Heart Matters #04 Asking For Tazkiya From The One Who Purifies

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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's guidance on what to say during conversations is emphasized, along with the need to obtain certain gear and ask for the person who bestows it by pleading. The speakers also emphasize the importance of practicing the Mahabharata and being aware of its physical and mental aspects to achieve success in various fields. Practice is essential for improving chances of achieving success.
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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhana which Allah is the One and the unique here is when we worship and it is his aid that we seek. Today inshallah we're going to do two points number one, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says in the Quran, further to Zakho and Fusa come who are Allah movie monitor call? You should not go around declaring other people to be mazurka Tez Kia, you don't go around purifying others. You don't go around cleansing other people. It is not your job to stamp who is pious and who's not pious, who are I then will be money telco, Allah knows who has Taqwa. We are not qualified to judge who has purified themselves or not. Yes, we make an outer judgment for our

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worldly reasons. You want to enter a business partnership. You want to get married to somebody, you make a judgment based upon the outer, and that's fine, but realize only Allah knows what is inside the hearts. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there might be a person nobody knows about nobody cares about but in the eyes of Allah if he were to say something Allah would make it come true. Nobody cares about him in this dunya he might be wearing tattered clothes. He has no respect in this society. But Allah knows what is in his heart. So first point brothers and sisters does Kia purification does not come by the testimony of men. It is not people who qualify and who

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judge and who put the stamp who has does Kia and who doesn't. It is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah says in the Quran, while I will follow Allah Alikum warahmatu who Mazurek mazurka Minh come in. I had an EPA when I can Allah use acumen Yasha Sunita, Nora, I need you to understand this verse. Were it not for Allah's blessings on all of you what I would have fought the law here they come and Allah's mercy or Rama to who mazurka mean coming I had not a single person amongst you will become purified other than forever. While I can Allah use a key, but Allah allow some of you to be purified who man Yeshua. So Allah is the one who chooses and Allah is the One who purifies,

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purification and does here to knifes doesn't come from other people and the testimony of other people. And that's why by the way, one of the etiquettes when we see speak about other Muslims, is that we make sure that we humble ourselves, even when we say something that is super positive or whatnot we have to say, I think he is a pious man and Allah knows best I consider him to be a righteous person and Allah knows best, we should not make a definitive claim, because then we are speaking as if we know Elohim and we do not know any metal Hey, only if Allah has told us and this is for the prophets and the Sahaba then we may say that unconditionally, everybody else me and you

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We only say our judgments, I view him to be a righteous man and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah knows best. This is how we phrase because Allah said further to go and forsaken. You should not go around stamping people who is pious and who is not who I love movie money telco, Allah knows who has actual Taqwa. And the second verse that I quoted you in Allah yuzaki Manisha Bella who yuzaki, Manisha. So Tez Kia purification comes from Allah. This leads me to my second point. If this comes from Allah, then obviously one of the ways in fact, the primary way to attain this gear is to ask him, I mean, it's a logical corollary. Once we have come to the conclusion that does gear which is our whole

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topic for this month. It doesn't come from me, it doesn't come from you. It's not a necessary result of my actions I could put in the actions and still notice gear will come, does gear comes from Allah but Allah who use acumen Yasha, if we know does gear comes from Allah, then our journey to this gear begins by asking the one who bestows it by begging the one who gives it by pleading from the one in whose hands is this gear. And this leads us to the concept of dua, and today and tomorrow we're going to talk a little bit about da so of the ways to attain this gear is dua. Today, I'm just going to mention very briefly brothers and sisters, all too often the most common misconception about dua,

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somebody comes to me or any chef and says, Check, I'm in this problem. What do I should I make? They have this false notion that it's just a matter of what

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To say on the tongue and it will get you what you want. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dua, frankly, is independent of the words that come from your tongue. In fact, even Taymiyah makes a point here he says, By unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam, if your tongue makes a mistake, if you say something wrong and it wasn't in your heart, Allah is not gonna give you the drive what your tongue is, but what you intended. If you mess up, you slip up, you say something you didn't intend. Allah is not worried about the words Allah is looking at your sincerity, your loss your Nia, you should never ask somebody what do I should make unless you say what is the Quran

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sunnah will teach you otherwise, the best dua to make the one you yourself your heart makes the one that comes from your culture, the one that is emanating from your own soul, your own wording your own for sure, that is the best dua. So, very really briefly and with this we conclude the etiquettes of dua are more than what I can mention and today, you should all do your research, there is an internal etiquette and external etiquette, there is the physical form, there is the the risk issue as well Hala risk as well there are the timings of there are the place of dua, these are all tickets the inner, the outer, the physical form, and the timing and the place you can mention five things

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however, all of these tickets are not obligatory, you may make dua at any time at any place. You can be in the state of Geneva you can be lying down you can be anywhere and do I can come do I have zero actual preconditions all of these are tickets add up and the most important ticket you make drop from your heart you make dua as a prophet sistrum said, Allah want to move Luna build a Java you make dua and your heart has your clean, Allah is listening and Allah Allah loves me and cares about me and Allah will give me what I want. This is the number one advocate of dua, you make dua not with the tongue but with your culture, with your your kin with your class, you humble yourself to Allah

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you come to Allah genuinely desiring does good. That's the goal of our lectures today. You want purification you raise your hands to Allah it is good to have will do it is good to face the Qibla it is good to be alone. It is good to mention small in light voice not shout out loud, it is good to start the DUA by praising Allah sending salata upon the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam it is good to raise your hands up to Allah all of these are etiquettes and adapt. It is good to be in a holy place like Mecca and Medina. It is good to be in a holy state like a haram and hajj it is good to be in a blessed time like Ramadan and like to have Jordan Campbell laid and like before breaking

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the fast all of these add up, you should study them, learn them and then implement as many as you can. And this is the month where so many blessings of dua so many times of dua, every single Iftar you have a blessed time, every single night you have a blessed time and Cleon will let you have a blessed time and salata, tahajjud and then of course Leila two other which is the night of DUA and so one of the dollars you should make throughout this month is the dua a purification of the heart will continue tomorrow and I'm going to mention to you depending on our time five or six or seven two hours that our profit system himself would make for the test gear of the heart but once again,

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what's not important is the phrases what is important is your culture. So make dua from your heart make dua sincerely and tomorrow if you can memorize those are as fine if you cannot make whatever though you are you can but as the one who shall purify you and Allah will purify you will continue to warn inshallah cinematic Muhammad Salah

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