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Salam O Allah Mottola here What are cattle Alhamdulillah Hamza sharechat. In all salatu salam O Allah say you didn't Marceline say et now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Allah humma aalim namah Gehenna manilkara Anil. avi whether can mean Houma and resene up. We're just going to give a couple of minutes for other people to join in and chat a lot. Just make sure that everybody's able to be a part of this broadcast. So wherever you're watching from in sha Allah do give us your Sadam. Let us know where you're tuning in from in sha Allah, we pray that Allah subhana wa into Allah makes it a source of blessing and guidance for us all Allah Homa amin and for those of you who are watching on my social media on my Facebook page on my YouTube page on my Twitter page, if you want the full experience, I do recommend you go to Yahoo Ibraheem comm forward slash live and

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there you'll be able to access the PDF that we're kind of going through in our discussions in sha Allah. So if you are able, do transfer yourselves over to Yahoo brahim.com forward slash live, I believe that that will be something that will be of great benefit for you in sha Allah. And for those of you who are on my website, some of the tools that are existing there, of course, you have the PDF on the right, you have the q&a button and you have the group chat button that you can kind of engage with each other in sha Allah, so let me know where you're watching from I am interested to kind of see how everybody's doing where everybody's tuning in from. We have some of our brothers

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from Nigeria from

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the in Murat Mashallah

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we have from Bangladesh, a few brothers and sisters saying Salaam on ECAM it's good to see Mashallah Baraka rock man. So we'll just give people another couple of minutes do share it out to some of your friends and family in sha Allah. We're going to be continuing with the fifth part of our soul searching series, and Alhamdulillah on my website, there's a number of people a number of icehogs, which are Muslim Student Associations of various universities in and around the United Kingdom. I'm very thankful for focus and the coordination of green they measured to make this a reality and hamdulillah we got people tuning in from Malaysia, Ethiopia, Ma sha Allah subotica Raman South

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Florida sister fuzzy fuzzy Mashallah. And it's a wonderful Mashallah to see people from all around the world coming together for this initiative. So just another minute inshallah for people to share this with some of their friends and family but before we get straight in and one more time I'll just say that if you do want the full experience, come on to my website in sha Allah Abraham comm forward slash live and you'll be able to access the PDF and use the the ecosystem that we have with the Q and A's and, and all of that in sha Allah.

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Alright, Masha Allah. Okay, let's begin formally

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as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh in Al Hamdulillah in America who want to stay in the horn so Pharaoh who whenever we learn him in Cerulean fusina Ahmed sejati Molina, Maria de la who Fela mobile Allahumma ubal falahat The Allahu eyeshadow Allah, Allah illallah wa Julio Sri Kala who eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was happy he was a linter Sleeman kathira

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alohomora tokoname and now we're Kanban Harsha Weber then lol Bella e sobre. Allah whomever kidnap minella for any man who Sina y Lim nermeen who Madhya Himalaya or hammer raha mean, we always begin by asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the Almighty to make us from those who are fortunate from those who are followers in the footsteps of our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah increases our taqwa, our consciousness and obedience to Him, that we favor the path of the prophets Isola more than we favor any other paths or any other ways that Allah Subhana Allah makes you and I from those who are foremost in seeking to put the faith into practice and be examples of em beacons

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of light for others allow man I mean, this is the fifth installment of soul searching. The concept of this 10 part series is to become acquainted with who we are as human beings, what we want out of life and what it is that we have to look forward to in the coming days but if the law heeta Allah in our worldly existence, but more importantly in what we seek from Allah, in our future, and I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala increases You and I have a you know, in taqwa and in in self introspection, that we are very inward in our relationship with Allah and that we pray that Allah Subhana Allah bless

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As a piety blesses us with this piety and consciousness of him in our privacy more so than what we seek to show each other dramatically and portrayed in our public life. Allahumma amin, the fifth session is about ame Subhan Allah that word alien, you know even the sound of it, it's it's got a regal sound knowledge and in any language of the world, the concept that relates to knowing learned to becoming aware to being one who transitions from an inferiority to a superiority on account of an acquaintance, and an account of an aspect that has set you apart from others. Now law tells us about this in the Quran, where he says, well, folk who levy really mean alim, above everyone who is

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knowledgeable there is one who has gained a step above one who has more knowledge than that, and one who goes further than that. And the more you and I kind of put effort, put interest in seeking knowledge in acquiring knowledge and we will define knowledge in the in a sense in sha Allah, the more we become, taking pathways, and steps towards an eternal happiness and an eternal place in Jenna, the more you and I set our path in life, seeking the pleasure of Allah through learning through wisdom, the acquisition of knowledge that is benefiting to us in our conditions of day to day life and the decisions that we make, because we have a surety of knowledge, as Allah says, In

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the Quran, Allah basura upon brightened, insightful way of life, you and I, our aim as Muslims, is to be those who step in the dark with a light that shines that even though darkness surrounds us, there's a light within us that leads us to a path that we would not know, had we not been led upon it by the methodology and the revelation given to us through the tradition and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed, so I sell them. So the fundamental purpose of knowledge, the fundamental purpose of alien, is that it is to lead within us a quest to become closer to Allah. The acquaintance that you and I seek to have of anything that we study in life, is that it's intent between our heart and

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our judgment is that this is something that's going to solidify my relationship and my newness, my Cordoba, my drawing closer to my maker, the Almighty Subhana, WA Tada. The law tells us that when he brought us into this world last Yeah, I love moonachie, you knew nothing, meaning you came into this world as a blank slate. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Shaka, semi well, bas Allah, that Allah is the one who opened for us, our hearing allowed us the insight of our sight, and that it is from there that we begin to develop sensory elements that relate to knowledge. And therefore the fundamental, immediate elements of knowledge that are accessible to all human beings, who have been

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given a level playing is that we've been given the senses that surround us, we are able to hear and see and smell, and taste and touch these five senses are really the first acquaintances we have into the physical world that we are in. But as much as we are able to use these five senses, they are limited to the capacity that our brain is able to access information through it. And once they become overwhelmed, once the color is too much, when the light is too much, or once it becomes too dark, then that sensory organ of your eyes fails you once the noise is too loud or too soft. And it's beyond the spectrum that your hearing can attain, it feels you once your touch is without the

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means or at a distance from something, it fails you to smell and to hear and to see.

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So there needs to become a further acquaintance of what it is that we can gather knowledge from. And therefore that concept of a lack of rationale that we spoke of, in our early sessions, where we put our physical being and we add to it a rationale a system of reasoning and then insightful mind that then it sends into the third and final category that you and I have as human beings, which is the soul knowledge needs to impact each of the three places. So there is a place for knowledge that is extracted from the five senses, but there is a knowledge that transcends that that it is an intellectual rational reasoning capacity. That my touch my smell, my sight

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my physical means cannot acquaint me with there is an exercise that goes beyond that and we can be conceptual as human beings and theoretical even though we are unable to be physical and tangible and practical for that which we are studying and therefore human beings are able to describe that which is of a distance from them that which they have not experienced because allah tells us as a part of the speciality of his creation of mankind i lemma who is bejan i taught mankind the ability to describe for himself the nomenclature the names of all things and transfer that knowledge to others why lemma adam and esma aquila allah gave adam the knowledge of the names of all things the ability

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to describe things which is the very basis of that rational intellectual thought that you can deliberate you can make a variable that x can represent something unknown in a mathematical operation or lemma who will be on the ability to describe and the ability to rationalize in that description

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the awakening of course is that when you recognize that these two sensories the physical and the one that is beyond the intellectual and the rational that there is something beyond that and there becomes this awakening this spark that is within the heart within the soul while you recognize no there's something that is even beyond that which is in the realm of the unseen that as much as i put my rational mind into it as much as i theorize as much as i tried to make practical experimental analysis there is something that is beyond what is within the theory and the mindset that we have developed that goes beyond that into the realm of the unseen and the only way to receive knowledge

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about that is from the place of the unseen by the creator of the unseen and the one who sent mankind the messengers to lead them and navigate them through the perils of the unseen world that we need to become also acquainted with and therefore from the very beginning allah tells us in the soul in the quran and the first few verses of surah al baqarah the earliest second chapter of the quran allah says any flat

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mean legal kita bula raji buffy hodan lil mo takim and lavina yomi noona belhaj in this book is the guidance that you seek it is a guidance for those who have faith they are those who believe in the unseen willing to go beyond what their mind can comprehend and what their body is able to experience that awakening allows you to understand that i exist and because i exist there is one who has put me to existence i know that i did not make myself i know that this place this world this existence this cosmos is not from its own doing i can understand that that that the existence of the world is a sign that there is one who is beyond the world and that if i am able to consciously think and i was

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of one who had no consciousness previously that my very existence lets me know that there will be an existence after an allah subhana allah makes it very simple and sorted he has seen and other chapters in the quran where people would question the prophets i sell them and they would ask from an uninformed perspective how can we be brought back to life after our death may you hear her who will give this light will you hear her levy and shatter her a willow mandala the simplest most logical understanding is that the one who gave life from nothingness can surely return life from an existing life if you can understand if you can see yourself alive today and you recognize that you

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were a nothingness in the in the in the in the day before how can you doubt that out of the life you have there could be another emergence of life when previously where there was no life you refer to the big bang there was nothing this there is life so how can you deny that from life there can be more light it does not make sense a hype is known to allah allah allah allah allah allah allah none has knowledge of the unseen other than allah and that which is given to the prophets i sell them is just the sections that allah has allowed him to be informed about and therefore we come to recognize then that there is a knowledge that is existential that is beyond the human experience beyond the

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human capacity though

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah lays second if Lee Shea he is beyond what anything that is conjured up in the imagination, anything that can be thought anything that can be understood or seen or heard or witnessed, he is different to it, well, who has semi or

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bossier and he is the all knowing, all seeing all hearing simpana what to add up. So as a consequence of this, the creator Allah subhana wa tada He is the one who has veiled himself from his creation through his supremacy and by being that, you know, Min halki, that he is not a part of his creation, he is distinct from his creation, and his creation cannot be other him Subhana Allah, that Allah is the source of all of the creation Arambula Allah mean the Lord of all realms of all Cosmos of all universes of all that has been created, Subhana Allah, so that knowledge therefore, that I am ignorant of that which I cannot, and I am not able to witness because it is from the realm of the

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unseen, it is before the scene it is before time, it is before what we refer to as the existence of that which is common and known to us, as human beings. Therefore, that knowledge lets me know that I am not here, Sudan were hemella, for no reason for Justin volley, rather than the knowledge that I come now to understand is that knowledge has a purpose, that I have a place that there is a reason for me to be a part and parcel of this world that I have been entered into, and the knowledge that I have been given by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah becomes one that allows me to humble myself to that to the maker, and the creator and the Sustainer of all the knowledge of my purpose becomes a very

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important aspect that you and I as Muslims seek to establish. Why am I here? What is the purpose of my creation, is that Allah Subhana Allah tells us simply in the Quran, when there Halak, Jinnah will insert lady Abu and that the totality of my creation of mankind of the gist of all of the creations is that they are to show me that they accept me as the absolute authority in their life to be in the worship of me alone, and to reject all that is other than me, or all that is called to buy other than me. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, has spared us the pain of any rational speculation in searching for a purpose. He lets you know the purpose. He lets you know

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that there is a reason why you are here. And there is something that is a higher calling, than what you would give yourself had you known that had you not known of him subhana wa to Allah, Allah centers your attention that everything that you do in life is in one way or another, a submission and a form of servitude to him. And it is of only two types of service that people can can establish. Every human being every one of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala is bound in submission to something, it is very few of us may Allah make us of them who choose to make a law, their master, there are many who have been bound down as servants to, to wealth, to beauty to

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seeking that the hunt and the thrill of amassing more. There are those who have become, you know, their their master, there are a lot that which they worship is their own desires, the fulfillment of their own

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sexual needs or their financial gains. All of these are different things that can subdue an individual, but it is the one who chooses to submit themselves to Allah with a totality that finds and attains the freedom and the Liberty. ala therefore is an important aspect for us. When we speak about knowledge we're not speaking just simply about two plus two is four or that this is how you recite and the idea with Tajweed. Or that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is unique in and of himself into Hadith alone. We are speaking of a knowledge of an acquaintance of who we are to Allah and what Allah seeks of us and how we are able to perform and how we are able to live a life of a worthy to a

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lot and I want to highlight that word. And there bodia is to attain the purpose of life is that you live a life that is worshipped

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Feel that everything aspect of your life in one way or another is a sign of your submission to Allah is a sign of you giving preference to Allah giving preference to your maker the Almighty. The concept of God for us as Muslims is very simple. And our Buddha command will help you with it is to achieve a completion of love, but also humility be by to the one you love. It is a terrible idea.

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It is that you establish Kula your head Bula monacolin are failing out of the country. It is that you seek your life to be fulfilled by you doing everything that Allah loves to for you to feel in your heart to intend in your heart, to say with your tongue or to practice with your limbs. So you know, going out to work so that I earn a Hello income that I can feed my family with. It is an act of worship, smiling in the face of somebody who is downtrodden is an act of worship. forgiving somebody who has wronged me is an act of worship, spending and buying a gift for my children is an act of worship. If I have made that as an intent, of being something that draws me closer to Allah,

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anything Allah loves, is an act of worship. So the question therefore is, well how do I know what Allah loves? So he sent us those who would acquaint us with what Allah loves in Allah, how you behave, Allah loves this, somebody told us that somebody shared that information with us. Somebody who was informed by Allah gave us the manual of how to show Allah that we are His servants. And therefore any act of worship meets those two conditions. It is for Allah and it is in accordance to the tradition, the modality, the pathway, the way of life of the Prophet and the prophets of God. Allah him of de la sala watamu tasleem, while nav now Mohamed Salah Allahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa

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sahbihi wa sallam. Now that's a powerful, powerful way of looking at the world. So let us look in sha Allah, the first distinction that we recognize the first element of knowledge is that we are aware that there is a being a supreme being beyond us, who has power over us as He is the Creator, the originator and he is the one who is the Lord of rubia, the one who is the Lord who is deserving Our Lord, to be considered our Lord Subhana Allah to Allah, He is the only one who we provide our tawheed of singling him out as being worthy of that status, that nobody is feared nobody is loved. Nobody is hoped in more completely or in any way beyond what is given to Allah. Allah warns us your

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head Muna hunka Billa. There are those who love other things, love material love other individuals love other beings love other concepts or isms or political stances in a way that only a law should, should be devoted. Only Allah should have this devotion towards him Subhana Allah. The second of course, is that if you do recognize that Allah is the only Lord is the only maker is the only sustainer then I should turn my attention only to him in devotion and worship. So I become ABD and enslaved myself to attain freedom and liberty and the power of God working through me by making myself in submission to Allah. And that's the essence of the word Islam it is to surrender my will

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to God, to make a law, the one who decides the right and wrong choices that I make in life is through the vision and that which was revealed by Allah, that I decide what I wear, because of the lenses God, Allah Almighty has given me to adorn myself and to see the world through what I wear, what I eat, who I friend, who I marry, who I don't, where I come, where I go, what I work, what I don't, what I buy, what I sell, how I do all the things is through the lens of faithfulness towards Allah. And that is an object of my worship, an aspect of my trailhead of Oulu here, of submitting myself in the worship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and I become acquainted with Allah to fall

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deeper in love with him to become a knowing of what are the conditions that I have with him, through His names and attributes through what he has described himself with, and Allah subhana wa to Allah has given himself the names and descriptions so that you and I are under no circumstances, ignorant of who he is. Subhana Allah, the consequence of ignorance of the three things of course, that Allah is my Lord, that he is the one that I turn to that I don't become

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acquainted with Allah. The consequence of that, of course, is misery, that I live a life where I'm always seeking favor or advantage in something that will eventually let me down, that I'm seeking love in all the wrong places, that I'm seeking happiness in the material rather than in the spiritual, that I have lit myself head into a pathway where the laws of truth are not adhere to that eventually it becomes a source of harm and pain. And the consequence of ignorance of my maker of my Creator of my duty to him is, is that you live a life that is bumped from one side to the other, you can never really attain that harmony, and that sakeena and that tranquility that Allah promises.

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Allah Vickery Allah, Padma innaloo, surely it is only through the remembrance of Allah, that the heart can find peace, ease and comfort, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us of those who find the heart that is serene, serene through the knowledge and the acquaintance of a lot. Knowledge makes us sensitive to the nature of the world that we're in, we begin to understand its pain. It's turbulence, it's uncertainty, we understand even greater the consequences of not knowing and not being familiar with Allah becomes even more worrisome for us, that the hearts begin to awaken to a reality that this world is not terminal, but there is something that waits for us beyond it, that

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you and I are not promised to just become Earth. Allah says mean HELOC now home for a HELOC now come from the earth you were created from these elements. You and I, we have our irons and hydrogens and oxygens within us. When we had no angel come, yes, your bodies will be returned into that same dust, you will become those nutrients into the ground again. women had no courage to come towel rotten okra, no herodium touton Ohara you and I will be brought back and resurrected and question that is from the unseen that is a knowledge that needs to be discussed. And as a conscious effort for you and I we are to put in our hearts, the unending knowledge that we will always be brought forth

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before Allah what a NEMA come in Allah Modena in Allah our return is to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we begin to ponder over the speed at which the Day of Judgment can come upon us that it is just as simple as a shoelace away as the prophets of Allah He was Selim describes the moment you pass away, it's the length of your shoe lace from you, that you find yourself standing before the majesty of Allah azza wa jal. So where do we find knowledge? And how do we make sure that the knowledge is beneficial? We find knowledge through all of the sensory means, through our logical determinations, but always guided through revelation and we have a principle in Islam that says, Your condom will

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knock Aloo Allah laughable, that that which is revealed is to be adhered to even if my logical in understanding of it has not yet caught up to its wisdom, that whenever Allah has said a fee or Allah, wa T or or Rasool obey God and obey the messenger, there is no point in that discussion. That gives me room to say except here, or in these things, yes, but not in this. I'm willing to pray and fast but I'm not going to do this and this and this. My heart loves this person. It doesn't matter if they're Muslim or not Muslim, I'm, you know, I'm just going to give my life away in that sense. You know, this concept of fidelity, it's not for those kind of things are things that we back away

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from, we understand that the knowledge of acquaintance is not just simply book knowledge, but it's practice and the mammy Shafi Rahmatullah Allah he was asked, men whom Allah Allah, Who are the learned who were the learned amongst the scholars, he said men Nam Isla de Maya alum, it's the one who enact and puts into practice the knowledge that they have an Imam Shafi, he would say, lay Salah al Mo, ma hillfield in MLA muma naffaa knowledge is not that which you retain in your memory you memorize a lot of texts, a lot of things, you you know, you know, all these formulas and all these statements and all this Quran and Hadith or whatever. in MLA manifests knowledge is that which is

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beneficial. The prophets I seldom used to make the famous Allahu Murdock now Aleman natvia. Allah blesses all with the knowledge that is beneficial meaning that we put into practice that shows that we have taken that knowledge as something that is not just something theoretical, but has become material in our day to day life and into our existence. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah

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lessons you and I, we the knowledge that is practice and then insight into the truth. There is no greater knowledge than the words of God. There is no greater truth than that which was spoken by Allah. No one will tell you about a law more and better than Allah. And no one will teach you the way to please Allah in a way that is better than the practice and the sooner of the NaVi you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Sleeman kathira

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this is where I'm going to bring to an end my discussion with you I always like to keep it at, you know, 20 to 30 minutes in short a lot. And if there are any questions, I'm just going to search through the questions now. I will try to address them and take them be even ilahi tile up my pray that Allah Subhana Allah sends His angels upon us and makes us from those

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who are successful and benefiting from the knowledge that we gain that we can continue in sha Allah in a path of spirit of truth and favor in our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala well, suddenly lahoma Selim was into abetik Allah say Ed now Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam subhanak Allah who may be having a shadow and

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in the end, as the pharaoh were to LA with Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh