At what Age should Children Start Fasting?

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The next question is from sister by the name of Miriam. She's a river she from Birmingham UK Salaam from a new Muslim who was a Christian before. My children are six and nine years now, sometimes they ask too fast, but I don't know if they are ready yet. I don't know if I'm ready to let them stay without food for the whole day. Please advise me, thank you. Fasting is fourth. Only for an adult, a Muslim who is sane, who's healthy, who's not traveling.

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But it is not for for a minor.

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But if a minor does it, it is preferable they get trained. Similarly, for praying Salah it's only for for a Muslim who is an adult, not for a minor. But there's a hadith of a beloved partner salatu salam decided to save that encourage your children to pray at the age of seven. And at the age of 10 if they do not pray, you can even use force

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though further becomes when they become adult for a man maybe 1314 years for a woman depending when she becomes mature at the age of 14 or 13 or 12 but not at the age of them. So the prophets his encouragement they just seven and fold them at the age of them. I wouldn't say the same age can be used for the children here because fasting is a different thing, but surely encourage them at a much younger age before they become adult so that they get trained as early as possible. I remember that the first time I fasted my age was to be close to three years and I kept the full drum not when I was in the second standard at the age of seven

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my children fasted much more before me my son maybe at the age of three and he kept the full run man maybe at the age of six, my daughter maybe she fasted the first time or at the age of two and she kept the full rundown maybe at the age of four or five.

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So encouraging them is very good. Even if a child fast and breaks in between there is no set because it's not for not that they have to compensate after I'm done. It's a voluntary fast if you break you don't have to compensate. So you're encouraged them you can give them gifts okay if you fast I will give you some gifts give you a toy I'll get some ice cream or chocolate is good and key to it that they felt the full month as early as possible depending upon each individual not that because I could keep the full foster the age of seven the full rundown I could fast my son at the age of six and my daughter at the age of four or five every child cannot do it. So depending upon the capacity

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of your child

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if they're not complete so no problem at all Mashallah you at least have no problem next time we'll get to the fourth report did not encourage them. Many of the parents are afraid Oh, my son will get sick Don't worry, nothing is gonna happen

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and carry them in our school Mashallah children from cynic at first and many of them used to find the full rundown and all of them at least a few of these umbrella