Allah Made The Process of Dua Easy

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How does the lesson laws and legislation to us

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through a Koran, through Revelation through the Sunnah, step by step, sometimes we get it in chunks, we'll get like a large verse about inheritance. And sometimes we'll get pieces of that. So prayer didn't come all at once it came in steps. The prohibition of alcohol didn't happen all at once it gradually happened. But when it came to Dora, Allah said, just asked me, just talk to him, just turn and talk to me.

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Which, you know, the psyche behind that is how Allah of His mercy simplified,

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and our path towards asking him and making dua to him. That alone Allah didn't say, Well, okay, do A, B and C and then you'll you can make door just stopped him with your own you just reach out and call upon me, right? As the developer comes, doesn't mean I'll respond as the job. Those of you who study Arabic,

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ie Jabba and Eastie, Java, EE Jabba, I'll respond immediately Eastie Java, which Allah says in the area, I study Villa calm meaning, I'll gradually start to the process of responding. You may not get it all at once. But slowly as you continue you as you continue to do it more and more and more and more.

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The response will become more alive and you'll see it and feel it and understand it more and more and more