10 Things That Save Us From Hellfire

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Fosun Alima. America. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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The most fundamental of all fundamentals of our religion is that the purpose of this life is to save ourselves from the punishment of the era and to enter into Jannah to Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah himself says in the Quran, from an Zhu Zhi Han Inari, will Jana photographers, whoever manages to save himself from the fire of hell, and is caused to enter Jannah that is the one that has truly achieved success. So the real success is to be saved from the ultimate punishment, which is Jahannam and to enter the ultimate reward, which is Jana, and shareholders Nam Ibn Taymiyyah, one of the greatest scholars that our tradition has ever seen, has extracted from the Quran and Sunnah, the 10

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methods, the 10 mechanisms that can be used to have our sins gotten rid of, and to save ourselves from jahannam. So there are 10 methods 10 ways, some of which we desire, others of which are the lesser of the two evils we don't want them. But between jahannam. And this is better this than jahannam. There are 10 mechanisms and ways that can avert from us the fire of hell, and allow us to enter Jannah can cause our sins to be forgiven. So today's hutzpah will be a analysis and a summary of these 10 ways that we can save ourselves from the punishment of jahannam. And before we begin, I reiterate some of these ways are desirable, we want them others we do not want them, but they are

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better than the alternative of jahannam. So some people, Allah subhana wa Tada will test in some of these 10 ways, we would rather not be tested, but some of people will be tested. And because of those tests, they will be saved from the ultimate punishment. And that is the punishment of jahannam. And as we go over the list, we will talk about which one of these we desire, which one of these we want, and which ones we want to avoid, but still they are better than the alternative of jahannam. So number one on this list of 10 Number one is the concept of Toba of the ways we cause Jahannam to be averted away, and of the ways we cause our sins to be forgiven is the concept of Toba

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and Toba is an action of the heart. Repentance is a spiritual frame of mind. It is an internal act, and it means that we return to Allah subhana wa Tada because a sin distances us from Allah, a sin puts distance between us and Allah subhana wa Tada. So what does Toba do? Toba literally means to return to taba tubal means to come back to so Toba is to come back to Allah after the sin has been done. And Toba is desired. Not only is it desired, it is wajib. It is obligatory Toba is obligatory on each and every Muslim every single day of his or her life. And the blessings of Toba are many and I have given multiple hot buzz and every single scholar in every single lecture has talked about the

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importance of Toba and Toba is the most effective mechanism for having our sins forgiven. There is nothing more powerful to avert Jahannam than the concept of Toba. And what makes it even more powerful, that no sin can we

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Stand Tober Toba forgives every sin in hola yo food with an Uber Jeremy.

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Allah can forgive all sins, but how? What I need you in Arabic, Worsley Muda, who turned to your Lord submit to him through the concept of Toba? So Toba forgives all sins that makes it powerful. And what especially makes it powerful, dear brothers and sisters, is that its acceptance is guaranteed for the one who is sincere.

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The one who is sincere, the acceptance is guaranteed. No one can come between the sinner and Allah's mercy. If the sinner practices Doba, there is nothing that can avert Toba being accepted, and therefore Toba is powerful because it is wajib because it is commanded by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because it forgives all sins, and because the one who practices it and perfects it is guaranteed forgiveness. So when these are the stakes, then how can we not take advantage of Toba? And in fact, some of our scholars have said that the concept of Toba is one of the wisdoms why Allah created us. Think about this.

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When the angels asked, Why would you create an inferior species? Why would you create a species that is bloodthirsty, killing, going to war? Why would you do that we are sinless, we don't come in any sense. We are perfect. We praise you constantly, day and night. We don't sleep we don't get tired. We never forget. Why would you do this? And Allah says I know what you do not know in the Alamo mela to the moon. And some of our move a stone have remarked that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to manifest His merciful side as well. The fact that he forgives the fact that he accepts the repentance of the sinner and the angels do not sin, and the angels do not ask for forgiveness, and

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the angels do not need doba So who needs Toba? We need Toba

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and that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam laid the foundations when he said that I repent to Allah every single day, every single day. This is part of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So number one is Toba and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam reminded us of it womanism become a lesson Bella, the one who repents from Toba, the who the one who practices Doba, repent to Allah. It is as if he has never committed the sin in the first place. The one who does Toba from the sin, it is as if he has never committed the sin. So number one out of 10

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How does one avert the fire of Jahannam and the punishment Jahannam Toba number two is related to it. It is linked with it but it is different. It is linked but it is different. And that is still far. It's still far is still far is the verbal act of October, we said Toba How did I define tilba tilba is an action of what I said it is an action of the heart the earlobe is still far is the tongue but that is manifested on the tongue. So the difference between this far and Toba and the two of them will tell us m&e necessitate one another each one needs the other, but they are yet separate. Each one needs the other but they are separate. Toba is a state of the heart it is a

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psychological frame of mind, and is still far is manifesting that Toba upon the tongue. And that is by requesting Allah to forgive you. And that is done by many ways. And the most common is to say a strong federal law. But there are other ways as well as any verbal request to Allah to forgive the sin. So Toba is of the heart and it is manifested inside. And that is why when our provinces and wanted to describe Toba, he gave a psychological state. What is the description to talk about in the Hadith, and Ned mo Toba? This is a Hadith towards another mu Toba and Adam is to feel guilty.

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Another is regret. So Toba is regret. Toba is in the unbe Tanga is internal is still far is external. And it is the tongue petitioning ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And it is to say, a stall for Allah had called him a stuff that Allah I have committed a sin Oh ALLAH forgive me, ya fall ill FedUni Yara, Eman, Hamnett Yatta we're up to by the year this is still far even when you say Toba and you say yeah to love to Allah. Yeah, this is in fact is still far, because the tongue is What does is still far. And our Prophet systems that hadith in Sahih Bukhari that will Allah He didn't need to wait Allah who has stuff that Allah fie equally young axotomy me at Amara every single day I

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I repent to Allah and I say a stowford Allah so notice Dovan is still far they are different but they are linked. In nila, Tubal was Topher, I do Toba and I say is still far every day at least 100 times. So if this is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then where do I stand? Where do you stand so, of the 10 ways number two now, we should make it a habit to inculcate into our lifestyle. Every day every night we should make it a habit to keep on uttering a stop for Allah, a stop for Allah, a stowford Allah, the famous Hadith the Prophet SAW, Selim said, There was a man who committed a sin, and He raised his hands up to Allah. And he said, yah Rob, as nepotism been fairly

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Oh my Rob, I have committed a sin forgive me. So Allah forgives him. Then he commits the sin again or another sin and he raises his hands again, and he says the Arab has enough to them and fulfilled Lee. So Allah says, I have forgiven him, then he does it a third and a fourth and a fifth time, and he keeps on saying the same thing. Yara has enough to them been fulfilling, and Allah does not get tired of forgiving. As we said, some of our scholars have said this is why Allah has created us to forgive us. Allah does not love the sin. But Allah loves the repentance of the sinner. Allah does not love the sin, but Allah loves the repentance of the sinner. So when the sinner says Yara, be

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authentic to them and fulfill it for the 10th time, Allah doesn't get tired. What did our process and I'm saying, Allah says to the angels, he calls them and he says, I am calling you to witness to testify that I have forgiven this habitual sinner slave of mine, he's always committing sins, I have forgiven him. Why? Because he recognizes that he has a Lord, whom he has transgressed against, but who forgives sins. So because the servant recognizes who Allah is, and he recognizes how sinful he is, and he recognizes my only hope is still far My only hope is Allah's Rama. So because of that Allah has forgiven him. So the second of the 10 points constant is still far constantly asking ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada. Number three, what else will avert us from jahannam? What else will save us and prevent our good deeds from harm our evil deeds, excuse me from harming us? What will be the mechanism to protect us from the consequences of our evil deeds, number three, good deeds, good deeds, our good deeds expire, but our evil deeds, our good deeds dissolve, dissipate our evil deeds. Once a man came to the Prophet SAW Selim, and he was in a very penitence state, very sorry state. And he said, Yeah, rasool Allah have committed a major sin I have committed, I've done an evil deed, I have seduced a woman and I kissed her, kissed a woman. He didn't go beyond this, he kissed her.

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Now in the Sharia, the kissing does not have the head penalty. There's nothing the process of them can do in the terms of the courts of law. This is not something that's going to be punished for in the court of law. So the process has said nothing to him. Then the time for Salah came, and they prayed and the man went away thinking that there was nothing he can do to get his sin forgiven. So the man called the process and and back then person called the man back and he said, oh, so and so. Didn't you come to the masjid and pray with us? And he said, Yes, I did. Don't you know that Allah says in the Quran, in Al Hassan RT youth Hibben us a yet doing good deeds, forgives evil deeds

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causes evil these two go away. In other words, you have repented, you are clearly guilty. You have come in a sorry state you are making is still far to Allah Now you have walked to the masjid. You have prayed with us. This good deed will forgive your evil deed. So Hassan that you've given us a yet and we all know when we do we'll do the evil deeds fall from our hands when we pray our process and I'm said it is like the one who washes five times a day he takes a bath he takes a shower Do you think anything will be left on him? They said no. So they said this is the example of the one who prays five times a day no sin is left on him. Ramadan to one Ramadan and Ramadan is coming in a few

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weeks Ramadan to one Ramadan forgives everything in between the Hajj causes you to come back as if your mother has given birth to you as clean as pure as a newborn baby and on and on and on. Sadaqa forgives brings about Allah's forgiveness sadaqa dissolves Allah's Anger sada causes Allah's Anger to disappear. So every good deed causes some of your evil some of your harm to dissipate away. So that's number three. Number four,

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the DUA and is still far of other believers for you. What else causes forgiveness? What else saves you from Jahannam when other people make dua for you, especially by now

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aim, but even generic dua because all believers are commanded by Allah to seek forgiveness for all other believers. Well, ladies and gentlemen back to him your Aluna Rabanal, Filipina 181. In the Lydia Saba corner been a man a part of our culture our Islamic culture is we ask Allah Allah Amalfi, Lil Medina, well may not well Muslim enormous demand and are here even human and what

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we ask Allah is forgiveness for all the believers. So our hope is when we go away, our hope is when we're gone, the people who ask Allah's forgiveness for all believers, some of it inshallah will come to us as well. We cannot rely on that. But it is an hope, and it is one of the ways of Kufa one of the ways of protection of jahannam. And especially a dua by name, especially a dua by name. And that is why we are encouraged to seek forgiveness for others because when we do it for others, then insha Allah when we are gone, Allah Subhanallah with the other will cause people to do it for us as well. And how stingy We are brothers and sisters, that we don't even want to raise our hands up to Allah

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and ask Allah to bless other people. Ask Allah to protect other people. Ask Allah to forgive other people. Don't we know that when we do it, an angel will say amen. And may you get the same as what you have asked your brother and sister don't we know that as we do unto others shall be done unto us come out to the you know to done as we seek forgiveness for others, Allah will create people that will seek forgiveness for us. So point number four do ah and is still far from the other believers. Point number five, what else forgives the sins and protects us from Jahannam point number five, the calamities and the trials and tribulations and the pain and the suffering and the anguish and the

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grief that every one of us faces throughout our lives, of the Mercy of Allah. And he did not have to do this, but of the Mercy of Allah is that every physical or emotional pain that we suffer,

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if we have faith in Allah, and we have sober and you're clean, that pain will dissolve our sins as well.

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As our prophets are seldom said,

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No servant of Allah is afflicted with hum or hum. NASA sub or tout, no suffering nor anguish nor anxiety, because Allah has sometimes an intellectual pain is more painful than a physical pain. In fact, that is usually the case, we would rather have a one time pain than the pain of debt, the pain of family, the pain of suffering, that's more difficult. And our Prophet says that I'm said never is an avid afflicted with any anxiety, any pain and the anguish any grief, except that Allah will make that pain and anxiety and grief a kuffaar for his sins. And that is why brothers and sisters, when a believer is tested with pain and suffering, in fact, the believer at one level embraces it, nobody

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wants to suffer. Nobody likes pain. But when the believer is tested, one side of him appreciates the testing. And he or she understands Allah is testing me so that my sins may be forgiven. And I may come on the Day of Judgment with no sins. So this is point number five, the calamities and distresses and physical pains and mental anguish that we suffer in this world. Point number six.

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And this is one that is not desirable, we don't want it. In fact, we seek refuge of ALLAH against it. But there will be people that this point and the next point will actually act as a factor to save them from jahannam. So it is better than Jahannam even though it is not good. Point number six is that either of the cover, and we seek Allah's refuge we don't want either will cover we want Tober we want is still far, we understand life is going to be difficult. We don't want it but we understand it's a part of life. But I that will cover No, we do not want it. And a few months ago I gave a whole book on Audible about and you can listen to that whole football which is online, we

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went into detail about the types of audible cover and how to protect and what not, but there will be people and we do not want to be amongst them. They are major sinners. They deserve jahannam. But Allah will punish them in the grave so that they do not go to random. So the punishment of the grave will become their punishment, even though they do not know when they're being punished. That that is the case and they think the next step is Janam. They think the next step is jahannam. But the punishment of the grave will act as a Farah for the actual punishment of Jana. And of course, the goal is to save ourselves from that punishment and the punishment of jahannam. So this is point

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number six and point number seven which is all

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Something we want to avoid, we do not want this is the punishments and trials on the Day of Judgment.

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Because the Day of Judgment will not be easy, except for those whom Allah has made it easy for the Day of Judgment Day of Judgment, your milk piano will be long except for the small few whom Allah has blessed and it will be quick and easy for them. The Day of Judgment will be hot, people will be thirsty, water will be scarce and only Allah will bless the people whom the Prophet system allows to drink that water may Allah make us amongst the people who we invite to the house, and Johanna will be waiting outside we will see Johanna, every one of us we will see Jana on that day. And the hisab will itself be a type of torment, except for the one whom Allah makes it easy for which is why our

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process will make dua that oh Allah make my sabya seed. Yes, city southerner and the Surat will be difficult to cross. And there will come a time when everybody will be plunged into darkness. And that will be the controller before entering Jana, all of these and we have discussed them in what was and also induce these will be a type of punishment for some of the Muslims whom their sins are many. They deserve worst punishment. But Allah will use the suffering of Qiyamah. To forgive them the suffering of Johanna. We don't want that. But there will be those that it will act as a Cafaro for Johanna. And our goal is to zoom through John to the Yokoyama to Jana, to make the ISAB your

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That's the door of the process to them, that we make the ISAB easy to make the Day of Judgment quick to give us shelter to give us water. So the suffering of the day of judgment for some sinners will act as a Kfar for the actual as above jahannam. It is not something good, but is infinitely better than Jahannam itself. This is number seven, number eight.

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Number eight, are the good deeds that are gifted to the deceased by the living. This also forgives our sins.

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The good deeds gifted by delivering after we have gone away from this world. So a son of ours makes to offer us a daughter with Quran and gives it to us. A relative makes dua, a friend remembers us and gives charity in our name because we have benefited. So the more people we benefit when we're alive, the more they will think of us when we are dead.

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We all know the famous Hadith that when a person dies, his ama cuts off, except for sadaqa jariya whether than saw the hand yet the ruler knowledge that he benefited others by so we need to maximize spreading our benefit to others so that when we're gone, people remember oh, he gave me a loan that day. May Allah azza wa jal forgive him that one word you do not know how it will help you when you most need it. When you most need it, that word might help you and cause a major sin of yours to be forgiven. You gave charity to the orphan and the orphan grows up and he remembers, Oh Allah, whoever helped me, whoever finance me make his grave a vast place that dua coming from the collenberg the

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your team, you do not know what will happen.

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You built a masjid, you finance whatever, all of this will come back and benefit you when you need it the most. And therefore, one of the ways but again, we cannot rely on this kind of we do not know. But what can we do, we can maximize our benefit unto others be the most kind, the most generous, the most charitable, so that when we are gone, the people will remember us and Allah knows what good they will do. Who will make dua for me after I'm gone, who will make the sadaqa on my behalf, who will go for Hajj and Umrah and may and mentioned my name before they do that. That's what I need to think of from now to plant those seeds from now. And that will also be of the major

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ways that the person will be forgiven. And there's a famous Hadith that a person will be rising in his cover. And he will say to Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, Oh Allah, where are these goodies coming from? Well, how am I rising up, getting higher and higher, and Allah will say, this is the dua of your son after you. This is the daughter of your children after you. So how will this happen when you raise your children to remember you, when you raise your children as good Muslims, then the DA will come back. So this is number eight, number nine, and there are 10 As we said, Number nine is the intercession of the one who has been given the ultimate intercession of the human beings and

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that is our Habib and Mustafa the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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The shefa of the Prophet sallahu alayhi salam, we cannot know if we're going to get it. But our dua is oh Allah make me amongst those whom the Prophet says and make sure for our for that Shiva whoever gets it is going to Jana. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us that Shiva and after the Iran What do I do we make Allahu

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wa salatu RT Muhammad and then we'll see later well for Lila Weber as whom are calm and much more than a little whiter. The Mohammed Mahmoud is the MACOM of Shiva. And our Prophet says Adam said, Whoever makes this to I sincerely from the art, then I shall be his Shafia on the Day of Judgment. So that is why we make dua to Allah, that oh Allah make us of those whom the Shiva of the process and reaches this is number nine, and number 10, and the last of them, and definitely not the least of them is the pure, undeserved Rama of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives to whomever he chooses, because there will be many, many, many people beyond count who deserve Jahannam But Allah's

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mercy, what Amity was the articular che. Allah's Mercy encompasses everything, our prophets, as Adam said, when Allah created the creation, He divided a mercy into 100 parts. And one part he blessed this dunya in and that is why people are merciful to another and the mother animal will be merciful to some child, all the mercy of humanity of the Hulk, from the beginning of time, up until the end of time is one and our Prophet system said and Allah has stored 99 to use on your milk Yama.

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That is Allah's Rama. We don't know who it will come to, but we ask Allah we make dua to Allah, the pure Rama of Allah, we don't deserve it. We haven't earned it. But Allah is Rahman, Allah is Rahim, Allah is the One Who forgives and ALLAH is the one who grants even though we do not deserve it. And that is definitely not the least. But again, we cannot guarantee all we can do is to strive to try to make dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. These are the 10 ways very quickly go over them again. Number one is Toba. Number two is still far. Number three is doing good deeds. Number four is the Diwan is still far of the other people for you. Number five the calamities and distresses and pain

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that we face in this dunya number six the trials and punishments of the grave. Number seven, the trials of the day of judgment on the Day of Judgment. Number eight, the good deeds that are gifted to us by other people. Number nine, the Shiva of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe was setting them and last but not least number 10, the Rama and mercy of Allah that He gives to whomever he chooses May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those who are saved from Jahannam and enter Jannah BarakAllahu confocal and Aldine wonderful it will be my favorite it was declared Hakeem a whole new Mantis Marone was tough for a lot of the Modi welcome when he sat in with me for them and for cellfood who

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didn't know who will have a photo Rahim

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hill wa had a had a Samad Alethea muted while I'm you that while I'm your caller who phoned ahead, we're about to do. Dear brothers and sisters, I have mentioned to you the list that she wasn't given to me. And I'll tell you and others have mentioned a number of times in the writings about the 10 ways that we can protect ourselves from Allah as punishment, the 10 ways that cause our sins to be forgiven. Of course, there is an 11th way which is of course the best of all of them. And that is to not have committed the sin in the first place. To not have committed the sin in the first place. Because my dear brothers and sisters sins cause nothing but grief in

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this world and the next sins cause nothing but grief in this world and the next, disobeying Allah does not bring about ultimate pleasure. disobeying Allah distances us from Allah, it makes our heart hard. We become spiritually dead. Life does not become enjoyable, because without spirituality, life is meaningless. disobeying Allah brings about other than a cob, disobeying Allah lessens our risk. disobeying Allah is shown even in how society treats us and how family treats us. And disobeying Allah brings about the afterworld punishments as well. So rather

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then worrying about how to forgive the sins. We should firstly, ponder over avoiding the sins in the first place and then we worry about how to forgive the sins that we have done. Brothers and sisters. The time now is coming close to the month of Ramadan we look forward if Allah gives us life may Allah azza wa jal give us life to reach Ramadan, we look forward to another opportunity, the one of the most ultimate opportunities to have our sins forgiven. May Allah subhana wa Tada bless us in Rajab and Siobhan and allow us to reach the month of Ramadan Allahumma. Neda and for amino Alana Mirta and then if you have they don't meet them, but you love a future while a Hammond Illa for Raja

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wala Deignan Illa Kadota while I'm on Illa chef Atia when I see Ron Illa yes sorta Allahumma fildena Well, it one in La Nina Saba Hakuna Bill Iman, wala teacher I feel Cubana Hindley Latina Armando Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Houma is Islam our Muslim in Allah Azza Islam all Muslim in Allahumma is Al Islam and Muslim in Allah Muhammad Aradhana orada islam al Muslimeen Ebisu in federal who've been upset when chanted mural feet at VT he Jaco will ya as he is. Everybody's Allah in the LA Jota Allah and Barack Obama in better behave in FC within the medical home with a letter become a U haul known engineer hey we're insane for all denied EMA in hola hola Malika yo saloon

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Allah Nabi yeah you're Latina Amman or Solu Allah He was selling him with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa sallam whereby they can add obstacles to the car Muhammad wa he was like big marine robot Allah in Allah to Allah moto will add the word so anyways, when hylafax Share it will Moon carry well belly your Edo Camila la comunidad karoun kuru la had come watch Kuru he has come what are they called Allah He to Allah Akbar. What else name is Allah?