sunnah, the Quran and the Sunnah go hand in hand, you cannot have Islam without the Sunnah of the Messenger of Islam. It's as simple as that. You cannot have Islam without the Sunnah of the Messenger of Islam. Anybody who comes and says I only want to follow the Quran is contradicting himself because the

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Quran tells you to follow the sooner you cannot have the Quran accepted comes with the Sunnah and our prophecies and predicted this ironically, Hadith isn't gonna be that good. So this hadith re predicted at about libinsight He has said, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said you should it's only a matter of time very soon there will come a person he is lying back on his couch, his his feet up, meaning he's very lazy, very, very casual. And he says, Leave this Quran leave this hadith excuse me only tell me what the Quran says. Then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in namaha, Rama Rasulullah he come to Harlem Allah Well, Allah means indeed verily, anything rasool Allah makes haram. It is as

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if Allah has made it haram whatever I have made haram it is coming from Allah it is as if Allah has made it haram. So the Hadith predicted a time will come when a person will say and the way he has been described as casual lackadaisical arrogant I don't care lying back meticulous Riccati his line with his back on the on the cushion not caring about anything and saying Don't give me Hadith only quote me Quran the process and said it's only a matter of time and will Allah He we see it with our own eyes how many people I'm sure every one of you has met these people don't quote me a hadith only caught me Quran. There is no Islam without the Sunnah of the Prophet of Islam. And this idea, this

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notion, it goes back as I said,

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To the earliest of times, and it was refuted, unfortunately now it's become somewhat somewhat common, the famous companion and in one hour the same was sitting in his halacha in the masjid narrating Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when a man came, and he shouted out and he said, Oh Imran stop these narrations. I want to hear only the Quran. This is a Sahabi This is a Sahabi own Andrian Hussain, he's giving Hadith in the masjid of Kufa and somebody comes in stop these Hadith don't tell me what you heard. This is directly I heard the process that I'm saying. The man said I don't want to hear it quote me only the Quran. And Ron became visibly angry, His face

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became red. And he said Yeah, Mark, oh full of fool. Did you find in the Quran? That Salah is five times a day did you find in the Quran the Void is for Raka and you have to receive recite silently that Orisha is for and you recite to out loud Did you find in the Quran that Zika is 2.5% of your wealth. And he went on listing the basic religion of Islam that is found in the Sunnah not in the Quran until the man realized his mistake. What type of Islam is there when you're not going to pray five times a day? By the way five times is not directly in the Quran is in the Sunnah. What type of Islam is there when you're not going to stand and record and sujood and fattier up and do the kind

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of the Salah it is not mentioned in the Quran. Why? Because the Quran tells you to follow the Prophet system and the Prophet system said Hadith isn't Behati pray as you have seen me pray Psalm Lu Kamara, a tamale or Salim hedge the Profit System said Who do I Nimona Zika come take your rites of Hajj for me. The Quran never tells you how to do the Hajj. It just says go for Hajj. Allah has legislated Hajj, it doesn't tell you how to do Hajj and so on and so forth. For all of the traditions of Islam. There is no Islam without the Sunnah of the Prophet of Islam. So anytime you hear somebody rejecting the Sunnah, making fun of the Sunnah, doubting the preservation of the

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Sunnah, because there is another tactic is either to tactics, there's a direct tactic, the direct tactic is to say, I don't believe in Hadith. And this, unfortunately, it's common, but it is not that common. The more common heresy is to say, I don't believe in the preservation of Hadith. Who is this man body that came 200 years after the process and who is this man Muslim and a Buddha with until maybe they came 200 years, I don't trust their collections. Now, the topic of the preservation of hadith is a very, very detailed one. And obviously, it's also academic one. There are again, ways to talk about this in more detail. Hooda does not allow me to do that suffice to state you will

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always find the critics of the preservation of Hadith are the most ignorant of the sciences of Hadith. They've never actually studied them. And you should all know this is my area of one of my areas that I've studied. my bachelor's degree from the College of Medina, from the University of Medina was in the College of Hadith my BA was in the College of Hadith I spent four years specializing in the sciences of Hadith. That was my area of expertise. Then I diverted to theology, but my undergraduate in the University of Medina was in the sciences of Hadith. And I can guarantee you and assure you that no one who has studied the intricacy of those sciences can end up doubting

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Hadith, you only find the one who is self taught, reads a book or two and then begins criticizing sizable audience I am Muslim, you will never find a train specialist who understands the intricacies. Then he criticizes all of how the true one Hadith might be something but to say Hadith has not been preserved. Anyone who says this? No, this is not mainstream Islam. And the net result of saying Hadith has not been preserved is the same as saying the process of should not be followed. So here's a simple logical point, rather than going down to whole sciences of Hadith, a simple logical point, when Allah has said in 100, verses obey the Prophet,

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then he must have preserved for us how to obey Him. Simple as that. When Allah has said, you must obey the Prophet sallallahu Allah who was setting them, then how can we obey the Prophet in our times, we haven't seen him. So then Allah must have must have made sure and preserve the mechanism for obeying the prophet is still amongst us. And that mechanism is the books of Hadith. So therefore, Hadith has been preserved by and large, yes, we have a science we can sift the good from the bad, we know what the process of said we have a good estimate of the authentic hadith. And I just want to tell you one story that really underscores the point and our religion is not based on

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stories, but sometimes stories inspire, and I guess I'll have to be the last point and then we'll do the third point later on Inshallah, one of my teachers at University of Medina the one that one of them that influenced me the most and hamdulillah have ijazah from him as well. Jasmine's have a direct chain of narration back to all of the books of Hadith back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His story is the one that always it really affected me. One of the most this

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teacher of mine, his name is Dr. Avila me Dr. Algemene. Dr. Alamy he was actually a Hindu, a Brahmin Hindu. He was born into a Hindu family. And when he went to university, he met Muslims for the first time. And he hated them because back in the 50s, he hated them. He wanted to refute them, and they would always quote him, Hadith of the Prophet system. So he said, You know, I want to study what are the sayings of their founder? What is this I want to refute it? So as a Hindu, he began studying Hadith. And he fell in love with the Prophet SAW Selim, he embraced Islam. He went to the University of Medina, and he studied a bachelor's degree there. There were Schechtman bas at the time, there

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was no masters, PhD showmanship, I said, Go and do your PhD in Al Azhar. So he went in the 60s he did his PhD in the sciences of Hadith. And Azhar, his topic was Abu Hurayrah, the defender of the Sunnah, that is his PhD dissertation. Then he got came back to Medina who was given Saudi citizenship, he became a professor in the College of Hadith. When I studied with him, he was the dean of the College of Hadith. And then he retired after I left Medina and he currently has written a 15 volume book, that is called the authentic hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, he is now around 80 years old, make dua for him is still alive, but obviously its health is not the best.

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Now, this man was born a Hindu. And he ended up the Dean of the College of Hadith at the University of Medina, because of his love of Hadith. And his speciality in the sciences of Hadith and he is my teacher, I can tell you his story from my own knowledge and I studied with him one on one and he gave me the the ages that that is there. So the point being you have the long way of proving Hadith, which is what Dr. Alchemy did spend 50 years of his life specializing then you have the short, quick easy way, which is if Allah told you to follow the process, and this means he must have allowed you the mechanism to follow him. The third point I don't have time to get into it just mentioned it

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briefly. And that is I said Quran sunnah. Number three stick with the mainstream masses of Islam. The mainstream Ummah is upon guidance and good. Don't go to the fringe cults don't go to the radical movements don't go to that which is against the bulk of the ummah. Why? Because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yet Allahu Allah Gemma Allah's hand meaning Allah's mercy and Allah's blessings is upon the group of Muslims and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Hadith has been major, my ummah shall not agree upon misguidance. So when you see differing, then go to the swaddle album, or some other album means that the big masses go to the big masses and follow them

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which means what the mainstream of the Ummah shall always be rightly guided, and what do the mainstream belief and they believe in the Quran, they believe in the Sunnah they believe in respecting the sahaba. This is the mainstream belief, anyone who comes and he founds a new cult, a new understanding, radically reinterpreting the faith. Who is this person to come and radically change Islam after 14 centuries? Who are you exactly? Where was this understanding? For 1400 years, anyone who preaches a radically new understanding that is not found in the classical sources, that is not the mainstream interpretation, something is wrong. And brothers and sisters, this is a

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logical corollary of the belief that Mohammed Salim is the final prophet. How so? If prophets Allah Allah says the final prophet, which we believe, and the reason why Allah sent previous prophets was to correct the misguided peoples of those nations. Now, there's not going to be any more profit. This means that the owner of the profit system cannot go misguided because there's not going to be a profit to come correct them afterwards. This means the owner of the Profit System, by and large, has to be correctly guided. Otherwise, who is going to correct all of them, there's not going to be another prophet. And this is historically what we have seen. The masters of the Ummah have always

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been upon the Quran and the Sunnah, and respecting mainstream Islam. This is what we believe in Hamdulillah. So my point is that anytime you find a radically new person, forget the hype. Forget the mesmerizing speech. Look at the content. Is this person affirming the Quran in its entirety? Believing in the Sunnah overall? Are they coming from the traditional understanding of Islam? Yes, you can always fine tune Yes, legal aspects can be fine tune but theology will not change. Belief does not change from time to time and place to place. The mainstream foundations of Islam will not change. So anybody who comes and tries to do something of this nature, then this person has

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effectively said everybody was misguided in the OMA until I came along. And I have discovered this truth, which effectively makes him a prophet and there are no profits after the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the three points brothers and sisters to conclude the first part, the Quran, it is this simple, clear book from

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Allah believes in it beginning and to end. The Sunnah of the Prophet CISM is a necessary part of our tradition and by and large the Sunnah has been preserved and follow the masses of the Muslims follow the majority of Muslims don't follow exotic strange heretical fringe movements. They will always be wrong May Allah subhana wa Tada bless us with the Quran. Barak Allah will come from Canada all the time whenever anyway yeah, come be my friend. He was declared Hakeem Akoto Metis maroon was stuff it all on the muddy weather comedy setting was teeming with the manifesto voodoo in the horrors of war Rahim. Please come as close as you can the brothers

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Al Hamdulillah Hill wa had the summit lady and Amelia Voila, Mueller. Voila, Muco Loco and I had what I do.

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Brothers and sisters, obviously we're about to enter in the first 10 days of the hija. They will be starting from Sunday or Saturday depending on when the announcement is made, and the first 10 days of the hedgerow we hear them every single year. And just a brief reminder. These 10 days are the most blessed days of the year. They are more blessed than Ramadan. They are more blessed than Ramadan. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are no 10 days that are better in the eyes of Allah than the first 10 days of the hijab. And in these 10 days, you have the day of our alpha. And the day of our alpha is the day that Allah subhanho wa Taala comes down and boast to the

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angels look at all of the pilgrims that have come, you have the day of no sacrifice. And that is the single most blessed day of the year, which is the day of read. The single most blessed day of the year is human, not the day of sacrifice. Our prophets are some said that the best day that the sun rises in is the day of NASA, which is the 10th of the ledger. These are the days where any good deed is multiplied and amplified. And so our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in covers the Sahaba to do each and every good deed, it is because these days are the most blessing that the most blessed of all deeds is prescribed in them. And that is the hedge the hedge and these 10 days go hand in hand

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because the single greatest deed that you can do as a Muslim is hedge and hedges prescribed in these 10 days. So those that are going for hedge and hamdulillah those that are not going the blessedness still remains it is still blessing these 10 days. And so each and every one of us should strive to do every good deed imaginable, give sadaqa every single day fast as much as you can in these days, except for the 10th obviously because that is the day read fast as much as you can and especially do the cut and Quran, our Prophet sallallahu I sent him specifically with regards to these 10 days he said for acuto fee minute the speed with the media with daleel increased your Subhanallah and and

00:32:45--> 00:33:23

hamdulillah Allah ilaha illallah and Allahu Akbar so in these 10 days, brothers and sisters, minimize your sins, cut back any evil that you are doing increased your routine, just like in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, you you make your best effort. So to in these 10 days make your best effort to do everything that you can try to choose some charities and every day gives whatever amount you can to some charity and do your best to come close to Allah because these are the days of Baraka. These are the days of mercy. These are the days of forgiveness. These are the days where the smallest of goodies is made into the largest and they culminate with the 10th of Dhul Hijjah which

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is of course the day of read May Allah subhana wa Tada accept from all of us Allahumma inni dine for aminu Allahu Allah. I don't know if you had to deal with them but in love Africa. Wala Hamid Illa for Raja well then Allah Kadota What am I read on it? Alicia feta what I see Ron Illa sorta Allahumma fildena What is one in Alladhina Saba Oh, Neville Eman? What athleisure I feel KHUDOBIN as Linda Linda Dina Amanu Robina in Cara Oh, for Rahim, Roberto law in the LA Jota Allah Amara Combi Eminem better behavior NFC within the Malacca codici. With her let her become a U haul. engineer. He went into football as an ima in nulla her mother, equatorial saloon other Nebby yeah you Helene

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Amanu Sallu la he was selling him with a slimmer Allahumma Salli was selling them robotic. What are the obstacles to overcome Mohamed in early he was a big green everybody's Allah in Allah to Allah yeah motivated label. So anyway, the Korba Wayan hylafax che will Monica your belly, your Illumina Allah commentator karoun Oh the Quran Allah has come wash Kuru Yes. What are the cruel Lyta Akbar? Welcome is Salah.