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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi makes a critical analysis in the magnitude of difference between the Du’a of Adam AS and the Du’a of Shaytan.

After eating from the forbidden tree as against the command of Allah, Adam AS supplicated for forgiveness in front of Allah SWT and Allah in His Infinite Mercy forgave Adam AS. 

In a similar fashion, Shaytan or Iblis too supplicated to Allah SWT after disobeying His command. Iblis was also granted what he wished for.

So, what is the difference between these two situations? The difference lies in what was asked and how it was asked to Allah. Listen intently and be riveted in the lecture.

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Mr. No one is still fiddle when the rules will be law he Manchurian fusina woman sejati Medina, manga de la who Fernando de la la,

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la de la, WA shadow

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in LA in law law why the Honda sharika? Wash? Mohammed Abu hora sudo yeah you hola Xena. amanu Taku la haka Ducati wala Jamuna. Illa. One Two Muslim moon. Yeah Johan De Soto hora de como la de hakomi nuptse wahida wauconda caminhadas oh jaha wertham in Houma de Jalan Kathy Romani what triple la la de la luna v one or ham in LA her con or de como la theva yeah you Hello, Xena amanu taco La La Koo Conan's de de la cama de como yo para la komuro back home, Mama user Allah wa Sula, hufa pedophiles fosun alima, Marburg, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the story of the creation of our father Adam and our mother Hawa is a story that is a constant theme in the Quran. In almost one dozen

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places in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the story of Adam and Hawa. It is in the very first pages of the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah. And it continues throughout so many suitors. And in this story, there is so much wisdom and benefit for us to learn from, there are morals, there are lessons, this story it signifies so many wisdoms of the creation of man. And in today's short, I will illustrate only one angle only one aspect of the benefits we can derive from the story of Adam alayhis salam and that is the benefits of da what benefits can be derived from the concept of da Why do we make dua how do we make dua what is the etiquette of making dua This is what we will look at

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through the lens of the story of Adam and what happened to our father Adam. Now we know the story, and that is that Allah azza wa jal created Adam and from Adam, he created Hawa, and he blessed them to live in gender and to eat and drink from whatever they wanted except for one tree. And in this by the way, we learned something and that is the nature of Allah, the Divine Wisdom of Allah, that Allah created Adam, and he gave him everything, he automatically gave him gender, he blessed him with gender instantaneously. And this is because Allah is Al Karim and Allah is Allah za Allah is that we're dude, Allah loves to give a lot is our reserve he gives and he loves to give. He created

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Adam, without Adam having asked to be created, he gave Adam everything he gave him a spouse, he gave him all of Jenna and this shows us the merciful nature of Allah without Adam doing anything. He was blessed with everything. And this is because of a law and the divine nature of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But Allah said, don't eat from one tree. Why? Because even at that point in time, there is some shady out there is some law, there will only be no law in the next life in this life, there will be some law. So Adam was told don't eat from one tree, you know, he believes came and he believes seduced and he believes seduced Adam and promised him a long life. And so what happened

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them eight of the tree and because of this Allah subhana wa tada sent the both of them down to this earth. Now what was the reaction? He believes and Adam, the both of them, they disobeyed a law, but their disobedience is were different. As for a beliefs, he disobeyed out of arrogance and he refused to Prostrate to Adam and asked for Adam, he disobeyed out of weakness. He was seduced. He was tempted. And when the both of them committed their sin, what was their response? He believes, he believes did not seek Allah's forgiveness. Rather it believes in his arrogance, he blamed Allah. The Quran says when Allah said to a police, why didn't you prostrate? What was your problem? So he

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blamed Allah Rob Bibi, my attorney, oh my lord, you're the one who caused me to go astray. It's not my fault. You're the one who did this. You're the one who decreed this. What was Adams response? When Adam ate of the tree? What was Adams response? But I've done alumna and fusina what elemental fildena What are Hamner then akuna minahasa. In look at the two different responses to the two different sins. The both of them are sinners, it believes committed a sin. But his sin led to Cofer his sin led to rejection, Adam committed a sin. His sin led to penitence led to repentance led to Toba. So Allah azza wa jal accepted the repentance of Adam Why? Because Adam made to our to Allah

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Akbar, Nirvana and fusina Oh Allah, I have wronged myself. We have wronged ourselves and if you don't

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Forgive us, and you don't have mercy on us that we will be from those who are last a believes became more arrogant, it's not my fault. It's your fault, you decreed this. So we benefit from this, my dear brothers and sisters, that when we commit a sin, committing a sin as human, you are not going to be the first nor the last. Every human is a sinner, our Father Adam committed a sin, you are not going to be any better than you are not an angel. And I'm not an angel. We commit sins. But what is the response when we commit a sin? Do we want to follow adam want to follow a police, we have two options in front of us. We follow adam, Robin and Memphis, Allah, Allah I have wronged myself, it's

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my fault. Forgive me, follow Iblees it's no big deal. It's not my fault. This is the difference. One of the differences we learn from the story of Adam and the police. Another difference that we learn is that not all sins are the same. And I referenced this a bit earlier, that the sin of Adam was the sin of desire and a sinner. The belief was the sin of arrogance. And the two sins are not the same. The sin of arrogance is always worse than the sin of desire. It's not saying that the sin of desire is valid, of course, there's not that, but the sin of Adam was the sin of being seductive, tempted, he wanted something of a shadow of a something of a pleasure. And this sin is wrong. But it is not

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as bad as the sin of arrogance. the sin of arrogance is the sin of a police. And that is to reject the commandments of a law. And this leads us to a very simple point, my dear brothers and sisters, if anybody finds himself committing a sin, if anybody finds himself committing a sin, then acknowledge it is a sin. And don't reject the nature of the sin. At least acknowledging it is a sin, you have some hope. Now, nobody misinterpret and say that, oh, I am saying go ahead and commit this and loud opposite of Allah. But we have two options again, and the one is to No, it is a sin. And the other is to say, why is this how am I don't care if it's out on and what I'm saying is to reject

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Allah shediac to reject Why is alcohol haram I don't care. Maybe it's heroin for you guys as hell. And for me, if anybody says this, he is following a police and this is Cooper, to reject a last command is schofer. to not follow it perfectly, this is a sin. This is a big difference between the two. And therefore once again we learn from the story of Adam and he believes that if one finds himself committing a sin, never, ever justify the sin, never say why is this as soon as should be held no acknowledge it is a sin and Adam acknowledge it is a sin. Another point of benefit that we learned from the story of Adam and the police, is that look at the fact that the both of them turn

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to Allah Iblees turned to Allah eventually, and have them turn to Allah. But look at so many differences, not the first difference. When did they turn to Allah? When did they turn to Allah? it believes at the very end when there was no other hope. Adam at the very beginning when he realized he committed a sin. As soon as Adam realized he committed a sin immediately are benevolent and fusina. He believes he kept on arguing with Allah. Oh Allah I'm better than him. I am created from not he is created from clean you will cause me to do this until when finally Allah azza wa jal gave him the last curse in LA Cala Ana de la Yo, Medina. Medina is upon you to the very end of times, now

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at least is trapped. There is no hope for at least so what does he do on the on validity in a yo yo bartone? Oh, Allah lets me live until the day of judgment call on me. Let me I want to live till the Day of Judgment. So we learn from this. The believer never delays asking a lot. The believer is eager to ask a lot, especially repentance. The movement does not delay tober he doesn't put it aside next day tomorrow know immediately he will turn to Allah and the one who postpones The one who delays he is following your beliefs. Another difference notice what are they asking? it believes is asking for life. He believes is asking for this world. And Adam is asking for forgiveness and the

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next. So we notice another difference here. The believer. His main two are the focus of his job will be Mo Farah, Rama hedaya guidance, mercy agenda. This is the main focus. And as for a belief, what was his only focus this dunya he has no doubt for the next he didn't ask anything for the next he only wants this dunya and this shows us My dear brothers and sisters, that when we look at our drop, we should make sure that the bulk of our da is about the next world about spiritual good. And some bit of this is for this world. Allah azza wa jal criticizes the one who only asks of this world why because everybody asks of this world that is not the difference between the Mothman and the Kaffir.

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Even if police asks of this world, Allah

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As in the Quran, woman and nurse there are some people who say I've been attina fit dunya with my life and after demon Allah He only wants this dunya so he's not going to get anything in the next one minute how many of Paul but there are those people who say, but I've been a Tina for dunya has Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina. As of right now, there are three daughters right attina for dunya Hasina wolfville Hirata Hasina joaquina as up and out of these three, two hours, two of them are related to spiritual indeed, and one of them is dunya. Two of them is the religion filosofia Hasina joaquina de banda and one of them but I've been attacked for dunya Hasina. So this gives us a good

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overall percentage, like two thirds of our da should be dedicated to spirituality to hedaya to molfetta, Allah make me righteous, make my children righteous. And yes, one third a good healthy amount of Allah give me good risk of Allah give me good sustenance. But the problem comes when we neglect the spiritual aspect. And we only ask for this dunya even a police only asks of this dunya that does not make him a believer of the benefits we gained from the story of Adam and the police is that merely making the art does not make you righteous?

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merely asking and asking Allah when you're in trouble is not a sign of a man. So when you fall sick when your son is in the hospital, everybody becomes religious at that point in time.

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That is not a sign of Eman. Even a beliefs discovers religion, when he is cursed by Allah. Even his beliefs will say, allow me to live.

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The real test is to make dua and to ask and to pray a times of ease and comfort.

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Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, that the Quraysh would turn to Allah at times of difficulty. The Quran when they're about to die, they make dua to Allah. Then when they're at comfort and ease, they neglect Allah and they forget about him. And we learned this from the story of a police as well that the same thing happens that when it believes needs a law, he asks a law. How about Adam alayhis, salaam, Adam was a continual worshipper. It wasn't just one draw he made. This was the beginning of a life of a bada. And this shows us that the believer worships Allah fisterra it will Baccarat in good and in difficulty in ease and in hardship. The believer is

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consistent in his worship of Allah. And no doubt at times of distress that I might be a little bit more passionate. But it's not that he neglects to up at times of ease. No. So the believer is always asking and always worshiping, but the one have no email or weak demand. He only asked when he thinks he needs a lot. When he thinks he needs a lot, then he will ask a lot like he believes that he and by the way, we need a lot all the time. This is just an illusion. When my son is sick, I need a little you need a lot right now the same amount as when your son is sick. You need a lot every second, every single millisecond of your existence. Allah azza wa jal is mercy encompasses

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everything without his mercy, we could do nothing. But it is an illusion, we think we need a lot more when we're sick. No, we need a lot all the time. And we're always dependent upon the law. So the one who truly understands this will continually worship Allah at all times, day and night. And Allah says in the Quran about Zachary and his wife, that they would call upon us all that night, and indeed, they would call upon us throughout the night and throughout the day, always making to our and this is the reality of the moment and ask for the one who only turns to a lot of times of distress. Then I caution you and I warn you, you are following the path of least not the path of

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Adam alayhis salaam, the one who realizes he only raises his hand at times of need, this was a big problem and realized as well My dear brothers and sisters, we learned from the story of Adam and he believes that the both of them they asked Allah subhanho wa Taala so they realize that Allah would give them what they want. Even a blease despite his Cofer asked Allah. So how foolish is the one who asks other than Allah? it believes is not a Muslim, he's a Catholic, but he believes was not that foolish to commit *. How foolish is the one then who turns to an idol for help? How foolish is the one then who turns to a saint or worthy and says yeah, abdelfattah Gilani? Yeah, Fulani gives me

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what I want. Even a police turn to Allah and Allah alone because he realizes when you want something only a look and give it to you. The Min De La ilaha illa Allah The one who says that it Allah What does it mean? I will not seek my help my aid my door on my worship from other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So the believer turns to a lot of times of need, in fact, even the intelligent calf turns to a lot of times of need. That's what the kurush What does the law say that at times of each

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They turn to Allah then a sorry A times of difficulty they turn to Allah at times of ease, then they will go to their idols. Why? Because even the Quran recognize that only Allah will give you what you want of the blank benefits we learned from the story of Adam and nibblies is that the both of them got what they wanted them was forgiven. And the beliefs was given an eternal life in this world, of course, eternal to this dunya only, at least was given what he wanted. What does this show us? It shows us that anybody who turns to Allah, sincerely, anybody who turns to Allah sincerely will be given that.

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This is an amazing fact. One of the scholars of the past said, How can anybody give up hope of his daughter being accepted? When even it pleases to I was accepted? How can any believer in a law give up hope that my daughter is not going to be accepted? Although it's not going to accept my daughter, when even he believes is too I was accepted? Are you worse than the police on my worse than the police? No. So if he believes had his door accepted, then how can you and I be pessimistic that Allah will not accept my job? On the contrary, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that each and every door that a believer makes as long as it is valid, it's not for how long? It's not

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for something evil, each and every door will be responded to by a lot. What does it mean responded to? It means that Allah subhana wa Taala will either give you what you want, or he will give you something better, that you did not realize was better for you, or he will avert an evil from you. So suppose you wanted a job and you're making dua to Allah, Oh Allah, I want this particular job, I want the job. If you pray sincerely, your draw will be answered. But what does it mean answered? Perhaps that job is not in your best interest. And Allah knows this. Perhaps the company will go bankrupt, bankrupt the next day, perhaps it will be a problem for you and you don't realize it. Your

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da is accepted. Allah will give you not necessarily that job, but a job better than what you asked for. This is what our prophets have said. I'm said that any believer who asks a lot sincerely, and it is Helen is not in her arm. It's not in breaking the ties of kinship, Allah azza wa jal will respond to his drop. The Sahaba were shocked and they said the others will Allah, if this is the case, even duck Phil, we will ask Allah for plenty of things. You're telling me that any deal I make sincerely Allah will give me something in return.

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We will then ask a lot for plenty, either.

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And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he smiled and he said, Allahu,

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Allah is more than what you can ask for, do you think you and your puny little body can ask Allah something that will, that will, that will not that alone will not be able to give? Do you think me and you combined are going to diminish the kingdom of Allah with our requests is a larger widget like a millionaire that he gives 1000 and that his money will be diminished. However, not whatsoever law will cause that, you know, somehow what you want to allow belongs the treasures of the heavens and earth and Allah will give and give and give, and he will still have infinity to give. So the believer asks a lot for anything and everything. There is no holds barred. And this is the

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fundamental difference between asking a lot and asking the creation. When you ask the creation, the more you ask the creation, the more irritated they will be at you. But the more you ask a law, the more Allah will love you. The more you ask a law, the more Allah will love you. Why? Because everything belongs to Allah, you belong to a lot I belong to Allah. So you ask Allah acknowledging and recognizing that Allah is magical mulk Allah is the one who taught him and Tasha, what to say to the lumen Tisha, that allows you to Islam and Tasha within the mentorship that Allah is the origin is the one that whoever wishes to give. Allah says when I wish to give, nobody can stop what I want

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to give. No, I don't want to prevent nobody can give what I will prevent. So my dear brothers and sisters, the story of the police and Adam is a story that so much we can benefit from, but only looking simply at the angle of drop and at the angle of turning to Allah subhana wa Taala we can derive so many benefits and very quickly to conclude the first half of the book. even look at the manners that Adam and Iblees used when they asked Allah subhana wa Tada, Adam says are abana Valentina and Susannah, and the belief says, I'm will need to move I threw

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in the tone, the language, the mannerisms, the content, there is so much difference.

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Adam begins with the name of Allah robina and so we too as well should begin to as With the name of Allah, we should always try to incorporate yarraman in harmony Yara Zappa zappers Oconee yeah so far ill fairly young man in harmony. And Allah says To Him belongs the Beautiful Names so make do are using those names. Number two

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Adam says bottom the info center. So when we make a dua, we begin after we praise the law. We begin by acknowledging our shortcomings over law I asked you because you are a man or him and I am your servant who is a sinner. I have not worshipped you the way you deserve to be worshipped. But I still am asking you because you are a common economy. You are our hammer, I mean, and I am the NIV the faqeer and what did Musa say? Robbie in nimasa dilemma Haydn fakir Moosa is saying Oh my Lord, I am familiar to you. Anything you give me I am *ing, I'm a beggar. I have no choice other than you. So we acknowledge our shortcomings in front of Allah. And we acknowledge we have not been perfect

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worshipers, we acknowledge our sins, then we after we praise a lot and we acknowledge our sins that have been overdone and fusina then we ask Allah what we want. For example, filling in our hammer forgive us have mercy on us. And in this we plead and we beg then akuna nominal costs in and this shows us sincerity. The dollar has to come from the heart. The dollar has to come from the culture, not just from the tongue. us for at least look at the arrogance of the police call our own little Nila yo mobifone. It is as if he is commanding. It is as if allow me to live or let me live. This is like a command. Let me live till the Day of Judgment, no, Robin, no nothing of this. It is simply

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allow me to live where let me live until the day of judgment. There is no shortcoming acknowledge there is no inherent praise of Allah. So all of this shows us the differences between the etiquettes of Adam and the etiquettes of beliefs and obviously we must follow the etiquettes of Adam as we make dua to Allah subhana wa tada barakaldo he will call for an album when I finally welcome the Murphy Himalaya to addicted Hakeem ahora matters marone was still full of the muddy water from what is included mfsl fellow in the world of affordable housing

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starts with ilaha illa

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hamdu lillahi wa haydon ahead of psalmody lady limited one mula wollemi akula, who Khufu and ahead, we're back to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Lisa Shea on a crumble. I love him in a drop, there is nothing that is more noble in the eyes of Allah then there is nothing that is more noble occur from the eyes of Allah then Allah and Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran what color of buku loony a statue bellicum your Lord has said make dua to me, I will respond to you. Oh, the only a statue will come. It's a simple command and response to the command. If you make do I will respond to you to the Rooney SDG. Welcome. And my dear brothers and sisters, our Prophet system emphasized

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and authentic ID a da mucholder eva da da is the more and more in Arabic doesn't necessarily mean grades, it means the backbone is the backbone of rebar, da da is the backbone of rebar, the all other limbs come from this backbone, all the flesh everything comes from this backbone drop is the backbone of Riba. Why? Because it illustrates perfectly the relationship between the servant and the master, between the worshipper and the worship between the avid and the Rob, there is nothing that illustrates this better than two out when you make dua to Allah, you acknowledge that Allah is your Rob, that Allah is Rahman and Rahim that Allah is semir and idmp hears you he sees you that Allah

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Israel orphaned Rahim he cares about you, you acknowledge that Allah is powerful, you wouldn't make dua to a being that is not powerful. You acknowledge Allah loves you, you acknowledge that Allah azza wa jal will give you what you want. And you acknowledge I can't get it. I don't have the power to get it. Now. How old are the who was in the builder? All of this is acknowledge inherently when you make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is why do I must come from the heart of the believer, the one who believes in Allah must always make dua er cannot Buddha what you're gonna say, what does that mean? We're always worshiping you and we're always asking you for what we need. Yeah

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can stain we asked you for what we need. So therefore your brothers and sisters make dua to Allah make dua frequently make dua passionately make drop throughout the day and the night make dua for this dunya. Make dua for the next make dua for yourselves make dua for your families and children make dua for the Muslim Ummah, our Prophet system said the most stingy Li Muslim, the most miserly person is the one who can't even make dua. What does it cost you raise your hands up to Allah and make dua for whatever you want. Britt make dua for that which will benefit you and the oma and realize the more dollar you make, the more Allah will love you. The more do you make? The more Allah

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will bless you. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the law ha Yoon Karim. Allah is

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bashful and shy and generous, happy, happy. He is bashful and shy and generous. That when one of you raises his hands up to Allah, Allah is too shy to allow those hands to come down empty. This is our Lord. This is our Lord. So when you have such a lord who wants you to make and He will give you and give you and give you then what is preventing you from making dua everything should be made to our for our mother, I should have said our mother, I should have said that if your shoelace breaks if your sandals step strap breaks, then make dua to Allah that you get a new shoelace because if Allah doesn't give you a shoelace, you're not going to get a shoelace. There is nothing that is trivial in

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the eyes of Allah Whatever you need, you ask Allah subhana wa tada and the most important condition and with this we shall look conclude the most important condition of making dua if lost or sincerity. Do I must come from the heart It's not something you open up a book and you read you don't even know what you're saying. This is not da da must come from the heart. There are must come from the old it must have who sure it must be in the Woking Allah subhana wa tada and you may make dua in any language outside of sada you make an any language it because Allah understands all languages, some of us think we can only make their own Arabic and no doubt, Arabic dollars of the

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Quran and Sunnah are the best and we should memorize them. But suppose we have a particular drug that is not found in the Quran and Sunnah, that for example, the specific need, Oh Allah, I need this job. Please help me get this job. It's not going to find it specifically in the Quran, the sooner you may make dua in your own language, raise your hand up to Allah and ask Allah for whatever you need, because da is an act of worship that doesn't need to be done in Arabic, unlike the Salah, and unlike the Quran, this must be done in Arabic but do our it's and this is by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam that do our is universal. It's not something that can only be done in

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Arabic. So my dear brothers and sisters remember the Hadith of the Prophet system that he will that Allah will promise to give you what Allah will promise to answer your drive to respond to your job as long as it is valid. And when the Sahaba said we will ask for so much out of salt Allah, Allah prophets are seldom said Allah is more than what you can ask for Allahu Akbar. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who worship him the way he deserves to be worshipped alone in the dying for a minimum llamada to determine if you have the dubious mid level photo what Manila for Raja whether Jane and Lolita when amor de la Ilaha feta when I see it on Eliza starter a llama fildena what is

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one in La Nina several una de man what a few una really Latina Amano Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim Allah is that Islam or muslimeen Allah Allah is that Islam and Muslim in Allah Who is that Islam and Muslim in a llama or Adana or other Islam well Muslim may be suited for a little bit of sip which altijd Mira who fitted the BT Yakubu Aziz rebels a law in the law hotel the American Embassy in better behaved being upset within the Malacca the poodle ship with LS a become a u haul Muna manjinder he will insert four called as me calling idema in no law Houma delicato usaw lunala nebby yeah you hola Dena Armando Sol Lu la he was selling them Otis NEMA la Masoli was seldom word article

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on him either abdic or pseudo Mohammedan why the audio savage Marian obey the law in the law tada Yeah, rubella. Anyway, title corba Vienna and in fact, it will moon curry we're building your educational under the current EU law allows me to come watch guru who Yes. What are they called? Allahu taala Akbar what else name is Allah