Yaser Birjas – The Six Days Of First Creation

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The discussion covers various controversial and controversial narratives within the Muslim community, including the discovery of the Bible, the controversy surrounding the "has been" label, and the use of the "has been" label in media. The "has been" label is a false representation of reality, and the "has been" label is important in understanding the origin of the word "has been." The history of Islam includes the creation of the first Islamist country, the use of the "has been" label, and the split of time between time and time and light.
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Salam Sleeman Kathira tonights Hadith from rattle sada Hain Hadith number 1854 is one of those controversial a hadith in terms of its meaning, and even as a matter of fact, its authenticity as well too. I'm gonna read the Hadith for you first. I want to see if you guys can figure out why this hadith could be controversial. What's the controversy over the Hadith? Hadith number 1854 color one, Abby Herrera told the Allahu Ranaldo color aka Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Beardy, he said the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, he took my hand whether we really appreciate it the Sisters of shallow Tara can keep their kids with them. During the talks, everybody can benefit in

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shallow terracotta and if you had to move with them, with them to the mommy room, or dad museum, we appreciate that Zach molucca

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so abora He said the prophets of Allah Salam held my hand and he says God for God, Kala kala who Torah butta Yama cept, he says Allah subhanho wa Taala he created a lot the glorious created the earth on Saturday. Calaca turbo here Good Earth on Saturday Wirkkala coffee hull G bad i o Mala had and then he cleared the mountains on Sunday Wahaca shujaa Yama lesson in an acre the trees on Monday wahala Calma crew, Yama Thalassa. And he created things that entailing labor on Tuesday. wahala can know Yeoman Arabia, and he could delight on Wednesday with the Yeoman semis and then he killed it created everybody in terms of the animals says on all kinds of animals on Thursday on Thursday.

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We're halacha dama Bye badolato minyama Juma and He created Adam afternoon on Friday for con Manila Giamatti, calligraphy,

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rehab, and it was the last hour of Friday between the afternoon and the night and had it all Muslim.

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So I want to hear from you. Where do you think the controversy is going to be coming from?

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Yes. Good.

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So it says this is coming from the Bible.

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So the vegetation needs light. So creating the tree is before the light. Does that make sense? Okay, anything else? So Jim? Ah,

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I hear you. I hear that's, that's that's one way of looking at it. As a matter of fact, it's it's one of those opinions and manifests some they say, Well, this must be actually from the Judeo Christian tradition, which is why some of the alumni they say, Look, this hadith is not from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself. It's actually probably from Abu Hurayrah and Cabot bar, one of the Jewish people who became Muslim afterward at some point. So eventually, it was maybe some from the Judeo Christian tradition. That's one opinion. But that's not the major controversy, controversy over here.

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Zuma is very clear. Yes.

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Okay, so in sort of the search that Allah subhanaw taala, he said that he created everything. He said that the aim that six days, and then he then he Subhana wa Taala ascend above the throne in a manner to His Majesty. So what's the controversy over what do you say the controversy here?

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So he will come seven days, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Alright. And then on Friday, so it's more than six days, right? That's one of the biggest controversies. But there's something even bigger.

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said again,

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as Mrs. Sarah No, because there's another Hadith the Prophet saw Sam said Adam was killed on Friday. That's true.

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Yeah, Jamar, yes.

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So you said the concept of what?

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God rested on Sunday based on this opinion, not necessarily, not necessarily, but

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is the man was the creator of the heavens.

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Whereas the creation of the Sama

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in seven days, all of this was talking about the creation of world, earth and what's on Earth, right? Where's the heavens?

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Allah subhanaw said that he created us a model on Earth visited the area, the heavens and the earth and 60s through muster, eyelash panna cotta, and then he ascended above the throne, no matter, His Majesty. So it doesn't mention anything about the creation of the heavens. That's number one.

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Number two, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that he had created the earth in two days.

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And then he cleared everything on earth in two more days.

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So there's four days for the earth and then he made the heavens Subhana wa Tada in two days. That's another Surah right? So six days for for the earth to the heavens. But here, this hadith is telling us what seven days were for what the earth was the heavens.

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So that's why there was a lot of controversy over the meaning of this hadith and if it's authentic or not, even though it was reported in say a Muslim, but according to the realm of Hadith, there are some controversial narrations inside Muslim and they argue about their authenticity and some of them are they considered to be authentic some of these documents have to be authentic, but collectively speaking, as a as a book of Hadith, it is 99.9 Probably you know percent of the book is mashallah approved to be authentic. But there are few Hadith here and there was controversial. One of them is this hadith, and many of them have had it they said look at his Malou Iran's country it was

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mentioned the Quran obviously, there was mentioned against some of the Hadith of the prophets that Allah Tala was ceremony and also very clear that talks about seven days the creation of everything and Allah has made it clear and other ayah that he could everything in six days Subhanallah Madonna so there are many reasons why the automat they argue about the meaning of it to be authentic or not over those who said look, how do you distill authentic?

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So how do you reconcile all these differences that mentioned where they say well, the hadith is just only giving details,

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giving money details, like says you know, kind of like saying the the earthwork idea in four days, but then the details of the creation was extended over the other days, like you know, the mountains but then took maybe extra more time here and the trees extra more time here and so on. So there are many actually way of interpreting that. However, it's still considered one of the controversial ahaadeeth Some of the elements such as Allah adore according to him, Allah Tada, it says it's an Malou which means actually it is not a concern authentic. And I've been Tamia mo Allah, he chose the fact that this is not considered authentic. And it's a possibly it's more COVID Arabi, your IRA is

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only the words of Abu Hurayrah, the ultra Angola, which could possibly be coming from the Judeo Christian tradition of the past. So if that's the case, then it's okay. We'll take it but we're not gonna say yes or no, but we'll just take it as it is without confirming this to be authentic or otherwise. So those who say that's actually considered authentic, so they explained the word person, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah created the

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the earth on Saturday. Now keep in mind these days, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, as mentioned, Arabic accept a hadith Nana salata, the names were known for generation even before Islam, that's how it was called after even accept in Arabic, the Sabbath, for example. And I had which means why that's the meaning of it, because actually, it's considered the beginning of the week at that time. And if name is to a soda from three, three, and a quarter, basically, so the four and Al homies from cancer is five. So eventually, they have counted these days from before. So when the Prophet was using the same names, they're very common before even Islam. And he says, on earth, He created the earth,

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maybe just the crust. And then he on the on the second day, he made the mountains Panama to Allah, a shutter out into the mountains and the crust, the trees and the vegetations. And the controversial but the light that came afterwards, how is that impossible? Well, Allah is the Creator, right? So he can make it happen subhanho wa Taala it to make that the light comes afterwards. And then he spread all the animals over there. And then Adam was created on a Friday. So just general meaning of the words as they understood from the from the letter of the text, obviously, but still, though, it's considered a controversial narration, so the most likely will Allahu Allah. It is Malko from the

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words of Abu Huraira himself, or the Allahu Tarang Verba wala who Tara, any questions?

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What do you mean?

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That's true. So the question is, why would ALLAH SubhanA wa Dhana give six days to the creation of Earth? Right? Why the details? Didn't he send other IR Namaka code who the color shirt is earlier this year, and your color will confer cool? Wasn't the Command of Allah subhanaw Does be and it will be? The answer is true. And that's what Alma they said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala created the heavens and the earth and six days as a lesson for mankind. Not because Allah subhanahu Hassan is incapable of doing it in an instant. But for us to learn that everything of significance requires time to mature. Allah ha

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now so the question is why there's controversy if we know that the Hadith come through a chain of narrators right from one person to the other person to the prophets of Allah Salah which is where the another controversy has come in and as a matter of fact some lemma they are got some of the writers are not actually reliable other they say it's a connection the connection between some of the narratives is missing and that's why they will deem this to be

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a weak narration Aloha.

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Talked about six days and the length of the day is longer than usual. That's what you say.

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Yeah, I want to say but when when Allah said six days at six days, the question is these six days Are they from the hours of our time or the hours of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala as he mentioned in the Quran, when it says the day with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala Kalfus and methadone comes in like 50,000 years, like one day, one day in heavens but it counts as 50,000 days of of our time. So what these six days 66 days in 24 hours of our time for is it from the heavens and counting of this of the 60s Wallah who data and it seems to be actually vomited six days of our time because that's what the be the miraculous thing about it it's been such a very short time and Allah and even actually even

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50,000 Still this whole man universe and creations magnificence panel that now

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so when Allah says that he also created the heavens in two days, does that include all the universes and all the the stars and the galaxies and so on? The answer is yes, everything else in between. Oh, what you see there was in these two days

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only one and that sends the signal this is what when I say only one basically wherever it goes, it goes back again to the same source, Allah. No, no. Although otherwise, Allah he says actually, there is another narration for the NSA and other reports as well too. So he kind of like accepting the Hadith and give it that will do it. Now.

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That's all different discussion.

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It's all different discussion

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the explanation of the evolution theory. Now as Muslims, we don't believe that humans originated from monkeys or anything like that.

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I hear you but I'm said that evolution did happen, did happen by the will of Allah subhana wa Tada in terms of how creation changed by for example, some animals disappeared. Other species, for example, changed over time.

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Even the humans when the proper system described Adam and his, his height and his and his size, in comparison to other sites our size today. Also, humans at the time before us, they used to live long time. I mean, know how a certain gift out in 150 years what happened to us, why our bodies cannot sustain that length of life, for example. So all this is considered part of an evolution that we accept, because it's mentioned the cornerstone of the Prophet SAW Selim, but the origination of species from different spaces. That's why we don't believe in Allah

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how these Mountains were formed and the 1000s use and so on, yeah.

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Yes, of course, of course.

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That is true. And even when Allah created the earth, for example, it doesn't mean that Allah subhanaw taala brought the creation of Adam for example, right away. There was creation before Adam, how long has the earth been created before Adam Armstrong? God knows maybe millions of years. Allah Allah

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Today's for the heavens that was mentioned the Quran

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two days for the earth, two days for the heavens and then two days to shape the earth and it's all good.

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What it needs what it required

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to find that

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that's possible

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I mean Allah subhanaw taala Anessa similar to old cataract controvert now, right the heavens and the earth they were together and then we split them, right? What does that exactly mean? Is that an expression to the Big Bang Theory? It's a possibility. But how did that what does that exactly mean? It means Allah created the earth in two days, the heavens in two days, but it's still attached and then split them and then the next two days, he takes care of the earth Subhan Allah Allah and ship everything on the earth. Allah Tala

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furnitures Hanukkah long the 100

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Extra Mile is one with a lover.

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Don't forget tomorrow on salata,

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