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So Muslims if we want to change this society, if we want to change the direction of this society, if we want to affect this society, we have to first reform ourselves.

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So don't point at the yahudi.

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No point at the nofollow don't point at bush. And don't point at Blair. And don't point at powered and don't point at this one and that one, because when you point, there's three fingers pointing back at you.

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blame yourself.

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Because when you sincerely blame yourself, you will change yourself.

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The Prophet Yunus Alayhi Salaam

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when those people threw him out of the boat into the water, they want him to die, didn't they? They want him to die. They want him to drown. Or they want the big fish to swallow him. They throw him in the boat, they did that they conspired against him, and they threw him in the boat. They threw him out. But when they threw him out, he didn't say, Oh,

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you guys is no good. You're criminals and bodies, body's almost drowning. He's blaming them know, when they threw him out the boat. And immediately Allah subhanaw taala sent the hood ha, swallow him. Immediately the whale came and swallowed him.

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You think about this if you want to. And you ask one of these people who's involved in animal science, what they call this

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No oceanography or biology or

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marine biology, ask them about the whale and the stomach of the whale, they will tell you

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that if someone is swallowed by the whale, first of all, he has no air because that whale himself is a mammal. He must come up for air himself, right?

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So if the whale has no air, he has to come up for air, he's a mammal. If you swallow by the whale, you will suffocate. That's first thing. The second thing the whale is a mammal. And like every other mammal, the way he digests his food is that there is a very intense amount of acid inside his stomach. And this acid inside the well is 12 times the power of the acid inside of our stomach. So the person who is swallowed or the thing that is swallowed by the whale, first it will suffocate and after that, it will become dissolved by the acid.

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So Allah subhanaw taala caused the Prophet Yunus to be thrown out the boat.

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And the water did not drown him. Because the whale cave immediately swallowed him. When he find himself inside the belly of the web.

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Did he blame the web?

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Did he blame the people?

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Did he curse?

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No, he said

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to me, nobody mean.

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He said,

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there is no god except you.

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verbally I'm one of the people who is oppressive to himself.

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And when he made that it was the right formula. That's what Allah wanted his servant to say.

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So ally ordered that whale

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to swim directly towards the shore.

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And before the acid in his stomach was able to cause any harm.

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To Eunice La Silla, that well, he swam to the show, and he spit up on the shore like you and I we vomit, that well he vomit units onto the shore, and the the the slime from his stomach covered Eunice la until he healed and then it became dry in the sunlight until it become over him like a vegetable until it healed him. And then after that, it turned into powder and he gets up in his foot and he's okay. how Allah subhanaw taala save his sermon.

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You and I, we have been thrown into this way.

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And the acid is burning us every day and burning our children every day. And we are we are we are blaming Howard

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and the bush in the bush.

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We blame everyone except ourselves or Muslims blame yourself c'est la ilaha illa Anta superamerica in the accouterment obala mean,

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then you will start to see that Allah subhanaw taala. He has tested the MBR with trials like our trials. And he said,

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way to reform his MBA, he didn't send why he reformed his MBA, from committing sins, because of profit. He did not commit sins, but he reformed their behavior towards a law, he gives them what to what

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he gives them confidence. He gave them words he gave them

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he gave them wisdom. He showed them how to speak how to act, how to deal how to rely upon Allah subhanaw taala how to go and talk not to have fear, to have fear upon the law, and to look at the creature says only creatures, he reformed them in this way. And he reformed you and I in another way, and through reforming the NBA in that way. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said them to reform the whole world. And so now we are Muslims as a result of the Reformation that allows them to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he said to the Prophet sauce in the sutras,

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and inshallah, those two suitors you should read the Tafseer of those two suitors. Those two suitors were sent to the Prophet salallahu, Assam to reform him.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said to the prophets the last

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one lowly either so now what dakara bucola Allah

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Allah, Allah so for you,

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family a team have

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either forgotten how

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big of a deal

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and he sent the prophets have lost him and told him right after that he said in the sutra alumnus la casa de la

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he said to the prophets of Assam because of what to give him

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wake him up, let them know who is this? Don't worry about the conditions. Don't worry about what they say. Did I not find you and suffered such a condition? I lift you up? I protected you I gave you I told you I did everything for you. So

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what you learned

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a lot reforming the prophets a lot of Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tell the Prophet some of them

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he's reforming the prophets a lot of a seller.

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So if Allah He says way to reform the prophets, a lot of us that have reformed his spirit,

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prepare him for the responsibility.

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Then what he gave to the prophets allows them the Quran and the Sunnah he gave it to you