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and Hamdulillah we praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah chooses to misguide, none can guide him to the straight path, a bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows know that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has reminded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, you hola Dina Armand with tabula haka?

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toccata. What are temotu Illa? Anta Muslim moon? Dear Muslims. Last week, we did part one of a series that I'm doing, about how we understand and deal with differences of opinion with empty laugh with sectarianism and insha. Allah Allah this football will continue to next week as well, at least a three part series. For those who didn't attend or haven't watched online. Please watch Part Number one, in that I stated that not every empty laugh should lead to a feel of not every difference of opinion should lead to a difference in the heart, and are also stated that the religion of Islam is larger than any one sect, any one movement, any one group of ruler Ma, and that Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah has promised to protect the mainstream Ummah, the bulk of this ummah, this is the reality of history and of the understanding of our Quran and Sunnah generic mainstream Islam. That is what Orthodoxy is. Today, I will continue along that and be a little bit more explicit, and inshallah with data next week, we will even continue more than what we have done today. And my main point today is an elaboration of what I said last week, and I want to rephrase it as follows. Any Muslim who sincerely desires to worship Allah and Allah alone, based upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah cannot be treated like an outsider or like an enemy.

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Let me repeat that. Any Muslim who desires to worship Allah, based upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, that person has shown so much in common with you that any disagreement afterwards must be an internal brotherly fraternal disagreement. In fact, dear brothers and sisters, almost all of the differences that we encounter in our own communities and our own massage based internal issues, almost all of them is a difference of how to understand the Quran and Sunnah. How to implement the Quran and Sunnah, how to prioritize within the Quran and Sunnah. How to reconcile aspects within the Quran and Sunnah. We must never take these differences from within as being the same as those that

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emanate from without. In other words, the question arises, who is the proverbial other? Who is the other type of Muslim that we have to be a little bit worried about conscious of maybe even warned against maybe even have ideas that we think are dangerous? Who is that person that we take as the proverbial other? When do we consider another Muslim to be so wrong or so quote unquote, dangerous and ideas that we shall not allow any social interaction, they're not going to come and preach in our massages and so on and so forth? The response to this? Well, you as a relay person will have to decide which group of scholars you trust. And there are some scholars who are very narrow in

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answering this question. Only my particular understanding is correct. And anybody who disagrees is misguided is deviated must be warned against is a danger is a threat. And this opinion is very common. I myself used to follow that interpretation 20 years ago, frankly, it was what I was taught by my own teachers and I love and respect them. But the fact

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The matter is that there are other opinions. And these opinions have existed in the past, and they exist today. And throughout the course of my own studies and my interactions with other groups, I have changed and modified many of my critics say, I have watered down, I respond. That's your perspective, I have wizened up in my opinion. And my perspective is wizened up, not watered down. And what I state and I don't like to mention this fact, but it must be said, Yes, I am a minor student of knowledge. But in the end of the day, I have been studying this religion full time for almost three decades. And I haven't hamdulillah bachelor's to Master's, a PhD from the University of

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Medina, I have a master's in Athena and I was the top of my class. And I don't like to flow to this, but it needs to be said, I have the right to hold this opinion. And this is not the time or place to defend it. What is the opinion that I am raising often and making so difficult to understand? Wallahi it is an opinion that our elderly people understand without having studied the faith. And what is that opinion, it is as follows that every single Muslim who desires to worship Allah and loves the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. That's his goal. That's his desire, every Muslim who believes in the six hour can that is mentioned in the hadith of Gibreel. Every Muslim who wants to

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live on Islamic lifestyle based upon the five pillars of Islam, that person is your brother in faith, that person is your sister in faith, and all the differences that happen after that they are not to the level of those differences that happen before this point in time. This includes differences of different legal schools. And yes, it also includes differences within mainstream theological aspects as well. I'll give you some examples today as well. Mainstream Islam is what Orthodoxy is simple as that, to take this mainstream Islam and then make it much more narrower. Only my share only my madrasa only my group of Rolla ma they are correctly guided and everybody else is

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misguided. Everybody else is going to jahannam. This is a level of fanaticism that has caused too much damage in the ummah. Dear Muslim. The basics of Islam are mentioned in the hadith of Gibreel. This is the basics of Islam. The basics of theology are mentioned in this hadith, the basics of the Archon are mentioned, the basics of spirituality are mentioned, this is your rubric, this is your framework. Anyone who disagrees after this, wanting to come close to Allah based upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah cannot be treated the same as somebody who doesn't agree with following the Sunnah somebody who has other sources of Islam, other sources of theology. So let me give you some

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examples here.

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The Sahaba disagreed amongst themselves about many aspects. Their field is what has given rise to our field. They disagreed about issues of politics, and we know what happened in their generation. And yes, they disagreed about some issues of theology as well. And every advanced students knows this. So this shows that not every difference of theology is heretical. If the Sahaba distributed about 2345 issues, they laid the foundation that some disagreement does not mean you need to be excommunicated. And therefore, the mainstream Islamic trends and movements are all within what we call orthodoxy. The great aroma of the legal schools Imam Shafi Imam, Malik Imam, Abu Hanifa, Imam

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Muhammad didn't the humble, they are all a part of mainstream Islam, the great Imams of the theological schools who develop the ideas that were first brought out for theology, and they're manifested by great giants like shareholder Osama bin Tamia, like her Jetta this time, Abu Hamid Al Ghazali. They are all within mainstream Islam, even if their students don't see eye to eye even if those who follow them might be fighting about advanced issues that the average Muslim doesn't even understand they might be fighting. It doesn't change the fact they are all a part of the same team. Likewise, those who came after them in the 16th 17th of the Gregorian centuries, pre colonial times

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who wanted to revive the Ummah, they wanted to make the best of this ummah, and they did what they could, great scholars like her like sha Allah, Allah, Allah, we in India, like Muhammad, Abdul Wahab in Arabia, like say he had either we had that in Yemen, all of these greater Adama and others whom I haven't mentioned, they all turned to the Quran and Sunnah and they tried the best to bring about a change or revival or rekindling based upon their understanding of the Quran and Sunnah from these figures, yet others came about during the time of colonization

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Should during the time when our Ummah was under the yoke of so many foreign entities and they tried their best to bring forth another type of revival great scholars like Molana Rasheeda Ahmed can go here and Muhammad Qasim Nana tui great scholars like madrasa Han but lb great scholars like Sayed Nazir Hussain and all of these by the way, all of you are from the Indian subcontinent. These three represent three trends. You all know this, these three are Allah map, all of them thought that they are the true heirs of sha Allah, Allah, Allah we think about that. Every one of the scholars they thought that we are the real representative of SHA one Leola and sha Allah, Allah was one person he

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lived in the 1700s 150 years later, and his movement splits into these three, every one of these things. Yes, we are the real people who are following his tradition, every one of them can quote you shall will you Allah, dear Muslims, if sha Allah Allah teachings within 100 years can bring about this spectrum. How about the prophets of Psalm 1400 years ago? Isn't there going to be some spectrum within that that is acceptable, and after them during the time of end of colonization when the Khilafah was at its end or even finished? We had another group of survivors, every one of them wanting to rekindle the spirit of Islam wanting to bring about good the way that they thought that

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was best, great scholars like Madonna Zecharia Kunta Hallowee great thinkers like say that will animo do the great revivalist like Hassan Al Banna great academics like Muhammad Nasir to the NLL? Barney, all of these scholars and more, this list is partial, I can't list everybody, all of them. And with utmost respect, I have read works from all of these scholars. I haven't read all of their works. I have read works from all of these scholars. One thing you find common before you jump to the differences before you tell me where they disagreed, do you know one thing that is common in all of their writings? They're quoting you with the same Quran and the same sunnah. They're quoting you

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the same Quran and the same books of Hadith, the same books of sunnah that we study, and each one of them is thinking that they are reviving the real sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, I am not saying Please do not misunderstand and misquote me that all opinions are the same. I myself am a researcher, I'm a student of knowledge, and I have preferences within all of these trends. What I am saying the differences of these trends are not so much that we take them as the enemy, we take them as the person outside, we take them to be hating and despising and putting down No. And we can give you a simple question and disregard a very simple question. This person whom you

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disagree with, who follows another scholar, you have chosen one strand. And I say, like I said last week, the fact of the matter, look at your own lives, why do you follow that strand that you do? Most likely 99% is because when you were younger, you had an interaction with somebody from that strand, and you embraced religious Islam at his hands. So you appreciate it. You liked it. It's not as if you have done a thorough survey of all of the different trends. It's not as if you have neutrally studied every single thinker. Either you were born into a sect in a framework, your parents followed it, or when you were in college, when you first became religious, you were

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introduced to this trend, and you liked it and you absorbed and you find it very fulfilling, good for you, good for you. But don't think that the person who follows another strand has any less Yaqeen than you do that he is following the Quran and Sunnah. Don't think that his love of Allah and His Messenger is any less than yours? Let me ask you a simple question. The one who follows another strand, another interpretation, another of these Roma that I have mentioned, does he not lower his head to the same carpet and the same floor that you do in front of Allah azza wa jal? Does he not lower his head out of observance of a bada to the same Lord? Does he not appreciate the Sunnah of

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the Messenger of Allah the same way you do? In fact, imagine this, imagine this. This is not a blasphemous question. It's a factual question. Imagine if you and him were having a debate or argument and hypothetically, the prophet system appeared just hypothetically, it's a hypothetical question. And he resolved this conflict. He made a very explicit statement said no, you know what, you are upon the truth or you are upon the truth or even a third opinion, because by the way, sometimes opinion is beyond your two opinions. Imagine this scenario, this person whom you are debating with, would not the both of you when you hear directly from the Prophet system, what would

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you do? What would you do? Would you not say, Samir, and I will correct would you not say your rasool Allah, I apologize if I made a mistake? I'm gonna follow the correct opinion. Whatever you say is the truth. Is this not the case? The one that you are debating with the one that you are despising the one that you are hating, he loves Allah and His messenger so much, that he's willing to accept that he was wrong when it's coming from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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And so dear Muslim, if the one you are having this intellectual debate with loves Allah so much and loves the messenger so much, where is your hatred coming from? Where is your hatred coming from? When the person in front of you has another opinion? And in fact that opinion he thinks is based upon the Quran and the Sunnah. And you have an opinion and you are certain it is based upon the Quran and Sunnah. Here's the point,

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whose opinion is more sacred, your interpretation, or the Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam, clearly the Prophet SAW Selim. Okay. Now, your opponent when you're talking to believes his opinion is the opinion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Therefore, and I say this bluntly, most of sectarianism hatred, emanates from a sense of ego and arrogance of your own opinion. Because the one whom you're talking to does not oppose Allah and His messenger. This is what I'm trying to come across. There are people who don't believe in the Quran, there are people who don't view the Sunnah. Those are people Yes, we are. They're very different Muslims if they believe in the Quran, but they

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have a different source. Agreed. We'll talk about them part three. Yes, we're gonna get there. We're now talking about those who agree with the Quran and Sunnah. They want to follow the Sunnah of the process of them. They even have the same books, as you say Bukhari sahih. Muslim, the same tradition, they have it as well. But now it's a difference of how do we interpret these books Subhanallah this person, and you are united in love of Allah and love of the messenger. If you don't see this, and you are only obsessed with the fact that he disagrees with you, then in reality, you have taken your interpretation to be more sacred than the Quran and Sunnah. Do you understand this

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point, you have taken your understanding, which could be right could be wrong, in the end of the day, as I have said bluntly, and allow me to say this 99% of the Ummah has not researched the other opinion. Technically, they haven't researched why they say it, who they say it is just blind following you trust your Allama. And I know and it's sensitive to say many scholars, yes, they also make the small points very big. Oh, that person believes in this ship, even though he's within mainstream Islam, but we think he's deviant. I understand this point. With my humility and respect, I say there are other opinions as well. And experience and knowledge will introduce you to those

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opinions, sectarian minded people, yes, they exist sectarian minded scholars, yes, they exist. But with utmost respect to them, I say, when a scholar lives around his own type and his own kind, and when he only interacts with his own seminary, and when he only teaches his own students, it's very easy to make another seminary another another sect far more evil than they might actually are. Maybe they're not even evil at all. It's only when you get out of your bubble, and you interact, and you engage, and you read, and you see the world where you actually become more understanding and more tolerant. So at this stage, I will simply have to say the choice is yours, you will find sectarian

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minded roadmap, they are there. I'm not saying they are not sincere. I'm not saying that they're doing this out of malice. But I will say with utmost respect, that generally speaking, you will find them with less experience in the world. And generally speaking, you will find them very committed to their own strand, they don't go outside of their bubble, and you will find another group of Kodama that are not that sectarian, there are far more coming together far more unifying. And I am of those and I say, let us look at what is in common before we jump to what is different. And the biggest point that must be in common, as I said, is the Quran and the Sunnah, if the person you're

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disagreeing with, if he were to theoretically acknowledge, if the prophet system said this to me, I would follow then right then and there, what you have in common with him is infinitely more than what you have disagreed about. This is where I'm coming from. Now, does this mean all the opinions are the same? I never said this. But let me ask you this. Must your wife or your best friend or your brother agreed with every single analysis and opinion that you have? Okay, then the world wouldn't function? The world would not function if you only interacted with somebody who agrees with 100% of how you view the world, husbands and wives who love each other disagree about aspects of the dunya?

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Is that not the case? brothers who are close friends, they disagree about analyzing they disagree about the reality. You look at the good and if it's a small amount of misunderstanding you overlook it. What I am arguing for is the same mainstream generic Orthodoxy is not based to a narrow sectarian frame of mind is not based upon one madrasa one shift one out of them. No, it is based upon the hadith of Gibreel. Whoever acknowledges the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Anything after this, we discussed like the family. I'm not saying they're right. I have my own choices. And I will disagree with some other choices. But disagreements from within are very different than disagreements from without how you disagree with a loved one with your child with a cousin is not the same as how you will disagree with an enemy. So dear Muslim, and with this I conclude my first call to

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anyone who sincerely desires to worship Allah based upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, that person Listen to me carefully has manifested that kalima because what is the Kalama? What does it mean? La ilaha illAllah Muhammad, what does it mean? It means I will worship Allah alone. And how will I worship Allah based upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, that's what the Kanima means. So anybody who comes to the religion of Islam with this frame in mind has Alhamdulillah embraced the Kalama. After this, any disagreement can be done in a civil manner. From within, you can disagree you can debate but debate like a brother, not an enemy, the real person whom you must take as the

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other is somebody who desires to hurt you because of the Kadima or another Muslim whose disagreement is so much with you. He doesn't accept the Sunnah he doesn't care what the prophets have said, that is definitely a major issue and we have to take her to another level that will be inshallah in our next clip, but But today's quote, but it's very simple, and that is this notion of internal sectarianism within mainstream Islam. No, these differences don't make you another. They don't make you outside. These differences are preferences. They can be debated, they can be argued, but they're going to be done from within the mainstream of the OMA because that person has manifested what it

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means to be a Muslim worshipping Allah alone based upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless me and you within through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah's forgiveness, He was will ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah Hill, Why hadn't I had a summit la de la Myriad? What am you that? Well, let me go for and I had what I do.

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Dear Muslims,

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recently, a tragedy occurred barely 300 miles from where we are giving this quarter. But as we're all aware, less than half a drives day away from where we are now. 19 innocent children were senselessly murdered along with two of their teachers. Sadly, this is not unique or rare or atypical. In this country of ours. In the last 10 years, over 1000. I repeat, in the last 10 years, over 1000 active not inactive not caught before the act, active shootings have occurred in American schools in the last decade. One of the most shocking statistics is that the number one cause of death amongst children and teenagers in this country. It's not drugs, that's not driving. It's not

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car accidents. It's not cancer, the number one cause of death in this country. And it is the only country in the world that has this statistic is because of gun violence. Think about that. Think about that. And much can be said about this reality. But this code is neither the time nor the place. Nor am I the best person qualified to speak about laws and gun control and whatnot. That's a separate topic altogether. Just want to point out before I move on, that Americans, all of us should look at other countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, see what they have done with gun laws and see how effective that has been. But that's not the topic I have for the next few minutes. No. My

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job. My role as a cleric as a person of faith is to ask a more awkward question. And I know this is a question that perhaps some in the media will jump on and make a very big deal of, but it needs to be done because ignoring this will not let this violence go away. Dear Muslims, dear Muslims, whoever does not feel some pain at what happened. I don't know where your heart is. These are our children. Our children go to the schools as well. You know this and I know this, our children go to the schools How could any parent not to have felt a heart skip? How could any parent not to felt an anxiety when they heard what is happening and they see the video images? This is our land. These are

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our people. And we have to speak out against this reality, this phenomenon. And I have to ask some very difficult questions beyond gun control. That's another topic. We have to ask ourselves. The big

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question before we get to gun control? Why is it that so many of the young men of this generation, for the first time in human history, feel such depression, such emptiness? Why is it that so many young people who should be excited for the future, they should be excited to do something of their lives to make something of themselves, they should have a future ahead of them wondering, What am I going to do when I'm 3040 50? Having a career having a family having the best of this dunya? Well, why is this generation so prone to such dastardly, unspeakable evil? Where is this evil coming from? How can a 17 year old young man think about such deeds that most of us could not even have had the

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fleeting thoughts of where is this evil coming from? And I'm going to ask this question and give you a partial answer, because it is the answer that needs to be said, no matter how politically incorrect, we need to say loudly. And clearly. That's one of the factors there are many, we cannot just pinpoint on just one. But one of the factors and I speak from having read on this.

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People have surveyed mass shooters of the last decade or two. And there are many papers and many articles, and I've read some of them. Two things struck me from the statistics

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85% of mass shooters of this country, 85% had no religious affiliation, nothing to do with God, nothing to do with church or synagogue or mosque. 85% have zero religion in their hearts.

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Another statistic, around 75% of these mass shooters, they come from broken families. No matter how awkward this topic is, we as Muslims need to speak the truth and not be ashamed or embarrassed. Believing in God, believing in a higher power brings about purpose in life. When you eliminate religion, make fun of religion banned religion, when you think that religion is going to take you backward, this is what is going to happen. And when you destroy family, when you encourage promiscuity, when you don't care about mothers and fathers being the default in a child's life, because the majority of the shooters 75% did not have a stable family at home. There's a

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psychological impact. There is an emotional bankruptcy that comes when you destroy the fabric of society, which is the family. So we as Muslims, no matter and I know, the media is going to take this and this is the reality. But it doesn't change your taking my clip will not stop the mass shootings, you making fun of our faith are telling us backward will not stop the real backwardness of child killings in this country. Which one is more backward people encouraging God and family or the mass shootings that are rampant and the norm only in this society and land? One of the main causes of this emptiness of a teenager is that you have taken away what is the most precious to a

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human being and that is belief in God. And you have denied an average human being the love of a mother and father by promoting hedonism, promoting promiscuity, promoting all types of filth and fascia, and then saying, Oh, where is this coming from? I am not saying it's the only cause. But statistics tell us statistics tell us one of the main causes is lack of God and religion and not having stable families. So dear Muslims, it is our job therefore, to preserve our deen and our families. And I've said this so many times in the lives that we live in.

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It becomes far the ane on us really to preach to the others the benefits of religion the benefits of Dean true Dean, yes, I know there's wrong D and I know people can become fanatical if they but I'm talking about good Dean, good religion. I'm talking about believing in Allah and the messengers of Allah. Those who believe in the messengers who believe in God, generally speaking, their lifestyles are better fulfilling those who are coming from families, generally speaking, they have stability. And in our deen Iman and families are actually coming together. Good families are based upon good Iman and good Eman comes from good families. So dear Muslims when we see what is going on, first and

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foremost, have some empathy. Don't show some coldness or sadness, this is our land. These are our children. This could happen anywhere. Some of you know even I don't want to mention too much. Some of you know even 10 miles from here. Some incident happened three days ago. 100 It was stopped in our schools, our public schools over here, the incident was stopped. Do not think that is far, far away. May Allah protect all of our children and all of the children of this land nobody deserves to die like this. And secondly, no matter how difficult it is, we have to have

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collective conversations and we are a part of this society, and we have to present our solutions as Muslims. So we will bring up no matter how awkward it is we will bring up even your own land. Our country didn't have this 50 years ago, 100 years ago, what has changed is not just guns, gun is stage two before he wants to take a gun. Why is he thinking about killing people? How could a young man want to destroy his life, kill his own grandmother, go massacre 20 people? Where does this come from? And it is a norm and a trend not just an atypical thing. And we reply, there are many things, but of them, you have destroyed the dean, and you've destroyed the family. There will be an

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emptiness and an evil that comes from that. And we see but some of those manifestations. So it is our job to speak the truth and then to embody the truth. Will Allah He brothers and sisters, if we live good, righteous lives, there are people around us spiritually empty, they will see our spirituality. There are people around us, they want this and if we have it and we exude it, that is our Dawa. You don't need to debate you don't need to have intellectual arguments. Live your life as a Muslim and the people will come flocking to Islam when they see you a flap and your manners. This is my final message to all of us here for today's code. And as I said, we will continue part three

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when it comes to sectarianism Alemany the end for aminu Illuminati if you haven't know me them and Illa photo wala Hammond Illa for Raja wala Dana Illa Kobita. What am I read on Elijah feta when I see Ron Illa you're sorta Allama fildena One Annalisa but when Eben Eman wala touch I feel peruvianus healer Linden Avenue Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Hama is an Islam and Muslim in Allah Houma is the Islam and Muslim in Allah whom are is an Islam and Muslim in Allah Humann Aradhana are the Islam all Muslim in Ebisu in February who've been FC which attacked me wrong feet that bat yeah I'll call you your ICS rebounds Allah in Allahu Allah Amara Camembert in bed, they behave in FC

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within the Malacca the Odyssey was held as a become a U haul muniment jindee Hey, we're into football as a man Croydon Idema in Hola. Hola Mercado, you're suing us for Luna and maybe you had Latina Amanu Sallu alayhi he was selling him with a slimmer Allah masala was selling him robotic. Well. Abdul Karim Sudha Muhammad Ali he was IBH Marian Roberta Allah in Allah to Allah yeah motivated Adley What if Sonny waited CORBA warrior and handled fascia it will Moon carry well belly your ego Kamala Allah come to that karoun Oh the Corolla has the math curriculum wash crew he has what are the crew lights are welcome is Salah

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me, Mr. Hayden, doll Seanie

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me what to feed

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Sunday. What

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feels cool. We Ruby, my journey

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